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7 Best Solar Powered Security Cameras (Review)

Home security is great priority to have, especially if you have a family. If you own a large home or estate, it may be difficult to keep watch over your entire property. Moreover, staying alert all the time wouldn’t allow you to have a normal and relaxed lifestyle. You may need something reliable that can help you keep watch over your property.

This review of the best solar powered security cameras in [current_year] can help you do just that. By integrating motion detection and alarm notifications, your house, farm, or property will be continuously guarded. The best advantage of installing a solar-powered wireless camera is that your security is never compromised by a power outage or by a wire failure. This enhances safety and ensures that no intruder surrounding your house will go unnoticed.


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The Best Solar Powered Security Cameras


1. Reolink Argus 2 Solar Powered Security Camera

Key Features:

  • IP65 waterproof protection for camera and solar panel
  • High definition quality video 1080p
  • Local and cloud storage

Key Specifications:

  • WiFi connection at 2.4 GHz
  • 33 feet night vision cover
  • 64GB for built-in SD card slot

The Reolink Argus 2 solar powered wireless security camera is a state-of-the-art home surveillance system that offers multiple advantages for the homeowner.

First, as a wireless security camera, you will not need to make any connections between your computer and the cameras to get a view of your outdoor area. By simply using a 2.4GHz WiFi connection and using the Reolink’s App on your mobile phone, you can gain instant access to your camera’s video everywhere and anytime. Up to 10 users from family or friends can have access to the same Reolink’s App to watch the live streaming signal.

As part of Reolink’s features, you will get live audio which will allow you to hear any visitant and to communicate through its 2-way audio system. Video recordings are stored inside a Micro SD card slot with a capacity up to 64GB. Videos can also be saved in the Reolink’s cloud storage platform to avoid any loose footage.

This WiFi surveillance camera can be supported by a rechargeable battery or through its weather-resistant solar panel. It can also be mounted on any wall using its magnetic mounting system to be placed in your front door, back door, porch or simply placed flatly on any table. An important feature to notice is its 1080p full HD quality video with night vision as well (both HD and black & white). Finally, it also integrates a PIR motion sensor with a customizable voice alert to detect any intruder.


2. REOLINK Argus Eco Solar Powered Security Camera

Key Features:

  • Works with Google Assistant
  • Two-way audio
  • Smart Color Night Vision

Key Specifications:

  • WiFI connection at 2.4GHz
  • 30 feet night vision
  • 64GB for SD and 1GB cloud storage

The REOLINK Argus Eco solar powered surveillance cameras are designed with a 1080p full HD video resolution to show images in their best video quality. The camera system works with Google Assistant, which allows you to communicate with the camera by voice commands such as: “Google, Show Front Door!” This is a more elegant and original solution than other products on the market.

Among other things, the Reolink Argus Eco has been designed with an advanced CMOS image sensor and with a 100° wide field of vision to provide a clear picture of any environment up to 30ft in the distance even at night thanks to its 850nm infrared LED light.

Working through a 2.4G WiFi connection, the camera configuration can be easily done by downloading and registering the Reolink Cloud App. Moreover, the smart PIR motion detection feature allows you to make sure that any movement detected will be sent to your mobile phone through email alerts or sirens. To avoid unnecessary alerts or false alarms, the wireless security camera allows you to set the working time for sending alerts on motion detection.

The camera’s battery is powered by a separated solar panel that has monocrystalline technology and can also get charged by a 5V 2A adapter.


3. Soliom Solar Powered Security Camera

Key Features:

  • Adjustable PIR motion sensibility
  • Field of vision: 160°
  • Unique aesthetic design

Key Specifications:

  • WiFi connection at 2.4GHz
  • 50 feet range distance for night vision
  • 64GB for micro-SD card slot

Where To Buy

The Soliom wireless Solar powered security camera system is one of the top models available on the market with an original and beautiful design and remarkable functionalities.

The Soliom S60 Bird camera is powered by a built-in 4000mAh battery (smaller size than usual). At the same time, it is charged by a solar panel that is already integrated into the structure of the camera. One hour of full sunlight energy is enough to provide 24 hours of video recordings.

Moreover, the S60 has a wide field of vision that reaches over 160 degrees (the highest in this list) and is also capable of using LED lights to enhance the night vision from 33 feet up to 50 feet in distance. The PIR motion sensor is capable of adjusting PIR sensitivity (disable – low – medium – high). It focuses the motion detection in a specific area within a 15-foot range and a 110-degree angle range. The motion sensor is also capable of sending notifications to the Soliom App for Android/iOS in less than 1 second once the movement is detected in the PIR range.

A full HD 1080p image will be visible in camera recordings thanks to its 5 refined layers of glass lenses. Its recorded videos will be stored onto a micro-SD with a 64GB capacity. There is also the option of cloud storage in the Soliom App. This model is waterproof with an IP66 rating and a temperature range of operation between – 20 ~ 60°C.

4. Hiseeu Solar Powered Security Camera

Key Features:

  • Adjustable PIR motion sensibility
  • Field of vision: 160°
  • Unique aesthetic design

Key Specifications:

  • WiFi connection at 2.4GHz
  • 50 feet range distance for night vision
  • 64GB for micro-SD card slot

Where To Buy

The Hiseeu Solar powered outdoor security camera is another excellent choice when it comes to increasing the safety of your home.

Integrated with a 6000mAh Panasonic built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 years, the Hiseeu surveillance camera system can work for 120 continuous days with the first single charge. Moreover, the battery takes 5 days to get charged up to 99% by using the 3.2W monocrystalline solar panel that is included in the package. The combination of solar power and efficient rechargeable battery ensures that your camera system will never run out of power. For the solar panel connection, you will have a 12.8 ft. cable.

Among other things, the mounting system can be selected either by a magnet or by a screw fixed configuration. This WiFi surveillance camera works at 2.4GHz and does not need any wiring connection between the camera and any computer. All the installation, live streaming, history recordings, and more can be simply visualized through the Hisseu’s CloudEdge App by simply scanning the QR code.

Moreover, the camera has a good outdoor performance perfectly working in temperatures between -7.6 and 140 °F. It also has PIR motion detection and a real-time security camera alarm synchronized with CloudEdge.

5. AKASO Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • Super Night Vision and 1080P HD
  • PIR Motion Detection

Key Specifications:

  • 33 feet vision range during the night
  • Weight: 2.18 lbs
  • 2 A batteries included

Where To Buy

The Akaso Wireless security camera is another valuable option on the market. The camera system has been designed to provide a 1080p full HD video to the user with a 33-foot range and 6 infrared LEDs with a wavelength at 850nm to increase night vision.

The camera’s footage can be safely saved in a built-in memory with a capacity of 64GB or remotely stored in a cloud. Moreover, the security camera system continuously takes pictures whenever motion is detected and stores these images for 7 days. The Smart PIR motion detection capability sends alarm notifications to the registered mobile phone whenever motion is detected in a 130° wide angle range that reduces the presence of blinds spots. An interesting feature of this alarm system is that in case of an undesired intruder, you can activate a siren from your phone to scare any suspicious person.

The camera is powered by a 6400mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a separate solar panel based in monocrystalline technology that provides continuous power without needing the grid.

6. Conico Outdoor Security Camera

Key Features:

  • IP65 Weatherproof
  • 4 Infrared LED lights included
  • Works with CloudEdge

Key Specifications:

  • WiFi connection at 2.4GHz
  • 50 feet range for night vision
  • 128 Gb for micro-SD

Where To Buy

The Conico is a solar powered home security camera with multiple features designed to increase the safety of your house perimeter.

This camera installation is very simple since only by using 4 screws you can attach the camera to any wall surface. Meanwhile, the configuration of the camera can be done through the CloudEdge App. Simply scan the QR code that appears on your mobile phone once you register the device.

The surveillance camera is powered by a 6400mAh battery that can be recharged through AC power or through an integrated solar panel that has a 200mA and 1W output. The solar panel’s tilt angle is adjustable to optimize solar energy harvesting according to the location and is already wired up to the camera.

On the other hand, the viewing angle of the camera has a range of 110 degrees and has a 1080p resolution with infrared LEDs for night vision. Moreover, the solar panel security camera works with a wireless network of 2.4Ghz and allows to store the recorded videos in a cloud of the Alexa’s App.

7. ZUMIMALL Solar Powered Camera


Key Features:

  • PIR Sensor for human-shapes only
  • Rapid wake-up
  • Customized alarm plan

Key Specifications:

  • WiFi connection at 2.4GHz
  • 33 feet vision range during the night
  • 64 Gb supported for the micro-SD

Where To Buy

ZUMIMALL also provides its own solar powered security camera systems solutions.

With a wide range of visualization up to 104° and a PIR motion sensor, the ZUMIMALL Cameras does not miss a single spot. It quickly detects the presence of movement and sends an alert of an intruder to your mobile phone. The camera is linked to a 2.4GHz WiFi connection to the ToSee App from Alexa. This model also shows a live streaming signal with a 1080p high quality video.

Moreover, the ZUMIMALL camera is powered by a 6400mAh Panasonic rechargeable battery. It works with either AC power or with a solar panel that is separated from the camera kit. The panel is connected through a 9.84ft cable which ensures recording even if the power grid fails.

Among other things, the product has a two-way audio systems thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone. Finally, the camera is supported by an IP65 waterproof rating and has 6 built-in infrared lights with a viewing distance up to 33ft. even at night.

How to Choose a Solar Powered Surveillance Camera – 3 Things to Think About

Camera Recording Features

The most important factors that you must be considering when selecting solar powered security cameras are the details related to the video recording.

In this aspect, many parameters come into the scene. The first is visual quality. Security cameras should have a high resolution to clearly visualize all the images during the daytime video, meaning that video should be 1080p Full HD. The second one is the night vision range. Most cameras will have the ability to clearly catch images up to 33 feet, but this parameter may change from model to model. On many occasions, in case visibility during the night needs to be improved, you can also install solar flood lights or another type of outdoor solar powered lighting. This will add illumination and improve the color night vision of the camera.

Also, you must watch for the availability of storage capacity, both local and remote. Local storage refers to the micro-SD card slot capacity (generally between 32GB and 64GB) and remote storage to cloud-based systems (amount of continuous days where the video recordings will be safely stored).

View and Solar Angles

The view angle of the camera is also very important. The wider the angle, the fewer the blind spots in the area. Most cameras will have a view angle similar to 100°, so to reach full visibility, you may need to add other cameras in other spots.

The other factor is related to the solar panel itself. A separated solar panel will have better adjustability when it comes to solar power harvesting. A solar panel that is attached to the camera will not have this same effect. The camera’s angle is the most important — it will focus the area that wants to be recorded in video. However, the ability to change the solar panel’s orientation through an extension wire is a desirable feature. Therefore, wireless security cameras with separated solar panels will have a better performance in the module. This is because they will have wider tilt and azimuth angle options.

Motion Security Detection

The WiFi surveillance camera also needs to have a motion detection feature. This is probably the most important feature to consider. It is important to check if the security camera will have an infrared vision to detect movement at night. Also, you must verify how the system will alert you that there is movement. Most systems will send email notifications, while others will send a camera alarm to your mobile phone. Actually, some systems will allow you to activate a siren to scare unwanted guests.

You must also keep in mind that the motion sensor of these cameras is better at detecting side-to-side movements rather than motion in the lineal direction of the camera.  Therefore, when installing your security systems, place the camera in a position where the intruder’s motion would be horizontal when viewed from the camera’s screen perspective.

Wired vs Wireless Solar Security Cameras

Reolink Argus Solar Powered Security Camera on the outside of a house

You will find security camera models on the market that need to be wired to a network router and computer system to record videos of surveillance. There are multiple disadvantages to using these models when compared to wireless solar security cameras.

From an installation perspective, wireless models are far easier to install (no wiring, no drilling). They’re also easier to configure since everything is done through the corresponding mobile App.  This is related to the aesthetics of the installation. A wireless camera will look more elegant and will not affect the appearance of your property.

Another bonus is that wireless cameras can be hidden more easily than their wired counterparts. To watch remote properties such as farms, you may not have a power supply nearby to wire the cameras. If this is the case, installing wireless solar powered security cameras will be the best choice. From a security point of view, wireless cameras are also safer since the wiring system cannot be trimmed or hacked easily.

Are All Outdoor Solar Security Cameras Waterproof?

Reolink Argus Solar Powered Security Camera

Solar security cameras are designed to be located in the outdoors, so manufacturers must consider multiple weather conditions for the devices to withstand – without affecting their performance. All cameras should be waterproof to resist rain and dust. The solar panels are waterproof as well, no matter if they are separated or attached to the camera.

However, one thing that you must notice is that not all camera systems will have the same resistance or performance against different weather conditions. In extreme weather conditions (hot summer or cold winter) temperature operation ranges can vary from one model to the other. You must verify this with each manufacturer and model.

Besides, each solar powered security camera will have its IP rating, which will specify how protected will the camera will be against water and dust. The rating for these devices is generally IP65, which provides complete protection against dust and also against water jets.

Is There a Difference in Performance Between Regular and Solar Security Camera Systems?

The performance of the camera’s video quality, PIR motion detection, or night vision properties will not change according to the type of security camera that you use.

The difference is linked to the fact that a solar powered camera will get powered by the sun, while the other one will be directly powered by AC. This means that to work properly, the camera should be installed in a location where a good solar resource is available, minimizing shadows and nearby objects that could cause interference. This also implies that in places located in the far northern region of the US, the battery of the camera could get discharged. For these cases, it is advisable to choose a solar powered camera that sends a notification to your mobile phone (for instance the Soliom model) whenever the battery is low. This way, you will have the possibility to charge it manually through a 5V/2A adapter.

Since solar security cameras are intended to be wireless, there are many advantages when compared to other regular models as we explained before. However, there is also vulnerability towards the WiFi signal. In the case that it is low (due to weather or wall thickness), unstable data and transmission issues could occur. If you encounter these issues, you can check this link to find out how to solve this problem.

What Additional Equipment is Needed for Installation and Can You Install Them Yourself?

Wireless solar powered security cameras are designed to be easy to install and suitable for DIY projects. There is no need to hire electricians or technicians to do the installation since it does not involve complex drilling or complicated configurations to the internet router.

Most of these cameras will have two mounting options: screw type or magnet type. Both of them are quite simple. After the camera is installed, the configuration process simply involves downloading and registering in the corresponding App of the brand, scanning the QR code that will be placed on the backside of the camera with your mobile phone, then scanning the QR code that will appear on your smartphone with the camera. Once that process is finished, you will have your camera installed, configured, and ready to start recording.

No additional equipment is required, but a good addition to a home security camera system would be motion detection security lights. These products increase visualization for the security cameras at night and serve for spotting the intruder with a clear flash image.

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