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Jehu Garcia is an EV enthusiast and DIYer whose YouTube videos about building EVs and e-bikes have gained significant popularity. In 2021, Vice Media created a documentary on Jehu Garcia’s work and called him “The Battery King.”

But can someone without an electronics degree be good at building electric vehicles and teaching them? Let’s find out.

Jehu Garcia’s Story

As a child, Jehu Garcia came to the States from Mexico. Growing up, Jehu first found interest in photography and is still an aspiring filmmaker. He initially set up a photography accessories business, but things were about to change.

With Tesla revolutionizing the electric car market and eventually the home battery market, Garcia was inspired by electric vehicles and powerwalls. Around that time, he converted an old VW bus into an electric van.

Jehu started creating videos about how to build a Powerwall for cheap or build an e-bike from scratch. Soon, his videos started garnering thousands of views, and in just a few years, he became an authority on DIY battery stuff.

Jehu Garcia with the battery pack in his electric VW bus

A few years ago, he also raised $30 to 40k for Puerto Rico when hurricane Maria hit the island.

Jehu Garcia YouTube Channel

As of mid-2022, Jehu’s YouTube channel had 422k subscribers. Interestingly, although the channel started over a decade ago, over half the subscribers were added in just one year. 

Without any formal engineering training, Jehu has become an authoritative figure in DIY battery stuff, with over 52 million views on his videos. His channel shares videos on DIY powerwalls, battery build, lithium batteries, BMS, etc.

Jehu Garcia Website

Jehu also has a website – http://jag35.com. The website primarily acts as a place where his followers can buy an array of battery-related stuff, including e-bike batteries, chargers, headway cells, scooter battery packs, inverters, vlogging essentials, and even some merch.

Aside from that, you can also purchase his products on some other websites, such as kit.co and pcbway.com.

The Jehu Garcia Podcast

Most influencers on YouTube are also exploring the podcasting world, and Jehu Garcia has also started a podcast. The show aims at spreading info about “ideas and technologies that empower.” He interviews industry experts and scientists from the battery world to provide informational content about innovative tech.

Jehu Garcia on Other Platforms

Besides YouTube, Jehu is quite active on several other social media.

Jehu Garcia Instagram

You can find Jehu on Instagram, where he shares photos of his projects and anything else he finds cool. He has about 11,000 followers.

Jehu Garcia Facebook

Garcia is available on Facebook as well and has over 5,200 followers.

Jehu Garcia Twitter

Jehu is also available on Twitter, where he mostly shares non-project-related stuff and has about 10,000 followers. 

Jehu Garcia Patreon

Patreon can be a great place for creators to receive financial support from their followers. Jehu Garcia is available on Patreon and has 56 supporters. 

Those who support Garcia on Patreon can receive bonus video content and a chance to win giveaways, such as a LiFePO4 battery.

Jehu Garcia Top Videos

Here are the three most viewed videos on Jehu’s YouTube channel:

  1. $300 DIY Tesla Powerwall: This video is likely the one that shot Garcia to fame. It’s the highest-viewed video on his channel and has about 2.2 million views.
  2. DIY Tesla Car: It would be a surprise if Jehu did not try replicating Tesla’s most iconic product, the electric car. This video has about 1.5 million views on YouTube.
  3. How to Get 1200 km on a Single Charge: EVs are mainly limited by range compared to traditional cars, but when Jehu Garcia shows how to get 1200 km on a single charge, the video is bound to become popular. The third most-viewed video on the channel has about 1.3 million views.

Final Thoughts

For someone without a college degree, influencer Jehu Garcia is an impressively knowledgeable individual. Being a self-taught carpenter, photographer, and electric car builder is far from easy. 

While there are plenty of YouTubers who share videos about battery modules and electric cars, what differentiates Jehu is his ability to explain things easily. As Vice puts it, he is far easier to relate to than a tech executive or professional engineer.

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