Today, solar panels are globally adapted for generating clean and renewable energy because they are cost-efficient and provide environmental benefits. There has been a surge in their popularity due to concerns regarding climate change and environmental degradation intensity. 

In this article, we will explore the growing importance of solar panels and delve into a crucial aspect – selecting the best solar panels for cloudy days. 

We’ve rounded up the best solar panels that can effectively harness sunlight even in overcast conditions, maximizing the benefits of this sustainable technology. 

How Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?

Solar panels do not function solely in optimal, sunny conditions. They are designed to harness solar energy even on cloudy days, making them reliable and versatile for generating electricity. On cloudy days, a significant amount of diffuse sunlight still reaches the Earth’s surface, which solar panels can capture and convert into usable electricity. 

Through a photovoltaic system, solar panels convert this sunlight into electricity by utilizing the interaction between photons and the semiconductor material within the panels. 

While the electricity output might be lower during cloudy days than sunny ones, technological advancements have enhanced the efficiency of solar panels, enabling them to generate power even under low-intensity light conditions. This characteristic establishes solar panels as dependable and sustainable energy sources, irrespective of weather conditions.

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Best Solar Panels for Cloudy Days

1. DOKIO 220W 18V Portable Solar Panel Kit

The DOKIO 220W 18V Portable Solar Panel Kit is an outstanding choice for generating power on cloudy days. It’s portable and lightweight which allows for easy transportation and storage, making it ideal for outdoor activities. Despite its compact size, it delivers a substantial power output of 220W.

This all-inclusive kit is compatible with all 12V batteries. It offers protection against overcharging, overload, and short-circuiting. With a cable length of 9.85ft, it provides flexibility in positioning the panel to capture optimal sunlight.

Designed for outdoor and emergency use, this solar panel is versatile, waterproof, and works seamlessly with various power stations. It’s suitable for RVs, cars, boats, trailers, and more. Thanks to the advanced monocrystalline solar cells, the high conversion efficiency maximizes system output while minimizing energy loss.

The DOKIO solar panel is thoughtfully packaged and swiftly delivered, and it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. 

However, it’s important to note that the panel is intended for temporary or emergency use rather than permanent installation or prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Overall, the DOKIO 220W 18V Portable Solar Panel Kit offers a reliable, cost-effective, and highly efficient solution for generating power on cloudy days. Its versatility caters to outdoor enthusiasts, providing durability and exceptional performance for various power needs, instilling confidence in its capabilities.

2. Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Portable Solar Panel 

The Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Portable Solar Panel is a top-notch choice when it comes to generating power on cloudy days. This ready-to-use solar kit includes a 200W solar suitcase, a 20A waterproof Voyager charge controller, and alligator clips, ensuring compatibility with a variety of 12V batteries and seamless integration into existing systems.

Equipped with high-grade A+ monocrystalline solar cells, the Renogy solar panels deliver exceptional efficiency. The advanced smart PWM technology charge controller guarantees efficient and safe charging. Its foldable design adds flexibility for outdoor and off-grid applications, enabling effortless carrying, storage, and setup.

The advanced smart PWM technology charge controller incorporates multiple safety features. The kit also comes with a robust canvas protective case for enhanced durability. The highly weather-resistant backplanes are built to endure for 25 years, and Renogy offers a generous 3-year warranty covering materials and workmanship.

The suitcase comprises two top-quality monocrystalline solar panels, and the system allows for the addition of extra panels for expansion as needed. The power output of the kit is contingent upon the available sunlight, with an ideal daily output of 1kWh based on 200W and 5 hours of anticipated sunlight.

The suitcase is not designed for direct charging of 120V receptacles. Instead, it is recommended to utilize a 12V battery and inverter to obtain the desired 120V output.

With its outstanding quality, efficient performance, and user-friendly features, the Renogy 200 Watt 12 Volt Portable Solar Panel is a remarkable solution for generating power on cloudy days. It provides a durable and versatile choice for powering outdoor adventures, camping trips, RV excursions, and off-grid living experiences.

3. GROWATT 200W Portable Solar Panel 

The GROWATT 200W Portable Solar Panel is an outstanding option for generating power on cloudy days. It employs advanced monocrystalline cell and multi-layered cell technology, delivering an impressive conversion efficiency of up to 22%, surpassing traditional panels.

Setting up the 200W solar panel is effortless, thanks to its integrated kickstands that can be adjusted to ensure a stable foundation on any surface. The angle between the panel and the ground can be easily modified from 45° to 80°, enabling precise sunlight capture. You can effortlessly harness solar energy for your portable power station.

Portability is a key feature of the Growatt 200W solar panel, weighing a mere 15.4 pounds and folding down to a compact size of 23.7 x 21.2 x 1.0 inches (LxWxH). This allows for convenient access to clean and free solar energy wherever and whenever you require it.

Constructed to withstand the test of time, this solar panel boasts a durable one-piece design with ETFE film and an IP68 waterproof rating. These features make it resistant to scratches and capable of enduring various weather conditions.

Equipped with a universal MC4 connector, the 200W solar panel is not only compatible with GROWATT power stations but also seamlessly integrates with most other brands of portable power stations. GROWATT guarantees a perfect match with your solar generator, ensuring worry-free user experiences.

With its exceptional conversion efficiency, easy setup, portability, and universal compatibility, the GROWATT 200W Portable Solar Panel is an excellent choice for harnessing solar power on cloudy days. Whether you’re camping, engaging in outdoor activities, or living off the grid, this solar panel provides reliable and clean energy to fulfill your power needs.

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4. FATORK 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit

The FATORK 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit is an outstanding option for generating power even on cloudy days. It utilizes advanced monocrystalline solar panel cells and multi-layered cell technology to achieve an impressive conversion efficiency of up to 24%, surpassing traditional panels.

Designed with versatility in mind, this solar panel is equipped with built-in 3-in-one output cords (XT60, DC7909, and Anderson), making it compatible with a wide range of power stations including Jackery, EF ECOFLOW, BLUETTI, and more. It provides a reliable and limitless power source for various off-grid outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, or RV travel.

Durability is a key feature of the FATORK solar panel, as it boasts a one-piece design made of advanced ETFE material. This material is not only scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and chemical-resistant but also easy to clean. With an IP67 water-resistant rating, it’s protected from splashes, although it should not be submerged in water or exposed to rain.

Setting up this solar panel is effortless due to its adjustable kickstands, which optimize solar absorption by increasing sunlight exposure by 25% compared to flat laying. It conveniently folds down for storage and travel, featuring a comfortable handle and a pocket to keep power cords organized.

Crafted from lightweight and durable monocrystalline silicon, the FATORK solar panel ensures maximum energy absorption. It offers high efficiency, durability, and reduced sensitivity to high temperatures compared to other types of panels.

With its compact and rugged design, the FATORK 100W Portable Solar Panel Kit is an ideal companion for camping and seamlessly complements portable power stations. Stay reliably powered during extended off-grid adventures and explore the world with ease.

5. MEGSUN 200-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels 

The MEGSUN 200-Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels are an excellent choice for generating power on cloudy days. With an A+ Class Cell, these panels boast a high conversion rate of up to 22.8%, providing approximately 1000-1200 Watts daily in clear weather conditions.

These solar panels feature technology upgrades, using half-piece solar cell technology that effectively reduces conversion loss caused by clouds and snow. This results in a significant reduction in overall current loss and improved efficiency.

Durability is a key feature of the MEGSUN solar panels. They are built with low iron-tempered glass for super high light transmission and can withstand high winds (2400Pa) and snow loads (5400Pa). The corrosion-resistant aluminum frame ensures long-term outdoor use.

Installation is easy with pre-drilled holes on the back of the panels, suitable for most solar panel fixing brackets on the market. These panels are versatile and can be installed in various applications.

MEGSUN offers excellent customer support, with a 24-hour response time for any inquiries. They provide a perfect solution, a full refund, or replacement. The panels come with an 18-month warranty and lifetime technical support.


Solar panels have become widely favored as an economical and eco-friendly method for producing clean and sustainable energy. They are not constrained by sunny conditions and can efficiently capture solar energy even during cloudy weather.

By capturing and converting scattered sunlight into usable electricity, solar panels offer reliability and versatility as energy sources. This article emphasizes the significance of selecting the best solar panels for cloudy days and highlights top options like the DOKIO 220W, Renogy 200W, GROWATT 200W, and MEGSUN 200W. 

These panels offer a cost-effective and effective way to generate power on cloudy days, making them suitable for outdoor activities, emergencies, or off-grid lifestyles. Embracing solar technology is an essential move towards a more sustainable future, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and fighting against climate change.