Titan Solar Generator vs. EcoFlow Delta PRO

Titan Solar Generator vs. The EcoFlow Delta PRO – Which is Best?


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If you are in the market for a solar generator that has significant power storage capabilities, it only makes sense that your search would lead you to the Point Zero Energy Titan and the EcoFlow Delta PRO.

Both of these solar generators feature massive deep-cycle batteries, powerful inverters, efficient charge controllers, and a variety of input and output ports, but which unit is the superior choice?

How Can We Help?

To help you determine which solar generator you should choose, we are going to review and compare the Titan and the Delta PRO. We will also go over pros and cons for either solar generator and provide our overall decision on which unit is the superior option.

Titan Solar Generator

Point Zero Energy released the Titan Solar Generator in 2019. At the time, it was considered to be one of the solar industry’s most powerful and impressive solar generators. The high-capacity 2,000Wh internal battery and a powerful 3,000W pure sine wave inverter meant that this unit delivered some of the most advanced components ever seen in a portable solar generator.

What Does the Titan Solar Generator Offer?

Not only does the Titan contain a powerful 3,000W (6,000W Surge) inverter and a reasonably large 2,000Wh internal battery, it also features dual MMPT charge controllers, which together can handle up to 2,000W of solar power. The fact that there are two charge controllers also means the Titan can support dual charging, so you can even purchase a second charger and decrease the amount of time it takes to charge the 2,000Wh battery with AC power.

The dual MPPT charge controllers also ensure the Titan has an input efficiency rating of 92%. This is important, as it means more of the power your solar panels are able to generate will actually end up being stored in the Titan’s battery.

In terms of output ports, the Titan offers all of the basics that most users need, however, it does not deliver anything too spectacular. Six USB ports, including two USB-C outputs, ensure that you can easily use the Titan to charge your portable electronics. The Titan also features six standard wall-style AC outlets, so you can easily supply power to your electronic appliances. You also get four 12V car-style DC outlets, which give you the option to trickle charge your vehicle’s battery, as well as run any appliances you have that require DC power.

Potential Downsides of Choosing the Titan Solar Generator:

Despite the fact that the Titan has not been updated since its initial launch, the internal components were so advanced for 2019 that the unit still stands up as a fairly capable solar generator. With that being said, the Titan is not without its faults.

Titan Solar Generator

Despite its relatively impressive specifications and there still being a reasonable amount of demand for the Titan, Point Zero Energy has continued to struggle with supply shortages. Simply put, many people that order a Titan have to wait a significant amount of time for it to arrive. These ongoing supply issues have led to significant shipping delays, which has really soured the Titan’s overall reputation.

On top of that, the Titan is beginning to show its age in certain regards. For example, the 2,000Wh battery is no longer as exciting as it once was. While you do have the option to increase the storage capacity by purchasing an expansion battery, there are now plenty of solar generators that contain much larger internal batteries, such as the EcoFlow Delta PRO, which features a 3,600Wh battery right out of the box!

The Titan is also fairly bulky by modern standards. The design is really basic, which can be appealing to users that value simplicity, but we believe the exterior design and lack of convenience features means the Titan is becoming somewhat dated.

The EcoFlow Delta PRO Solar Generator

The Delta PRO was released in late 2021 and it was designed to be a major upgrade over the brand’s incredibly popular Delta 1800 Solar Generator. The Delta PRO is now seen as one of the most powerful and versatile solar generators on the market today.

It features an enormous 3,600Wh internal battery, which can be expanded up to a mind-blowing 25kWh! This means that the Delta PRO can compete with whole-home solar backup systems, like the Tesla Powerwall 2! When you consider the fact that the Delta PRO’s robust and expandable internal battery is only one of the exciting features it offers, it begins to make sense why it was considered to be one of the most highly anticipated solar generators in the industry’s history.

What Does the EcoFlow Delta PRO Offer?

As mentioned, the Delta PRO offers a 3,600Wh battery, which is nearly double the storage capacity you get with the Titan; however, there are plenty of other features that are worthy of note.

The Delta PRO also contains a powerful 3,600W pure sine wave inverter. Users also have the option to link two Delta PROs to double the output power to a truly impressive 7,200W/240V. This is enough to power just about anything you could throw at it. In fact, prior to the PRO’s release, this kind of power was previously unheard of in a solar generator.

By connecting two Delta PROs, you would have the option to run the most demanding electronic appliances, like a clothing dyer, dishwasher, convection oven, well pump, and more!

Charging the Delta PRO’s massive internal battery is also incredibly easy and fast. Thanks to EcoFlow’s MultiCharge feature, which allows you to charge with solar and AC power simultaneously, the Delta PRO can reach an input power rating of 6,500W, which is the fastest charging rate of any solar generator in the world!

The Delta PRO is also compatible with EcoFlow’s Smart Panel Ecosystem, which means you can fully integrate the unit into your home’s power system. When the power fails, your Delta PRO will automatically kick in and supply your home with power when you need it the most.

It also features 12 output ports, including USB-C fast-charging ports and a 30A Anderson RV port. On top of that, the PRO features a touch-screen display and it is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can easily connect it to EcoFlow’s user-friendly smart app.

Potential Downsides of Choosing the EcoFlow Delta PRO:

Fortunately, the Delta PRO addresses many of the issues we had with the Titan. For starters, its battery has almost double the storage capacity and can be increased to an industry-leading 25kWh by connecting it to EcoFlow’s Smart Batteries.

EcoFlow also seems to have fewer supply-chain issues, so buyers are able to receive their order in a reasonable amount of time. The Delta PRO also features a variety of convenience features, like Wi-Fi connectivity, an LCD touch screen, chaining capabilities, more output ports, and a far sleeker exterior.

One area where the Titan has the Delta PRO beat is the overall weight. Where the Titan weighs roughly 50lbs, the Delta PRO is closer to 100lbs. However, it does feature rugged wheels and a retractable suitcase-style carrying handle, so it is less cumbersome than you would expect.

The truth is, we struggle to come up with any significant weaknesses for the Delta PRO. With that being said, it is important to remember that the Delta PRO came out nearly four years after the Titan, so it makes sense that it would be a far more advanced solar generator.

Pros & Cons for the Titan & the EcoFlow Delta PRO


Titan Solar Generator

EcoFlow Delta PRO


Titan Solar Generator

EcoFlow Delta PRO

Our Overall Decision – Titan or EcoFlow Delta PRO?

While both of these solar generators are very capable units, when you compare the two, there is no doubt which is the clear winner.

When you also take the price into consideration, there really is no reason why we wouldn’t recommend the EcoFlow Delta PRO over the Titan. The Delta PRO is only slightly more expensive than the Titan and it offers so much more.

We really hope Point Zero Energy releases an updated version of the Titan in the future, but until they do, their flagship solar generator is beginning to fall behind. On the other hand, EcoFlow is really setting the pace with the Delta PRO. The ability to expand the total battery capacity to 25kWh is unlike anything we have ever seen before from a solar generator.

Convenient and advanced features, such as home integration, X-Stream charging technology, and the ability to connect two units to achieve a 7,200W/240V output rate, all really put the Delta PRO in a league of its own.

Top 3 Product Recommendations

Where to Buy

Check Out the EcoFlow Delta PRO Quad Kit

Where to Buy

Check Out the EcoFlow Delta PRO Hex Kit

Where to Buy

Check Out the Titan Solar Generator Kit

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Bluetti EP500 vs EcoFlow Delta PRO

The Bluetti EP500 vs. The EcoFlow Delta PRO – Which Solar Generator Should You Choose?


Written by Oliver. Last updated:

Table of Contents

Whether you are looking to outfit your home with a backup emergency power system, or you need access to renewable energy for your off-grid home, RV, or cabin, a high-capacity solar generator can be the ideal solution to your power needs.

Fortunately for consumers, two of the biggest names in the solar industry have just released their own high-capacity solar generators – Bluetti’s EP500 and EcoFlow’s Delta PRO. Each of these solar generators combine a massive internal battery with a powerful inverter and a wide variety of convenient and practical features.

If, like many consumers, you are torn between the Bluetti EP500 and the EcoFlow Delta PRO, you have come to the right place! Not only will we offer our review of either unit, we will compare the two and try to determine which solar generator is the superior option!

The Bluetti EP500 Solar Generator

When Bluetti announced their plans to release the EP500 in late 2021, it created quite a stir within the solar industry. This is because the EP500 is by far the most powerful solar generator Bluetti has ever released!

Where Bluetti’s popular AC200 MAX contains a 2,048Wh internal battery, the EP500 sports a massive 5,100Wh battery. This is more than double the storage capacity, which means the EP500 is large enough to become a practical option for whole home applications!

What Does the Bluetti EP500 Offer?

In addition to its massive 5,100Wh LiFePO4 battery, the EP500 also sports a 2,000W pure sine wave power inverter. An efficient MPPT charge controller also means that charging the EP500’s high-capacity internal battery takes far less time than you would expect.

While the impressive storage capacity is certainly the most eye-catching feature of the EP500’s battery, Bluetti also added a fully integrated Battery Management System, which helps protect the battery and ensure it is both safe and reliable.

Another big improvement the EP500 offers over its predecessors is chaining capabilities. By purchasing Bluetti’s Fusion Box, users have the option to connect two EP500s together, which doubles the storage capacity and, more importantly, increases the output power to a more robust 4,000W. This means the EP500 can be used to supply power to some of the most demanding electronic appliances, like dryers, stoves, air conditioners, and even some power tools!

The EP500 also offers a variety of convenient features, life Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which gives you the option to control and monitor the EP500 through Bluetti’s smart app. It features 15 output ports, including two 15W wireless charging pads.

Potential Downsides of Choosing the Bluetti EP500:

While the Bluetti EP500 certainly offers some impressive internal components and features, it is not without its faults. For starters, we believe the 2,000W inverter is somewhat underwhelming, especially for a solar generator with such a massive battery.

Unless you are willing to purchase a second EP500, as well as the Bluetti Fusion Box required to connect them, you would be limited to an output rate of 2,000W. This limits what you are able to power with your EP500. Given it is capable of storing so much power, we were surprised Bluetti didn’t choose to outfit the unit with a more powerful inverter.

The next issue we had with the EP500 is how heavy and bulky it is. At 167lbs, the EP500 is a beast. While Bluetti did outfit the unit with wheels, there is no getting around the fact that moving the Bluetti EP500 any significant distance is going to be a struggle. This might not be an issue for those that are planning to use it strictly as a fixed home backup system, but it is certainly worth taking into consideration if you value portability.

While the 5,100Wh internal battery is enormous, we also would have liked if Bluetti offered expansion batteries for the Bluetti EP500. The only way to increase the total storage capacity is to purchase a second EP500, which can be prohibitively expensive.

The Delta PRO was also released in late 2021 and it was designed to be a major upgrade over EcoFlow’s popular Delta 1800 Solar Generator. Like the Bluetti EP500, the Delta PRO generated plenty of hype when it was first announced. Since its release, it is safe to say that it has really lived up to all of that hype!

What Does the Delta PRO Offer?

The Delta PRO features a reasonably large 3,600Wh LiFePO4 internal battery. While this may seem somewhat underwhelming compared to the EP500’s 5,100Wh battery, it is battery expandability where the Delta PRO really shines. In fact, the battery can be expanded to a mind-blowing 25,000Wh (25kWh)!

With an expanded battery capacity of 25kWh, the Delta PRO can compete with whole-home power storage systems, like the 13kWh Tesla Powerwall 2, which is not portable and is far more expensive.

The Delta PRO also features a powerful 3,600W pure sine wave inverter, which is a major upgrade over the 2,000W inverter offered by the EP500. Users also have the option to link two Delta PROs, which doubles the output rating to a truly impressive 7,200W/240V. This is more than enough output power for any electronic devices or appliances you could throw at it.

By simply connecting two Delta PROs, you could run everything from a clothing dryer or convection oven, to a well pump or arc welder! Given that the Delta PRO is also compatible with EcoFlow’s Smart Panel Ecosystem, you could easily integrate the unit into your home’s power system and use it to supply power to all of your appliances. This is incredibly valuable for emergencies and lengthy grid outages. It also makes it easy to save money on your monthly utility bills by using solar power, rather than electricity pulled from the grid.

Another major highlight is the Delta PRO’s extremely rapid charging speeds. Thanks to EcoFlow’s unique MultiCharge feature, you can achieve an input power rating of 6,500W. This is the fastest charge rate of any solar generator on the market and means you can fully charge the PRO’s high-capacity battery in as little as 1.8 hours by plugging it into a wall outlet and solar panels at the same time.

It features 12 output ports, including a 30A Anderson RV port, which is a major plus for RV owners that are looking to outfit their mobile home with solar capabilities. Like the EP500, the Delta PRO is also Wi-Fi enabled, so it can be connected to EcoFlow’s user-friendly smart app. A built-in LCD touch screen display is also a nice touch.

Potential Downsides of Choosing the Delta PRO:

For those that have no interest in purchasing expansion batteries or a second solar generator, the EP500’s larger battery will be more appealing than the Delta PRO’s 3,600Wh battery. So, in this regard, the EP500 would be the superior choice. However, it is worth remembering that the EP500’s 2,000W inverter would limit what you could use that stored power for.

Given that the Delta PRO’s storage capacity can be increased to as much as 25kWh simply by connecting it to one or more of EcoFlow’s Smart Batteries, we believe its smaller battery is not really a major concern.

While the Delta PRO is also fairly heavy, it weighs nearly 70lbs less than the EP500 and it also features a retractable suitcase-style carrying handle. This means it is far more mobile than the EP500.

The Delta PRO also lacks the wireless charging pads you get with the EP500, so that might be a consideration for those that enjoy the convenience of charging their portable devices wirelessly. Aside from that, we struggled to come up with any real downsides for choosing the Delta PRO.

Pros & Cons for the EP200 & the Delta PRO


Bluetti EP500

EcoFlow Delta PRO


Bluetti EP500

EcoFlow Delta PRO

Our Overall Decision – Bluetti EP500 or Delta PRO?

While both units are extremely capable solar generators, we have to choose the EcoFlow Delta PRO as our top pick. The choice becomes even more obvious when you consider the fact that the EcoFlow Delta PRO is over $1,000 cheaper than the Bluetti EP500.

If Bluetti had chosen to upgrade the size of the inverter in the EP500, the decision would have been more difficult, but the truth is, a 2,000W inverter in a solar generator this large is just not powerful enough. While there is still plenty to like about the EP500, the Delta PRO just offers far too much.

The lightning-fast charging speeds, powerful inverter, expandable storage capacity, and home integration capabilities all combine to put the Delta PRO in a league of its own!

Top 3 Product Recommendations

Where to Buy

Check Out the EcoFlow Delta PRO Quad Kit

Where to Buy

Check Out the EcoFlow Delta PRO Hex Kit

Where to Buy

Check Out the Bluetti EP500 Quad Kit

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Bluetti EB240 Review

Bluetti EB240 Review

January 15, 2022

Today we’re looking at another popular power station. The Bluetti EB240 is portable and popular with RV-owners and outdoor adventure enthusiasts alike.

Yet, is it as good as what we saw in the Bluetti EB200 review? Can it continue Bluetti’s pristine legacy? 

Today, we’ll be putting the Bluetti EB240 through its paces and find out what makes this power station tick.

Bluetti EB240 (Our Review)

If you’ve read our Bluetti B230 review or our Bluetti EP500 Pro review, you know that we’re pretty fond of Bluetti products.

With Bluetti, it’s easy to build your first off-grid solar system. The Bluetti EB240 follows this prestigious tradition.

While it may not be capable of running all your appliances, or even an entire house, it packs a punch. The EB240 comes with enough power to provide electricity to all the essentials, especially when camping or in an emergency.

Battery Capacity And Performance

bluetti eb240 review price

A key factor to the EB240’s success is its impressive battery capacity. This tiny power station comes with a whopping 2,500Wh.

This impressive capacity is more than enough to recharge your laptop 34 times fully. You could also power a 70W fridge for 34 hours.

In an emergency, the Bluetti EB240 can power a CPAP machine for around 12 days before you’ll have to recharge it. 

Of course, if you plan on using the Bluetti to power all of those devices at once, it’ll run out of juice faster, so it’s best to use it wisely.

Luckily, recharging this portable power station is pretty effortless. If you decide to charge it via an AC outlet, you can expect to have it fully charged within 15 hours. 

For a carefree experience, Bluetti recommends that you charge the batteries every 6 months. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you always have topped up batteries in case of an emergency.

On the other hand, if you’re using the EB240 in your RV, you may want to use solar panels to recharge the batteries.

In that case, a 300-watt solar panel will have it fully recharged in about 8 to 9 hours. If you want to decrease that time, a 500-watt solar panel could cut it down to only 5 hours.

However, these times vary greatly depending on the amount of sunshine available when you’re on the road.

In addition to these fantastic charging options, the EB240 comes with enough protection to ensure that you don’t accidentally damage the batteries.

For instance, we find that a handy built-in battery management system protects you from overcharging the batteries. 

This same system will also protect the batteries from being over-discharged and prevent any nasty short-circuiting.

These features make the EB240 a great, robust power station that seems perfect for the road and other outdoor adventures.

Battery Lifetime

It’s not just an impressive battery capacity that we find on the Bluetti EB240. The batteries on this power station boast a 2,500 cycle lifetime.

Simply put, this means you can recharge the batteries at least 2,500 times before that impressive capacity starts to degrade to around 80%.

With this lifetime, you’ll end up saving loads of money down the line, as you don’t need to replace the batteries often to get the most out of your EB240 power station.

Not only do you end up saving, but this lifetime also makes the EB240 pretty much maintenance-free. 

As long as you keep it charged up every 6 months, you’ll have reliable backup emergency power when you need it most.


review bluetti eb240

The EB240 has plenty of power outputs, making it compatible with various devices and appliances. 

We find that the EB240 boasts one 110V AC outlet, four 3A USB-A, and one 45W USB-C PC port. 

These ports are more than enough to connect various devices, from laptops to smartphones, security cameras, and even a fridge.

This compatibility also makes the EB240 an excellent choice for outdoor photographers. Using one of these ports and a fully charged EB240, you can recharge a drone at least 27 times.

Overall Design

The EB240 is a small but capable power station. In fact, it measures only 6.5 inches wide by 14.4 inches high. It has a depth of only 19.4 inches. 

These dimensions make it one of the smallest power stations available. So, the Bluetti EB240 won’t take up much of your space, making it great for RV-owners.

Not only is the EB240 small, but it doesn’t weigh as much as you’d think. This power station clocks in at a mere 48 pounds. In terms of power station weight, this makes it a lightweight entry.

We find an ergonomic plastic handle at the top of the EV240, making it easy to move this power station around.

Unfortunately, the Bluetti EB240 comes in only one color scheme. Its exterior comes in a cream and blue color scheme. Yet, it pays to keep in mind that looks are subjective.

Another key feature that makes it perfect for the outdoors is the durable injected polymer exterior. Injected polymers tend to be more rugged than standard plastics. This polymer exterior also cuts down on the weight. 

The Bluetti EB240 also comes with rubberized feet. These feet will ensure that your power station doesn’t slip or slide around on the floor.

Extra Features

With the EB240, you won’t just be getting a rugged portable power station. It comes with some handy extra features that make it an excellent power station for both novice and expert.

For instance, a vivid LCD on the side makes it easy to view critical data. You can quickly see critical metrics like battery percentage, the DC and AC power outputs, and AC input.

It may not be as advanced as what we saw in our Bluetti Home Integration Kit review, yet it gets the job done and will keep you informed and in control all the time.

Another fantastic feature is the solar support. 

You don’t have to use solar panels with the EB240. Charging it through the AC port is more than enough to ensure that you can enjoy reliable backup power.

However, solar is always a fantastic option for a more eco-friendly and cost-saving alternative. 

Solar charging is especially significant if you’re constantly on the road where finding reliable power is an issue.

The EB240 accepts various solar panels. Its input is capped at a reasonable 500W. With this capacity, you can install a variety of solar panels.

All you have to do is connect your solar panels to the DC input, and the system will automatically start recharging. 

Its innovative MPPT technology will automatically optimize the system for the most efficient charging method. 

So, you can plug the solar panels in and never have to worry about keeping your batteries topped up again.

Our Final Verdict

Suppose you’re an outdoor enthusiast, an adventurer, or simply looking to add some reliable power to your RV. In that case, the Bluetti EB240 is the perfect choice for you.

This lightweight, portable power station comes with enough outlets to keep your devices and appliances powered. It also boasts an impressive capacity that’ll keep up throughout all manner of emergencies. 

If you like the Bluetti EB240, you’ll also love reading our Bluetti PV200 review.

What we liked:

  • Portable,
  • Rugged exterior,
  • Various outlets,
  • Quick and easy recharging,
  • Impressive battery capacity.

It’s Perfect For:

  • RV’s and campers,
  • Remote monitoring stations,
  • Cabins,
  • As an emergency backup power supply,
  • Outdoor and wildlife photographers.
bluetti eb240 cost

Bluetti EB240 (FAQs)

How many solar panels can I connect to the Bluetti EB240?

The Bluetti EB240 has a maximum solar input of 500W. So, typically 2x 120W solar panels are enough. For faster recharging speeds, you may add 2x 200W solar panels.

Can the Bluetti EB240 power a space heater?

As long as the space heater is below 1000W, the Bluetti EB240 will power it. Any space heater with a rating above 1000W won’t work.

Will the Bluettie EB240 automatically switch off when it's fully charged?

The Bluetti EB240 won’t switch off when fully charged. 

However, it comes with built-in protection that’ll prevent it from being overcharged. If you leave it plugged into an AC outlet or solar panels, it’ll start to recharge as soon as the battery drops.

Can I use the Bluetti EB240 while it's charging?

It’s perfectly safe to use the Bluetti EB240, even while it’s charging. So, you don’t have to wait to enjoy reliable power, no matter where you are.

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Bluetti EB150 Review

Bluetti EB150 Review

January 13, 2022

You shouldn’t have to pay for power when it’s given to us by the sun every day. The Bluetti EB150 is the perfect solar-powered generator that proves this point.

Energy can be harnessed from an everyday natural source so that you can keep your appliances charged and ready to use. By using solar panels and solar-powered generators, you will have all the equipment necessary to use that energy.

In this review, we will cover what makes the EB150 perfect for you and help you conclude on whether to purchase it.

Bluetti EB150 Review

Who Are Bluetti?

Bluetti is a California-based company that has been supplying the market with the best solar-powered generators, panels, and kits since 2019. It’s more than just a brand, it’s a way of living.

Bluetti has provided ways to harness the natural energy coming from the sun to power up our homes and appliances. This is through using solar panels and solar-powered generators.

Their goal is to deliver the best off-grid power solution to your doorstep by providing the market with various products that make use of the sun’s energy.

With their wide range of products, from their bluetti eb150 to their bluetti home integration kit, they have the resources you need to live completely off-grid.

Opting for a gas-powered generator over Bluetti’ssolar-powered generators will leave you with two problems. 

The first is running out of gas and finding yourself back at square one without any power. The second is the effects using a gas generator has on the environment.

bluetti eb150 price

Why Go Solar?

Since solar generators rely on the sun’s natural energy, your power will be dependant on how long the sun shines. Furthermore, since this is an all-natural energy source, it provides a green solution that is just as effective as using gas-powered generators.

This makes for a good substitute for gas-powered generators.

Solar generators are also silent, which is quite the opposite of your standard fuel generators. The latter is contamination and gas as a source of energy isn’t nearly as obtainable as energy from the sun.

It’s also important to note that fuel as a resource is expensive due to always needing to get refills. 

Purchasing yourself a solar-powered generator from bluetti will only have one initial cost that covers the generator itself. No need to worry about paying for fuel since it will be harnessing natural, everyday energy.

Bluetti has seen critical success with products such as their flagship solar generator, the bluetti eb240, which packs a punch with 2400 watt-hours worth of energy.

Watt-hours is the measurement that indicates the amount of power that a device consumes within one hour.

Whether you’re in an emergency such as an earthquake or hurricane, or just wanting to enjoy a camping trip and be equipped with charged devices, Bluetti has a solar-powered generator for you.

Bluetti Eb150

This is a 1500Wh solar-powered generator that can power your devices using the lithium-ion cells found within the generator itself.

It’s described as a large, portable power bank but at the end of the day, this is a solar generator that packs a punch.


It comes in two color variations. The first is a powder-coated blue with a white steel casing, and the second is a clean matte black with the same steel white casing. 

The design of the generator itself resembles that of a large briefcase due to the bolted handle on top of it.

It isn’t the smallest solar-powered generator with it measuring around 15 inches by 15 inches and weighing in at 38 lbs.

However, this isn’t a generator that you will carry around and is instead suitable for staying stationary and providing power.

Should you wish to pick this bad boy up, you will be happy to know that there is a built-in handle that makes picking the generator up much easier.

The handle also has rubber surroundings making it easy on the hands when picking it up.

It also includes rubber feet at the bottom of the generator to avoid it sliding on certain surfaces like wooden or tiled flooring.

Ports and Quirks

When looking at the front of the Bluetti eb150, you will be greeted with a friendly OLED interface along with several ports.

The OLED screen displays a battery icon that indicates how much battery life is left on the generator, as well as the wattage during the charging process, and the AC and DC output amounts.

This OLED is also found on various solar-powered generators from Bluetti, such as the Bluetti AC100. It’s a welcome visual enhancement that adds to the aesthetic. 

It also helps you plan how you want to use your remaining power and whether it needs to be charged.

There are 3 toggle buttons with corresponding LED lights to determine whether they’re on or off. These buttons include a general power button that powers on the generator, along with a DC and AC toggle that can be switched on to prioritize either AC or DC output.


In terms of ports, there are 4 separate high amperage USB ports for various devices, each of which power up to 3A. There’s also a DC and AC port used for charging.

A neat feature is that the DC port will always regulate 12V, regardless of how much the generator is charged.

Another port inclusion would be the USB Type C port which is also found on the bluetti ac20. This is a welcome feature that gives this generator more flexibility in terms of what it can power.

On the front side of the Bluetti Eb150, you will find two 1000W pure sine wave inverter ports. This will allow you to charge two devices at once using AC power.

Sine wave inversion technology allows the eb150 to provide reliable AC power to electronic devices and not run the risk of frying them.

There’s also a built-in fan that kicks in as soon as you charge a device using the generator. This prevents the generator from overheating and burning up, allowing for a longer lifespan overall. 

Not to mention this fan is completely silent so don’t worry about noise being a problem.

Speaking of keeping it cool, this solar-powered generator has a built-in low-temperature protection material as well as high-temperature protection material for lithium batteries.

It also includes both overload and overcurrent protection, adding to the longevity and sturdiness it needs.

Charging the Bluetti Eb150

There are two ways that this solar generator can be charged. The first is plugging it directly into a wall using AC power, whilst the second is using solar power.

Charging the generator through a wall outlet will take around 10 hours. However, charging it with the solar option will allow you to use a solar panel up to 500W and will take around 3 hours to fully charge the generator.

This solar-powered generator is extremely quiet when charging or in use, which is a huge benefit over using gas-powered generators.

What Can I Power Using the Bluetti Eb150?

In terms of what you can power with the Bluetti Eb150, anything that you find to be an essential appliance can be powered. This includes a home refrigerator for 24 hours should there be any power outages, to the smaller devices like laptops and cell phones.

The Bluetti Eb150 also allows for an extension cord or adapter that will increase the number of USB ports. 

This will allow you to charge more devices simultaneously as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum output.

It’s important to note the wattage of whatever appliance you choose to power. For example, if you have a 1800Wh microwave and plan on keeping it powered for hours using the Bluetti Eb150, that won’t work. 

It exceeds the wattage of the generator and would cause it to overheat.

If you wish for more power and want to charge more power-hungry devices, then the bluetti 2400wh solar generator will be more beneficial. 

However, if you just want to power up some smaller appliances and not exceed the watt-hour amount, the Bluetti Eb150 will be perfect.

What’s In the box?

Included in the Bluetti eb150 packaging, you will find a 3A AC wall charger that has a built-in LED that changes color according to the charge rate.

There’s an MC4 adapter cable that you can use to plug into a solar array, panel, or kit to allow for solar charging.

For those who may feel a bit overwhelmed when setting up their brand-new solar generator, Bluetti has you covered.

There’s a very detailed user manual that includes FAQs and step-by-step instructions to get you started

Who Is It For?

The Bluetti Eb150 is simply for anyone looking to change their way of life by switching to solar power.

Whether you are an avid RV user, enjoy camping trips in the wild, or just need a power source at home that’s good for the environment, the bluetti EB150 is perfect for you.

It can be taken anywhere and can be used under any condition. It also serves as a good method for wanting to live a completely off-grid life.


The Bluetti Eb240 Solar Generator is the best and greenest solution for all your power needs.

With its quick charge time and long lifespan, this generator can travel with you across the country and keep you powered if the sun is shining.

The Bluetti Eb150 will cost you around $1000 and includes free shipping, along with lifetime after-sale support. 

This is a good bang for your buck and having lifetime support will ensure that you stay powered for years to come.

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The Ultimate Bluetti B230 Review

The Ultimate Bluetti B230 Review

January 13, 2022

Bluetti has long been one of our favorite solar system manufacturers. They’ve recently launched a set of new expansion batteries for the reliable AC200 Max solar generators

This new series is called the Bluetti B230, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. Here is our ultimate review of the new Bluetti B230 expansion batteries. 

We’ll determine whether they are any good, what you can do with them, and if they are worth your money. Let’s get started!

Bluetti B230 (Our Review)


The Bluetti B230 is an expansion battery pack for the impressive Bluetti AC200 Max solar power systems. It has the same sleek, futuristic aesthetics as the AC200 Max base unit. 

In fact, the Bluetti B230 has the same footprint as the AC200 Max, so you can easily stack the battery pack on top of the base unit. 

By stacking them on top of each other, you’ll manage to conserve space and build a pretty impressive-looking setup.

Bluetti designed these battery packs to be robust, modular, and provide maximum wattage for thousands of charge cycles. 

In fact, Bluetti states that you can comfortably recharge this battery pack for at least 3,500 charge cycles before its capacity drops down to 80%. 

Those are pretty impressive numbers. So, it’s no surprise that these powerful battery packs are helpful for various purposes. 

We find that the Bluetti B230 battery packs can provide power to an entire house and a large number of electronic devices. 

They are also modular enough to take on the road in your camper or RV. Unfortunately, they’re not as portable as the Bluetti AC200P, so they may require some effort to take on a camping trip. 

The B230 battery packs weigh around 62lbs. This weight makes it slightly uncomfortable to lug around. By comparison, the Bluetti EB55 weighs only 17lbs.

It may be best to use the B230 in a permanent installation or buy a custom trolley to move these battery packs around in.

Yet, suppose you don’t mind the more significant, heavy battery packs like this one. In that case, you’ll find that they provide excellent capacity and fantastic performance.

bluetti b230 our review

Battery Capacity, Safety, and Overall Performance

Unlike the Bluetti EB240, which uses Lithium-Ion batteries, the new Bluetti B230 uses Lithium-Iron Oxide (LiFePO4) cells. These types of battery cells are a pretty new technology and we haven’t seen them in many battery packs

The good news is that these cells are longer lasting than regular Lithium and even Lithium-Ion cells. 

Not only will they last longer than standard batteries, but they are also safer. You’ll find that LiFePO4 cells are less likely to overheat and catch fire. 

LiFePO4 cells are also much more efficient than regular Lithium-Ion cells. 

All of this makes the Bluetti B230 an efficient, reliable battery pack that’s incredibly safe to use, no matter where you plan to install your backup power supply.

We were also impressed to learn that the B230 provides pure sine wave power. Pure sine wave power is the same power that the base unit, the powerful AC200 Max, provides.

This type of power is safe for even the most sensitive electronics. So, you know that your solar power system won’t end up damaging your expensive electronic devices. 

Today, plenty of solar systems provide modified sine wave power. This modified power is known for causing damage to sensitive machinery, such as CPAP machines. 

Luckily, this isn’t an issue with the reliable B230 battery bank.


As for capacity, we find that the B230 has an impressive capacity of 2,048 Watt-hours, nearly three times as much as the Bluetti EB70. This capacity is more than enough to recharge an iPhone at least 175 times.

Recharging the B230 is also pretty effortless when you use the AC200 Max. This base unit has an impressive recharge speed of around 1,400W when connected to AC input. 

If you plan to recharge your batteries with solar power, you can expect to achieve a recharge speed of around 900W. 

All of this works out at around 8 hours of recharge time when connected to AC input, or approximately 12 hours if you plan to recharge the battery pack with solar panels.

If you’re looking for something a bit faster, the Bluetti EB500 Pro can fully charge its battery in half that time.

This recharge time is pretty standard and should make keeping your batteries topped up effortless.

use of bluetti b230.png

Compatibility and Usage

It’s important to remember that unlike more advanced generator kits like the Bluetti AC100, the B230 is a battery pack only. So, ultimately its compatibility with your electronic devices will depend entirely on the base station that you plan on using it with.

The good news is that the B230 battery pack is perfectly compatible with the AC200 Max base unit. 

When you combine the reliability of the B230 with the exceptional performance of the AC200 Max, you unleash a powerful and versatile backup power supply system.

We find that the AC200 Max base station has enough power ports to plug in most of your devices. There are 4x standard three-prong AC plugs, 4x USB-A ports, and a single USB-C port.

These ports and plugs are more than enough to keep the essentials going, even during long periods of power outages. 

Since the B230 is modular, you can easily combine more battery packs to increase the total capacity. One base station is enough to run several battery banks at once.

So, suppose you’re concerned about being without power for long periods, or you’re planning on going off-grid. In that case, the B230 offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your system.

Our Verdict

The Bluetti B230 is an excellent power bank. Its modularity means you can quickly build up a backup power system that’s powerful enough to cover all of your needs. 

It’s essential to remember that the B230 is only compatible with the AC200 Max base unit. As long as you build your solar power system around that base unit, you’ll have an excellent eco-friendly power source that’s perfect for going off-grid.


  • Beautiful and stylish design.
  • Durable and safe.
  • Modular.
  • Next-generation battery technology.


  • Somewhat weighty, weighing around 62lbs.

Bluetti B230 FAQs

What can I do with the Bluetti B230?

The Bluetti B230 is a powerful and capable battery pack. This battery pack will provide you with enough power to charge laptops, cellphones, cameras, fans, lights, and so much more.

How many charge cycles can I get out of the Bluetti B230?

The Bluetti B230 has a lifetime of around 3500 charge cycles. Once it’s reached this amount of charges, its capacity will be reduced to 80%. This capacity makes it one of the best batteries on the market.

Is the Bluetti B230 a safe battery to use?

The Bluetti B230 comes with the latest LiFePO4 battery cells. Not only are these cells more efficient than typical Lithium-Ion cells, but they are also much safer to use.

Is the Bluetti B230 battery pack compatible with my AC300?

The Bluetti B230 battery pack isn’t compatible with the AC300. However, the Bluetti B300 is perfectly consistent with the AC300 base unit.

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Who is ShopSolarKits.com & Are They Legit? – Complete Review

Who is ShopSolarKits.com & Are They Legit? - Complete Review


Written by Oliver. Last updated:

Table of Contents

While we typically focus on reviewing individual pieces of solar equipment and complete solar kits, it is also worth taking the time to examine some of the leading solar retailers. This is down to the fact that part of becoming a more informed solar enthusiast is knowing where to purchase the latest pieces of equipment.

There is more to ordering solar equipment than simply searching for the lowest prices. While solar equipment should be seen as an investment, it still tends to come with a hefty upfront cost, so finding a retailer that you can trust to deliver your solar equipment in proper working condition is critical.

Not only do you want to make sure that you are ordering from a retailer that can be trusted to safely package your equipment and reliably deliver it on time, it is important that you are buying from a company that will offer flexible and on-going support after your products have been delivered.

How Can We Help?

That takes us onto the topic of ShopSolarKits.com. This online retailer has quickly grown to become one of the largest in the solar industry, but relatively little is known about them. If you are looking to learn a little bit more about this company before you place an order, you have come to the right place.

We will explain who this company is, what sets them apart, and offer our overall impression on whether or not they are a reliable and trustworthy online solar retailer. We will also dig into some customer reviews and try to determine if the pros of shopping through ShopSolarKits.com outweigh the cons.

Who is ShopSolarKits.com?

According to their website, ShopSolarKits.com was launched in 2018. Despite their relatively short history, they have managed to become one of the nation’s top retailers for ready-made solar kits. They are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, which might explain why they are involved in the solar industry. After all, what better place to start a solar company than one of the nation’s sunniest states?

They also claim that their entire team is extremely knowledgeable on all things solar, as they are all solar enthusiasts themselves. Given that they publish a tremendous amount of solar content on their website and their dedicated YouTube Channel, it makes sense that they are passionate about the products that they sell.

As the name suggests, the company specializes in pre-assembled solar kits, but they also sell individual solar components, such as solar generators, charge controllers, solar panels, and more. Essentially, they specialize in DIY solar power systems.

What is The Brand Mission for ShopSolarKits.com?

ShopSolarKits.com claims that their mission is to make solar simple. Fortunately, this mission statement does not seem to be just empty words or hollow branding. The truth is, ShopSolarKits.com really does seem committed to the goal of making solar as accessible as possible.

This is evidenced by the abundance of solar resources they offer on their website. Straightforward assembly guides, impartial product reviews, and simple solar calculation tools are all really useful for those that are just getting started in the world of solar. They rarely use complicated terminology when describing their products and, instead, favor clear and concise information that is easy to understand.

We also really like that their pre-assembled solar kits are incredibly beginner-friendly. Not only do they contain everything you would need to get started, including all of the solar cables, connectors, and installation brackets required to get the system up and running, they even package their kits with custom setup guides and wiring diagrams!

What Does ShopSolarKits.com Sell?

As mentioned, ShopSolarKits.com specializes in user-friendly DIY solar kits. Their solar kits range in size and power capabilities. Their solar generator kits are ideal for RV enthusiasts, van lifers, campers, and emergency preparedness. On the other hand, their whole home solar kits allow users to completely transform their home into a fully off-grid or grid-tied solar hub.

Basically, you can find a solar kit that will fulfill just about any need by browsing their online storet. Not only are these ready-made solar kits convenient, they take the confusion out of building your own solar power system. They allow users to quickly, easily, and affordably embrace solar technology, which aligns perfectly with their brand mission.

For those that are just looking for individual pieces of solar equipment, either as an upgrade for an underperforming component within an existing system, or to expand their system’s current capabilities, they also sell components separate from their kits. These items are sold at competitive prices and ShopSolarKits.com will also package them with their incredibly useful digital setup guides.

So, Why Choose ShopSolarKits.com?

Given their incredibly rapid growth, we figured ShopSolarKits.com must be doing something right. It turns out we were correct, as they offer the following:

High-Quality Products and Practical Solar Kits

For starters, we found ourselves really impressed with the solar kits ShopSolarKits.com offers. We can’t think of an easier way to get started in the world of solar than buying a complete kit that comes pre-packaged with everything you need to get started. These kits don’t just come with everything you need, they also contain high-quality components from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

Impressive Customer Service

We are also really impressed with the quality of their customer service. ShopSolarKits.com claims to have “legendary” customer service, which may seem like a bit of a stretch, but after testing their customer service line, we have to admit we were really impressed. We were able to contact a live customer service representative who was both pleasant to deal with and surprisingly knowledgeable.

Our own experience was also backed up by what we were able to glean from reading customer reviews.

Reliable Shipping Services

When placing an order through ShopSolarKits.com, the shipping process is refreshingly informative. You are kept in the loop about delivery estimates and everything seems to arrive in a timely manner.

What really impressed us is the way ShopSolarKits.com packages their products for delivery. Far too many online retailers simply toss their solar products in a nondescript box and send it off for delivery. Solar equipment can be incredibly delicate, especially when you are dealing with glass-covered solar panels. Ordering from a company that uses proper packaging and padding is really important when you are investing so much money into your solar equipment.

Competitive Prices and Regular Promotions

Not only are their pre-assembled solar kits convenient, they offer outstanding value. By packaging components together, the products are cheaper than they would be if you purchased them separately.

Not only are their prices competitive, ShopSolarKits.com regularly offers special promotions and discount codes, so you can really save some money by regularly checking their Special Promotions Page. Remember, the codes are updated on a regular basis, so make sure you check for relevant discount codes before you buy.

Pros & Cons for ShopSolarKits.com

While there is certainly a lot that impressed us about ShopSolarKits.com, they are not perfect. To make things easy, we have come up with our pros and cons list for this popular online solar retailer:



Our Overall Impression of ShopSolarKits.com

As you can see from the list above, the pros for ShopSolarKits.com certainly outweigh the cons. While no online retailer is ever going to be perfect, we believe ShopSolarKits.com is an impressive and trustworthy solar company.

Not only is it a great place for beginners to shop, they also offer the latest and most advanced pieces of solar equipment, so it is also a practical retailer for experienced solar enthusiasts.

Their customer service and after-sale support are what impressed us the most about ShopSolarKits.com. We would feel far more comfortable recommending our readers use their website, rather than some of the sketchy third-party sellers you see on websites like Amazon and Alibaba. Even amongst dedicated solar retailers, ShopSolarKits.com really seems to stand out, which explains their rapid growth and rising popularity.

Overall, we believe ShopSolarKits.com is a trustworthy company that offers an outstanding range of custom solar kits and DIY solar equipment.

What Do Others Have to Say About ShopSolarKits.com?

Rather than just take our word for it, let’s take a look at some customer reviews and testimonials.

According to customer reviews, ShopSolarKits.com has an aggregate rating of 4.8/5, which is obviously impressive. Below, you will find some reviews we chose to highlight, but you can actually view over 1,700 customer reviews for yourself by visiting the ShopSolarKits.com Testimonials Page

Customer Reviews:

“Everything came quickly and in good shape. Have not set up the panels yet, but the generator works exactly as advertised. The videos on their website are great!”
- Gayle W.
“I ordered a solar panel set during the height of the supply chain shortage. The company kept me updated on when to expect delivery with regular emails. When they arrived, the panels were exactly as advertised, well packaged, and arrived in perfect condition. What more could one ask for?”
- Glenn H.
“Quick shipping and answers to questions. The generator and panels are great and worked well without problems. Very happy with the product and with ShopSolarKits!”
- James S.
“Ordering process was really easy. The solar kit came in a very timely manner and I was notified of every shipment and delivery date. Very impressed.”
- Randy R.

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Should You Buy a Solar Generator from Costco?

Should You Buy a Solar Generator from Costco? – Everything You Need to Know


Written by Oliver. Last updated:

Table of Contents

As solar equipment becomes more mainstream and an ever-growing number of Americans begin turning to renewable energy systems to fulfil their power needs, it seems inevitable that solar tech, like solar generators, will begin appearing on the shelves of the nation’s largest retailers.

Over the last couple of years, Costco has begun stocking several solar generators, as well as a few different solar panel kits. Given Costco’s impressive reputation for fair prices and excellent customer service, it only makes sense that this decision has caught the attention of the solar industry.

While having a major retail chain branch out into the world of solar is certainly a step in the right direction for the renewable energy movement, it is still worth taking some time to consider whether purchasing solar equipment from a “big-box” store that does not specialize in this sort of equipment is a good decision.

How Can We Help?

To help you decide whether or not you should consider purchasing a solar generator from Costco, we are going to take a close look at some of the pros and cons of choosing Costco for your solar equipment needs.

We will also explain what they actually sell and offer our recommendations for retailers that we believe offer a superior alternative.

What Solar Equipment Does Costco Actually Sell?

As mentioned, Costco has recently branched out into the world of solar by offering their customers several solar generators, as well as a few solar panel kits. While greater exposure for residential solar equipment to the mainstream population is always a good thing, there is no getting around the fact that Costco’s selection is severely limited.

While this is certainly understandable, especially given that they just began stocking solar equipment and generators, it is not a good thing for anyone that is looking for solar products that has more than even a casual interest in solar power systems. One of the most important factors when building your own solar power system is customization, as it is important that the equipment you buy matches your own unique power needs. When you shop through a retailer that only stocks a few entry-level components, your ability to find what you need is severely compromised.

Solar Generators Offered by Costco:

When you actually take a look at what Costco sells, you are basically limited to three solar generators – the Lion Energy Safari ME, the EcoFlow Delta PRO, and the EcoFlow River PRO.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these solar generators, especially the EcoFlow Delta PRO, we found that they are regularly listed as being out of stock, or, in some cases, they are even temporarily removed from Costco’s website completely! So, not only is the product selection very limited, the solar generators are often difficult to find through Costco in the first place!

Other Solar Equipment that Costco Offers:

Costco also offers a variety of solar panel kits; however, all of their kits and solar power systems use Grape Solar panels. While Grape Solar is a brand that is known for reasonable prices, their solar panels are considered mid to low range, meaning they are not overly efficient and are often seen as a no-frills, basic option.

While these solar panels might be a good fit for those on a tight budget, or anyone that is just looking to assemble a basic, entry-level solar power system, we would not recommend them for anyone that is looking for more of a long-term solar power system.

Home Depot is another major retailer that is known for carrying solar panels from Grape Solar. This really tells you something when you consider the fact that very few specialized solar equipment retailers carry Grape Solar products.

Pros & Cons of Buying a Solar Generator from Costco

To make things as straightforward as possible, we are going to go over some of the pros and cons of purchasing a solar generator from Costco:



As you can see, when it comes to buying a solar generator from Costco, the cons outweigh the pros. While we certainly believe Costco is an excellent company and feel that their rapid growth is a testament to the fact that they usually offer fair prices and outstanding customer service, we just cannot recommend purchasing a solar generator from a retailer that has so little experience with solar equipment.

Solar equipment is fairly complex and can be quite an expensive investment, which is why we firmly believe you should always go with a specialized solar retailer that can be relied upon to have knowledgeable staff, a dependable warranty and returns system, and a large product catalogue.

You probably wouldn’t consider buying a car from Wal-Mart, or an expensive computer from your local grocery store, as these retailers cannot offer the expertise you would expect when making such a large purchase. This is the same reason you should not purchase a solar generator from a big-box store like Costco, Home Depot, or Amazon.

What is the Alternative?

As mentioned, we always recommend purchasing your solar equipment from a well-established and specialized solar retailer. These companies understand the products they are selling, which means they can offer far superior customer service and product knowledge than you would ever experience by going through a non-specialized retailer.

Not only can they answer questions about the products they sell and make personalized recommendations, they will have a much larger product catalogue, which means you will actually have the ability to find a solar generator that matches your unique needs and budget.

The best solar retailers also follow up with their customers and help them through the installation process. Costco simply lacks the product knowledge to be of any use to you after you have purchased a solar generator from them.

Luckily, there are plenty of reputable solar equipment retailers out there that we believe offer a greater degree of expertise than you would ever get by shopping for solar equipment through Costco.

Our Top Choice – ShopSolarKits.com

When it comes to buying a new solar generator, or a complete solar generator kit, we usually recommend ShopSolarKits.com. They were founded in 2018 and in just a few short years, the company has grown to become one of the largest retailers of off-grid solar equipment in the United States.

While their massive product catalogue and extremely competitive prices partially explain their rapid growth, it is actually their impressive reputation for offering outstanding and ongoing customer support that is the real reason why they are our top recommended solar retailer.

If you are new to solar and have never owned a solar generator before, ShopSolarKits.com can be extremely helpful, as they offer setup instructions, wiring diagrams, and after-sale customer assistance through their knowledgeable and friendly support team.

What Do They Offer?

Where Costco tends to sell solar generators as standalone units, ShopSolarKits.com offers a wide range of solar generator kits, which bundle a state-of-the-art solar generator with an appropriate number of solar panels, cables, connectors, and accessories to ensure that the solar generator will perform to its full potential.

For comparison, when Costco has them in stock, they sell the EcoFlow River PRO as a standalone unit. While ShopSolarKits.com also offers the EcoFlow River PRO on its own, they also offer a variety of EcoFlow River PRO solar generator kits, which package the unit with a number of foldable solar panels and expansion batteries. This transforms a basic solar generator into a complete solar power station!

Their EcoFlow River PRO 1,440Wh Double Kit is a perfect example of how ShopSolarKits.com takes basic solar generators and uses it to create a customer-friendly and budget-friendly bundle.

They also do the same with Costco’s other best-selling solar generator, the EcoFlow Delta PRO. While ShopSolarKits.com offers the EcoFlow Delta PRO at a great price on its own, it is their Delta PRO complete kits that really catch our eye!

For example, their EcoFlow Delta PRO 7,200Wh Nomad Kit combines the Delta PRO with 1,200W worth of monocrystalline solar panels, a Delta PRO Smart Expansion Battery, and all of the extension and charging cables you would ever need! On top of that, customers also receive custom installation and maintenance guides from ShopSolarKits.com themselves!

ShopSolarKits.com doesn’t just offer the same solar generators you can find at Costco, they also offer a wide range of other kits from outstanding solar brands, such as EcoFlow, Bluetti, Lion Energy, Titan, and more. They also offer an incredibly impressive range of off-grid and grid-tied residential solar power systems and battery banks, which is great news if you are looking for more power than a solar generator could offer.

Final Words

If you want our advice, avoid the potential headaches that often result from buying solar equipment from a non-specialized retailer. Go with a company that understands solar equipment and has the ability to offer a wider range of products, convenient package deals, and extensive product knowledge!

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Review of the Bluetti EB200

Review of the Bluetti EB200 2,048Wh Portable Power Station – Is it Worth the Price?


Written by Oliver. Last updated:

Overall Rating 9
Portability 8
Compatibility 9
Durability 9
Ease of Use 8
Value for Money 9

Table of Contents

Bluetti designed the EB200 to be a user-friendly device for anyone that requires a reliable and portable source of power. As a solar generator, it offers off-grid capabilities, as well as standard AC charging options. This means it is not only portable and powerful, it is incredibly versatile.

To help you decide whether or not the Bluetti EB200 is worth the price, we are going to offer our honest review. We will also explain what the EB200 can do, which will help you determine whether or not it is a practical portable power station for your particular needs. To help you become a more informed consumer, we will also offer a detailed brand profile for Bluetti!

Who is the Bluetti Brand?

Bluetti was founded in 2019 by two friends from California. The pair sought to create minimalist portable power stations that would be powerful, user-friendly, and affordable. Shortly after its formation, Bluetti launched the EB150, which was incredibly innovative and quickly became known for its impressive build quality and outstanding value.

In the summer of 2000, Bluetti ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for what would go on to become the brand’s flagship solar generator – the AC200. Since then, Bluetti has released a series of different solar generators. While each was designed to fulfill a different set of needs, the brand always remains committed to prioritizing innovation and outstanding customer service over profit.

Bluetti’s commitment to enriching the lives of their customers with high-quality products that can help them achieve energy independence continues to this day. While the brand certainly has an impressive reputation, it is still worth reviewing the EB200 to make sure that it lives up to the brand’s high standards.

To provide you with a thorough and accurate review of the Bluetti EB200 and its performance capabilities, we have evaluated the unit across several important categories.

Design and Portability:

One of the first things we noticed with the EB200 is its compact design and convenient features, like built-in carrying handles and a rugged outer case. Bluetti certainly designed the EB200 for portability.

Another thing we really liked about the Bluetti EB200 is the fact that the front of the unit features a crystal-clear, touch-enabled LCD display. The touch screen allows you to navigate the menu, so you can quickly view input and output data in both Watts and Volts.

The intuitive touch screen menu also allows you to toggle between different settings, including Eco Mode, which allows you to conserve power during emergencies and off-grid situations.

Watch the Bluetti EB200 Solar Generator Review

Battery Capacity, Life Cycles, and Shelf Life:

In terms of battery performance, the EB200’s robust 2,048Wh LiFePO4 deep cycle battery is capable of storing a significant amount of power. Not only is the battery capacity quite large for such a compact unit, it has an impressive lifecycle rating of +/- 3,500 cycles. In other words, you can fully charge and discharge the EB200 numerous times before the total battery capacity drops to 80%.

For perspective, a similarly powerful lithium-ion battery would lose about 20% of its capacity after just 500 cycles! This is a major plus for the EB200. Not only will the battery last longer than what you would typically expect from a 2,048Wh internal battery, it does not require any sort of active maintenance to reach that lifespan.

Given the EB200 contains a reliable 2.048Wh deep cycle battery and a 2,000W power inverter, it could be used to power electronic devices and appliances in the following ways:

Large Refrigerator 20 to 30 hours
Coffee Maker 50+ cycles
Standard Laptop 40+ battery recharges
CPAP Machine 35+ hours
32″ LCD Television 40+ hours
10W LED Flood Light 200+ hours
Standard Smartphone (iPhone 12) 90+ recharges

We were also impressed with the shelf life of the EB200’s internal battery. With a low discharge rate of about 3% per month, you could reasonably expect the battery to hold a charge for as long as a year! Again, this is really impressive when compared to other solar generators in the EB200’s class. In fact, similarly priced power stations tend to lose their charge in as little as 4 months.

For those that are interested in emergency preparedness, having a power station that can be relied upon to hold a charge for many months at a time is incredibly important. With the EB200, you could fully charge the battery, then leave it in storage until a blackout or emergency situation occurred where you would need a backup battery bank.

Charging the EB200:

Another area where the EB200 shines is its fairly impressive recharge rates. As mentioned, the EB200 can be charged using solar power by connecting it to one or more solar panels. Its built-in MPPT charge controller supports a high voltage range and a total solar input of 700W.

This means the internal battery could potentially charge in just about 3 hours using solar panels. However, it is important to remember that those solar panels would need to be operating under ideal conditions and they would have to have a combined power rating of at least 700W to achieve this kind of charge rate from pure solar energy. Realistically, charging with solar panels would take much longer, but it is nice to know that you have the flexibility to charge the battery with free and renewable power while you are off-grid!

For added flexibility, the EB200 can also charge using AC power, which means it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. Using the main power adapter, you could fully charge the battery in roughly 5 hours.

One of the most unique features of the EB200 is the fact that it supports dual charging. This means you can charge using solar and AC power simultaneously for a much faster charge rate! If you need to charge the EB200 quickly, this feature is priceless!

Output Ports:

The EB200 also features 15 output ports! This ensures the EB200 is a true all-in-one power station. The versatile range of output ports means you can quickly and easily plug your electronic devices and appliances directly into the EB200.

Given Bluetti’s commitment to innovation, it is no surprise that the EB200 even includes a 100W USB-C style port, as well as two Qi wireless charging pads. This means you can charge the latest smartphones and portable devices without having to use an adaptor.

The EB200 features the following output ports:

  • 4 x USB-A 5V/3A Ports
  • 1 x 100W USB-C PD Port
  • 2 x 15W Qi Wireless Charging Pads
  • 2 x DC 12V/3A
  • 1 x DC 12V/10A Car-Style Port
  • 1 x DC 12V/25A
  • 4 x AC Wall-Style Plugs

The number and variety of output ports is really impressive, especially given that we usually only see this many in the larger and more expensive units. The USB-C port and Qi wireless charging pads are also real highlights!

Our Overall Impression of the Bluetti EB200 Portable Power Station

After taking an in-depth look at what the EB200 has to offer, it has become fairly obvious why this is such a popular power station.

The rugged design and smart-touch LCD display screen ensure the EB200 is incredibly easy to use, while a wide range of built-in output and input ports ensure it is a true all-in-one power station.

The built-in LiFePO4 battery is one of the most impressive things about this unit. The shelf life, life cycle rating, and overall capacity are all really impressive. The integrated Bluetti Battery Management System (BMS) also provides automatic short circuit protection, voltage control, and internal temperature monitoring, so the battery is incredibly safe and stable.

The fact that Bluetti backs the EB200 with a 2-year warranty also gives us confidence that this unit was really made to last. Whether you are in need of a reliable source of emergency power for your home, or you simply want a portable unit that you can take on off-grid adventures, the EB200 is a great choice. Its rugged design and solar capabilities also make sure it is a practical option for campers, RV enthusiasts, and boaters.

Bluetti EB200 Pros

Bluetti EB200 Cons

As you can see, the EB200’s pros certainly outweigh the few cons we were able to come up with. Overall, it is an outstanding unit that certainly justifies its modest price.

As mentioned, it is extremely versatile, so it can work just as well as an emergency backup power bank as it can as a mobile power station. We cannot recommend it enough!

Now that we have reviewed the EB200, we can take a look at some solar kits that package the unit with solar panels and other accessories. The following solar kits offer value and convenience:

The Quad Kit packages the EB200 with four 100W highly efficient suitcase-style solar panels. It also comes with a carrying case and all of the solar cables and connectors you would need to power your new EB200 with solar energy.

This is an ideal option for anyone that spends time off-grid, or is just looking for a way to charge their EB200 without increasing the cost of their monthly electricity bills. It offers outstanding value and really is a great place to start for anyone that is interested in getting into solar.

Where to Buy

Check Out the EB200 2,000W Quad Kit

The EB200 Emergency Kit offers six 100W rigid solar panels, so you can charge your EB200 quickly and efficiently. As the name suggests, it is the ideal choice for anyone that is interested in emergency preparedness. As with the Quad Kit, you get all of the cables and connectors required to turn your EB200 into a fully independent, off-grid charging station.

In the event of blackouts, natural disasters, or any other event that would limit your access to grid power, the EB200 Emergency Kit could step in and be your lifeline to uninterrupted power.

Where to Buy

Check Out the EB200 2,000W Emergency Kit

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Bluetti AC20 Review

Bluetti AC20 Review

December 17, 2021

Once we’re out there in the wild, either hiking or camping, we still want to be able to stay connected whether for convenience sake or in case of an emergency. 

The perfect piece of tech for the job would have to be the Bluetti AC20. We’re going to a lot of detail as to why it’s so good, so stick around.

Bluetti AC20 (Our Review)

General Overview

The regular power banks we see in the stores are usually capable of charging only one or two phones, they don’t last quite as long and need regular charging to maintain their peak power output.

When you need a power bank that’s both portable and capable of delivering a huge power output, the Bluetti AC20 is a great answer for the situation.

bluetti ac20 portable solar power generator review

The Bluetti AC20 delivers 200Wh of power via a 120W inverter which is ideal for charging anything from tablets, smartphones, and laptops. If you’re looking for something more substantial, have a look at the Bluetti EP500.

To put it into perspective, a smartphone can be recharged up to 15 times, a tablet can be recharged 5 times, MacBooks up to 4 times, and a USB fan can be provided with 40 hours of run time.

It’s also equipped with two speedy power delivery ports that can charge your phone in a fraction of the time. 

The USB-A port features the useful Quick Charge functionality, which means that any Quick Charge compatible smartphone will charge a lot quicker. 

The port can still charge your smartphone even if it’s not capable of utilizing the Quick Charge feature. The other USB-A port is the run-of-the-mill sort that has 5V/2.4A charging speed.

The USB-C port is pretty cool on the Bluetti AC20 because of its 40W maximum output. It’s compatible with laptops like the MacBook or Chromebook. Most of the usual power banks only have a 30W charging speed. The port is also able to adjust its wattage to 18W if you plug in your smartphone to that port. 

You can find the same ports on the Bluetti eb55, though it only weighs half.

The AC20 comes pre-installed with an MPPT, provided by the solar charging optimization module. The result is that you get a charging time that’s almost 40% faster when solar panels are connected to the AC20.


The power it delivers comes from the lithium battery, a material that is widely known for its stability. It’s continuously monitored by the advanced battery management system which prevents the battery from overcharging, short circulation, and over-lifting. 

The power capacities of the AC20 are influenced by how you use it. By using the USB-A ports to charge your tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to use a lot more power because it’s using less voltage, around 4V.

When you’re charging devices like a smartphone or laptop with 5,000mAh batteries or bigger the AC20 can charge them between six or eight times. 

Using the DC or AC ports is going to be a little different, though. 

The DC port uses less power but instead has a higher voltage. The power output, in this case, is 11.1V and the power capacity possibility is 18,000mAh. In this scenario, the AC20 will be used to charge larger devices.

With such an impressive capacity, you can even hook it up to the Bluetti home integration kit.

Much like the USB-C port, the AC outlet is almost just as useful. It can take three-pronged AC adapters and has an output of 100W at its maximum.

The power station is able to recharge by using the DC port. You can do this in three different ways, too.

First off, it comes with an AC adapter for plugging it into the wall socket. You should probably charge it a day or so before you plan on using it.

You could also use your car charger to get the job done. The AC20 is also kitted with a car charging adapter. The only catch is that the car would have to be running while you charge the power station.

can you use bluetti ac20


Lastly, when you’re out hiking or camping, you could also charge it by using a solar power system. This should, of course, be no problem at all during Summer or Spring, so it’s a good idea to invest in some decent but portable solar panels. 

The Bluetti AC20 strikes a balance between power output and portability, standing not-so-tall at only 8 inches with a body almost 8 inches wide and just under 3 inches thick. The power station also weighs just under 8 lbs. 

This makes it substantially smaller than the similarly powerful Bluetti eb200.

The AC20 also comes with a comfortable handle at the top which makes it easier to carry around. While the design and build of the power station make it great for traveling, it also means that it’s not the toughest piece of equipment out there.

Though, as you take care not to drop it or get it anywhere near water it’ll hold up just fine. 

This generator is ideal for bringing power on the move. If you want to power your home, however, you’ll need something with a bit more oomf, like the Bluetti 2400Wh solar generator.

What We Love

  • USB-A and USB-C ports
  • AC Outlets
  • More than 1,000 life cycles
  • LCD Display
  • Low heat, silent

Who It’s For

  • Ideal for hikers, campers, and outdoors people.
  • Ideal for charging small to medium-sized devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.)


The Bluetti AC20 is our best pick if we had to go camping somewhere far away from any sign of civilization, or for an awesome day’s hiking. 

It’s small, portable, and ready to provide you with the necessary power to charge your devices whether they are laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The Bluetti AC20 Power Station FAQs

How Do I Use The LCD Screen?

The screen shows the power station’s capacity with a picture of a battery with five segments, each accounting for 20% of the battery’s capacity.

Just to the right you’ll see the wattage amount when it’s charging, and the wattage output for the DC port and AC port.

Which Solar Panels Are Compatible?

Solar panels that are compatible with the Bluetti AC20 have to meet requirements like having an MC4 connector, a DC capacity of at least 14V to 40V, and have a wattage of 125W.

You could try this 200W solar panel. It can be easily mounted onto an RV or camper van, perfect for an extended trip.

What Are The Buttons For?

There are three buttons you get to use on the Bluetti AC20. One is for turning it on and off, while the other two switch on the AC and DC ports.

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Bluetti AC100 Review

Bluetti AC100 Review

December 17, 2021

When it comes to portable power generators, nothing comes close to the Bluetti AC100. Being able to use power both on and off the grid means that you can use it for anything from charging cell phones to running mini air conditioners. 

In today’s age, pretty much everything we do relies on electricity. Whether that’s charging your phone and laptop and computer, or perhaps keeping electricity flowing through your mini-fridge in your RV, you need power. 

However, this can be both financially draining and difficult at times if you struggle with power shortages.

If you’re someone who constantly needs an extra bit of power or just likes to know that you can charge something in a crisis, you need to check out this Bluetti AC100 solar generator as it will change your life for the better.  

Why Do I Need a Portable Power Station?

Campers / Trailer-Owners

For many of us, going on camping trips in our RVs or trailers is a common and frequent experience, for some, even weekly camping trips are scheduled and planned. 

But for many of those who go on these adventures, we may end up in a place that has no power and electricity, leaving us completely abandoned. 

For others, living in a trailer or RV means we often run into situations where there is no power or electricity, leaving our fridges switching off and us completely in the dark. 

This is why the Bluetti AC100 comes in handy wherever you are.

All you have to do is put it out in direct sunlight for 60 minutes and you’re good to go, ready with a 600w charging capacity. In comparison, the Bluetti eb240 has to be in the sun for over 6 hours to be fully charged, so you’re really getting good value with the Bluetti AC100. 

If we look at the Bluetti eb55, it simply doesn’t charge in the sun without added solar panels, so once again the Bluetti AC100 is really the best generator on the market at the moment. 

This capability means that you can charge your mini-fridge, a mini-air conditioner, lights, or any small devices.

why to buy buletti ac100

If you’ve got solar panels on the roof of your RV, you can even charge those up with this solar generator. 

This just makes your life so much easier as you never have to worry about your trailer and all of your belongings running out of battery, as well as being able to charge your devices.


For home use, this solar generator is a perfect addition to making your life easier and less stressful. 

One of the things that we love about the generator is that you can use it to charge most small appliances, meaning that it’s perfect for charging phones and laptops. 

This means that if you’re in a power shortage, want to be more environmentally friendly by using a renewable energy source or simply want to save some cash on your electricity bill in the long term, this generator is perfect for you. 

We also love that you can charge multiple devices on this generator at once as it has the power capacity and multiple outlets to charge more than one device. 

For example, if you live in an area that’s prone to power shortages, this solar generator will be a lifesaver for you. All you have to do is put it outside in the sun for 60 minutes and you’ll be ready to charge. 

This is also great for a student house as you can charge multiple devices like your phones and laptops in order to save money on electric bills. 

External Features + What It Can Charge

So we’ve hyped this generator up, but what can it actually do?

Well, for starters it has all of these ports:

  • 4 USB outlets for charging devices
  • 2 AC outlets for powering up smaller appliances like a mini-fridge
  • 1 USB-C outlet for charging most laptops
  • 1 car cigarette lighter and,
  • 1 LED light

With all of these outlets, you can charge a variety of different devices and appliances all at once. In comparison to something like the Bluetti ac20, which only has 5 different ports, and the Bluetti eb150 which has 8, this solar generator easily comes out ahead. 

But how much charge does it actually have? Here are some stats about all the different appliances it can power up for and how long it can charge it for:

where can you buy buletti ac100
  • Lights: 100+ hours
  • Laptop: Over 13 re-chargers
  • Mini air conditioner: 2 hours
  • Mini fridge: +- 15 hours

For a solar generator, you are getting incredible value for money as it gives you hours of charging power in exchange for only 60 minutes in the sun. 

A feature that is worth mentioning is that like most Maxoak products, this solar generator was made to be completely quiet with no fan that can be quite loud. This benefits you as you can use it at night and not worry about it causing too much loudness.

What It Looks Like

So we’ve discussed all the ports, but this solar generator has way more to offer.

Weighing in at 34.4lbs and having the dimensions of 15.3 x 7.2 x 12.5 inches, this rugged and resistant generator comes with an extra layer of rubber that protects it if you need to place it on uneven or rocky surfaces to charge. 

On the front side of this solar generator, it shows the screen display that has the battery usage on it, as well as some of the outlets. 

On the back of the generator are some air vents that help regulate the temperature of the generator when it’s being used at full capacity, and we’ve got some more outlets as well. There’s also an LED light that doubles as a torch if you’re in need of some light. 

The top of the generator has a handle, so even though it’s quite heavy, you can easily transport it by picking it up and moving it from point a to point b.

What We Love

  • One of our favorite aspects of this generator is all the different outlets it has on it, ensuring that whatever you need to charge, there will be an outlet for it. 
  • We also love that it only needs to be in the sun for 60 minutes to charge fully, as this makes it easier for you to just place it somewhere and come back in an hour to a fully charged generator.
  • It’s such a small and compact generator that it can easily be stored somewhere small 
  • We really like how this generator has air vents instead of a fan to regulate its temperature as it means less noise disturbance for us.


Overall, the Bluetti AC100 solar generator is a perfect investment piece for whoever is looking for one. 

Different people want a solar generator for different reasons, but no matter what your reason is, the Bluetti AC100 will fit whatever you have.

Solar Generator FAQs

So now that you’ve gone through all the info, maybe you have a few questions that you would like answered. Here are the 3 top asked questions about solar generators, and the answers all apply to the Bluetti AC100.

Are Solar Generators Worth It?

There are numerous reasons to purchase a solar generator, but we’ll list them here again as a refresher:

  • Saving money on electric bills
  • Being more eco-friendly by using renewable solar energy instead of non-renewable energy sources
  • Needing power for your off-grid trailer
  • Wanting to charge devices and/or small appliances on holiday with no electricity

What Can a Solar Generator Do?

The brilliance about solar generators like the Bluetti AC100 is that with only 60 minutes of charging in the sun, they can provide hours of charge for small devices like phones and laptops, to small appliances like mini-fridges or mini air conditioners. 

This multi-purpose aspect of them makes them perfect for almost anybody who uses electricity as they provide years of power all by using the sun. 

Comparing the Bluetti AC100 to the Bluetti eb70, even though the eb70 can power charge smaller appliances like mini-fridges, it has only got 1 AC outlet compared to the 2 that the AC100 has.

How Long Does a Solar Generator Last?

Most solar generators last between 25 and 30 years. 

The Bluetti AC100 comes with lifetime support so if you ever run into issues we will sort it out for you. 

The lifetime of the Bluetti AC100 is a major benefit for you as all you have to do is pay a lump sum to purchase the generator, then for over 25 years, you can save a lot of money by reducing your electricity bill by using your solar generator.

Other Solar Generators You May Like

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Bluetti 2400Wh Solar Generator Review

Bluetti 2400Wh Solar Generator Review

December 17, 2021

Filling up on fuel to power up a gas generator can be expensive. Luckily, Bluetti has given us a generator that harnesses the sun’s natural energy and allows you to power your devices when in need.

In this review, we will cover what makes the Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator the only generator that you need in your life. We will discuss everything from the design of the generator to how practical it is in various situations.

If you have any unanswered questions, be sure to visit our FAQ at the end of the review.

Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator 2400Wh (Our Review)

Before we dive into why you need a Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator, we must understand what makes solar generators so special and how beneficial they can be in a variety of situations.

Why You Should Use Solar generators

Everyone has been accustomed to using gas generators, but when you run out of gas then you will find yourself back at square one without having any power. Solar-powered equipment is becoming the new trend in supplying power by harnessing the sun’s natural energy.

Solar generators provide off-grid energy consistently for long periods. You don’t need to worry about filling up on gas because if the sun is shining, your generator will supply you with all the power that you need.

These generators are useful in many situations. Whether you need a backup generator in case of an emergency, or just require a power source for camping out in the wild, the sun will be able to keep your appliances charged and powered up through a solar generator.

Since this is an all-natural energy source, it provides a greener solution that’s as effective as using propane or gas-powered generators.

Fuel generators are contaminating, noisy, and gas isn’t as easily obtainable compared to making use of the sun’s energy through solar panels.  Solar generators are eco-friendly and most are completely silent.

bluetti 2400wh solar generator price

If you’re in an emergency situation such as a hurricane or an earthquake, accessing a fuel source won’t be easy and this renders your gas generator useless. Solar generators make use of solar power but also use lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries to obtain a readily available energy source.

Fuel can also be quite expensive since you always need to refill canisters. This makes solar generators more affordable in the long run as you won’t need to stop at a gas station to get fuel for the generator. All you need is the sun to be shining.

Both solar and gas generators convert raw energy into a usable source of energy. However, solar generators use the sun’s power instead of using fuel making it much more convenient. Solar energy is also reliable and is readily available.

Bluetti EB240 Review

A Little bit about Bluetti

Bluetti has been providing the market with the best, top-quality solar generators and DIY solar panel kits since the Summer of 2019. They are based in California and have been growing throughout the country. 

Their first two products were the Bluetti EB150 and the Bluetti EB240.

Since their start in 2019, their goal has been to ensure that you have power whenever you need it and wherever you go. They want us to go on adventures but want to make sure that we have the energy to do so.

They continue to innovatively make use of renewable energy with new products and concepts to provide the nation with a clean, reliable source of power. 

They are committed to delivering the best off-the-grid power solution to your doorstep.

About the product

The Maxoak Bluetti EB240 is a solar generator that resembles a suitcase. This makes it easy to pick up and take wherever you go. This EB240 can be described as a power bank, a solar generator, or even an AC transformer.

The EB240 comes packed with 2,400Wh worth of energy, which is one of the biggest battery packs available on the market. This is more wattage than the previously released Bluetti EB200.

If Wh (Watt-hours) isn’t making much sense, it’s not too difficult to grasp. To put it simply, this measurement is the amount of power consumed by a device that’s one watt per one hour.

The solar aspect of this generator means you can plug a solar panel into this generator to keep it powered as if it were plugged in and charging. 

This not only keeps the generator powered using the sun’s natural energy, but it also keeps any devices plugged into the generator charged and ready to use if the sun is shining. You can hook this bad boy up to a solar panel supporting a maximum wattage of 500W.


bluetti 2400wh solar generator

The design of the generator is a sleek two-toned white with a powder-coated blue, all surrounded in a steel case. 

Weighing in at 48 pounds, this isn’t as light as the Bluetti AC100, but it’s light enough to pick up and carry with confidence.

Another neat design choice is the OLED display on the front of the generator that displays the exact wattage power for the input and output for both AC and DC. It also shows how much juice the generator has left with a graphic 5-stage battery segment display, similar to what’s found on the Bluetti EB55.

Alongside this screen are 3 face buttons. One is used to power on or off the device, one button to toggle the DC output, and another button to toggle the AC output.

When it comes to the Bluetti EB240, this portable power station has everything you could need or want from a solar generator. It delivers a total continuous power output of 1,000W, reaching a peak of 1,200W thanks to its powerful inverter. 

This makes it powerful enough to keep your charge, from the small appliances such as cellphones to the more power-hungry devices such as heaters fans.

To put this into perspective, if you were to charge your cell phone using this generator, you would be able to fully charge it around 250 times.

Using an appliance that’s more demanding like a deep freezer, you can get between 4 days and a week of usage. These periods can be extended if you make use of solar energy meaning they can be powered indefinitely.


It features two sine-wave AC outlets that make use of sine wave inversion technology. This is a method to provide clean and reliable AC power to small electronic devices in an efficient manner without frying them or rendering them useless.

Also featured on the port side of the generator are four USB ports all powering up to 3A maximum. Another neat inclusion is a 45W USB Type C port that will be beneficial to smartphone users or digital cameras. The variety of ports available makes connectivity issues disappear as there’s plenty of space to power different devices.

The generator features pass-through charging, meaning you can charge the generator itself and still make use of it. Charging the generator itself takes about 5 hours with a 500W AC charger or using a solar panel with the same wattage.

In terms of protection, the Bluetti EB240 has it all. It features overload, overcurrent, and overheating protection. Located on the rear of the EB240 is a smart cooling fan that kicks in when needed to ensure that the generator doesn’t overheat.

In terms of noise, both the fan and the generator itself are extremely quiet. You won’t need to worry about the fan making noise if it turns whilst you sleep and you also don’t need to worry about the generator buzzing when it’s charging up your various devices.

bluetti 2400wh solar generator kit

What We Love About The Bluetti EB240 Power Station

Having a digital display to see how much battery usage is available to you is a welcome addition. This allows you to plan how you use the remaining power and gives you an indication of whether the generator needs to be charged.

The handle located at the top of the generator allows you to easily take this device with you on road trips or camping adventures.

It features a 12V regulated output at 12.1V. This means that no matter how much battery usage is left on the generator, it will always output 12.1V which is perfect if you are using it to run a refrigerator or any other similarly power-hungry appliances.

We love the addition of a built-in, self-operating fan that prevents the generator from overheating as using too many appliances simultaneously will lead to the generator heating up. Luckily the smart fan will automatically turn on to ensure nothing is damaged.

For what it’s worth, you are getting a good bang for your buck as these generators can last upwards of 10 years, meaning that it would be quite a long time to replace them again.

Who is it for?

The Bluetti EB24 was designed for those who are regular RV users and for those that seek outdoor adventures but want to ensure their appliances remain powered.

Having this portable power station at a campsite is amazing and allows you to power your appliances throughout an entire weekend, making your camping trip a better experience should you use different devices.

However, Bluetti also ensures us that this product can be used as a backup generator for your home in case of an emergency or power outages.

Hurricanes and storms can lead to power outages, and you would want to ensure that your family is safe. You can use the EB240 to power your appliances and keep your lights on.


The Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator is an all-around reliable source of natural energy. Whether you are using this on long trips across the country or as a backup generator in your home, the 2400Wh is more than enough to keep your appliances charged and ready to use.

It’s priced at around $1500 and is well worth it in the long run compared to purchasing a gas generator as you won’t need to worry about constantly filling up on fuel.

This is perfect if you are a camper, a regular RV user, or just someone who wants to live off-grid.

Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator 2400Wh FAQs

What’s included in the box?

The Bluetti EB240 comes with all the necessary hardware to get your generator up and running in no time.

Included in the box you will receive the Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator itself, a small instruction booklet that guides you through the process of setting everything up, a power brick that allows you to charge up the lithium-ion battery inside the generator, and finally the MC4 solar connector cable which is used to connect the generator up to a solar panel.

What are my options for charging the Bluetti EB240?

There are two ways that you can charge your EB240 generator. 

The first is using an AC wall outlet up to 160W, and the second is using a solar panel.

If you can harness the 500W maximum capability that the Bluetti EB240 can handle, charging the generator via a solar panel is more efficient than using an AC wall outlet. The AC method of charging will take around 12 hours to fully charge whilst going the solar panel route will take roughly 5 hours.

Can you charge multiple devices simultaneously using the Bluetti EB240?

Since there are a variety of ports located on the front of the generator, Bluetti encourages you to have multiple devices plugged in. If the total power draw doesn’t exceed the generator’s maximum power output, you can make use of the various ports.

Should you require additional ports, you can use an extension cord or adapter to increase the number of devices you can have plugged in. Again, this should only be done if you are certain that the power load won’t exceed the maximum output that can be seen on the OLED screen.

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Who is Will Prowse?

Who is Will Prowse and Are His DIY Solar Power YouTube Videos Helpful?


Written by Oliver. Last updated:

Table of Contents

If you are interested in building a portable or residential solar power system, there is a good chance you have come across Will Prowse and his DIY Solar Power YouTube channel.

With over 52 million views on his informative solar videos and an ever-growing following that currently sits at over 550,000 YouTube subscribers, it is fair to say that Will Prowse is one of the internet’s go-to resources for information on building DIY solar power systems.

While his massive YouTube following certainly speaks to his popularity, it is worth learning a little bit more about Will Prowse and his channel to discover whether or not his videos can actually help you build your own solar power system.

So, Who is Will Prowse?

Will Prowse currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before this, he lived in an RV and spent a significant amount of time living off-grid. While his earliest YouTube videos primarily discussed living in a van or RV on a budget, he quickly shifted his attention to mobile solar power systems.

He wrote his Amazon best-selling book, Mobile Solar Power Made Easy around this time, which is an excellent resource if you are looking for step-by-step instructions on building and installing a vehicle-mounted solar power system.

Over the last few years, the focus of Will Prowse’s YouTube channel has transitioned from RV-centric solar power systems to affordable DIY solar power more generally. He explains everything from the solar electricity basics to more complex topics, like building your own solar power bank from basic components.

Are Will Prowse’s YouTube Videos Useful?

We are certainly big fans of Will Prowse’s YouTube channel and believe he can be a valuable resource for anyone interested in building or expanding a DIY solar power system; however, his videos are not without their faults. For starters, his videos can be fairly technical, which can make them somewhat challenging for beginners.

While many of his videos have simple titles that would lead you to believe that they are beginner-friendly, they are often aimed more towards viewers that already have a background in solar power. This is not to discredit the information offered in his videos, but it is something to consider if you are new to solar power.

We firmly believe that installing a DIY solar power system can be uncomplicated and enjoyable, so the last thing we would want is for anyone to become discouraged because they think it would be difficult and frustrating.

The sheer number and variety of videos can also be somewhat intimidating for viewers, especially if you are unsure where to start. Since Will Prowse is so experienced, his tutorials and product reviews touch on just about every topic, so finding videos that explain the basics can sometimes feel more difficult than it needs to be.

With all of that said, Will Prowse is undeniably one of the most reliable sources of DIY solar power information out there. His passion for renewable power and building affordable solar power systems is there for anyone to see, and he really knows what he is talking about. If you know what to look for, his video tutorials can be incredibly useful.

Take, for example, this Beginner-Friendly Solar Power System Build. This video tutorial quickly breaks down the components you need to build your own system and demonstrates how they are wired together. Videos like this are incredibly useful for beginners; however, they are no longer the main focus of his YouTube channel. As mentioned, he now tends to focus on more complicated and niche topics, like product reviews of individual components and fine-tuning larger-scale systems.

Pros & Cons of Will Prowse’s YouTube Videos

 To make things easy, we quickly broke down some of the pros and cons of Will Prowse’s DIY Solar Power channel:



Our Overall Impression of Will Prowse and his DIY Solar Power Videos

As mentioned, we are big Will Prowse fans, so it is no surprise that we believe his DIY Solar Power YouTube channel is a valuable resource for anyone interested in building their solar power system.

While it might not be the best resource for beginners and those just looking for an introduction to solar power, his video tutorials and reviews can become incredibly useful as your experience and knowledge grow.

Where Should You Start?

If you are new to solar power, building a complete DIY solar power system from scratch might be a little bit overwhelming. Rather than buying each component individually and attempting to do everything yourself, we recommend starting with a beginner-friendly solar kit.

Complete solar kits take the frustration out of getting into solar power, as they come with everything you need to get started in one convenient and affordable package. For one low price, you get all of the components you need to build your own solar system, including solar panels, a power inverter, a charge controller, one or more deep cycle solar batteries, and all of the cables, brackets, and connectors required to wire everything together.

Recommended DIY Solar Kits

While there are plenty of options out there, we always recommend choosing a solar kit that comes with high-quality components that will last and perform as advertised. The following kits are beginner-friendly and find the perfect balance between quality and affordability:

This complete solar kit combines three 200W monocrystalline solar panels with a 2,000W pure sine power inverter, an MPPT solar charge controller, and two 100Ah AGM deep cycle solar batteries. It also comes with all of the cables and connectors you need to get the system up and running.

Since the components are packaged together, the total price is significantly cheaper than it would be if you purchased each piece of equipment separately. Overall, it offers outstanding value and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have everything you need.

Where to Buy

Check Out the Complete DIY 600W Solar Panel Kit

For those that value mobility, this portable solar power kit is an excellent choice. It is one of the most popular solar power kits on the market because it combines the outstanding Bluetti AC200P solar generator with two 200W 12V monocrystalline solar panels and a 30’ MC4 PV extension cable.

This means you get all the advantages of a DIY solar power system in a highly portable package. Since the AC200P features a built-in 2,000W power inverter and a massive 2,000Wh LiFep04 solar battery, you get everything you need to store and access solar power in one unit. It also features all of the output ports you could ever need, so it is ideal for anyone living out of a van, RV, or remote cabin. It is also a great choice for anyone that is looking for a reliable source of power in the event of emergencies and extended power outages.

Where to Buy

Check Out the Bluetti AC200P 2,000W Solar Generator Nomad Kit

Final Words

We highly encourage you to visit the DIY Solar Power with WIll Prowse YouTube Channel; however, you should not allow yourself to get discouraged if the videos seem overly technical and confusing.

DIY solar power does not have to be complicated. Rather than try to build your first system from nothing, start with a high-quality solar kit and start reaping the many rewards of generating your own renewable energy right away!

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Off Grid Solar System

What to Look for In Off Grid Solar System Packages

What to Look for In Off Grid Solar System Packages

Off Grid Solar System


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Table of Contents

If you have contemplated installing an off-grid solar power system, you have probably searched online for information. It’s likely left you feeling utterly confused at the ridiculously large variety of everything sold under the name of solar power kits.

On the one hand are basic $1000 kits that include a solar panel or two, a tiny inverter, and some cables and connectors. On the other hand are complex, full-fledged systems with dozens of big and small components and a price tag of tens of thousands.

While it is easy to get lost in the sea of options, a slightly technical understanding of your own requirements and a basic understanding of solar power packages and their components and specifications can help you feel confident in making a perfect choice.

Steps in Picking the Right Off-Grid Solar System Package

1. Understanding Specifications

If you were about to buy a car, it would help to spend some time familiarizing yourself with specifications, such as engine capacity, brake horsepower, and fuel economy, to help you understand which model is more suited to your needs.

Similarly, different components of a solar power system have different specifications, and it is essential to understand what they mean if you want to choose the right solar system package for your off-grid requirements. Let’s take a look at these specs:

a) Power (W)

In physics, power is simply the rate at which work is done. So, an athlete running faster is consuming more power than someone slower than they are.

Power is measured in watts and tells us how much energy something is consuming or generating per hour. For example, a solar panel with a 200W power rating produces 200W (every hour), while a TV set with a 200W power rating consumes 200W of power (every hour). 

Different electrical appliances have different power ratings, and your solar panels and batteries must be capable of providing the total power consumed by all the appliances you will run at any point.

b) Energy (Wh)

Often confused with power and used interchangeably (wrongly), energy is the total power consumed over a certain period, such as in a day, month, or year.

Energy is an important factor in load calculations because getting only power consumption is incomplete information when designing a solar power system. Since energy is a product of power and time, its unit is watt-hours (Wh). Most batteries available in the market today specify their energy capacity in Wh.

c) Current (A)

Electric current is the flow of electrons from point A to B or in a circuit that facilitates the transmission of power. Current rating is important in solar system specifications since it helps select the correct size of cables, correct charge controller, etc.

d) Voltage (V)

To define voltage in simpler terms, one can say that it is the force with which current travels or power is transmitted.

All electrical devices have a specified voltage rating, and when connecting things, it is important to match their voltage ratings. For example, when connecting solar panels and batteries to a 24V inverter, the panel array rating and batteries rating should also be 24V.

2. Understanding Your Requirements

Getting an off-grid solar system package should be as easy as buying a TV. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and you have to spend some time learning how to choose wisely.

When it comes to solar kits, there is no one-size-fits-all. The first and most important selection criterion is how much power you need from your system and when you need it.

One way to calculate this is to find the power rating (W) of every appliance you have and the hours (h) of operation of each, then find the energy consumption (W x h) for every appliance, and sum it up for the total energy consumed.

Here’s an example:

Sr. No. Appliance Watts (Power) Duration of Use (hours) Energy (watts x hours)
1 Lights 100 6 600
2 TV 200 4 800
3 Water Pump 400 1 400
4 Refrigerator 200 6 1200
  TOTAL 900W   3000 Wh

Another option is to use an online load calculator, which has the power consumption values of several appliances pre-fed into it.

Example of Online Load Calculator

Example of Online Load Calculator

Once you have the total energy consumption in Wh, divide by the number of sunshine hours per day at your location, and you will have your required solar panel rating.

For example, if your location receives an average of 5 hours of sunshine daily and your total Wh consumption per day is 5000, then you will need

5000 Wh ÷ 5 h = 1000 W solar panels

Next is a simple calculation for batteries. Since you’re building an off-grid system, you will need batteries, but, the battery does not need to store every Wh of energy produced by the panels. A considerable amount of the energy generated by panels is consumed instantaneously during the day, while the consumption during darker hours varies from person to person. For instance, if you need about 60% of your energy overnight, you can choose a battery with an energy capacity that is around 60% of your calculated daily consumption value. In our example,

60% x 5000 Wh = 3000 Wh battery capacity

Similarly, when selecting an inverter, choose a power rating that is slightly higher than the size of your solar panel, such as a 1200 W inverter in this example.

Lastly, you will need a charge controller, which optimizes the charging of the battery. Based on your inverter’s voltage rating, choose a controller that has a similar voltage rating (12V/24V) and a current rating that is slightly larger than your system’s current rating (total amperage of your solar panels)

Another way of ensuring that the system is right for you is looking for a section in the product description that says something like, “What can you power with this?” This section usually appears on the seller’s website and often outlines the types and quantity of devices that you can run using that particular solar kit. Here’s an example from a well-built solar kit:

What Can Your Solar Kit Power?

3. Comparing Parameters

Calculating the size of your solar power system is only half the battle. Once you have noted the specs, you still need to choose among the myriad options available in the market today. Not all solar power systems of the same capacity are the same. Some might produce significantly less power if the component efficiencies are low. Some might have poor build quality, or some might have too few features for the cost.

Here’s a quick list to help you decide what to look for in an off-grid solar power system from the features point-of-view:

Monocrystalline solar panels

Solar panel efficiency has constantly improved since its invention, but the last two decades saw large technological leaps that took the efficiencies of panels from less than 15% to well over 20%. 

The more efficient a solar panel is, the less space it will occupy. Among the major types of panels in the market, monocrystalline silicon panels are rapidly gaining popularity because of their higher efficiencies compared to multi-crystalline panels.

Lithium batteries

Just a few years ago, bulky lead-acid batteries were the norm for off-grid solar systems. They were not only difficult to handle but also required regular maintenance.

In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have become mainstream, thanks to their notably higher energy density, which makes them much lighter than lead-acid batteries. 

But the advantages of Li-ion batteries are beyond just weight. Most of them are highly efficient, meaning you lose very little energy when charging or discharging the battery.

Even in Li-ion batteries, we recommended going for Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) or LFP batteries, which offer strikingly long life (thousands of lifecycles), much better fire resistance, and higher current rating.


Suppose you have narrowed it down to a few contenders with similar price points, one of which gets to become your off-grid solar power system. All the specs and major features such as panel type and battery type are similar, how do you choose one?

At this stage, we look at what a component can provide above and beyond its basic role. Many inverters/generators come with several useful ports, such as an RV plug, wireless charging pads, etc.

Some companies offer solar panels that have integrated mounting stands, saving you the hassle of fabrication and mounting structures.

Other things to look for are the weight of the inverter/battery, the build quality of components, etc. Last but not least, you should receive a wiring schematic and even an installation guide that guides you step-by-step in the entire connection and installation process of the solar system package you have purchased.

4. Optimizing Consumption to Optimize Size of Solar System

Prices for solar equipment have plummeted over the past few years, and going solar is easier than ever. Despite that, off-grid solar power systems still require a sizable investment. A wise way of minimizing the cost of a solar power system is to optimize power consumption.

For example, replacing a 300 W air conditioner with a 50 W fan reduces energy consumption by a factor of 6. For an operating time of 5 hours, the AC would use a staggering 1500 Wh, and a fan will use 250 Wh. This approach not only reduces the size of solar panels required but also the battery capacity. It is one of the most decisive factors in the pricing of the system.

Other tweaks include using LED lights and as much natural lighting as possible.


Off-grid solar system packages are becoming wildly popular, thanks to how much financial and ecological sense they make, plus their ability to power virtually anything anywhere. As a result, many companies have launched off-grid solar power kits, and it is more difficult than ever to choose the perfect kit per your needs.

The main steps to choosing the right kit for yourself include understanding the basics of a solar PV system, calculating your energy requirements, and understanding and comparing key features.

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