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10 Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights in [current_year] (Review)

Are you concerned about safety in the surrounding outdoor areas of your house? If so, installing solar-powered motion security lights for your home can definitely help you!

Sensor solar lights are cost-effective, durable, and independent from any connection to the grid. In the event of a blackout, your house could be at greater risk since thieves take advantage of these situations. By installing a solar-powered motion sensor, you can ensure that no person will be sneaking around your house unnoticed.

In this article, we review the best solar-powered  motion security lights in 2021. We will also provide you with specs, important details, and tips on how to accurately select the model that is best for you. Let’s take a look at these amazing products and get started with this valuable guide on outdoor solar security lights.


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The Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

1. LITOM Solar Powered Motion Security Light

side facing litom original solar powered motion security lights

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant and weatherproof
  • 3-year lifespan
  • Three operation modes

Key Specifications:

  • Motion detection at 10m
  • Wide-angle design: 270°
  • Weight: 7.4 ounces

Where To Buy

Litom is one of the world’s leading solar light brands, Weather-resistant, with over 5,000,000 solar lights sold in the market.

The great advantage of the Litom is the combination of two of the most efficient and green technologies: LED and solar. The Litom light is able to harvest solar energy and store it in a battery for later use at night. This model will  light up for 20 seconds if any motion is detected

The product is a new version of Litom with 24 LED solar lights, and it has a wider range of lighting with the ability to light up nearly 200 square feet (and even 800 square feet if 4 lights are used simultaneously).

Its wide-angle design that is close to 270° (much wider than other versions, which only account for 120°) makes it the brightest motion security light. Moreover, the LED lamp has a sensing distance for motion detection that reaches between 10m and 11m , which increases security in any location.

Moreover, the Litom led light has three modes of operation: light mode, dim light, and sensor mode. For security purposes, choose the sensor mode operation. The Litom models are the perfect solar-powered yard lights; these will be turned off on normal operation and will turn on only when motion is detected.

2. URPOWER Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

front facing urpower solar powered motion security lights

Key Features:

  • 50,000 hours of operation
  • Single motion detection mode
  • Weather resistant

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 125 x 96 x 50 mm
  • Rechargeable battery capacity: 3.7 V 900 mAh
  • Motion sensor: 120° sensing angle and 10 feet range

Where To Buy

Urpower solar lights are another interesting option to consider.

The design of this product has been made specifically for this purpose and uses solar to power up 8 LED solar motion lights. Urpower guarantees that the 8 LED lights have a longer lifespan and better performance than other common 12 LED lamps combined.

To increase security in any house or building, the product includes an outdoor motion sensor that is activated only when movement is detected and that automatically turns the solar motion lights off after movement stops.

Regarding the sensor range, it is estimated to cover up to 10 feet with a sensing angle of 120°. Keep in mind that when the motion detector is activated, the light shines for up to 30 seconds.

The Urpower solar lights also have an amazing 5-year lifespan, which is approximately valued at weather-resistant  50,000 operation hours. One important feature to consider is that it takes around 6-8 hours to charge the  lamp and that to activate it, you must unlock it with a key pin.

3. Aootek Outdoor Solar Security Lights

side facing aootek new upgraded outdoor solar powered motion security lights

Key Features:

  • Three operation modes
  • 48 LED lights
  • LED ranges: 26 ft. distance and 120-degree angle

Key Specifications:

  • Solar panel efficiency 20.5%
  • Battery capacity 2200mAh
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.9 x 8 inches

Where To Buy

Aootek also offers these motion sensor lamps that can be considered one of the brightest solar security lights.

Your house or business can now be protected by installing the Aootek motion security lights that detect motion at 26 feet of distance with a sensor angle of 120° . This product also provides one of the brightest LED lights.

The solar-powered motion light uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2200mAh that allows performance over longer periods of operation.

Similar to the Litom LED product, the Aootek motion security light has three modes of operation: bright light mode (continuous light overnight), dim light motion sensor (low bright at night unless it detects motion and bright light is activated for 30 seconds), and sensor mode (normally off and when motion activated turns bright light for 30 seconds).

Moreover, the outdoor motion sensor is constantly charged using solar panels with efficiency values around 20.5%. These features make it one of the most valuable solar powered dusk to dawn security lights for the garage, driveway, yard or pathway. If you are looking for lights that are a little easier on the eye for your garden, then take a look at these solar pathway lights.


side facing baxia technology bx-sl-101

Key Features:

  • Waterproof and heatproof solar motion sensor
  • 28 LED outdoor lights
  • Single infrared sensor mode

Key Specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • .Solar panel efficiency 17%
  • Dimensions: 4.33×5.11x 2.67 inches

Where To Buy

As a valuable LED solar security light, the Baxia technology offers a design that maximizes lifespan by only activating bright light when the PIR motion devices (passive infrared) sense movement.

The sensor can detect movement between 3 m to 5 m distance with an angle of 120°, and when detected, the solar-powered lights will automatically activate in such an event.

Among other interesting features to consider of Baxia is that up to 28 LED solar-powered lights are included inside the product, which maximizes lux values and provides an excellent level of illumination in any dark space.

The product uses polycrystalline solar panels with efficiency values close to 17% that are covered with waterproof IP65 protection that makes them weather and heat resistant against harsh environmental conditions.

The solar motion light also includes a lithium-ion battery of 1200mAh that gets charged with 8 hours of direct sunlight, and when fully charged, it works up to 12 hours.

5. Dimunt Solar Pendant Lights

Key Features:

  • Waterproof wireless solar powered
    motion sensor
  • 236 LED Motion Sensor Lights
  • Smart Brightness Control 

Key Specifications:

  • High Efficient Solar Panel
  • Enhanced PIR Motion Inductor
  • All-Weather Resistant

Where To Buy

Beautifully and aesthetically designed, solar security lights from Urpower 20 led are definitely your choice for the safety of any installation or street.

This wireless waterproof motion sensor has been designed with solid stainless steel that guarantees absolute protection against harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, and even ice. Also, the Urpower solar lights include a battery with a capacity of 1,000mAh that is constantly recharged through solar power, and that can provide up to 10 hours of lighting when it’s completely charged.

The light sensor is only activated when it detects movement up to a 10 feet distance and changes from a standby mode to a bright light mode for approximately 20 seconds. This means that this product only works under the PIR sensor mode.

A great feature of any motion sensor outdoor light is that the process of installation is very easy, as it only requires simply screw the lamp into the wall.

6. BAXIA Technology 2000LM

front facing baxia technology 2000lm

Key Features:

  • 100 LED solar motion lights
  • Weatherproof design
  • 30 seconds of illumination under motion
    sensor mode

Key Specifications:

  • 2,000 lumens of light intensity
  • 2600mAh battery capacity
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 5.2 x 2.7 inches

Where To Buy

Baxia Technology 2000LM outdoor solar lights have one of the brightest intensities among similar products with up to 2,000 lumens (intensity or amount of light produced). This super bright capacity is possible thanks to its 100 LED solar lights that make it more than suitable for lighting and for home security.

The detection range of this amazing product is up to 16 feet with an angle of 125° that will automatically turn on the lights when movement is detected. It will then stay on for at least 30 seconds. It is important to mention that this outdoor solar motion sensor does not include dim light or continuous light modes of operation.

This outdoor motion sensor light has a built-in lithium-ion battery that can get charged in  8 hours. By absorbing sunlight, it will last up to 12 hours after being completely charged, thanks to its 2600mAh capacity.

Moreover, the Baxia Technology product has been designed with an IP65 waterproof standard to protect its polycrystalline solar panels against water and most harsh weather conditions.

The outdoor light uses a key pin to activate the motion sensor, and it is perfectly suitable for your garage, front door, garden, aisles, and balcony as well.


side facing litom ltcd151ab

Key Features:

  • Wireless waterproof motion sensor
  • 3-year lifespan – 30,000 hours of operation
  • 270° angle range and 26 ft. detection range

Key Specifications:

  • 20 Litom LED lights
  • Dimensions: 4.9 x 4 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 1.52 pounds

Where To Buy

LITOM LTCD151AB solar lights are one of the few available on the market that offers a wider angle cover for motion detection and lighting that allows it to reach up to 800 square feet when combining 4 lights simultaneously.

In this case, a solar motion security sensor with 20 wireless LED light bulbs has been designed by Litom to improve light utilization up to a 25% angle and cover up to 50% when compared with other products.

This wall light uses polycrystalline solar panels with conversion rates that reach 20%. It converts sunlight into electricity and stores it in a lithium-ion battery that is able to provide illumination all night long if required.

As with other Litom solar products, this light fixture will turn on for at least 30 seconds after the first movement is detected. If movement is continuous, the solar security lights will stay on until motion stops.

The solar motion sensor is able to detect the movement with greater sensitivity than other brands when located ideally at 6.5ft height.

8. Sunforce 82080

side facing sunforce 82080

Key Features:

  • 30 feet and 180° sensing range
  • Adjustable timer
  • Amorphous solar panel

Key Specifications:

  • 900 Lumens of light intensity
  • 80 LED solar lights
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.2 x 8.4 inches

Where To Buy

Solar security lights are always desirable in any porch or garage to provide a sensation of security at night. However, unlike other lights that you could purchase with incandescent bulbs, Sunforce 82080 brings up technology with high energy efficiency that combines solar charging with bright LED lights.

This separated kit includes a particular amorphous solar panel technology and a wire of 15 ft. to get connected to the 80 LED outdoor light, and it also includes 3 AA rechargeable batteries that are able to provide 900 lumens light intensity under motion detecting.

The powered motion sensor can detect movement up to 30 feet (one of the highest ranges among motion sensor lights) with an angle range of 180° (wider than most products that only reach 120°).

The product also has a weatherproof design that allows it to be mounted anywhere in the house. The best feature of this LED security light is that you can adjust the time that you want the light to stay on when it detects motion.


side facing zookki zk-sl-101

Key Features:

  • Waterproof and heatproof
  • Motion sensor range: 3-5 m and 120° angle
  • 28 LED security lights

Key Specifications:

  • 400 lumens of light intensity
  • 1200mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 4.3 x 2.7 inches

Where To Buy

Zookki ZK-SL-101 solar motion sensor lights are the perfect choice to increase the security and safety of any installation or house.

Each of these security lights includes 28 bright LEDs that provide 400 lumens of intensity that will be able to illuminate large areas. They have been tested and passed through certifications such as TUV, RoHS, and FCC.

Moreover, Zookki security lights are integrated with a 1200mAh lithium-ion battery that provides over 12 hours of working time with barely 8 hours needed for charging.

The motion sensor of this device has a 120° wide angle with the possibility to turn on the LED lighting after detecting motion at 3 or 5 meters distance. The solar motion detection will stay ON for around 30 seconds and will go OFF after that time has passed without any movement detected.

These sensor lights are easy to install. All that needs to be done is adjusting a pair of screws and using the key pin to activate the solar motion security lights.

10. DrawGreen DG08-A

side facing drawgreen dg08-a

Key Features:

  • 360° rotation for LED lighting
  • 1400 lumens of bright light
  • Waterproof and heatproof

Key Specifications:

  • 50,000 hours of operation
  • 2600mAh battery capacity
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 4.7 x 3.5 inches

Where To Buy

DrawGreen DG08-A certainly offers one of the best solar-powered outdoor security lights.

One of the most important features for outdoor solar lights is the option to adjust the LED light bulbs in as many directions as possible to be able to light up the widest possible area.

For this security lighting device, a rotation of 360° is possible thanks to its light head all-directional adjustment. Unlike any other product on this list, the solar panel’s tilt angle can also be adjusted to maximize energy yields according to the location, a very interesting feature. However, our favorite feature of the product is that, unlike any other outdoor solar motion device, the metal bracket can also be removed and can be used as a solar-powered flashlight as well.

Moreover, the amount of light that this Draw Green product offers is 1400 lumens, but it enhances its capacity by introducing an optics-grade PMMA lens that increases by 60 feet in distance.

Regarding the PIR motion detection sensor, it is able to detect the presence of movement up to 26 ft. away with an angle range of 120°.

Durable, with waterproof IP66 protection against cold or hot (-30° to 120°F), and with dusk to dawn capability, it is able to last up to 50,000 hours. It also harbors an incredible 2600mAh battery capacity.

The product design is a truly remarkable solar-powered security system.

How to Choose Motion Security Lights – 5 Things to Think Of

two solar powered motion security lights hanging on the wall

When choosing motion sensor solar lights, you may realize that there are tons of brands, models, and features available. So, how do you know which is best for you? Let’s examine some of the specs that you must think of before taking a decision.

Range Capacity

If you are looking forward to increasing your home security, then installing motion sensor lights is a very good option. These are easy to install, and they will definitely alert you when someone is trying to sneak into your house. Now, since you want to detect any possible intruder or guest that might come out to your front door, garage, or porch, the coverage distance and sensing angle are of great importance. The LED motion sensor must be able to detect movement as far away as possible and from as many directions as possible to be more effective. For this, the distance range of the product is essential to determine if the outdoor security light is able to detect intruders within the corresponding area.

Light intensity

The amount of light that is generated is also important to consider. Especially if the purpose of the solar LED device is to provide a source of light in a specific area, to quantify the light intensity between outdoor security lights, you could use the unit lumens as a reference, which is referred to as the flux of light emitted by a source of energy.

Battery Capacity

Another important thing to think about is related to the lithium-ion battery capacity of the solar-powered motion sensor. This will deeply influence the amount of time that the solar LED light can work overnight. If the battery has a higher capacity, then it will work more hours without the Sun’s energy. This is increasingly important if the security lights have a dim mode feature.


The possibility to rotate, ease of installation, and available modes of operation are also very important. The motion security light that offers more modes of operation, such as continuous light, dim mode, and motion detection, is always better than the one that only offers a single mode.

Estimated Lifespan

Also, consider the lifespan of the outdoor security light. Longer lifespans guarantee fewer replacement costs and are also a sign of a trustworthy brand.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Top Solar Powered Motion Security Light?

One of the best things about solar-powered lights is that they are not expensive at all.

Prices vary a lot among manufacturers, and this depends on the features, lumens, battery capacity, and the brand itself. On average, a single top solar-powered motion security light should be located between 20$ and 40$. When you think about the lifespan of these devices and compare it with the prices, you will realize that they are not expensive.

You may also find some brands that offer 2 or 4 packs for a similar price. It is okay since this depends on light intensity capacity, the size of the solar light, motion range, and other features.

In this list, the top solar-powered motion light is the model from Draw Green which costs nearly 40$. The product that you purchase should not cost more than that.

Do These Lights Help Make Your Home or Business More Secure?

two houses with some solar powered motion security lights in the doors

Absolutely! Nothing scares more a criminal than an unexpected super bright light in the middle of the dark. By installing the brightest solar motion security lights, any attempt  approaching  your business or home will deter the criminal since the motion sensor will detect someone close and will activate the security lights. It is always a good idea to have some sort of light active outside your property as it may make criminals think twice. If you like to fly a flag outside your home or business, why not purchase a solar light for a flagpole that you have in your front or back yard.

Solar floodlights, in particular, are able to illuminate an area with enough light to allow facial recognition at 30 feet of distance. Moreover, by combining these sensor lights with a solar-powered security camera , you will be able to instantly record and recognize the face of any unwary criminal that could be prowling around your house or business.

Besides, even if it’s not for security itself, people who approach a business at night psychologically feel safer if there is a bright light in front of the business. By installing these solar motion detection lights, you will increase the number of visitors that will come to your business at night!

How Long Does an Outdoor Solar Security Light Last?

The answer to this question depends on several factors: battery capacity, modes of operation, and lifespan.

The battery capacity determines the amount of energy that can be stored and therefore determines the amount of time that the solar motion sensor lights can last. On average, this is typically between 8 -12 hours, which is enough to light up the night.

The available modes of operation determine how constantly the LEDs are used. If you choose only a sensor mode of operation, then it will last much longer than on a continuous light mode.

Finally, lifespans of high-quality motion sensor solar lights are typically between 3 and 5 years.

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