Who Is Engineer775, and Are They Any Good?


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Engineer775 is a YouTube channel that shares videos on prepping and sustainable living. The videos cover topics like homesteading, renewable energy, water pumping, gasification, and air conditioning.

Among the multitude of homesteading channels, what separates Engineer775 from the others is a professional degree and engineering experience. Let’s find out if Engineer775’s content is any good.

Who Is Engineer775?

Scott Hunt, AKA Engineer775, is the founder and owner of Practical Preppers LLC, a homesteading consultancy company. In 1992, Scott graduated in mechanical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He went on to work as a product development engineer for Michelin Tire Corporation.

Scott now works full-time as the owner of Practical Preppers. According to Scott, his ultimate goal is to be completely self-sufficient through the wise use of the resources available on any small farm.

Engineer775 YouTube Channel

Scott’s YouTube channel started in 2008 and now has over 316k subscribers and about 53 million views on his videos. The channel tries to offer unique and innovative approaches to sustainable living and independence.

Scott Hunt, AKA Engineer775, in his intro video

The videos usually depict Scott installing an inverter, solar panels, or a pump and sometimes even upgrading a truck. A few of the hundreds of videos on the channel have millions of views, while most others have tens of thousands of views.

Practical Preppers

Practical Preppers is a family-owned company started by Scott. It offers an array of sustainability services. These include:

  1. DIY Solar Systems
  2. Turnkey Solar Systems
  3. Off-Grid Water System Design and Installation
  4. Homestead Consultations

The consultations are with Scott and cost $200 for an hourly session. The company helps plan and design a system, which many other DIY YouTubers do not offer. 

In Scott’s own words, their goal is to “experiment, educate, and engage viewers to live an independent, sustainable lifestyle.” The office of Practical Preppers is in Pickens, South Carolina.

Practical Preppers Website

The Engineer775 website is also Scott’s company website – practicalpreppers.com. With a tagline that says “simply sustainable,” the website offers DIY solar kits, battery packs, radiation detectors, solar panels, inverters (mainly sol-ark), stoves, filters, etc.

The Practical Preppers website also has a blog section that shares informational posts on sustainable homesteading and a newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers.

Engineer775 on Social Media

Scott is available on most other social media, sharing helpful content for aspiring and existing homesteaders.

Engineer775 on Facebook

Scott’s venture can be found on Facebook and has about 14,000 followers.

Engineer775 on Instagram

Scott is on Instagram, too. Engineer775 is quite active, with about 2,000 followers. 

Engineer775 on Twitter

Scott also shares content about sustainable living and energy independence on Twitter and has over 3,000 followers.

Engineer775 Top Videos

  1. Endless Hot Water Without Electricity: With a staggering 14 million views, Engineer775’s most popular video explains how to make hot water using a simple wood-fired heater and a copper coil.
  2. Micro Hydro Power with Turgo Generator: Scott’s second most-viewed video shows how to use the energy of flowing water to generate electrical power and has close to 3 million views. 
  3. All About Wells: How a Water Well is Drilled: Scott’s third most popular video is an oddly satisfying video about drilling a well for water and has about 2.7 million views.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that Engineer775 and Practical Preppers are 100% legit. But more importantly, we’ll add that they are an excellent source of information for anyone looking to build their own solar power system or air conditioning/heating system.

In a sea of DIY experts who build or fix things through trial and error, Scott Hunt is a welcome change with his engineering background and proven track record in helping homesteaders through his company.

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