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7 Best Solar Gutter Lights in 2021

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7 Best Solar Gutter Lights in 2022 (Review)

Lighting outdoor spaces can sometimes be tricky to achieve as some places are isolated from the main electrical energy system of the house. In 2022, the best practical solution for this problem is solar lighting!

In particular, solar powered gutter lights are a great way to accommodate a beautifully designed lamp into the aesthetics of your house without worrying about weather conditions, since most gutter lights are rain and weather proof. Additionally, using solar power provides some energy savings.


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

This is why we developed a list of the best solar gutter lights of 2022 currently on the market, so you can check all the solar gutter lights reviews and decide what works best for your home. After the reviews, we’ve included a small buying guide to help you choose the best solar gutter light.

The Best Solar Gutter Lights

1. InnoGear LED Solar Gutter Lights

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn

Key Features:

  • DIY installation
  • Comes in a four-pack
  • Motion sensor lights

Key Specifications:

  • 24 SMD LEDs
  • 3.7 volts, 1.200 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • IP65 rating

Where To Buy

The company InnoGear is a market-leading brand for innovative lighting solutions for LED products. One of its best rated products is the InnoGear LED Solar Gutter Lights. These lights provide a powerful illumination for any outdoor space, such as driveways, yards, or a patio.

This potent gutter light provides up to 150 lumens of illumination through 24 “Surface Mounted Diode,” or SMD LEDs.

They are controlled through a motion sensor that triggers when something enters a 16 ft (4.8 m) range from a 90-degree angle of the light’s straight path, and also by a light sensor that turns them on automatically at night.

Its enclosure is made out of high-strength ABS material, making them IP65 rated, which means they are waterproof and provide a longer life span for your solar powered outdoor lighting.

The light comes with a 3.7 volt, 1.200 mAh lithium-ion battery that powers the unit at night. It also has 5.5 volt, 0.8 watts monocrystalline modules that convert solar energy into electrical energy to charge the integrated battery.

2. iSunMoon Gutter Solar LED Lights

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn

Key Features:

  • Comes in a six-pack
  • Small and powerful
  • White light illumination

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions (D x H) 5 x 2.5 inch (12.7 x 6.45 cm)
  • Weighs 3.7 ounces (104 gr)
  • 1.200 mAh rechargeable battery

Where To Buy

The ISunMoon solar gutter lights are a great, small, and practical solution for garden and yard illumination. This six-pack offers amazing looking night lighting for your outdoor space.

They measure approximately 5 inches in diameter (12.7 cm) and around 2.5 inches in high (6.3 cm), which makes them a small but powerful lamp that is completely autonomous and requires no wiring up to its installation point.

Inside of every unit, the three white light LEDs offer great performance at night, consuming less energy while achieving an average running time of up to eight hours, depending on weather conditions.

The solar panel sits on top of the unit and powers an AA size 1.200 mAh rechargeable battery.

The units can be wall-mounted with only the included hardware through the stainless steel stent, giving flexibility for a garden installation or even as solar shed lights. The ABS anti-heat plastic makes the lamp the ideal, durable light so it can withstand years of use.

3. InnoGear Solar Mounting Pole Gutter Lights

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn

Key Features:

  • Mounted pole lights
  • Motion and light sensors
  • 4 modes of operation

Key Specifications:

  • 1.5 monocrystalline solar panel
  • Bright light 29 LEDs, up to 400 lumens
  • IP 65 rating

Where To Buy

InnoGear Solar Mounting Pole Gutter Lights are another of this brand’s top-rated products. They can be used as wall sconces but the included mounting anti-rust aluminum pole offers the possibility to use them as wall or fence lights.

The light has 29 1.8 watt super bright LEDs that produce up to 400 lumens of illumination. The recommended installation height is 2.5 to 3 m (8-10 ft), meaning it can light any outdoor space.

This InnoGears solar gutter light comes with a built-in motion and light sensor that offer four operation modes.

Auto light-up at 1/4 brightness or 1/2 brightness. It auto lights in dim mode and turns into full brightness when motion is detected. Finally, it lights up automatically to full brightness light when motion is detected but turns off when no motion is detected.

The light is equipped with a 5.5 volt, 1.5 watt solar panel that supplies enough energy for eight hours of operating time, making the light completely autonomous.

Its enclosure is IP65 rated, meaning it can withstand rain and heat thanks to its two-layer of a tightly-sealed inner loop that allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions.

4. JSOT Solar Gutter Lights

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn

Key Features:

  • Two mounting hardware options
  • UFO black and white design
  • Comes in a six-pack

Key Specifications:

  • Nine bright light LEDs, 100 lumens
  • 0.5-watt polycrystalline panel
  • AA, 1.600 mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery

Where To Buy

Many times the best way to find the best appearance for your home is to try something different, the JSOT Solar Gutter Lights offer a great UFO black and white design so it can match the style that you are looking for.

Its enclosure is made out of eco-friendly and durable ABS material being all-weather usage. Its IP55 rating assures this light can be installed in any garden, pool, garage, or front yard.

The nine bright light built-in LEDs provide up to 100 lumens of illumination and a color temperature of 6.500 K, supplying a cool white color perfect for bright and even security lighting.

On top of the unit sits a 2 volt, 0.5-watt polycrystalline solar panel that charges during daylight. The AA size, 1.2 volt, and 1.600 mAh Ni-MH battery give up to eight hours of operating time once fully charged.

The unit comes with two installation methods, thanks to the included hardware and the mounting bracket. It can be mounted on a wall or a wooden stake through screws or it can be clamped through the clip-on bracket to a gutter or a fence.

5. Creative Design Solar Gutter Lights

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn

Key Features:

  • 46 LEDs for all-round illumination
  • Wall and pole mounted
  • Four operation modes

Key Specifications:

  • 500 lumens of illumination
  • Weighs around 1.41 pounds (640 gr)
  • Four AA 3.2v 600mAh lithium-ion battery

Where To Buy

Creative Design Solar Gutter Lights is an outdoor lamp for night lighting and all-around illumination of your pathway, garage, or yard. This light is ranked as one of the brightest solar gutter lights on the market.

These solar gutter lights accommodate 46 bright light LEDs into a single unit to produce up to 500 lumens. Over 36 LEDs are placed on the front while six are placed on each side of the unit to provide the best illumination for all space.

The built-in motion sensor allows four operation modes including: auto light-up at 1/4 or 1/2 brightness, dim light and motion sensor with full brightness, and off-state with motion sensor switching to full brightness when motion is detected.

The unit has a polycrystalline solar panel that charges the built-in 2.600 mAh lithium-ion battery which can be rapidly charged, offering a longer working and operating time of the night light.

The enclosure can be directly mounted into the wall with its included screws but it can also be mounted through the extension pole to maximize the solar exposure of the panel. Also, the enclosure ABS material achieves an IP65 rating, making it weatherproof.

6. F-Teck 500-Lumen Solar Gutter Light

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn

Key Features:

  • High power illumination
  • Completely weatherproof enclosure
  • DIY installation

Key Specifications:

  • 10 LEDs, 500 lumens lamp
  • 1.5 watts polysilicon panel
  • 1.800 lithium-ion battery

Where To Buy

The F-Teck 500 Lumen Solar Gutter Light is an outdoor lamp for night lighting of any outdoor space.

This solar light comes with an ingress protection rating of IP67, making it completely water and dustproof for the perfect solar flood light.

The enclosure integrates an extension aluminum pole to maximize the sun exposure of its 1.5 watts and 5 volts polysilicon high-efficiency solar panel. Ensuring the autonomy of the unit through the charging of the 1.800 mAh lithium-ion replaceable battery.

It can be charged in about four to six hours of direct sunlight and it offers an operating time of the light at night between 10 to 12 hours.

The 10 super bright and high-powered LEDs provide up to 500 lumens of illumination and a white color temperature from 6000 to 6500 K, making it a great led solar security light.

It integrates a motion sensor permitting up to two operation modes through an easy to access switch button. The first mode uses a dim light and motion sensor at full brightness, while the second is in turned off state along with motion sensor at full brightness.

7. FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn

Key Features:

  • Intelligently identifies daytime or night
  • Water-resistant, heat-proof, & weather-proof
  • Hangs from any gutter systems, walls, sheds, & fences

Key Specifications:

  • Comes in 4 pcs, 6 pcs, & 8 pcs
  • Weight: 140g
  • No wiring needed

Where To Buy

The FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter is another small-sized light, but incredibly powerful. This light has a unique UFO design that creates a new appearance for solar lights, making the perfect decorative light addition to your yard or garden.

The light adds up to nine bright light LED chips that generate up to 100 lumens of illumination, bringing more brightness and confidence to any space.

This gutter light comes with a AA size 1.500 mAh rechargeable Ni-MH battery and a high-efficiency solar panel that acts as the power source providing up to eight hours of operation when fully charged.

Its IP55 package makes it rainproof and its ABS durable plastic material guarantees the light can work through years and that can withstand multiple weather conditions.

The light includes a clip-on mounting hardware for DIY installation without the need for any drilling or holes. It can be adjustable in a 0-50 mm range so it can be just hung on anywhere.

Solar Gutter Lights – Buying Guide and FAQ

there are two solar gutter lights on one wall

3 Features to Look for in Solar Gutter Lights

When looking for a lamp for your home or outdoor space, solar gutter lights offer so many different designs and shapes that you will surely find the model that you love. But, as for the technical specifications, we gathered a small list of things that you should look out for when searching for the best solar gutter light.

Light output

As with any light, you mainly want to know how much it illuminates your space. It can be measured through mainly two parameters; the lumens measure how much light will come from your lamp and the color temperature describes the light’s appearance.

Lumens refer to the brightness of a lamp or a bulb. They will tell you the intensity of the light coming from it. Common outdoor lighting applications use around 50-300 lumens for proper lighting of paths and landscapes. For reference, a standard 40-watt incandescent light bulb provides around 400 lumens.

The color temperature is measured in Kelvins and it comes on a scale of 1000 to 10,000 K. Most residential applications use lighting from 2000 to 6500 K, and it depends on how you want the room to be illuminated. A 2000 K light illuminates on a “warm white,” mainly used for internal applications, while a 6.000 K is referred to as “daylight”, and it can be used as outdoor and security lighting.

Solar panel and battery

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the capacity, the better the efficiency and operating time of your light and system, whether it be from the panel or the battery capacity.

In particular, the solar panels of gutter lights are small-size solar cells, but still capable of providing lighting throughout the night since they have a high quality and they are energy efficient. The higher the efficiency of the solar panel, the shorter charging time will be required by the light.

As for the battery, apart from its capacity, you want to check the battery’s technology. The most common types are lithium-ion and nickel-metal hybrid rechargeable batteries. Li-ion batteries can be charged faster than Ni-MH, but they are a little bit more expensive.

The built structure of the battery is another spec you want to take into consideration, AA size batteries are inexpensive and replaceable, but built-in battery packs can last way longer and are way more efficient.


As solar gutter lights are mainly installed outdoors, you want to make sure that the lamp’s material resists harsh weather and environmental conditions.

A great and easy to look out for parameter to rate this is the “Ingress Protection” rating, which ranks the ability of the units’ enclosure to prevent dust and water from entering inside of the unit.

An IP55 assures the unit is water resistant, but you want to mainly lookout for durable materials, such as ABS and an IP rating of IP65 or above, to be a certified waterproof unit that will last for years.

It’s always better to look for additional mechanical protection features, such as corrosion-resistant, anti-scratch, and rust-resistant qualities on the materials of your gutter light and mounting hardware.

Solar Gutter Lights FAQ

a solar gutter light on a door

Q: What is a gutter light?

A: A gutter is a metal channel that sits along the edge of roofs and collects the rainwater that slides off the ceiling. A gutter light is a lamp that is designed so it can be easily attached to any gutter system, wall, fence, or yard. This product is particularly handy in locations where is difficult to run an electric wire up to the lamp’s location, as a solar gutter lamp is completely autonomous and easy to install. You only have to place it on the desired location and it’s ready to use. Many gutter lights offer bright and powerful lighting for outdoor spaces, working as decorative lights or in cases even as emergency and security lighting.

Q: What does a solar gutter light include?

A: It varies from model to model and from brand to brand, but mainly a solar gutter light includes:

  • The solar panel
  • LED lighting
  • Battery
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Mounting hardware

The main operation of the light consists of harvesting solar energy through the PV cell to convert it into electrical energy and store it in the battery pack during daylight. Then, the second phase is discharging the battery during night time so that the LED lighting can illuminate the space.

Additionally, most solar gutter lights bring a built-in motion sensor so that the lamp can be automatically switched on and off, or dimmed at night time. This feature is a great way to increase the overall energy efficiency of the lamp and the illumination system.

Q: How to install and use them?

A: Must gutter lights are made design with DIY and easy to-install mounting hardware. Mainly, it can be done by a clip-on bracket, which is a metal structure that attaches to the existing gutter system or fence of the house and requires no further effort. Another option is to mount it through holes and screws as a sconce light, or with the help of an extension pole. As a sconce light, the lamp attaches directly to the wall or surface to the built-in holes of the enclosure, while with an extension pole the unit attaches to a rod fixed to the wall so it can be outside of the main shadow of the house and receive the maximum sun exposure and energy during daylight.

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two solar post cap lamps at the entrance of a house

7 Best Solar Post Cap Lights in 2021

there are 5 solar cap lights near a lake

7 Best Solar Post Cap Lights in 2021 (Review)

Illuminating a garden or the outdoor space of your home may be a difficult task considering all the electrical work needed to install a single lightbulb. Solar post cap lights are a great option for easy-to-install lights that require no professional electrician. These lights come in a variety of different designs, so you will be sure to find the perfect light for your outdoor spaces.

Besides offering the best functionally, these solar cap lights and lamps are a great way to reduce the electric bill and have a great environmental impact by taking advantage of the sun’s energy. That is why we assembled a list of the best solar post cap lights in 2021. Read on for the best solar post cap lights review for the illumination of your garden, front or back entrance, and even your pool or boat dock.v


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

The Best Solar Post Cap Lights

1. Davinci Flexfit Solar Post Cap Lights

front facing davinci flexfit solar post cap lights

Key Features:

  • DIY installation
  • Automatic sensor for lighting
  • Long-lasting casing and LEDs

Key Specifications:

  • 300mAh lithium-Ion AA rechargeable battery
  • 6-8 hours of light with full sun charge
  • 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 wooden post presentations

Where To Buy

Davinci Lighting is a Miami-based company that specializes in lighting solutions that offer both beauty and functionality, like solar yard lights. The Davinci Flexfit Solar Post Cap Lights are the perfect example of what attractive and useful designs looks like.

The solar cap lights don’t need electrical wiring. They are completely self-contained and sit on wooden posts of 4×4, 5×5, and 6×6 inches (10×10, ~13×13, 15×15 centimeters) in a simple and doable DIY installation process.

The internal light offers an appealing classic design capable of providing 25 lumens with an internal reflector for maximum brightness. Flexfit charges throughout the day and turns on automatically at night with its built-in photosensor.

Its 300mAh lithium-ion AA rechargeable battery offers a 6–8-hour nightlight from a full 8-hour charge of direct sunlight.

The unit’s housing is weatherproof for use in rain, sleet, and snow. It has an IP44 rating and industrial-grade plastic with UV fade protection. Built to last, the unit comes with LEDs that last 100,000 hours, so you won’t need to replace them very often.


2. Blue Yang Solar Post Lights

front facing blue yang solar post lights

Key Features:

  • Flickering flame-like effect
  • Automatic turn on at night
  • Classic lamp style

Key Specifications:

  • Weighs 2.74 pounds (1.24 kg)
  • Designed for 4×4 wooden posts
  • IP55 rating

Where To Buy

The Blue Yang Solar Post Lights feature a flickering flame light that can be used in the front, backyard, driveways, and walkways around your patio or porch.

This unit is made out of durable plastic with a resistant black coated finish. Its ingress protection level assures an IP55 rating, meaning its enclosure is waterproof grade and can resist rain, snow, and frosting, making it the perfect option for outdoor lighting.

The Blue Yang lamp lights feature four solar panels on top of the unit acting as the power source and harvesting solar energy to recharge the integrated lithium-ion batteries. It can power the light for up to 10 hours in summer after being fully charged for around 8 hours in full exposure sunlight.

The LED bulb and the superior tempered glass offer a realistic flickering flame effect to provide the perfect campfire atmosphere for any outdoor activity.

The base is designed to fit the standard 4×4-inch wooden post. Furthermore, it can be placed on a flat surface with its base adaptor, which attaches to wooden surfaces with the included stainless-steel screws and wall plugs.

3. Davinci Premium Solar LED Post Cap Lights

front facing davinci premium solar led post cap lights

Key Features:

  • Classy and elegant design
  • DIY installation process
  • Monocrystalline panel

Key Specifications:

  • AA 300mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Wide-angle 25 lumens LEDs
  • IP44 rating

Where To Buy

The Premium Solar LED Post Cap Light is another astonishing, classic, and easy-to-install design by Davinci Lighting, and is one of the best solar post lights on the market.

This solar cap is designed to fit both 4×4 and 6×6 inch wooden posts, and can be fixed onto any flat surface. Its weatherproof casing has a IP44 rating, is made from industrial grade die cast aluminum, and has beautifully textured glass made to resist variable weather conditions.

Its wide-angle 25 lumens LEDs offer a warm light (3000 kelvin) and last 100,000 hours. They are solar powered by an efficient monocrystalline solar panel that blends with the design on the top of the unit.

All Davinci Lighting designs are easy to install on posts, with no need to hire an electrician. The DIY installation process is as simple as screwing it to the post. As with the FlexFit, the Premium Solar LED Post Cap comes with a built-in light sensor for automatic lighting, so you will never be in the dark.

This unit comes with a pre-installed and replaceable 3.2v 300mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that offers 6-8 hours of battery life after an 8-hour charge in direct sunlight.

4. Sunwind Solar Post Cap Lights

side facing sunwind solar post cap lights

Key Features:

  • Modern design
  • Four pack posts cap lights
  • Energy efficient

Key Specifications:

  • 5 lumens, bright white LED
  • Only fits nominal 4×4 wooden posts
  • Included 4xAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries

Where To Buy

For more high-class and modern home designs, the Sunwind Solar Post Cap Lights are the perfect solution for outdoor lighting.

These solar cap lights are weather and waterproof with a level of resistance to water and dust of IP44. Thanks to their thick durable plastic walls, they can work appropriately in rain or snow.

They feature an amber light provided by the combination of one super bright, warm white LED and its internal reflector. This warm light gives up to 5 lumens of illumination.

The lights include four AA Ni-MH 1.2V 400mAh batteries that provide up 8 hours of illumination when charged by sunlight for 8 to 10 hours through the built-in solar panel that sits on top of the unit. For further energy saving, once they are in place, they automatically switch on at night and switch off in daylight for total energy efficiency.

Its base only fits 4×4-inch posts with nominal dimensions of 3.58×3.58 inches, and includes two stainless steel screws and wall plugs per post cap light that go horizontally through the base of the unit and into the posts.

5. Greluna Solar Post Lights

side facing greluna solar Post lights

Key Features:

  • Traditional British outdoor post style
  • Manual switch
  • Quick and easy to set up

Key Specifications:

  • SMD LED bulb, 15 lumens
  • 4×4 wooden posts or flat surface installation
  • 4, AA 3.2v 600mAh lithium-ion battery

Where To Buy

Greluna’s Solar Lamp post cap light is a traditional British-like post look for gardens, outdoor pots, paths, or front doors.

These solar lamp lights have four solar panels on top of the unit which act as the power source that charges a rechargeable and replaceable 3.2v 600mAh, AA lithium-ion battery. This battery offers a run time of around 6-8 hours at night when fully charge, saving as much energy as possible from your electricity bill.

It utilizes a round “Surface Mounted Device,” or SMD LED bulb, featuring a high-quality and bright 15 lumens of illumination and a color temperature of 6000K, suitable for outdoor home security lighting or for display areas. These features make this one of the brightest solar post cap lights on the market.

The base of the unit is designed for nominal 4×4 wooden posts, as such, its post base is 3.8×3.8 inches for the correct outdoor post installation process. It can also be surface mounted on the included base surface.

The lamp needs to be manually turned on and off by a switch on the unit. To do so, you need to remove the plastic cover of the lamp to access the interior. But this will preserve the life of the bulb, as it will not automatically turn on when you don’t need it.

6. Moonrays Solar Post Cap Lamp

side facing moonrays solar post cap lamp

Key Features:

  • Stain-glass classical style
  • 4×4-inch outdoor post cap light
  • Automatic switching

Key Specifications:

  • Wide-angle beam, 18 lumens LED
  • AA, 1000mAh NiMH rechargeable battery
  • All installation hardware included

Where To Buy

This premium Solar Post Cap Lamp made by Moonray Outdoor Living provides LED lighting for fences, posts, and outside structures.

This lamp is housed on a plastic and metal brushed copper finished frame surrounded by four elegant multi-colored stained-glass-style lenses that provide an air of sophistication and refinement to the solar post cap.

It easily attaches to a wooden 4×4-inch outdoor post with the included hardware. Also, its sturdy construction is designed to be weather-resistant, to stand up against rain, heat, and snow.

Moreover, the lamp comes with a 1000mAh AA NiMH rechargeable battery that acts as the power source for the light, with an output of 18 lumens, warm light, and wide-angle beam LED. The top-mounted solar panel charges the unit at day-light, meaning this is a completely autonomous light that doesn’t require a wiring installation process to work.

The lamp automatically turns on at night and turns off at sunrise to provide an energy-efficient solution, making it one of the top-rated solar path lights available.

7. GreenLighting Solar Powered 5-Lumen Post Cap Light

side facing greenlighting solar powered 5-lumen post cap light

Key Features:

  • Eight-pack solar caps
  • Bungalow California-style
  • Maintenance-free

Key Specifications:

  • 5 lumens illumination per solar cap
  • Nominal 4×4 wooden post base
  • Adaptable to 5×5 vinyl and PVC posts

Where To Buy

The Greenlight Solar Powered Post Cap Lights are small bungalow-style outdoor post cap lights to create an elegant path for your outdoor environment.

These solar caps are easy to install at the highest point of the railing as they do not require any wiring and are 100% maintenance-free. Their base fits multiple types of configurations, including 4×4 nominal wooden posts, 4×4 vinyl and PVC, and 5×5 vinyl or PVC posts with the help of included adapters.

Each light features 5 lumens delivered by two bright white LEDs through the elegant California-style textured glass, which provide great illumination for your garden, pool deck, or boat dock. Anywhere some extra lighting is needed, these post caps are a great solution so that no corner is left in the dark.

Each cap features a built-in solar panel to fully capture the sun’s energy and integrate the solar cap system so it can be completely autonomous. Furthermore, the caps should be placed at the highest point of your outdoor space to receive maximum irradiance throughout the day.

Solar Post Cap Lights – Buying Guide and FAQ

a post cap light on a wall

3 Features to Look for in Solar Post Cap Lights

There are so many different solar pots cap lights and brands on the market. Generally, you want the best aesthetics that fit your house design. As everyone has their own, we leave that choice to you. What we can do to help you make your decision is list the main technical features to look out for.

Light output

When reviewing any light, there are two main features to look out for.

The brightness of the light, measured in lumens, indicates how much light you are getting from a bulb. More lumens equal a brighter light, while less equal a dimmer and weaker light. Lumens basically let you determine how much light you are getting from a specific lightbulb.

The light’s color temperature, measured in Kelvins (K), indicates the color options of the light. Different ranges of color temperatures may be suitable for different applications of indoor or outdoor lighting. For example, security lighting or solar flood lights.

Size and posts compatibility

Correct choosing of the right post cap size for your yard post is a crucial step of the selection. You want to always double-check the dimensions of your post as there are many solar cap post sizes and base options.

There are three main types of materials for typical yard fence, patio, and porch constructions, including: wooden, PVC, and vinyl. As wooden is the most typical construction material, almost every solar cap post light is sized for them.

Despite this, there are many solar cap post lights for vinyl and PVC, as these posts are up to five times stronger, as well as dust and pest resistant. You should always double-check the actual dimensions of the posts in your yard and match it with the dimensions of the product to avoid any unpleasant surprises while installing the products.


The battery is one of the most important features of a solar cap post light as it is where the energy is stored to light up your space at night.

It basically determines the charging and run time of the unit. Ideally, you want a good discharge rate of around 10 to 12 hours to have a considerable high capacity run time. The run time represents how long the light will last at night.

Most batteries included on a solar cap light are rechargeable lithium or nickel-based batteries in double AA presentations. Most AA rechargeable batteries last between 400 to 700 charging cycles which translates into proximally 2 to 3 years, which is quite a long time for a light that need minimal maintenance.

As for the charging time, the standard Ni-MH battery charges in 8 to 10 hours while a lithium-ion cell of the same capacity charges in 2-4 hours, meaning less sun exposure is required for the same weather conditions.

Solar Post Cap Lights FAQ

two solar post cap lamps near the front door of a house

Q: Does it have to be installed by an electrician?

A: All solar-powered post cap lights on this list are self-contained and autonomous, meaning they do not require any electrical wiring up to the location of the lights. Most solar caps are easy to install, meaning they just need to be fixed to their posts with the included screws; that’s it. As they are autonomous, they will work on their own since the solar panels recharge the battery system during daylight and the stored energy discharges at night, powering the light. You will just have to be sure to replace the battery once every 1 or 2 years to have a great working light.

Q: How and where can I install these solar cap lights?

A: These lights are designed to be mounted on fences and posts of outdoor spaces, specifically to light up night spaces where it’s difficult to run wiring for common lights. In particular, these lights don’t offer as much illumination as traditional lighting, but they offer a great source of illumination for outdoor difficult spaces to reach. Moreover, they are not only useable on posts. By using the included flat bases and hardware, it’s possible for the solar cap lights to be mounted on plane surfaces, different post sizes, and forms, or even as a solar-powered gutter light (with the required hardware).

Q: How long will these solar post lights last?

A: It varies from one model and brand to another. Most of these lights are made of sturdy and durable materials. The best indicator of how the unit’s case will behave under your weather conditions is the ingress protection rating, which defines levels for how the unit’s case can withstand the intrusion of dust and solids and avoid moisture from entering. An IP44 rating is enough to endure most weather conditions, ensuring that the integrity of the light will last many years. Additionally, most LED bulbs have a lifespan of around 10,000 hours, meaning a single bulb can last more than 3 years.

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solar flood lights featured image

7 Best Solar Flood Lights in 2021

house with solar flood light

7 Best Solar Flood Lights in 2022 (Review)

Having a reliable and powerful source of light to illuminate your patio deck, back door, garage or garden is very important for aesthetic and security purposes.

The problem that generally comes with outdoor lighting is related to wiring. A great environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and smart lighting solution to this problem is to choose to install some of the best solar flood lights in 2022.

Based on their solar-powered capability, they can provide advantages that other traditional flood lights cannot give. To make a wise choice, you must evaluate multiple technical aspects that we will discuss across this article while at the same time offering you one of the best examples of the top products available. Let’s begin first with the products!


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

The Best Solar Flood Lights


1. CLY 60 LED 300 Lumen Solar Flood Lights

Key Features:

  • Maximum illumination for large spaces
  • Charging time: 6-8 h
  • IP66 waterproof rating

Key Specifications:

  • Beam light angle 120°
  • 300 lumens
  • Working hours: 12 h

Where To Buy

The CLY 60 LED solar flood lights have the perfect performance that you need for your garden or patio. This model features 60 super bright LEDs that can provide a 300-lumen rating — more than enough to light up any area at night. The great advantage of this product is that the lamp beads emit a soft glow.

These popular solar flood lights are wired to a 4W/6V solar cell with 17% efficiency along with a 4000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable and replaceable battery that has over 500 cycling charges. Moreover, the panel can completely charge the battery by simply placing it in a location that receives direct sunlight for nearly 6-8 hours.

One of the greatest features of these solar LED flood lights is related to their versatility and flexibility. From the panel perspective, it has a fully adjustable tilt angle capability. This feature is extremely useful to harness solar power at the optimum tilt angle for your location. The flood light also has an automatic function that, thanks to the integrated light sensor, will turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Among other important factors, the flood light will have a large 120° beam angle and will be able to continuously work for 16 hours after a full charge.

2. LEDMO Dusk to Dawn Solar Flood Lights

front facing ledmo dusk to dawn solar flood lights

Key Features:

  • Remote controllability
  • Charging time: 5-8 h
  • ABS/Aluminum material

Key Specifications:

  • 10000 lumens of light
  • Battery capacity: 39000mAh
  • Working time: 20 h

Where To Buy

The LEDMO Dusk to dawn solar powered flood lights are one of the greatest models available in the market. This product has been designed to provide a super bright performance with over 400 LED pcs capable of illuminating with 10000 lumens of light. At the same time, these bright solar flood lights can work from dusk to dawn even for two consecutive days with a single charge. A full charge provides them with 20 working hours.

This long-lasting performance is possible thanks to the 39000mAh rechargeable battery that is integrated into the design of the product and that gets charged thanks to a 32W polycrystalline solar panel (with up to 18% conversion efficiency) that generates electricity by simply using solar energy. The most incredible factor is that due to the size of the panel; the required charging time would only be between 5 and 8 hours.

Moreover, this solar floodlight features an interesting characteristic that is related to a remote control possibility to activate and deactivate the light from up to a 25 ft. distance. Among other factors, the LEDMO light also has a built-in photovoltaic sensor with an auto-on/off functionality that allows it to work independently and efficiently, turning itself on at night and off during the day.

3. RuggedGrade 1000 Lumen Solar Motion LED Flood Lights

front facing ruggedgrade 1000 lumen solar motion Led flood lights

Key Features:

  • 4 lighting modes
  • Motion sensor detector built-in (PIR)
  • Housing materials: aluminum allow

Key Specifications:

  • 1000 lumen output
  • Battery capacity: 89000mAh
  • 10-Watt power LED

Where To Buy

The RuggedGrade 1000 lumens solar powered flood lights are the perfect selection for the homeowner or small commercial business that is looking for a light source in the backyard or garden to increase security.

One of the interesting features of this flood light is that it has an integrated motion and light sensor that has 4 light modes. The available button allows us to adjust the desired light mode properly (simply hold for 3 seconds to activate changes). Keep in mind that the modes will be gradually progressing in intensity as follows:

  • Mode 1: 10 % lighting intensity under normal conditions and full illumination when motion is detected.
  • Mode 2: Always 500 lumens intensity.
  • Mode 3: Always 1000 lumens intensity.
  • Mode 4: Off

This light fixture has a daylight sensor that allows it to turn on the LEDs at night (no matter which mode is set) making it an independent system from the user. This device holds a large battery capacity that reaches 8000mAh along with a 10-watt LED power. Both the LED and the battery are powered by a separate solar panel that has 5 Watts of power output, enough to keep the battery charged overnight.

4. Solar Light Mart Guardian 580X

side facing solar light mart guardian 580x

Key Features:

  • Separated PIR sensor
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Industrial aluminum solar panel

Key Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh
  • Working time: 7-12 hours (dim mode)
  • Up to 730 lumens of light

Where To Buy

The Guardian 580X is an interesting proposal from Solar Light Mart that can suit both the homeowner or the commercial business owner.

These models integrate 84 pieces of LEDs that together produce up to 730 lumens of light and yet only consume 6 watts under a full power mode. Among other facts, the Guardian 580X integrates a passive-infrared (PIR) motion sensor that allows it to provide security against intruders.

These commercial solar flood lights have two light intensities. There is the dim mode that works at 55 lumens (able to work from dusk to dawn between 7-12 hours) and the full brightness mode (which provides up to 730 lumens but only lasts 1 minute).

The PIR motion sensor has a separated connection, independent from the location of the flood light. This allows adjusting the coverage angle at will to extend the detection distance (up to 12 meters distance with a 180-degree range of motion). The PIR motion sensor is easy to install since it can be wall-mounted. Keep in mind that when motion is detected, the product will light up at full power (730 lumens).

Also, the product has 3 lighting options: Green (normal floodlight, PIR sensor deactivated), Blue (dim mode active, if motion detected triggers full brightness), and Red (light off unless motion is detected).

Finally, the Guardian 580X features a 2500mAh lithium battery with strong thermal stability and tolerance to high current ratings. The battery life extends to 1000 cycles of use.

5. Topmante Upgrade Motion Sensor Solar Lights


Key Features:

  • IP65 Waterproof & Easy Installation
  • Detects motion up to 26 ft within 120°
  • Super Bright & 360° Rotatable Spotlights

Key Specifications:

  • Up to 800 lumens of light
  • Weight: 14.9 ounces
  • 6-year life and heat-proof

Where To Buy

The Topmante Upgrade detection lights are another valuable option that can be considered when looking for high quality products.

This model uses two main modes of operation: the sensor mode and the timing mode. Under the first mode, the light is active under a dim mode until motion is detected (increasing intensity up to 800 lumens). Then, after motion stops the light stays on at full bright for nearly 20 seconds before getting back to dim mode. On the other hand, under the timing mode, the light fixture stays active during 2 hours providing super bright light. After that time, the light gets back to sensor mode.

Moreover, these flood lights can be activated remotely, which allows you to switch modes from up to a 33ft (10m) distance while at the same time adjusting the brightness level. The product also features an extension cable of 5 meters that can be used to connect the PV panel to the solar LED flood light. There is no need for AC or DC power to get the light working.

Among other important facts, the product has a wide angle of illumination (120 degrees) which is good enough to light up an area in your yard, deck, or garden. You can also use MJIYA products as solar shed lights.

6. HULPPRE Dusk to Dawn Solar Flood Light

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn solar flood light

Key Features:

  • Remote control
  • IP65 waterproof design
  • Time configuration

Key Specifications:

  • 1000 lumens output
  • Remote distance coverage: 65 ft.
  • 16ft. (4.87 m.) extendable cord

Where To Buy

The HULPPRE Dusk to dawn LED solar flood light is a remarkable solution to light up your yard, porch, patio or garage. The product has been designed to fit a remote control that allows the user to adjust the level of brightness desired from a distance that can be as far as 65ft.

Another important feature is that the solar powered flood light also has a functionality that allows it to automatically turn on or off depending on the presence of daylight or not. Moreover, something that other models available in the market do not have is that the remote control allows configuring an automatic time setting to establish the number of hours that the light fixture will be active. Thanks to this feature and its high quality, this product has earned multiple positive solar flood light reviews.

Besides, the solar floodlight will be able to provide up to 1000 lumens of light with nearly 70 pieces of LEDs and can be perfectly used for both outdoor & indoor conditions thanks to its 16 ft. extendable cord that connects the PV panel and the LEDs.

7. Richarm LED Waterproof Lights with Remote Controller

side facing richarm led waterproof lights with remote controller

Key Features:

  • Remote controllability
  • Time setting adjustment
  • IP65 weatherproof

Key Specifications:

  • 800-lumen output
  • Working time: up to 8 hours
  • Maximum illumination area: 480 square feet

Where To Buy

Finally, reaching the end of our list is the Richarm IP65 waterproof rating LED flood light.

This model also offers excellent performance, integrating remote controllability and multiple operation modes. The LED flood light has an 800-lumen intensity provided by two sets of 42 LED pieces that are powered by a 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can generate between 6-8 hours of continuous illumination. This whole set is powered by a 6W polycrystalline solar panel with an efficiency of 17%.

Despite this capacity, the flood light has an adjustable time setting that can be done remotely thanks to the included remote control that will allow you to establish 3, 5, or 8 hours of light automatically. The remote control also allows adjusting the brightness to the desired intensity.

According to the manufacturer, this product is powerful enough to light up an area of 430 square feet while at the same time having a 120-degree beam wide angle to cover more area.

The product kit is also equipped with a 16.4ft. installation cable that will allow you to separate the area that you want to light up from the area where you want to place the solar panel.

3 Features to Look for When Buying Solar Powered Flood Lights

Illumination intensity

The first fact that must be verified whenever looking at an illumination source is the lumens output (intensity or brightness). Unlike traditional incandescent light bulbs, solar LED lights cannot be categorized by their wattage because this technology produces a brighter source of light while consuming less power. Therefore, here the reference is always related to lumens output.

In solar flood lights, you will generally notice lumen output values that can go as low as 50 lumens to as high as 10,000 lumens. As you can see, there is a wide range difference between them, so you need to properly choose the one you need.

For your reference, installing solar flood lights between 700-1000 lumens is good enough to work as outdoor yard lights.

Lighting Modes and Working Times

After evaluating brightness, the next feature to look for is the available lighting modes. Most solar flood lights will have two or more available lighting options to efficiently use the available power. Some of them even working similar (but not equal) to solar powered motion detection security lights.

Common modes include a dim mode which generally contains low lumen values (generally below 200 lumens) and a full brightness mode (generally between 700-1000 lumens). Other modes allow you to adjust the intensity of light or to configure the lights to detect motion. Each light will have its own particular modes.

Combined with this feature, you must also evaluate the working times of the solar flood lights under each mode of operation. Sometimes this will not be possible, but at least having a reference for the amount of time that the light can stay on at full power is a very important tool to compare among products. Of course, this will be related to the capacity of the battery. Products with higher storage capacities should be able to provide higher working times.


Finally, there are always additional factors that may influence your decision between one product and the other one. For instance, for flood lighting, some products have a remote controllability feature that allows you to adjust brightness levels, working modes, time settings and to turn the lights on or off while standing from a safe distance. In this case, checking the number of feet that the remote control can stand away from the light would be something to look at.

Also, factors such as warranty, waterproof rating, PIR sensor parameters, the material of the structure, and solar cells’ specs, can all play an important role in this matter.

How do Solar LED Flood Lights Work?

solar flood light on the roof of the house

The way solar LED flood lights work is very similar to the way any solar powered lamp post would work.

An included solar panel harnesses the power of the Sun and converts it into electricity. This energy conversion is later stored inside a lithium-ion (most cases) battery that is designed with a specific storage capacity.

As long as this battery holds energy inside, it can power LED bulbs that are connected to the flood light to provide a rated number of lumens.

As the morning approaches, most of these lights have an automatic function that allows them to detect the presence of sunlight and turn the lights off during the day. During the evening, the lights automatically turn themselves on using the stored energy inside the battery.

What are the Key Differences Between Regular Lights and Dusk to Dawn Lights?

The key differences between a regular and a dusk to dawn light lie in their automatic setup to detect sunlight while at the same time be able to last, as their name suggests, from dusk to dawn.

Dusk to dawn lights have been designed to harness enough power from the sun to be able to recharge the integrated battery within 6-8 hours (daylight hours). They can last from nearly 6 pm to 6 am — nearly 12 hours of performance.

Where Should you Install the Flood Lights Around Your Home?

two solar flood flights installed on the side of a small building

There are many spots in your house where you can install solar flood lights, some of the most common being your garage, backyard, driveway, garden, swimming pool, or even your patio. There are also multiple commercial applications for businesses, parking lots, parks, basketball or football courts, and more. Some people like to use them to light up American flags from below or sides, although you can have a solar powered flagpole light available for this purpose.

No matter where you install them, you must always be careful of a few things: the solar panel’s orientation and location, the surface that you want to light up, and the range for the PIR sensor in case that motion detection is included.

Keep in mind that the PV panel should always be facing south, this will allow extracting the highest amount of power from the module. If the panel is separated from the flood light, then adjust the tilt angle properly according to β.


ϕ represents the latitude of the installation. On the other hand, related to the PIR sensor, keep in mind that you need to cover the widest possible angle area to detect movement. Also, remember that despite how the PIR sensor detects movement in a straight direction to the light, its performance is much better if the movement is horizontal to the sensor.

How Long Will the Solar Flood Light Stay on for After Detection?

Some solar powered flood lights have motion detection incorporated. These models generally operate under a dim mode until movement is detected, then they turn to full power capacity. However, they will not stay at full brightness forever, instead, they will last a few seconds at that rate and then get back to dim mode. Most lights will last at least for 20 seconds at full power before getting back to saving mode.

How Many Lumens Do My Flood Lights Require?

solar flood light hanging on the wall

As we discussed in the key features section, good solar flood lights should have between 700-1000 lumens. However, there are other factors that you must consider when sizing how many lumens you need. The most important one is related to the lux values (lumens/m2), which in the case of backyards and public opened-space areas, should be located between 20-50 lux (according to the National Optical Astronomy Observatory). Keep in mind that 1 lux (nearly 3 times the brightness of the moon) is sufficient enough to see clearly.

The lux provides a measurable unit for reference of how many lumens are reaching the surface. In this matter, other factors such as the beam angle (generally provided by the manufacturer) and the height at which the light will be installed will provide a good reference for the illumination of any area.

Figure1. Impact of beam angle and height on light intensity. Source: Blanco County Night Sky

To check how many lux your backyard can get with a specific lumen output, beam angle, and installation height, you can check this lux calculator.

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solar christmas lights featured image

10 Best Solar Christmas Lights in 2021

house decorated with Christmas lights

10 Best Solar Christmas Lights in 2022 (Review)

The Christmas season is coming and nothing is more important than spending time with your family. Installing the Christmas decorations is a nice activity that you can do with your kids, and to do so you will need the best available products on the market.

Among some of the elements that you must consider in Christmas decorations, illumination is one of the most important. To light up your outdoor areas, your Christmas trees, and your Christmas ornaments, you will need the best solar Christmas lights in 2022.

The solar-powered Christmas lights are designed to provide you the same valuable quality as other traditional Christmas lights, but there is a difference: they use a solar panel to work independently from your electrical system. This means you won’t need power wire which makes the installation easier, energy-saving, efficient, and eco-friendly. A good option would be to choose one or more of the best Christmas lights available from this list.


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

The Best Solar Christmas Lights


1. GDEALER SD3 Solar Christmas Lights

Key Features:

  • Multi-colored
  • Waterproof
  • 2 working modes: steady and flashing

Key Specifications:

  • 20-foot (6 m) long extension
  • 8 hours of working time on a full charge
  • 1 AA battery required

Where To Buy

The GDEALER SD3 solar powered Christmas lights are the perfect choice to light up your patio during this holiday season. Designed in the shape of a water drop, these solar string lights have a multi-color configuration that includes blue, yellow, red, and green. These lights work perfectly for Christmas time while providing a charming atmosphere.

These LED string lights are 20 feet long, and they allow you to extend the LED lights across long stairways and other areas using a single string. These fairy lights are powered by a solar panel that stands in the grass and can be easily installed by using a 20 cm garden stake. This allows you to select the appropriate tilt and azimuth angles. The panel can provide 8 hours of working time after it fully charges the integrated battery.

The LED bulbs are regulated by a controller that has two switches: one to select a steady mode and a flashing mode, and the other one is a power switch.


2. Mpow 33ft 100LED Solar Christmas Lights

side facing hulppre dusk to dawn

Key Features:

  • 8 lighting modes
  • Heat-resistant
  • IP64 rating protection

Key Specifications:

  • 10 hours of working time
  • 33 feet length (10 m)
  • 100 LEDs

Where To Buy

This Mpow product works perfectly for Christmas decorations with up to 100 brilliant LEDs that provide a warm glowing effect to any area such as a patio, lawn or yard.

These LEDs have up to 8 working modes that allow switching lighting views. Among some of these working modes, you will find: waves, fading, chasing, fading slowly, fireflies, twinkle, combination and steady on options. Moreover, these solar LED Christmas lights are flexible and easily bendable at will across a 33ft. ultra-thin copper wire that can be used for both indoor or outdoor conditions. The warm white light can be used for decorating fences, and gardens.

These lights work by using the power from the sun to generate electricity through a solar panel that converts sunlight into electrical energy which is stored inside a rechargeable battery. Once the battery is completely charged, these lights can work up to 10 hours and they can automatically turn on at night and off during the day.

Besides, the Mpow 100 LEDs can resist multiple weather conditions thanks to their IP64 rating protection against water and dust, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas. They are also heat-resistant.

3. Vmanoo 72ft Multicolor Solar Christmas Lights

Key Features:

  • Working time 8-12 hours
  • Charging time 6-8 hours
  • Multi-color

Key Specifications:

  • 72 feet long (22 m)
  • 200 LEDs
  • 1800mAh Ni-MH battery

Where To Buy

The Vmanoo multi-color holiday solar light bulbs have one of the best ratings available in the market.

With up to 72 feet of extension and up to 200 LED lights, these solar powered globe lights have two mode buttons. One is the power switch and the other one allows you to choose between 8 lighting modes: Slo-Glo, slow fade, twinkle/flash, steady on, combination, waves, sequential, and chasing/flash. Among other features, the power switch does not need to be turned off every day. This product can automatically turn the lights off during the day and light up at dusk. The lights can work for up to 12 hours, and they take 6-8 hours to charge.

The solar outdoor Christmas lights are powered by a small panel that charges an 1800mAh built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery that is integrated into a ground stake. It can be easily turned to the optimum orientation angle and the optimum tilt angle. These ball lights come in multiple colors such as green, blue, yellow and red, making them perfect to light up a house, a garden, a patio or even large commercial applications such as a commercial mall or shopping center.


4. SKYFIRE Twinkle Fairy Lights

Key Features:

  • Time to charge: 6-hours
  • Warm white color
  • Ni-MH battery

Key Specifications:

  • 13 feet total length (4 m)
  • 200 LEDs
  • 17% conversion efficiency

Where To Buy

The SKYFIRE Twinkle Fairy Lights are another great choice if you are looking for an option to light up your Christmas tree.

Designed to provide a warm white light, these 200 LEDs are powered by a rechargeable Ni-MH battery that provides 600mA. This battery is constantly recharged by a 170mA output solar cell with an efficiency of a 17% conversion rate and it also needs 6-hours to charge.

The Skyfire lights have an IP65 rating protection that ensures they will endure rainy weather conditions, which makes them perfect for both outdoor and indoor purposes. They also have two switches available:  one for ON/OFF configurations and the other one as a steady/flashing mode.

Something unique from these solar Christmas string lights is that they are split into 10 strands of 20 LED lights across 6.5 ft. and they are jointed at 6.5 ft. from the solar panel. This gives them a total distance of 13 feet.

5. Dephen Multicolor Moroccan Ball Decorations

Key Features:

  • 50,000 hours lifespan
  • Multi-color lights
  • Flashing and steady modes

Key Specifications:

  • 15 feet long cable (4.5 m)
  • 20 LEDs
  • Working time: 8-10 hours

Where To Buy

The Dephen Multicolor Moroccan Ball style LED outdoor lights are the perfect addition to your patio, garden, fence, yard, or Christmas tree during the holiday season.

With a 15 ft. long extension copper wire that splits 6 inches apart from every ball light, you can provide a beautiful color combination between red, blue, yellow and soft green to every area of your Christmas decor. The ball lights are powered by a built-in AA rechargeable battery that charges via an adjustable solar panel in 6-8 hours. With a full charge, these lights can work for 8-10 hours.

The lifespan of the entire ball decoration lights is more than 50,000 hours which means over 10 years of performance. Moreover, they have been designed with waterproof technology, making them suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

The Moroccan ball-style lights operate with two switches that are located in the controller, which is integrated into the backside of the panel. One of these switches allows for ON/OFF configuration and the other switch allows for flashing and steady modes.

6. Gigalumi 23 Feet 50 LED Solar Fairy Lights

Key Features:

  • Flower-shaped
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Steady/flashing modes

Key Specifications:

  • 23 feet long per package (7m)
  • 50 LEDs
  • Working time: 10 hours

Where To Buy

The Gigalumi solar Christmas tree lights have one of the most beautiful and unique designs among holiday lights.

50 LED flower-shaped lights are split into 2 packages of 23 feet length that are long enough as to décor your house and make your garden stand out from the rest. Thanks to their IP65 waterproof design, these solar powered outdoor lights withstand all kinds of weather conditions, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor decorations.

The Gigalumi lights resemble real flowers, so you can easily integrate them into your garden and make them look like part of your greenery. These lights are multiple colors (blue, red, yellow and green) and they are powered by a solar panel that charges a battery. The battery provides up to 10 hours of working time once it’s fully charged. The panel can be easily installed in the patio using garden stakes to stick it into the ground.

Moreover, these lights have 2 switches: one for steady/flashing modes and the other one for turning the lights on/off.

7. Windpnn Twinkle Fairy Lights

Key Features:

  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Twinkle star-shaped lights

Key Specifications:

  • 30 feet long (9.1 m)
  • 50 LEDs
  • Working time: 10 hours

Where To Buy

The Windpnn Twinkle Fairy Lights provide a charming atmosphere to any Christmas decor. Equipped with a light sensor, they can automatically turn on during the night and turn off during the day. This saves you the task of turning the lights on and off every day.

Moreover, designed with 30 feet long and including 50 LEDs, the Windpnn fairy lights can perfectly light up any landscape, garden, patio lawn, yard, or outdoor Christmas tree with beautiful warm white twinkle star lights.

The long string of star lights is powered by a highly efficient solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity to be stored inside a small battery. Once fully charged by solar (typical charging time required is 6-8 hours), these lights can work up to 10 hours during the night.

Similar to other available models, the panel is easy to install because it integrates a ground stake to be used in gardens or yards. Moreover, the backside of the module features its own controller that allows you to switch between steady and flashing lighting styles.

8. Inngree 20 ft Multicolor Snowflake Lights

Key Features:

  • Snowflake shape
  • Multi-color
  • Ni-MH battery

Key Specifications:

  • 20 feet long (6 m)
  • 50LEDS
  • Working time: 8-12 hours

Where To Buy

The Inngree 20 ft. solar Christmas lights have a unique shape that resembles snowflakes, making them ideal for a Christmas.

Designed with highly transparent plastic that when illuminated by LEDs, can vary colors between red, blue, yellow and green. Moreover, the Inngree solar lights have an upgraded LED chip that allows them to shine brighter than other brands available in the market. Besides, the 50 LED lights are powered by a built-in Ni-MH battery with 1800mAh capacity and 1.2 V output, which charges under direct sunlight by using a solar panel with a 300mA output.

The light’s battery can get fully charged within  8 hours of direct sunlight and the lights can work between 8-12 hours during the night.  Moreover, you will be able to experience up to 8 lighting modes with the same product. The integrated controller will allow you to switch between flashing, twinkle, sequential, waves, chasing, slow fade, steady on, and slow-glow modes. The controller will also have another switch for turning the lights on and off.

The estimated lifespan of the product reaches 5,000 hours (nearly year 6 Christmas seasons).

9. Soco 30 LED 19.8ft Globe Lights

Key Features:

  • Yellow color
  • Globe shape lights
  • 8 lighting modes

Key Specifications:

  • 19.8 feet long (6 m)
  • 30 LEDs
  • Working time:

Where To Buy

The Soco 30 LED globe lights are a valuable product that has earned a lot of positive solar Christmas lights reviews, mainly due to their beautiful color, design, and performance.

These solar Christmas lights have a 19.8 ft. extension copper wire that includes 30 LED globe lights, each separated by a 6-inch gap. These lights can be used for multiple purposes such as Christmas tree illumination, interior house decoration, and outdoor areas such as patios, yards, gardens, and for commercial uses in shopping centers. Not only are they intended for Christmas but also other holidays, parties, weddings, and festivals.

The Soco lights are powered by a separated solar panel that is easy to install in your yard by using the ground stake that is integrated with it. Keep in mind that if the soil is too hard, you can soften the ground with water and then slowly insert the stake into the ground. The panel can convert sunlight into electrical energy to be later stored inside a 600mAh Ni-MH battery.

The Soco solar powered Christmas lights are also designed to work under 8 lighting working modes of operation and they have a yellow color.

10. Jmexsuss 206 ft Multicolor Christmas Lights

Key Features:

  • Multi-color
  • 8 working modes
  • IP44 waterproof rating

Key Specifications:

  • 206.7 feet long (63 m)
  • 600 LEDs
  • Working time: Up to 12 hours

Where To Buy

The JMexsuss multi-color lights are the ultimate choice in this list to light up your house during the holidays.

These long string lights have up to 206.7 feet in total copper wire length, which is far enough to cover all your house in lights using a single package. These traditional Christmas lights have nearly 600 small LEDs that shine with different colors (blue, yellow, green and red) split with a 10 cm gap between them.

Moreover, the string lights can run between 8-12 hours once they are fully charged by a solar panel. The panel can be easily installed in the garden or yard of your preference to harness solar energy and convert it into electricity. The product also has multiple lighting modes available such as wave, sequence, slow-glow, chasing/flash, steady on, twinkle/flash, slow fade, and combination.

The lights are also protected against bad weather with their IP44 waterproof rating protection. They feature heat-resistance (you will be able to touch without feeling the insulation wire hot, even if they are turned on), low-energy consumption, and no radiation exposure.

5 Features to Look For When Buying Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Charging Time vs Working Time

Some of the first technical factors that you should be looking for when choosing solar Christmas lights are related to the charging and working times of the lights.

The charging time represents the number of hours that the integrated (generally Ni-MH) battery will need to get fully charged from the solar panel power supply alone. The charging times for these types of lights generally vary between 6-10 hours.

The charging time is highly dependent on solar radiation throughout the day. Also, the number of hours required for charge estimated by the manufacturer assumes full direct sunlight radiation. Therefore, if there are any cloudy days ahead, then the solar panel’s performance will not be as efficient as calculated by the manufacturer. Based on these cases, it is advisable to select the lights that take fewer hours to get fully charged in a single day.

On the other hand, there is also the working time. Also referred to as the running time, it represents the number of hours that the holiday lights will be able to light up during the night. Ideally, it is desirable to have as many working time hours as possible, however, this will depend on the energy capacity of the battery and if it was capable of getting fully charged or not.

It is also advisable to select LED lights with realistic working times and take into account the charging time over the working time. If the working time is long, but the charging time required is 10-12 hours, then your battery will need two days at least to get fully charged, assuming good sunny conditions. Not charging the battery to its fullest on multiple occasions can affect the performance of the battery and reduce effective capacity.

If you are thinking about indoor applications, keep in mind that the solar panel can also work with artificial lighting, but it is nowhere close to the conversion efficiency that the panels can have with sunlight. Since the lights are designed to work with sunlight, you should consider finding a way to mount the panel in an area through which it can receive direct sunlight (not through glass).


The next factor that must be considered is related to the length of the lights. The length of a Christmas LED set of lights is crucial to find out how many packages you will need to purchase for your application.

Some people like to light up every corner of the house, while others like a simple touch addition without overwhelming the house with Christmas lights, this depends on taste. Depending on what you like, you will need longer or shorter strings of lights.

Shape and Color

Aesthetics are also important, especially since the lights are designed for decoration purposes. Therefore, the shape and colors of the lights are things to look for.

For Christmas purposes, there are many alternative colors and shapes. Most will offer either a multi-color option composed of green, red, yellow and blue, while others will offer a warm white color view. Despite that the multi-color is always more lively for Christmas, the warm white option is always more elegant. A combination of the two is always an option, get creative!

Regarding shapes, you will find globes, stars, snowflakes, water drops, and crystal ball styles. Again, choosing is a matter of your personal taste.

Lighting Modes

Most lights for Christmas will have at least two working modes: steady and flashing. However, some will have more options that can add a vibrant atmosphere to your garden, yard or Christmas decoration.

Some of these modes that you will find are: waves, fading, chasing, fireflies, twinkle, slow-glow, combination, sequential and steady on. Choosing a model that offers as many lighting modes as possible is always preferable. If you have kids, they will love the switching patterns.

Waterproof Rating

Finally, the waterproof rating should be the final consideration that you should look at. Like many other solar powered devices, manufacturers provide a waterproof rating that allows the user to understand how well protected are these devices against rain, snow, heat, and dust.

The rating is usually specified by an IPXY standard. In which the X value represents the protection against dust and particles, while the Y value is referred to the protection against water. To better understand the available standard options, you can check this link.

Keep in mind that the solar panels aren’t affected by rain or hail because they have been designed for outdoor conditions and they can withstand multiple climate scenarios.

What are the Different Types of Solar Christmas Lights?

There are several types of solar Christmas lights available in the market, they can be summarized as follows:

Solar Christmas Pathway Lights

the house decorated with Christmas lights

These models have an independent LED light and a solar cell that can be placed with steel or plastic stakes across a path. They are similar to solar powered pathway lights but they are designed with a Christmas decoration style.

Solar Christmas Tree Lights

tree decorated with christmas lights

These lights have a short length. They can be separated into multiple strands or they can be used with a single short strand. A good example is the Soco or Gigalumi models.

Solar Christmas String Lights

christmas string solar lights around a photo frame

These consist of a single strand and are designed for long distances and decoration of multiple small areas or single large areas. They usually have a lot of LEDs and, despite their many decorative themes, they have usually a globe style. We recommend the Jmexsuss or Vmanoo models for this type of light.

How Can the Weather Impact Solar Christmas Lights?

Weather is an additional factor that should be considered in extreme cases. As we explained before, these models are waterproof, so rain and snow are not considered an issue.

However, ambient temperatures are not part of the IP waterproof rating, and ambient temperatures can change from place to place. Some holiday lights are heat-resistant, which is good especially if you use them for annual occasions. This will avoid the insulation of the copper wire heating up (avoiding the danger of short-circuit). However, if you intend to use them for Christmas alone, the heat won’t be an issue.

Some regions may be too cold for the battery. The capacity of the battery reduces as temperature decreases, and in some cases, if the battery is too cold, it may even stop delivering power. This is a phenomenon that happens in any solar battery. The figure below shows a graph that illustrates this effect. Therefore, it is always important to check the permissible temperature range of the Ni-MH battery to verify if it is capable of working in that area.

Diagram of the effect of temperature on the effective capacity of a Ni-MH battery

Effect of temperature on the effective capacity of a Ni-MH battery. Source:


How to Maintain and Store Your Solar Christmas Lights

Like any other outdoor solar lighting device, a solar Christmas light requires some maintenance. Every now and then, the solar panel may need to be cleaned. Since the panels for the lights are very small, they are very easy to clean. By using a dry cloth or a sponge with water and a little bit of dishwashing soap, you will be able to remove any dirt from the module.

The solar panel should be able to melt any snow on its surface as it heats up. In case of snowfall, it may get fully covered. If this happens, you need to gently remove the ice if it’s stuck to the module.

When the time comes to store away your lights, make sure to store them in a cool, dry place. When the Christmas season is over, remember to take the lights out at least once every month. If the batteries are left without charge for long periods of time, the performance of the battery will be affected, reducing its capacity to hold the charge.

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outdoor solar lights featured image new

10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights in 2021

outdoor solar lights on the grass of the house

10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights in 2022 (Review)

Solar power has multiple purposes. Lately, one of the most valuable applications for solar energy has been related to outdoor illumination.

There are multiple fixtures that you can purchase to light up your garden, backyard, doorways, patios, decks, pathways, pools, and other areas of your home. That being said, traditional models need wiring and they constantly consume power from the grid. Traditional incandescent bulbs also need to be continuously replaced.

The best outdoor solar lights in 2022 can serve the same purpose for illuminating and decorating your outdoor areas, but with an important difference: no wiring, no electricity costs, and no bulb replacement.


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

In this outdoor lighting guide, you will find the top models available for each type of the outdoor solar lights. You will also find valuable tips to decide which model is most suitable for you.

The Best Outdoor Solar Lights

1. Lemontec Outdoor Solar Lights

front facing lemontec outdoor solar lights

Key Features:

  • 5-year warranty
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Three lighting modes

Key Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 3400mAh
  • Detection range: 10-26 feet.
  • Working time: Up to 12 hours at night.

Where To Buy

The Lemontec are the perfect solution for those customers that are looking for powerful motion sensor lights.

Designed with 62 bright LEDs, these lights have three intelligent modes of operation: strong light, dim light, and strong long light modes. The first mode is intended for security purposes as the light is normally turned off. When the motion sensor detects movement, the light is automatically turned on at bright mode. The dim mode is intended for both illumination and security purposes. This Lemontec product normally operates at dim light but when motion is detected the light turns brighter. Finally, in the final mode of operation, the light simply turns on at bright mode during the night.

The Lemontec motion sensor lights also include efficient solar panels on the top side to harvest electricity when exposed to direct sunlight. This generated DC power is stored in a lithium-ion battery that has a capacity of 3400mAh which can provide up to 12 hours of illumination at night with just 7 hours of charging.

The detection range for the PIR motion sensor is between 10-26 feet and activates the light for 10 seconds unless another movement is detected.

2. Sunlitec Outdoor Solar Lights

front facing sunlitec outdoor solar lights

Key Features:

  • 1-year warranty
  • Multiple operation modes
  • Two charging modes

Key Specifications:

  • 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Battery capacity: 2,000mAh
  • Charging time (solar): 8 hours

Where To Buy

Solar string lights are one of the most sought-after type of outdoor solar lights. The reason is that these products consist of a set of LED light bulbs that can be hung for both decoration and illumination purposes.

The Sunlitec model includes 25 high quality LED balls, each one with a lifetime of 50,000 hours distributed across a 27 foot rubber strand. Moreover, an interesting feature of the Sunlitec model is that there is the possibility to extend up to 50 light bulbs on each string.

These lights also have multiple lighting modes of operation such as quick flash, steady light, slow flash, and pulsating light. All of these modes will serve to add a vibrant and different ambience to your porch, yard or patio.

A unique and valuable feature of this product is its two charging modes: solar and USB. The solar charging mode requires 8 hours of sunlight to completely charge the 2000mAh lithium-ion battery while the USB charging mode only requires nearly 4 hours to do the same work. This also allows the user to set the lights for outdoor or indoor purposes.


3. Nekteck Outdoor Solar Spotlights

side facing nekteck outdoor solar spotlights

Key Features:

  • Adjustable panel tilt and lighting angle
  • 2-year warranty
  • Working time: 6-10 hours

Key Specifications:

  • 200 or 80 lumens of light
  • Battery capacity: 2200mah
  • Lighting angle range: 180 degrees.

Where To Buy

The Nekteck model is a solar powered yard light that is intended for landscape lighting in your yard, garden, pool, or driveway.

These solar garden lights have been equipped with a 20% efficiency solar. The tilt angle can be easily adjusted to achieve maximum solar energy conversion for the specific location. When the solar cell is exposed to sunlight during the day, it generates DC electricity and stores it in a 2200mah rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

These super bright solar powered LED outdoor lights can be rotated up to 180 degrees to the desired focus angle. They also have four LED bulbs that have a total of 200 lumens of light intensity and act as a remarkable source of light in any environment. This high lumen intensity provides not only a focused illumination, but also security.

They also feature two brightness modes: high (200 lumens) and low (80 lumens) that can be selected by using a switch. They can provide light between 6-10 hours and they are also easy to install by using a ground stake on soft soil.

4. InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights

side facing innogear solar gutter lights

Key Features:

  • Four lighting modes
  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Long lifespan

Key Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 2600mAh.
  • 450 lumens of light.
  • Motion detection range: 26 feet

Where To Buy

The InnoGear solar gutter lights are intended for motion detection and security purposes.

This solar powered outdoor lighting model has 36 super bright LED bulbs that turn on automatically as soon as they detect movement within a 26-foot range. They also have four brightness modes between ¼ bright, ½ bright, dim mode with motion detection, and full brightness.

A very important feature of this light fixture is that up to 450 lumens of light can be obtained which makes it one of the most valuable security and motion sensor lights in the market.

They also use a 4.25 x 7.28-inch solar panel that generates electricity under sun exposure and is located on the top side. This is waterproof and heatproof, and it is also protected against scratches and frost for optimum performance in outdoor conditions. InnoGear solar lights use a 2600mAh battery that can work for up to 10 hours at night and include an aluminum pole for wall mounting.


5. Aityvert Solar Yard Lights

front facing aityvert solar torch lights

Key Features:

  • IP65 waterproof
  • Flickering flame effect
  • Automatic functionality

Key Specifications:

  • 17% conversion efficiency
  • 2200mAh battery capacity
  • Battery lifespan: 5-10 hours

Where To Buy

Solar lighting for paths is intended to act both as an illumination source and for decoration purposes in driveways, patios, or gardens.

The Aityvert decorative outdoor solar lights are perfect for this purpose and they also have a flickering flame effect that adds a beautiful touch to any ambience.

They use a 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can light up your garden for up to 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter after complete sun exposure during the day (nearly 8 hours for charging).

Moreover, these lights also have an automatic feature that detects the presence or absence of light to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. No wiring is required for installation purposes and you only need to place the stake into the ground.

The solar panel’s efficiency is 17% and has an 880mW output. Finally, the flame solar LED outdoor lights have an IP65 waterproof rating that guarantees performance in the presence of dust or water.

6. Sogrand Post Lights

side facing davinci post lights

Key Features:

  • Long lifespan
  • Light sensor automatically turns the lights on.
  • Matter textured finished classic style.

Key Specifications:

  • 300mAh battery capacity.
  • 15 lumens output.
  • Working time: 6-8 hours

Where To Buy

The Sogrand solar lights have an elegant design that works perfectly for lighting up doorways, stairs, railings, patios, and fence decks. The matte textured finish gives a classy style to these solar powered lights.

Designed with two warm white LEDs (3000 Kelvin) that produce 15 lumens in output, these solar powered outdoor lights have an integrated rechargeable lithium-ion battery that has a 300mAh capacity, enough as to provide 6-8 hours of working time after a direct sunlight exposure of 8 hours.

They fit within 4-6-inch post caps but can be mounted on any flat surface without any wiring needed. These outdoor solar lighting fixtures turn on automatically at night, thanks to the photosensor that detects the absence of sunlight and automatically turns the LEDs on.

An important detail of these LED lights is that they can last over 100,000 hours, which is nearly 100 times longer than a traditional incandescent tungsten light bulb can last.

7. Lovin Product Solar Motion Sensor Lights

front facing lovin product solar motion sensor lights

Key Features:

  • Three control dials allow changing lighting modes
  • Adjustable illumination angle
  • Charging time: 6-8 hours of sunlight

Key Specifications:

  • Up to 1000 lumens output
  • Time range activated: 5-180 seconds
  • Detection range: 30 feet

Where To Buy

The Lovin model is a combination of a solar powered flood lights and a motion security light.

This upgraded solar light has 182 LED beads with a super bright illumination performance. The wide-angle design, along with the high intensity of light that reaches up to 1000 lumens, makes it one of the brightest models available among solar outdoor lights.

This model has a smart motion sensor that detects the presence of sunlight and deactivates the LEDs during the daytime. It automatically turns them on at night. The built-in PIR motion sensor has a long-distance range that reaches up to 30 feet and has a 180-degree sensing angle.

Unlike other motion sensor lights, the Lovin product allows the user to select the amount of time that the LEDs will stay on when the PIR sensor detects movement. The time range can be varied between 5-180 seconds with a control dial.

8. Yinuo Mirror Solar Lantern Lights

front facing yinuo mirror solar lantern lights

Key Features:

  • ABS plastic material
  • Flickering flame effect
  • IP65 waterproof rating

Key Specifications:

  • Working time: 15 hours
  • 1500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Charging time: 6 hours.

Where To Buy

Outdoor solar lantern lights have multiple decorative purposes for gardens, patios, beaches, camping, courtyards, decks and many more.

These decorative Yinuo solar lanterns have a beautiful pattern design that, when combined with the flickering flame effect, provide a unique calm and warm ambience to any area. These lights also use a small solar cell that is located on the top side and that has a 17% efficiency conversion rate. The solar power generated is stored in a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that requires nearly 6 hours of sunlight conditions and works up to 15 hours when fully charged.

The manufacturing material for these cheap outdoor solar lights is an ABS plastic material. It has an IP65 waterproof rating that guarantees protection against dust and even against water jets.

Regarding installation procedures, the solar lights have two placement options. They can be placed on a flat surface but they can also be hung as they include a metal ring and clip that allows them to be attached to a string, to a tree, or to a tent. This feature also makes them suitable as outdoor solar string lights.

9. Azirier Waterproof Solar Garden Lights

front facing azirier waterproof solar outdoor garden lights

Key Features:

  • Creative shape pattern
  • Cool white light
  • Weather-resistant

Key Specifications:

  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Working time: 10 hours
  • 2.4 lumens output

Where To Buy

The Azirier outdoor lights are environmentally friendly products designed for driveway or pathway illumination purposes by using solar power as their source of energy.

These LED lights have 2.4 lumens of cool white light that has been designed for decoration purposes. In other words, the Azirier solar lights will mainly add a warm glowing effect to any outdoor space creating shape patterns on the ground, but will not act as a strong illumination source.

The outdoor lights are also easy to install as they include a strong pike that acts as a ground stake. They simply need to be buried into soft soil, and then activates the ON/OFF button for the automatic function of the solar powered lights.

Regarding some important specs, the Azirier model has a solar panel with a 17mW output. After 6 hours of direct sunlight exposition, it will be able to generate up to 10 hours of illumination at night.

10. Gama Sonic GS-105S-G

front facing gama sonic gs-105s-g

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty rustproof material
  • Battery lifespan of 3 years
  • 10 bright LEDs

Key Specifications:

  • 130 lumens of light
  • 78-inch tall
  • Working time: 10 hours

Where To Buy

Finally, another type of solar light that shouldn’t be overlooked on this list is the Gama Sonic GS-105S, a popular solar lamp post on the market. This classic-style lamp post is the perfect selection for the decoration of any yard, front door entrance, or garden.

The GS-105S lamp post can be installed in soft soil using the anchor system and the included screws, or by attaching the lamp to concrete as well. The lamp post features 10 bright-white LED bulbs that automatically turn on at night and shine at 130 lumens for almost 10 hours after the battery is fully charged. This capacity allows the solar powered lamp post to have a dusk to dawn performance design.

The integrated lithium-ion battery has been designed for a long lifespan with up to 1,000 charges in its lifetime (around 3 years). Moreover, the lamp post is 78-inches tall from base to final and is made of a heavy-duty rustproof and UV protected black resin.

5 Features to Look for When Buying Outdoor Solar Lights

Type of Outdoor Solar Lighting

There are multiple outdoor solar light types and each one serves a different purpose. Therefore, the first thing that you must look into is defining the type of solar light that you want to purchase.

Keep in mind that when selecting outdoor solar lights you must ask yourself: What is the main purpose of these lights? Decoration? Illumination? Security? Where would I place the lights? How many lights would I need?  When would I use them?

All of these questions will help you find out the type of light that you are looking for. In any case, in the next section, you can take a look at the available types of solar outdoor lights.

Lumen Output

One of the most important factors that must be taken into account when selecting outdoor solar lights is the lumen rating of the product. The lumens give a reference of how bright the light will be. Decorative solar lights will have a lumen output below 30 lumens, while others that have a good illumination purpose will have between 100 and 1000 lumens (only in large outdoor solar lights).

Battery Specs

The next factor that must be considered is related to battery performance. Generally, most solar lights will have a lithium-ion battery. When evaluating the battery specs you need to look at the capacity, but also at the charging and working times.

Working times will generally be located between 6-12 hours. This will depend on whether the battery is fully charged within a single day or not. Keep in mind the purpose of the light when evaluating the working time. If it is for decorative purposes, lower working time may not be as important as it would be if it were intended for security purposes with motion sensor lights.

Charging times will often be located between 6-8 hours. Ideally, choose the model that normally requires fewer charging hours. With low solar radiation days, the performance of the battery will be better.


The possibility to adjust features of the solar outdoor lights is highly desirable in any product. Many solar lights have multiple options for lighting modes, especially motion sensor lights. According to the use that you intend to give to the solar light, the possibility to choose bright or low illumination modes will always be valuable, so always keep that in mind.

Some solar powered lights will also have the ability to adjust tilt or orientation angles of the solar panel or the light bulb. This is extremely valuable, as the solar panel’s optimum performance is highly dependent on the tilt angle. The ability to adjust it allows you to obtain maximum performance in any location.


Finally, other factors such as design, creativity, warranty, manufacturing materials, and waterproof/heatproof features may also help you decide between models.

What Are the Different Types of Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting?

outdoor solar lights on outside the house

There are multiple solar powered outdoor lights in the market. Despite that they have similar working principles, they serve different purposes. Here, you can find a list of the types of outdoor solar lights:

What Are the Different Types of Solar Yard Lights?

There are various types and styles of solar lights for your yard. Some are more suitable for particular areas of your yard, but it mainly depends on what you’d like to do with your lights. You may want them solely for lighting purposes, or your goal may be related to decorative purposes. Here is a list of the different solar yard lights available on the market:

Important Things to Consider When Installing the Lights in Your Outdoor Space

Installing solar outdoor lights is a very simple procedure, but following these valuable tips will help you get the most out of your solar lighting set.

Light Placement

Place the lights where they can receive more sunlight during the day. Look for the spots in your garden or outdoor area that have less shading impact across the day.

Mounting Procedure

Take into account the mounting procedure needed for the light. Some can be simply placed on any flat surface, while others will require to be buried into the ground using a stake. Others can be simply hung on any string or tree.

Visualize the Shape and Patterns

If the solar powered outdoor lights are intended for decoration purposes, then you must visualize the shape or pattern of the lights through your area before installing them. Making a little sketch will do the trick.

Soil Status

Finally, if the lights are to be staked into the ground, then make sure that the soil is soft enough to place the stakes without too much effort. Add water if needed to do the work.

How to Clean Your Outdoor Solar Lights Without Damaging Them?

outdoor sunlight on the grass

The key to performing appropriate maintenance to solar outdoor lights is to clean the solar panel that is located generally on top of the light.

Debris and dirt can accumulate on the solar panel’s glass, which can drastically reduce the performance of the PV module and the light itself (either on intensity or working times).

Almost all solar lights will allow you to remove the top cover where the PV module is located. Once removed you can simply use a cloth with a bit of dish soap to wash it gently (do not ever use bleach or any other abrasive material). If the solar panel is separated from the rest of the light (string lights or shed lights for instance) then the process is easier.

Following the same procedure for cleaning the glass or plastic cover that protects the light bulbs is also advisable. Cloudy buildups can be created, which reduces the perceived intensity of the light, even if the battery and LED bulbs are working fine.

Finally, over time, corrosion can also affect the battery. Using a soft brush to remove any white powder associated with corrosion would be advisable. It should come out rather easily

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outdoor solar string lights featured image

10 Best Outdoor Solar String Lights in 2022

solar string lights adorning the shed

10 Best Outdoor Solar String Lights in 2022 (Review)

To decorate your backyard, garden, or even your business, you will have many choices available. You can get as creative as you like to. One of the best options is to light up using string lights.

String lights are great for decoration, but outdoors, you may not be able to reach an outlet for your string lights. You would need to run long and ugly extension cables throughout your yard to power them. Moreover, traditional-style string lights will consume power, forever adding numbers to your electricity bills each year.

To save money and have a more elegant and comfortable installation, the best option is to purchase the best outdoor solar string lights in 2022. These solar powered technologies last for many years as they are combined with LEDs. Their source of power is the solar panel, and that is easier to transport and place in multiple locations without the need to use an AC wire extension.


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

The Best Outdoor Solar String Lights


1. Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Solar String Lights

front facing brightech ambience pro outdoor solar string lights

Key Features:

  • 12 LEDs
  • Weatherproof – resist winds up to 50MPH
  • Vintage Edison style design

Key Specifications:

  • Works up to 20,000 hours
  • Each string light is 27 feet long
  • Warm white light at 3000°K

Where To Buy

The Brightech Ambience Pro solar string lights are the perfect solar lights for when you host a party or a casual get together.

Despite that the product may look like an incandescent bulb, it is actually based in white LED technology. These LED bulbs are an energy efficient source of light that does not consume as much power as an incandescent bulb, making it profitable to receive power from solar panels.

Just like an incandescent bulb, these LEDs provide a warm white light of 3000°K and they can work up to 20,000 hours in a reliable way.

Moreover, each strand of string lights is 27 feet long and includes up to 12 LED bulbs that are spaced 20 inches apart. The solar panel is placed 6 feet apart from the first bulb, which gives you a good range to place the module in the best position for solar energy conversion.

Brightech string lights are weatherproof to resist rain, damp climates, and winds up to 50MPH. Plastic shells avoid breakage and the plastic bulbs can resist up to 122°F without damage (the bulbs will stay cool).


2. Amir SL0 Outdoor Solar String Lights

front facing amir sl0 outdoor solar string lights

Key Features:

  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 100 LEDs
  • Warm white

Key Specifications:

  • 360° lighting angle
  • 33 feet of copper wire and solar lights
  • 1-year warranty

Where To Buy

Looking just like Christmas lights, the Amir SL0 solar string lights offer one of the most beautiful options to light up indoor and outdoor locations in your house.

These solar fairy lights are perfectly suitable for interior decorating (like the kid’s room or even inside the living room). However, they are also great as decorative outdoor solar string lights that work for a home garden, a wedding party, a commercial café, or a beautiful outdoor restaurant.

Up to 100 super bright LEDs are included in the package. That’s nearly 33 feet of high-quality thin and flexible copper wire with a 360° steady mode of lighting that constantly illuminates every direction.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about rain or water because they have an IP65 waterproof rating. Finally, keep in mind that the battery that gets charged by solar power is not replaceable.

3. Goal Zero Light-a-Life 350 String Light

front facing goal zero light-a-life 350 string light

Key Features:

  • Warm white light
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 10 LEDs

Key Specifications:

  • String length: 24.6 feet
  • Distance between bulbs: 1.6 feet
  • Charging time: 6 hours

The Italian style Tofu Bistro Pergola Lights provide a warm source of light, perfect to create a cozy and relaxed ambience.

These have a long shape ABS plastic material that contains inside a copper line with LED beads. The solar powered rope lights also integrate a hook that can be used for hanging the lights on a wire between trees or posts.

Each string has up to 24.6 feet long and contains up to 10 LED light bulbs with a separation of 1.6 feet between them. Moreover, they use a solar panel to power a battery that charges within 6 hours of sunlight and can last up to 12 hours when fully charged.

The LED solar powered string lights turn on automatically at dusk and they work under steady and flashing modes.

4. Goal Zero Light-a-Life Mini LED Light

front facing goal zero light-a-life mini led light

Key Features:

  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 8 light working modes
  • Wire material: plastic

Key Specifications:

  • Charging time: 6-8 hours.
  • Working time: 12 hours.
  • Bulb life: 100,000 hours.

The Xingpold Star Lights outdoor solar star string lights are the perfect type of string lights for those who have kids at home.

This star-shaped LED model is designed with up to 8 light modes: sequential, slow glow, in wave, chasing/flash, combination, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady mode. All of these lighting modalities will add a vibrant and fun ambience to your garden.

The solar string lights are covered with an IP67 waterproof rating, the highest in this list. This guarantees maximum protection against harsh weather conditions. The charging period of this product is located between 6 and 8 hours by using solar power and can provide up to 12 hours of light.

Keep in mind that the solar-powered star lights feature a bulb life that reaches up to 100,000 hours of operation, meaning that you will have a long time performance by purchasing these solar lights.

5. Joomer LED 8 Modes Outdoor Solar String Lights

front facing joomer led 8 modes outdoor solar string lights

Key Features:

  • Multicolor options
  • 200 LEDs
  • IP65 waterproof rating

Key Specifications:

  • 72 feet long
  • 90° angle adjustment
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Where To Buy

The Joomer LED 8 Modes solar powered outdoor string lights are perfect for you if you love decorating for Christmas. These string lights are the perfect choice to light up outdoor Christmas decorations in your yard, home garden, or patio.

Based on solar power, they integrate light sensor controls that activate the solar lights automatically at dusk. They also include an ON/OFF switch for manual activation.

An interesting fact about these solar powered string lights is that they count with 8 different working modes that will satisfy diverse needs. Moreover, the fairy lights feature an IP65 waterproof rating protection that guarantees performance under heavy rain and snow.

As these are outdoor solar string fairy lights, they use a solar panel that is easy to install by using a garden spike on soft or wet soil. The product has 72 feet of string lights summarizing up to 200 LEDs and the distance between each bulb is close to 3.9 inches.

The solar panel can be placed up to 6 feet away from the first LED bulb and has a high conversion efficiency with an adjustable tilt range up to 90°. Also, the module charges a rechargeable battery based in Ni-MH with a capacity of 1200mAh. The module will take nearly 6-8 hours of charging.

There are multiple colors to choose from: blue, green, purple, red, white, yellow, and multicolor.


6. Foxlux Waterproof Pergola Lights

front facing foxlux waterproof pergola lights

Key Features:

  • Edison style LED lights
  • 2-year warranty
  • 15 bulbs

Key Specifications:

  • Panel output capacity: 3000mA
  • String length: 48 feet
  • Lifetime operation: 25000 hours

Where To Buy

The Foxlux Waterproof Pergola solar powered string lights have a 2200°K warm white LED design based in Edison-type light bulbs suitable for lighting up a patio, garden or backyard of any kind.

These globe string lights are made of super heavy duty UL wire protections that guarantee the best performance against strong winds and rainy days.

The Foxlux backyard solar lights have 48 feet of a durable rubber strand design that includes 15 hanging sockets for each bulb with a distance between them of 3 feet. The expected lifetime working operation is close to 25000 hours (compared to regular tungsten or traditional light bulbs with 1000 hours).

The Foxlux solar powered LED string lights are easy to set up by using clips to hang on any wall or tent. These decorative string lights are powered by a solar panel that is placed 2.5 feet from the first light and that has a current output capacity of 3000mA, allowing to charge a battery in nearly 6 hours. The working operation of the string lights lasts up to 6 hours and they turn on automatically at night. These are one of the best outdoor solar string lights on the market this year.

7. Joomer 2 Pack Globe Lights

front facing joomer 2 pack globe lights

Key Features:

  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Memory chip included
  • 30 LEDs

Key Specifications:

  • 1-inch separation between
  • 20 feet cable
  • 8 working modes

Where To Buy

The Joomer 2 Pack Globe LED string lights feature multiple light sensor controls that allow an automatic performance of the white globe light bulbs.

This light source is environmentally friendly and extremely energy efficient. Therefore, it reduces energy consumption. This makes the Joomer suitable for solar panels to reduce the electricity bills of any customer.

This package includes PV modules with an output capacity of 100mA to charge a Ni-MH battery with a capacity of 600mAh. The estimated charging time required is 6 hours, while the working time is close to 8-10 hours. Moreover, up to 8 different working modes can be used to illuminate any area.

These feature an IP65 waterproof rating and they can withstand all kind of heavy weather including strong rainy days and strong snowfalls. You can use them as outdoor solar string lights for trees, windows, doors, walls, grass and use them to light up your Christmas decoration as well.

Up to 30 LEDs can be used in this package with 1-inch separation between across a 20 feet cable strand. The product comes with 18 months of warranty, making it a risk-free investment.

8. Semilits Honey Bees Decor

front facing semilits honey bees decor

Key Features:

  • 20 LEDs
  • Polycrystalline solar module
  • Suitable for ground mounting

Key Specifications:

  • 600mAh Ni-MH capacity
  • Working time: 8 hours
  • Solar panel output: 100mA

Where To Buy

The Semilits Honey Bees Decor string lights are one of the most creative lighting fixtures that we have found. They have up to 20 LEDs that have the perfect shape of a bee that stands in your garden.

These solar powered bee lights operate through a rechargeable battery, requiring no additional cost to your family.

The bees outdoor string lights have received multiple positive product reviews as they have an outstanding performance and kids love them. These bees are made of strong plastic materials that are hard enough to withstand all kinds of weather while standing in the outdoors.

The bees have multiple decorative purposes for your yard or garden, and they are perfect to adorn flowers and trees as well. You will enjoy two working modes (steady and blinking) after the battery is fully charged.

Since these mini outdoor solar string lights are designed to be placed in a garden or yard, the kit includes a garden spike that is used to place and fix the polycrystalline solar panel in a position where it can charge the 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable battery.

9. Brightown Shatterproof G40

front facing brightown shatterproof g40

Key Features:

  • IP44 waterproof rating
  • 4 lighting modes
  • 20 feet long string

Key Specifications:

  • 120° wide-angle range
  • 4-8 hours of charging required
  • Distance between bulbs:12 inches

Where To Buy

The Brightown Shatterproof G40 cheap outdoor solar string lights are made of a shatterproof plastic material that does not crack even by falling from high above the ground.

The solar lights have an IP44 waterproof rating that withstands regular type climates and rainy days. Moreover, these globe-shaped lights have a warm white LED style design that is powered by the sun.

Besides, this LED solar powered string lights include a lithium-ion battery that needs between 4 and 8 hours of charging coming from the solar panel source. Regarding the arrangement, each bulb is separated 12 inches from the other and the solar panel stands 12 inches from the first solar light.

The great advantage when compared with other outdoor solar LED string lights is that they can provide up to 16 hours of illumination during the night after the battery is fully charged.

The large solar panel is easy to install on a wall or in the ground by using a stake to stick into the soil. The mounting of the PV module can be adjusted with a 120° angle range to maximize direct sunlight exposure and increase energy yields.

The product has 4 lighting modes: quick flash, steady, slow flash, and pulsating light.

10. Toodour 8 Mode LED Lights

front facing toodour 8 mode led lights

Key Features:

  • 50 high-quality LEDs
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Low cost

Key Specifications:

  • 23 feet string
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Working time: Up to 12 hours

Where To Buy

The Toodour 8 Mode LED solar powered LED string set of lights is another great choice that you have available based in globe bulbs.

These string lights are perfect to light up a Christmas tree, a garden, a yard, a deck, a patio, and other indoor and outdoor areas of the house. The solar powered string lights will last between 8 and 12 hours after the battery is fully charged.

Including 50 high-quality LEDs across a 23 feet length string, these LED lights are the perfect choice for multiple purposes.

The solar panel has a current output of 100mA and charges a AA Ni-MH battery with a capacity of 600mAh, so the charging time required for the battery is close to 6 hours.

Additionally, there are 8 different operational modes available for these string lights which will allow you to set either a vibrant or calm ambience. The solar powered lights are also protected with an IP65 waterproof rating, suitable to endure during rain and snow conditions.

How to Choose Outdoor Solar Powered String Lights – 3 Features to Look For

String Configuration

This is mainly related to the number of LED bulbs that are part of the product, the distance between bulbs and also the length of each string.

These factors will help you get an idea of how illuminated your area will be and also how much area you will be able to cover with those string lights. At the same time, it will give you an idea of whether or not you will need to purchase one or more strings for your application.

Keep in mind to measure the distances required in your garden between anchoring points for the string lights before purchasing.

Solar Power Specs

The specs of the solar panel and the rechargeable battery are critical. The current output of the PV module is very important, as this will be a reference for how much energy the panel should be able to generate per hour. The technology of the module is also valuable as it will be an indicator of the efficiency of the panel (monocrystalline better than polycrystalline).

Finally, the mounting structure of the module will also be important to decide where you will place it. Available options are generally wall or ground mount. Remember that the panel will be located at a specific distance from the first light, therefore, you must plan ahead of the arrangement of lights considering this fact.

On the other hand, the factors related to the battery itself are also very important. Charging times and battery life operation must be considered at the time to choose. Logically, the product with lower charging time and higher working time will always be preferable.


If you haven’t decided yet, then you might want to consider other factors.

For instance, the modes of lighting (steady, flashing, pulsating, etc.) are especially important for Christmas decoration purposes. Price is also quite relevant in your decision. Current prices should not go above $50.

Other things such as warranty terms and the style of the solar powered LED string lights can also play an important role. Keep in mind that you will find string lights mainly intended for Christmas decoration (Joomer style lights), while others may have other interesting uses for your garden or yard (like the Honey Bee models).

What is the Average Battery Life and Charging Time?

exterior lights adorning the garden

Average charging times for a battery are related to the output of the solar panel and the capacity of the battery. Most solar PV modules for string light applications will have a 100mA output, which if assumed constant over time, translates into 100mAh energy stored inside the battery within a single hour.

Since most batteries in string light applications have a minimum of 600mAh capacity, then they generally take at least 6 hours to get fully charged.

Regarding the battery life or working times, these are related to the energy consumption of the LED string lights. This is harder to determine due to lack of information from manufacturers, but they will generally last between 8 and 12 hours.

Will the Lights be Affected by Bad Weather?

Outdoor string lights are designed to be exposed to multiple weather conditions (rain, dust, snow, windy and heavy heat). Each manufacturer must take these facts into account, and therefore, they must design the string lights with specific waterproof rating protection.

The weatherproof rating provided by the manufacturers is based in IPXY standards. The X is related to the grade of protection that the product has against particles that could enter inside the product. Meanwhile, the Y variable is related to the grade of protection that the product has against water.

Solar powered string lights generally have an IP65 waterproof rating protection which guarantees total protection against dust and protection against water jets. This type of waterproof rating will guarantee that solar string lights will not be affected by bad weather. Moreover, solar string lights are designed with heavy-duty UL wire protections that guarantee protection against strong wind gusts.

Keep in mind that not all solar string lights are intended for the outdoors. You must make sure that the model you choose is suitable for this purpose by checking the waterproof rating.

3 Tips for Optimal Light and Decorative Placement

outdoor solar string lights adorning the stage

Go for the Edges

One of the most simple ways to decorate any house if you are using Christmas style solar string lights is to adjust a string of LEDs to the corners of walls and roofs. It is like sketching your own house.

Another option is to use corners as anchoring points of the solar lights and install them across each other from one side to the other.

Highlight Remarkable Objects

One of the purposes of decorative lighting is to highlight all of those ornaments such as fountains, fences, trees, dinner tables or couches that you have in your backyard.

Using string lights or outdoor solar powered lanterns to bring additional attention to a specific object in your garden or backyard is also a wise choice. Selecting single-colored lights for this purpose is usually better.

Properly Select the Colors

Outdoor string lights tend to be used a lot during the Christmas season. The fairy lights style is suitable for this purpose and the selection of colors can go from white, single-colored, or multi-colored features with multiple modes of lighting.

These may be suitable for this purpose and to light up trees, but during the off seasons it would be better to choose warm white light styles like the Foxlux products.

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solar camping lanterns featured image

10 Best Solar Camping Lanterns in 2021

the solar lantern inside the camping house

10 Best Solar Camping Lanterns in 2022 (Review)

Nothing beats a hassle-free camping experience. To enjoy a beautiful evening with friends or family, you need to have the right camping gear.

Among the products that you’ll need, you must include a solar lantern for camping. This product will give you the option to light up your camping tent, but it can also act as a portable light source or an emergency light for irregular situations in which no power source is available.

In this buying guide, we will talk about the best solar camping lanterns in 2022 so you can make a well-informed decision on which one to buy. We will discuss key features and specs, along with multiple facts and details that you need to consider when purchasing one of these products.


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

The Best Solar Camping Lanterns


1. SUAOKI Solar Camping Lantern

Key Features:

  • Three lighting modes
  • USB and micro-USB ports available
  • Two charging methods: Solar and USB

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 5.6 oz.
  • Maximum lumen capacity: 65 lumens
  • Battery capacity: 800mAh

Where To Buy

The SUAOKI solar lantern is the perfect gift for any person that loves to go camping.

This collapsible lantern has two main charging options: solar power and USB port charging. It is easy to carry and transport, thanks to the plastic handle that is integrated into the lantern’s design.

The Suaoki solar product features three lighting modes including high (over 65 lumens), low (over 25 lumens), and SOS flashing (mainly intended for emergencies). The integrated 800mAh lithium battery, when fully charged, is able to provide more than 10 hours of battery life when it’s active in low mode, up to 5 hours when activated in high mode, and up to 6 hours when active in flashing mode.

Among other features, you will find that the Suaoki lantern has a USB output and a micro USB input suitable for charging mobile phones. Finally, there is also a charge indicator that turns on whenever solar energy is used to power the LEDs.


2. AGPTEK Solar Camping Lantern

Key Features:

  • Multiple charging methods
  • Polycrystalline solar panels
  • Hand crank dynamo included

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.9 x 10.5 inches
  • 36 LEDs

Where To Buy

The AGPTEK 5 mode hand camping lantern uses 5 charging methods to power 36 LED lights inside the curved shape lantern.

This unique feature ensures that your LED camping lantern will never run out of power and that you will always be able to have the AGPTEK model at its fullest.

The first option is logically solar energy, thanks to a polycrystalline solar panel located on top of the lantern. The second option features USB charging, and the third one considers a car adapter charger for instantaneous charging.

The fourth option is manual. By using a hand crank dynamo that you will have to spin with a hand lever, you will be able to manually power the LEDs. This would be the last option that you would try, but it ensures that no matter what happens, you will always have a source of light. Finally, all of these options can be integrated with a set of 3 AAA batteries to store the generated renewable energy.

The LEDs are designed for low energy consumption in order to maximize the available power from any of these sources. Two brightness modes are available: Simple bright mode (for reading mostly) and super bright (extended vision).

3. Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Flash Lantern

front facing goal zero lighthouse micro flash lantern

Key Features:

  • USB Port
  • Different brightness modes
  • IPX6 weatherproof design

Key Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 2600mAh
  • Lantern (150 lumens)/ Flashlight (120 lumens)
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces (90g.)

The Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro charge flashlight is a very valuable resource for your next camping trip. It only weights 3.2 ounces and is easy to carry everywhere

Designed by one of the most important brands in the sector, the flashlight has a beautiful design that integrates a 2600mAh/9.62 Wh. battery capacity that allows you to run the light for over 100 hours. The built-in battery indicator allows you to visualize at all time the remaining energy stored in the battery.

The best thing is that it also integrates a 5V/1A USB port that allows you to charge the flashlight using a USB cable in just about 3.5 hours. Now as a lighting resource, this product comes with a maximum brightness of 150 lumens in lantern mode, and nearly 120 lumens in flashlight mode. Besides, the device also has different brightness modes including low and high settings that allow you to adapt the lighting levels to the particular needs of the occasion. And of course, compatible with Goal Zero Nomad 7.

4. Goal Zero Crush Light

Key Features:

  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Two charging modes: USB and solar
  • IPX4 weatherproof rating

Key Specifications:

  • High mode capacity is 60 lumens
  • Weight: 3.2 oz (91 g.)
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh (1.85Wh)

The Goal Zero Crush Light is a beautiful and small collapsible solar lantern that has the power to provide up to 60 lumens of usable light, which can be active for over 35 hours.

The product comes with multiple lighting modes available including high (60 lumens), medium (25 lumens), low (6 lumens), soft, and even a candle flicker that can provide a more relaxing ambience. Moreover, the light integrates a small solar cell that allows it to charge it anywhere during daylight (takes about 20hr). The light can also be charged with a small solar panel like the Nomad 7 Plus from Goal Zero in less than 2.5 hours. The product also integrates a USB port that you can use to connect to a USB port to charge the light as well.

One of the greatest things of this product is that it is collapsible, meaning you can take it anywhere and it will not occupy space and weight almost nothing. The device has also an IPX4 weatherproof rating, meaning that it can be used in outdoor conditions without any issue.

5. Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern

Key Features:

  • Integrated battery management system
  • USB/Solar charging
  • Run time up to 500 hours

Key Specifications:

  • Lumen capacity: 210 lumens
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh/11.1 Wh.
  • Weight: 8 oz (226.8 g)

Maybe the most adequate product for a camping experience or any other activity in the outdoors. The lighthouse mini rechargeable lantern is perfect to be placed nearby the tent in a camp.

The LED light provides up to 210 lumens (3500K) which is considerable for a portable lighting source. Moreover, it also features two lighting modes (low, high), both dimmable. The lantern is very small and can be placed on the ground or hung on a tent.

Furthermore, the light integrates a 11.1Wh/3000mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery which provides enough energy as to run the light under low mode for over 500 hours and nearly 7hours under high mode.

Moreover, this product can get charged either by using the integrated 5V/1AUSB port (taking nearly 4 hours to completely charge) or by using a compatible solar panel (like the Nomad 7) to charge the device in between 4-6 hours. The battery can also be replaced with another spare model (18650 Goal Zero Lighthouse battery).

One of the most valuable features of the product is its integrated battery management system for charging and low battery protection.


6. LuminAID Lantern

Key Features:

  • Floatable waterproof
  • 5 lighting modes
  • USB and solar charging mode available

Key Specifications:

  • Turbo mode light: 75 lumens
  • 1,000mAh battery capacity
  • Weight: 5 oz.

The LuminAID Lantern is possibly one of the best solar lanterns on the market.

The stylish solar lantern has been designed with a total white color structure that provides up to 5 lighting mode options. The PackLite Nova USB portable LED camping lantern will allow you to use a turbo setting that will provide up to 75 lumens of light over 3-5 hours and illuminate a 125sq.ft area.

If you are looking for a less intense, but extended source of light, then you will also be able to use other three operating modes: high (50 lumens, 6-8 hours), medium (25 lumens, 12-14 hours), and low (12 lumens, 18-24 hours). Finally, for an intermittent light, you will be able to use the flashing mode for up to 48 hours.

The PackLite Nova USB camping lantern uses a 1,000mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB port or solar energy. Moreover, the product is 100% waterproof and is even able to float on the water, making it perfect for fishing, paddle boarding and other activities performed on water.

The best from LuminAID is that there are multiple model options similar to the PackLite Nova USB product.

7. D.Light S500

D.Light S30 solar rechargeable LED lantern

Key Features:

  • Stylish design
  • Two brightness levels: Standard and High
  • Light is diffused 360 degrees

Key Specifications:

  • Battery life provides 12 hours of light
  • Battery Capacity: 450mAh
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

Where To Buy

The D.Light S500 is a solar rechargeable LED lantern that can be used for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or climbing.

Featuring an interesting design that resembles the appearance of a water bottle, the solar lantern features two brightness settings with a 360 degree lighting exposition.

The d.light S30 is able to provide up to 12 hours of light using a single charge, which is more than enough to light up a night picnic or a camping experience. This lantern can also be included as part of your home emergency kit, so you always have a light source whenever the power goes out.

Furthermore, in order to detect if the LED lantern is getting charged by solar power, the product features a Smart Solar Indicator light that turns on whenever the solar panel located on top charges the battery.

The d.light S30 also features additional charging options related to an AC charging port, which will give you the chance to completely charge the solar lantern while you are still at home.


Key Features:

  • Fully waterproof
  • Collapsible design
  • 5 lighting modes

Key Specifications:

  • 25 lumens output
  • 4 LEDs
  • Time to charge: 8 hours

The MPOWERD Luci EMRG lantern lights come in an all-in-one package, designed to act as the perfect emergency lights.

These solar lantern lights work by using the PV cell located on the bottom side that can be placed facing direct sunlight to charge the battery that is integrated inside. As renewable energy power sources, these solar powered camping lanterns generate 25 lumens of cool white light through its three bright LED bulbs.

The Mpowerd Luci model also features a red color LED light that has multiple lighting modes: low, medium, high, 1-second flashing, S.O.S, and a steady red functionality as well (for emergency situations like a car malfunction on the road).

Moreover, the charging time of this inflatable solar light reaches 8 daylight hours and is able to provide light for 7 hours on a single charge. On the other hand, there is also a convenient battery level indicator that is located close to the PV cell and that lets you know the remaining charge on the battery.

Finally, thanks to its lightweight and water-resistant feature, the Mpowerd Luci is the perfect companion for paddle boarding, canoeing, and other aquatic activities.

9. AUTENPOO Electric Lantern

Key Features:

  • Has 3 modes of lighting for different situations
  • Special hook design
  • Waterproof and durable

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 15.5 ounces
  • Color: White
  • No batteries required

Where To Buy

The AUTENPOO Electric Lantern is an amazing rechargeable product that uses solar energy to recharge a built-in battery and provide a portable LED source of light.

The Kizen solar lantern features a compact design that allows you to expand the lantern when used and to compress it while the solar panels charge the battery during the day.

This  product features amazing versatile options that make it one of the most valuable solar lanterns out there. To get started, the LED camping lantern features three lighting modes for multiple applications: High, low and SOS. You will love to have an emergency light like this when there are power outages of any kind.

Besides acting as an LED light, you will also be able to use the Kizen solar lantern as a portable power bank that can charge your mobile phones while you enjoy your camping experience.

Finally, the AUTENPOO solar lantern is fully waterproof and is protected against hot or cold weather, making it perfect for sailing or fishing activities.

10. Odoland USB Rechargeable Light

Key Features:

  • Multiple lighting modes
  • Charging indicator included
  • Works as lantern and hanging lamp

Key Specifications:

  • 1000 lumens high output mode
  • Up to 20h of continuous soft light
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces

Where To Buy

The Odoland USB rechargeable light has received multiple positive solar camping lantern reviews thanks to its beautiful aesthetic design and valuable features that are integrated into the lantern.

To get started, the lantern features two charging options either by solar power or by a USB plug. You will enjoy multiple brightness modes. If you are looking for high lumens output, then you will be able to choose the cool white LED lantern which will provide 1000 lumens and can be used for up to 5h with a single charge. There will also be the high warm white (90 lumens output and 7h lasting) and low warm white (20 lumens and 20h performance) light. A flashlight option (intermittent) and a luminous lampshade (green color) mode are also available.

The solar lantern features a collapsible design as well that can be adjusted to any space needs specially intended for camping, hiking, emergency situations and also the perfect additional companion for a solar backpack.

Among other features, the Odolan lantern will also have a charging indicator to make a reference when solar energy is charging the battery.

3 Features to Look for When Buying a Solar Powered Camping Lantern

Lighting Modes

The first element that you must look for when selecting solar powered camping lanterns is the lighting modes that the product offers.

Brand specifications will generally show the available lighting modes for every model. Among these specs, you will find the lumen output of every lantern under every lighting mode.

The lumen output is a parameter that you can compare among solar powered camping lanterns, to find out which is the brightest option. Keep in mind that warm or cool light colors will also influence your perception of brightness, so making your selection according to lumens and color of light is highly recommended.

You will generally find references in the manufacturer’s data related to the number of hours of light that the powerful LED lantern is able to provide. This will show you how long you can keep the LEDs ON under every mode of operation.

Keep in mind that to completely light a tent you will need around 100 lumens. Meanwhile, for other activities such as hiking, backpacking, and trekking during the night, you will need between 50-100 lumens. For reading in a tent you will need nearly 50 lumens, and to light up a complete campsite you will need several lanterns that reach around 300 lumens in total.

Charging Modes

Another important factor that you should take into account is the charging operation modes that are available for each product.

Despite that the basic requirement is that the camping light gets powered by solar energy, having other charging options such as DC, car plug-in, USB port or even with a hand crank dynamo, are always desirable to increase the reliability of the camping lantern.

The more charging modes available, the better the solar lantern will be.

Design and Miscellaneous

Finally, additional factors such as the design can also influence your decision. Selection of lighting and design colors, multiple hanging options such as hooks, metal handles, suction cups, and other factors must also be balanced.

Having a durable design and a strong water-resistant performance is also very important, especially if you regularly perform activities such as paddle boarding in mountain lakes. Taking a look at the warranty terms might also help you decide which option is best for you.

What are the Different Types of Solar Camping Lanterns?

the guy watching the fuses with his camping lamp

Solar powered camping lanterns can be classified according to multiple factors.

One of them can be related to the structure of the lantern itself. Some solar lanterns have a fixed design that does not compress and that needs to be carried everywhere. These lanterns may perform just as good as other models, but the storage and portability get drastically reduced.

Meanwhile, there are also collapsible solar lanterns. These models are mainly intended for camping and backpacking, as they can be easily stored in any small compartment and then expanded when used. Many of them will include a hook or metal handles suitable for clipping onto a backpack and for hanging in a tent.

On the other hand, we can also classify solar powered camping lanterns according to the charging modes as USB solar lanterns  (if the USB port is available) or single-charging solar lanterns (if they only charge batteries through solar energy).

How Many Hours of Light Can You Expect to Get from One Charge?

The answer to this question is highly variable.

The hours of light that you will have available will depend on the capacity of the battery bank and the selected lighting mode of operation.

Lanterns for camping will generally have between 500mAh and 1,000mAh of energy capacity available in the battery. As you can imagine, the longer capacity, the brighter and longer hours of light will be available for you. However, the solar panel will need to have greater performance and efficiency. It is not the same to select solar panels for charging a small power bank as selecting solar kits for charging an RV battery.

Lumens output according to the lighting mode is also widely variable among products. For super bright output performance, the typical range is between 50 and 150 lumens, but for low light conditions and even SOS lighting modes, lighting intensity can be as low as 10 lumens.

Despite this wide difference between lumens and battery capacities, manufacturers tend to design their product to provide an average range of hours. In other words, the product that features 500mAh will probably have a lower lumen output than the lantern with 1,000mAh.

Therefore, we can establish an average range based in recommendations from multiple manufacturers that fluctuates between 2-5 hours under super bright conditions and between 10 – 20 hours under low light conditions. The best way to accurately know this fact is to check the manufacturer’s specs.

How Will the Lanterns Perform in Various Weather Conditions?

a guy walking in the forest at night with his solar lamp in his hand

Since we are working with solar camping lanterns, the performance will be directly related to the weather conditions available in the campsite.

Cloudy conditions can reduce drastically the performance of any solar powered generator, and that includes solar lanterns for camping as well. If the sunlight is not optimal, it will probably take an entire day (and maybe even more) to completely charge the built-in battery.

On the other hand, most camping lanterns are designed with high IP_XY protection ratings. The IP protection rating is a universal standard that classifies the performance of any product against dust and water conditions. The first number (X) will indicate the minimum size of the object that could enter inside the lantern (an indicator of performance against dust) while the second number (Y) will indicate the performance against water environments.

Most solar camping lanterns will have an excellent performance against raining and wet conditions as they will be typically placed in campsites. Nevertheless, some of them will even offer complete protection against water, allowing immersion in water for at least 30 minutes (submersible IP67 rating) or even continuously (IP68).

This will be most valuable for all those campers and customers that would love a source of light while practicing paddle boarding, fishing, or sailing.

Where Should You Place the Lanterns around a Campsite?

Solar camping lanterns can be placed in many spots.

The first solar lantern that you should consider is the one that will go inside the camping tent. This one should have a high lighting mode that reaches between 70 -100 lumens to get a good source of illumination. The medium or low brightness modes should be enough (40-50 lumens) to allow you to read a book or talk with someone else inside the tent. You can hang this solar lantern on the top side of the tent.

Furthermore, placing other solar camping lanterns in the campsite is valuable in enhancing your evening experience in the outdoors. You can use a string fishing line to wire up or connect multiple solar lanterns, and then hang them between two trees to provide a good decoration and source of light at the same time.

If you have an RV, you can place some of them on the windows of the RV by using suction cups (Longans’ model), and if you go into the wild with a car, you can also use magnets located on the bottom of the solar powered camping lantern to attach them to the roof of the car (Tansoren model).

Finally, if you have a table for dinner, you can also place a couple of these camping lanterns with colors to provide a beautiful evening ambience.


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outdoor solar lanterns featured image

10 Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns in 2021

outdoor solar lanterns hung on wood

10 Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns in 2022 (Review)

Everybody enjoys spending time with family and loved ones in a cozy ambience. For outdoor activities like a dinner in the open or camping, a lighting source is a must-have.

In ancient times, when there was no electricity, people used candles and oil or kerosene lamps to have a source of light in the night. These lamps provided the same atmosphere and comfort that is wanted in these modern times.

Today, you can have a glimpse of the effects of these ancient lamps by selecting the best outdoor solar lanterns in 2022. These lights are generally manufactured with a design that resembles old-style models that mimic the amber and flickering effects of kerosene lamps without the dangers they implied.


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

The Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns


1. Aobik Solar Mason Jar Hanging Outdoor Solar Lanterns

four front facing aobik solar mason jar hanging outdoor solar lanterns

Key Features:

  • Artistic design
  • Choice of four or six Mason jars included
  • Single AAA rechargeable battery

Key Specifications:

  • 30 LED lights per jar
  • Full charge lasts 10-12 hours
  • Charging time:6-8 hours

Where To Buy

The Aobik solar Mason jar hanging outdoor solar lanterns are the most creative and innovative way to illuminate your patio, lawn, or garden.

A solar Mason jar contains several components that allow it to light up the night. The first and most creative one of them is a set of 30 LED lights that are wired together using a single metallic wire to join them. They present an irregular shape when gathered inside a glass jar (second component), making every LED solar lantern unique in its design.

The next components are metal handles that allow you to hang these LED lights in a tree. Finally, the last two components are the source of power for these decorative lanterns: the battery and the solar panel.

Small solar panels are located on the lid of the glass and they are powerful enough as to convert sunlight into electricity to fully charge the AAA battery. Once completely charged, this rechargeable led lantern is able to last between 10 and 12 hours, which is enough to last well through the night. The charging time for this model using solar power is approximately 6-8 hours.

2. Smart Solar 3960KR1 Outdoor Solar Lanterns

front facing Smart Solar 3960KR1 Outdoor Solar Lantern

Key Features:

  • Faux metal finish
  • Two AAA batteries
  • On/off switch included

Key Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds

Where To Buy

The Smart Solar 3960KR1 outdoor solar lanterns are an amazing choice that can be considered to create a warm glow view with an LED candle shape light.

The lantern uses an antique and classic design similar to the oil lamps from ancient times based in an upscale faux metal finish that will not rust and that is water-resistant, as well. These solar garden lanterns can be the perfect companion for a romantic or amazing family night dinner in the outdoors.

This LED lantern is powered by solar energy using two integrated monocrystalline solar panels, that when exposed to direct sunlight, can generate electricity that is able to power a AAA rechargeable battery set (two included) based in nickel-metal hydrate (Ni-MH) technology and with a capacity of 400mAh.

This energy storage capacity of the battery set is enough as to illuminate the night for up to 8 hours if it is fully charged. Two warm white LED’s are located inside the lamp to create a glowing pattern of light that can be visible on any surface.

The Smart Solar San Rafael II lantern is easy to carry and also has a handy off/on switch to activate it, plus a hanging loop to place it anywhere.

3. MAGGIFT 2 Pack Hanging Outdoor Solar Lanterns

front facing maggift 2 pack hanging lights outdoor solar lanterns

Key Features:

  • Arabic style lantern
  • Iron and plastic material
  • Weatherproof

Key Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 400mAh Ni-MH technology
  • Battery lasts for 8-10 hours
  • Brightness: 4 lumens

Where To Buy

Designed and manufactured using iron and plastic materials with a white finish, the MAGGIFT 2 Pack Hanging solar lights provide a subtle and soft ambient glow to any patio or garden.

These hanging solar lights have decorative purposes and use three white light LED bulbs with a lighting capacity close to 4 lumens. These lantern lights feature an Arabic style that resembles other models from the Middle East.

Moreover, as a solar rechargeable LED lantern, the MAGGIFT pack uses a single AA 400mAh nickel-metal hydrate (Ni-MH) battery that, when it’s fully charged, is able to last for nearly 8 hours or more during the night. Also, they typically take between 6-8 hours to get charged when exposing the solar panels located on top of the lantern.

An interesting feature of this model is that the lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, which saves you energy every day and avoids the need to constantly turn the lantern lights on and off.


4. LVJING 2 Pack Hanging Lights

side facing lvjing 2 pack hanging lights

Key Features:

  • IP44 weatherproof protection
  • Beautiful modern design
  • 10 years of reliability

Key Specifications:

  • Charging time: 6-8 hours
  • Working time: 6-9 hours
  • 600mAh battery capacity

Where To Buy

The LVJING 2 Pack Hanging Lights have a small and portable design that makes them easy to carry and easy to store. Moreover, these models include an on/off switch button that automatically activates the lantern at dusk and deactivates it at dawn.

Also, the LVJING light has a soft candle flickering effect that imitates a traditional oil lamp with an amber color feature. The lamp also has two solar panels with an estimated 60mAh energy production included in the top side of this light fixture that powers an internal battery that has a 600mAh capacity.

Moreover, this model features a compact design that is manufactured with metal and ABS plastic materials as well. Furthermore, the brightness that the LED light produces reaches 5 lumens, and the charging times also vary between 6-8 hours when exposed to direct sunlight. Once it reaches a full charge, then the estimated working time of the battery varies between 6-9 hours.

Truly these lanterns are great for sharing experiences with friends and family while being close to the beach and also for patio and pathways decorative purposes. You don’t have to worry about water or harsh weather, since these lights are designed with an IP44 weatherproof protection.


5. Eoyizw Solar Flame Lanterns

side facing eoyizw solar flame lanterns

Key Features:

  • Flame light style
  • Clips included for hanging
  • Flickering effects included

Key Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Working time: 8-10 hours

Where To Buy

The Eoyizw solar flame lanterns have one of the most amazing designs for lanterns on the market. This unique design model features a lightweight and compact design that includes 99 LEDs that have a similar look to a flame-type lamp.

Having a similar light color that simulates a flame illumination, these LEDs also have a flickering effect that imitates the irregular light shape of a flame. Designed mainly for decorative purposes, the lanterns are great to light up family events like a party or a barbecue.

Moreover, these small solar lanterns are manufactured with an IP65 waterproof rating that makes them perfect for all kinds of weather, meaning they can be placed outdoors all year long.

Using a top-mounted dual-solar panel cell, they can constantly charge an internal battery based in lithium technology with a capacity of 1500mAh. After 8 hours turn the LED light on at night to last between 8 and 10 hours. Moreover, the model provides over 40 lumens of light capacity which are not enough to serve as a powerful source of light but that are intended to provide a beautiful ambience.

6. Smart Solar 3900KR1 

front facing smart solar 3900kr1

Key Features:

  • Metal finish
  • Manufactured with real seeded glass
  • Warm glow

Key Specifications:

  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Battery capacity: 3 x 600mAh
  • 8 hours of operation

Where To Buy

The second option from the brand is the Smart Solar 3900KR1 San Rafael Mission style lantern.

One of the more reliable choices of garden solar lights, this Smart Solar model is able to sit on any flat surface and can also be hung by using the hanging loop located on the top of the lantern.

This lantern uses two high-performance warm white LED solar lights that can stay on for a long time using solar power. There is also the chance to select a single amber LED light to provide a warmer glowing look.

It’s important to notice that the compact design of the lantern allows it to be easy to store and install almost everywhere in the garden or patio. Using a monocrystalline solar panel, the lantern constantly recharges three replaceable AAA batteries of 600mAh each that provide up to 8 hours of lighting.

Regarding the material of the product, it has been manufactured using an upscale faux metal finish that will not rust and that is made from all-weather poly plastic.

These lanterns are perfect for the entryway to your home or even as solar driveway lights. It’s important to know that the difference between this and the San Rafael II model, is that the San Rafael II is a much smaller product. Therefore, the Smart Solar 3900KR1 models can be considered as large solar lanterns.

7. Outdoor Solar Hanging Lantern Lights

Key Features:

  • LED light source type
  • metal shade material
  • Battery and solar powered 

Key Specifications:

  • Can be hung anywhere in your yard
  • crafted from metal
  • rustic looking

Where To Buy

The Lantern Light Metal LED Decorative Light hanging lights provide one of the most beautiful designs that you will find amongst solar lanterns on the market.

Featuring an Arabic style lamp manufactured with iron and plastic while using a brown finish, the subtle light intensity that is provided gives an ambient glow that fills your garden and landscape with a beautiful and calm setting.

This is the perfect solar lantern, even for indoor applications, with a warm bright LED light that creates a beautiful pattern on the floor or ground. Moreover, the lantern uses 12 lumens for increased brightness.

Additionally, this solar lantern features an on/off switch to activate an automatic function, and it also includes a single AA 1,000mAh Ni-MH battery that is able to last up to 10 hours. Furthermore, it takes around 6-8 hours’ time to charge

8. Solar Lantern Waterproof Hanging Solar Light

Key Features:

  • Auto On/Off LED 
  • Light lamp with clip for garden patio decoration
  • Solar Candle Lantern

Key Specifications:

  • Battery and Solar powered
  • 195 Grams item weight

Where To Buy

The Solar Lantern Waterproof Hanging Solar Light Outdoor Garden solar powered lanterns have been designed to be the perfect match to light up the landscape areas that you prefer.

Manufactured with a vintage design, these lanterns integrate an automatic light detection system that activates at dusk and turns off at dawn. You will also have a manual switch to activate the lights at will when needed.

Regarding some important specs, the Twinkle Star lanterns have two main installation modes. The first one is through hooks that can be used to hang the lanterns from a tree or from any other support in the air. The second one is a grounding scheme, which allow you to place the lanterns anywhere in the ground.

The patterns of the lantern produce multiple decorative effects that make a beautiful addition to your garden. Moreover, by completely charging the LED solar lanterns’ AAA Ni-MH batteries between 6-8 hours, you will be able to enjoy up to 8-10 hours of light source.

9. LampLust Outdoor Black Lanterns

side facing lampLust outdoor black lanterns

Key Features:

  • 180 days of warranty
  • Flickering effects included
  • Weatherproof

Key Specifications:

  • 600mAh Ni-MH battery capacity
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 x 11.5 inches

Where To Buy

These LampLust outdoor black lanterns have a very modern and realistic-looking design. The package includes two black metal and real glass products that also include an ivory resin-made solar candle.

Moreover, the design of this LED solar lantern features a warm flickering effect that mimics the glow of a real flame type candle and that suits perfect to provide that beautiful ambience look, making it a great source of light

These lanterns are also weatherproof, making them perfect for outdoor use without the risk of rust or damage of any kind.

Furthermore, this lantern features a single rechargeable AA Ni-MH battery with 600mAh capacity that is already integrated into the lower side of the battery.

LampLust has included four very small solar panels that are specially designed to completely charge the battery within a single day

10. SUNWIND Outdoor Hanging Lights

front facing sunwind outdoor hanging lights

Key Features:

  • IP44 Weather protection
  • Warm white LED filament lights
  • Vintage style design

Key Specifications:

  • 5 lumens brightness
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Dimensions: 13 x 7.9 x 6.8 inches

Where To Buy

The Sunwind solar lanterns have a vintage design that makes you believe you are using an incandescent low efficient source of light. However, the truth is that these solar lights use an LED filament bulb that is located inside the Edison-type bulbs. Using solar panels located on top of the lantern, they provide the energy for a built-in battery that powers the LEDs.

As decorative lanterns, these products serve their purpose by integrating a concise pattern design that provides a glow and romantic ambience. This makes it perfect to be hung on trees and make them perfect for solar camping lanterns.

The product has also been designed to automatically turn on at dusk and turn off as dawn rises by activating the on/off switch. Moreover, the light output of the Sunwind model is approximately 5 lumens bright, which is good enough to serve for decorative purposes.

Finally, the Sunwind lantern features a compact design which makes it easy to carry and makes it valuable as solar patio lanterns.

Considering the price available in Amazon you can also think about it as cheap solar lanterns models that you can purchase for your camping trip, for your backyard, or even for outdoor activities.

Choosing Outdoor Solar Lanterns – 3 Features to Look For

Appearance and Design

The main purpose of these lights is to add a beautiful and cozy ambience to your patio, backyard or garden.

Since the idea is that you feel confident and happy about it, the first thing that you must look into is the design of the solar patio lanterns.

There are multiple aesthetics options for you to find the one that fits your taste.

You can choose from modern style lanterns such as the LVJING or LampLust models to Arabic styles such as the MAGGIFT products, passing through vintage type models such as the Sunwind and Aobik Mason jar lanterns and finally traditional ones as the Steady Doggie model

Battery Capacity

The next factor that you must look into is the battery specs.

The battery capacity in mAh is very important to consider. If you have a good solar resource available in your location, you will do better choosing a long battery capacity type model. However, if you don’t, then it is better that you choose a low capacity one. This will give you a better chance to properly charge the battery every day to the fullest which will optimize its performance over time.

Keep in mind the amount of time that is needed to get large solar lanterns charged and the amount of time that they should have available to work every day.

Lumens and Color of Light

The intensity of brightness is also another factor to consider. Most solar lanterns will have between 5 lumens and 40 lumens. Keep in mind that they are not intended for lighting purposes, but for decorative purpose, so the light intensity will never be high.

Combining this spec with the color of the light (amber, white light, etc.) is also important to consider as it will give you an idea of what you can expect when you turn it on during the night.

How Many Solar Garden Lanterns are Needed to Light an Average Size Yard?

solar lantern on the glass table

According to HomeAdvisor the average size of a yard in the US is approximately 10 square feet. However, this does not mean that your backyard has this size, so we can use a reference based on the number of solar garden lanterns that you should install per 10 square feet.

Based on the fact that these lanterns are not designed for lighting purposes, we cannot take the basic approach to sizing a lighting system for your backyard. Moreover, we must also take into account that there is an aesthetic and architectural point of view that you must consider.

Therefore, it is recommended that you select only a few solar lights to light up special areas such as a table, garden gnomes or a fountain. This will add an elegant touch to your garden without overwhelming it with too many lights or hanging wires.

If you want to have a super bright backyard, it is recommended that you choose a high lumens model (at least 20) and that you install at least 5 solar lanterns per 10 square feet to reach a 10 lux (amount of light per square meter), which is suitable for decorative purposes.

How to Place Solar Hanging Lanterns Around Your Backyard?

There are three ways to placed hanging lanterns.

The first and most simple one is spreading them across the backyard in a sitting position. You don’t have to worry, they won’t fire up your garden. You can also sit them on small wooden boards installed on the walls.

The second one implies using the metal handles or loops (useful as well for solar camping lanterns) to place them on the walls or exterior sides of the garden (if you have). You will have to install hooks or use moldable glue to hang them.

Finally, the last choice is using string lights designs by crossing wires through the backyard and hang the solar LED lanterns by using the clips or hooks on top of the lantern.

The choice is up to you and to your taste.

Buying Solar Patio Lanterns for Decoration – 3 Tips

Solar lantern on the door of the house

Avoid Hanging Wires

One of the best advantages of solar lights is that they do not need ugly wires to get powered; they work only with the energy stored inside the battery.

Use this advantage to display the solar lanterns across the backyard without the need to install wires that cross above your head.

Try to Select the Color Light That Matches Your Furniture

A good decorative touch is that your furniture color matches the colors of your solar lanterns. Generally, you will find bright white, amber and red colors for solar lights. Try to select furniture for your backyard or patio that matches these colors.

Highlight Remarkable Spots

As mentioned before, the idea of these lights is that they add a calm and beautiful ambience to the area that you are lighting up.

One of the best ways to do so is to place solar lanterns in spots across the garden that require some extra light, like the door (place two), a fountain, a tree, flowers, gnomes, a dinner table, etc.

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solar lamp posts featured image

10 Best Solar Lamp Posts in 2021

solar lamp posts outside a house

10 Best Solar Lamp Posts in 2022 (Review)

Every household needs a good lamp post to provide a lighting source during the night. However, traditional post lights consume too much power.

Choosing an LED light source will provide good lighting for many years, as new LEDs are designed for long lifespans. The ideal combination is to use a renewable source of energy to power these LED lights.

Today, that is possible by choosing one of the best solar lamp posts in 2022. These solar powered post lights use small PV cells to charge pre-installed batteries and provide an LED lighting source over the night.

Here you will find detailed solar lamp post reviews that will be explained with valuable features and specs to help you to make a well-informed decision. Let’s get started with this valuable buying guide!


Written by qualified solar engineer Carlos. Last updated:

The Best Solar Lamp Posts

1. Sterno Home GL23716BK Solar Lamp Post


Key Features:

  • Four amorphous solar panels
  • Twelve LED lights
  • 1-year warranty

Key Specifications:

  • 50-lumen output​
  • Three AA Ni-MH batteries
  • Weight: 13.13 pounds

Where To Buy

The Sterno GL23716BK solar powered lamp post is an innovative solution designed to light up patios, driveways, and walkways using a renewable and efficient source of energy.

The post light has four (4) integrated amorphous solar panels on the top side that generate DC electricity when exposed to direct sunlight. This DC electrical current is used to power a three AA Nickel Metal-Hydrate (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery pack that is used to provide dusk to dawn performance.

The Sterno Home solar lamp post has a beautiful and elegant old-fashioned designed with a cast aluminum construction and a rust-resistant black finish. It also has plastic lenses that have been designed to endure harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, the light intensity of the lamp post is close to 50 lumens. This is enough as to provide a remarkable ambiance to any outdoor garden, just like solar pathway lights which are provided by twelve (12) bright white LEDs designed to provide cool light over a long period of time without the need for any maintenance.

This solar lamp post light is also easy to install. All of the main parts are already integrated without the need to make any electrical wiring. By simply assembling base, post, and lamp structures, you can install your light fixture anywhere you like.

2. Gama Sonic GS-106PL Solar Lamp Post

Key Features:

  • Planter base for easy installation
  • Rust-resistant cast aluminum construction
  • 10 white LED lights

Key Specifications:

  • 80 lumens output
  • 10-12 hours of light between dusk and dawn
  • 1,000 charge cycles for lithium-ion battery

Where To Buy

Gama GS-106PL is probably one of the best companies dedicated to the design and construction of solar powered lamp posts since 2001.

In this case, the Gama Sonic Baytown GS-106PL series is the perfect model for residential applications like patios, gardens, or home entrances.

This solar lamp post is 77 inches tall from base to top and has been designed with rust-resistant cast aluminum that is covered with a powder-coated black finish to provide a sophisticated light fixture to any ambience.

Moreover, the product has been designed with a cutting-edge lithium-ion battery pack technology that is reliable enough as to last over 1,000 charge cycles, which represents around 3 years of performance. This lithium battery gets fully charged every day by using four monocrystalline silicon solar cells located on top of the lamp post. They convert direct sunlight into DC electricity.

The solar LED lamp post turns on automatically at dusk and provides 80 lumens of light to your garden or patio areas. An interesting feature of this post lamp is that it has a decorative planter base, which makes it easy to install when compared to other lamp posts.

3. Kemeco ST4311AHP Solar Lamp Post

Key Features:

  • Plastic planter base
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Warm white light

Key Specifications:

  • 2300mAh battery capacity
  • 6-8 hours of light for dusk and dawn
  • 6 solar powered LEDs

Where To Buy

The Kemeco ST4311AHP solar lamp is another remarkable solution for outdoor lighting that consists on a simple set of components (head, top, middle and bottom posts, base, and planter base) that can be easily assembled for a practical installation.

The design of the solar powered street light features 6 efficient LED bulbs that have four monocrystalline solar cells which constantly recharge the three integrated Ni-MH batteries across the day to fully charge the 2300mAh capacity of the battery pack.

This battery capacity is enough to power the LED lights around 6-8 hours (estimated performance time between dusk and dawn). Keep in mind that for the first battery charge, you must let the lamp post light charge nearly 24 hours.

The 6 LED bulbs provide a warm white light ambience to your patio, garden or yard. Moreover, the decorative style of the outdoor solar lamp post is based in a classic cast aluminum design that features ripple glass and a plastic planter base. It combines aesthetics and solar lighting to obtain the best performance

4. Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-WB


Key Features:

  • Weathered bronze finished
  • Monocrystalline solar modules
  • Anchor system integrated

Key Specifications:

  • 120 lumens of brightness
  • The battery lasts 1,000 charge cycles
  • LED light bulb lasts around 10 years

Where To Buy

Another stylish solution from Gama Sonic to your outdoor lighting needs is the Royal Bulb Gama GS-98B-S-WB model. It is a solar powered lamp that requires no electrical wiring. This LED light fixture uses an integrated anchor system that allows you to secure the post lamp in the ground or that allows you to attach the post light to concrete.

What is more innovative and beautiful about this solar street light, besides its mounting system, is its remarkable and sophisticated bronze finish that will add an elegant touch to any house.

Moreover, this solar powered lamp post has an integrated lithium-ion battery pack that can work for nearly 1,000 charges (approximately 3 years). The best thing about the design is that after the battery reaches the end of its useful life, you only need to replace it with another lithium battery that will last 3 more years. Regarding the LED light bulb itself is guaranteed by the brand to last around 50,000 hours of operation (estimated time of 10-years).

The LED brightness can be configured under two operation modes to extend the light duration and when fully charged, the battery can last for 8 hours from dusk to dawn while the LEDs provide 120 lumens of brightness.

This design and performance have inspired multiple