Who is Tito on RV with Tito, and Is He Legit?


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Tito from the YouTube channel RV with Tito is not legit. Why? Because he is not human! Tito is the name of the happy dancing dashboard mascot in the RV of Brian Pursel, an incredible YouTuber who shares RV maintenance and upgrades tips, tricks, and how-tos.

Let’s find out more about the channel and Brian himself.

Who Is Brian Pursel from RV with Tito?

Brian and Melissa, a couple from Washington, began RVing in 2007. They started living in the RV with their two children. As Brian puts it, the kids grew up and are now living their own lives. 

Brian and Melissa loved the RV life so much that in 2018, they both retired from their corporate jobs of 30 years and started on a new journey of full-time RVing. The couple now spends part of the year traveling and the rest at their home in Silverdale, Washington.

In 2021, they upgraded their Class C motorhome to a 2003 model Class A motorhome. For 30 years, Brian worked as a software engineer, and along the way, he developed construction, woodworking, and electrical skills. 

Brian Pursel and his wife, Melissa

His love for helping fellow RVers made him start his YouTube channel. Here, he shows them how to maintain or upgrade their RVs in a DIY fashion. Tito was the name his kids gave to the dashboard mascot, which seemed a unique name for the channel.

His wife, Melissa, pursues her own path in health and fitness coaching.

RV with Tito YouTube Channel

The YouTube channel RV with Tito started in 2010, aiming to help RV owners become self-reliant and save money through DIY projects. The channel shares various instructional DIY videos on topics like solar installation, boondocking, RV upgrades, RV maintenance, etc.

Brian‘s goal is to create the confidence required to work on your own RV and save money. As of mid-2022, Pursel’s channel has over 116k subscribers and an admirable 16.5 million total views.

The channel shares videos about solar systems and generators, chargers, inverters, e-bikes, gas heaters, water purification, and general RV maintenance and upgrades

For instance, Brian can be seen in some videos speaking about flexible solar panels or the Renogy solar generator. In some videos, you will find him talking about the perks of a lithium battery or simply giving instructions on effective RV roof cleaning.

RV with Tito Website

You can also find Brian’s content on https://www.rvwithtito.com. The website is mainly divided into three sections:

  • Solar and boondocking
  • RV maintenance
  • RV upgrades

It also offers e-books and free resources to download and sells merchandise if you want to support Brian and Melissa’s journey.

RV with Tito on Social Media

You can also find RV with Tito on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with about 1.2k, 1.6k, and 2.5k followers, respectively. The social media accounts share plenty of RV tips and tricks while also sharing any new YouTube videos published by their channel.

How Does RV with Tito Make Money?

Brian and Melissa earn revenue from their YouTube channel by allowing the platform to showcase ads on their videos. 

They also participate in the Amazon Services associates program, which means they receive a small commission for every purchase you make using the link provided/recommended by Brian.

RV with Tito Top Videos

The following DIY RV videos on Brian’s channel rake in the most views:

  1. The Best Mouse Trap: Rodents can be frustrating in an RV, especially with the small space you have to share with them. Therefore, the most-viewed video on Brian’s channel is one about the best mouse trap and is slowly inching to the one million mark.
  2. 7 DIY Upgrades that Made the Biggest Impact: The second most popular video on the RV with Tito channel is about the essential upgrades you can make to your RV and has over half a million views.
  3. Boondocking with Lithium vs. AGM: The third most-viewed video on the channel explains which battery to choose for boondocking, particularly in an off-grid setting, and has over 500k views.


The use of RVs for traveling has shot up in the past few decades. Today, for many North Americans, travel is synonymous with RVing. Traveling and living in an RV or a camper brings incredible benefits, but it also brings some challenges.

Most of us are not well-versed in RV solar, maintenance, or upgrades. And going to a specialist each time may cost a fortune. Brian’s channel is a boon for boondockers and shares an array of helpful tips, tricks, and DIY videos that create confidence in anyone of any skill level.

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