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David Poz is a YouTube personality popular for his videos on home insulation, solar power, and energy efficiency. His friends often call him “The Insulation Guy”. David and his wife built their own house with robust insulation and filmed their journey to help others do the same.

Poz’s videos have reached nearly 30 million viewers, but are they worth watching? Let’s find out.

David Poz YouTube Channel

David started his YouTube channel in 2007, but it was in 2012 that he and his wife Alaina set out to build their own house. Even after they completed the construction of the house, David kept publishing videos about DIY stuff, water heaters, heat pumps, renewable energy, etc.

The channel also shares tool reviews, carpentry tips and tricks, and more. One of the major topics is energy independence through solar and battery banks. Viewers can build an entire off-grid home using David’s videos about the topic.

David Poz with wife Alaina and daughter Eleanor

As of August 2022, the YouTube channel has about 188,000 subscribers. The hundreds of videos on David’s channel have been viewed 29.2 million times.

About David Poz and His House

With most of his career spent in energy auditing and construction, David Poz knows a thing or two about home building and insulation. In 2012, he and his wife purchased a piece of land with a crumbling cottage. They demolished the old building on this Massachusetts plot and built a new one from scratch, which is, in David’s words, a “super-insulated home”.

The couple documented the process and shared instructional videos on YouTube; the rest is history. Thanks to the excellent insulation, the house only needs a heater a few months a year.

David and Alaine’s house

David and Alaine also installed a 4.4 kW solar system on the house, which cost them about $14,000 after rebates and incentives. It is a modern system with microinverters on every panel.

The house is also 100% electric. It does not use propane, oil, coal, wood, or gas. The only energy used is electricity; for most of the year, it is fully covered by solar.

David Poz Website

David’s website, similar to his YouTube channel, has plenty of valuable resources on energy efficiency upgrades. For instance, you can download solar PV, heater, and battery calculator spreadsheets.

The website has a tagline, “Where paying bills is optional.” You can access the blog section for step-by-step guides on several topics.

David Poz on Social Media

You can also find David on Facebook and Instagram, with around 1000 and over 200 followers.

David Poz on Patreon

Fans of David’s work can also support him on Patreon, where he has about 15 Patreons as of Aug 2022.

David Poz Top Videos

We compiled a list of David’s three most-viewed videos on YouTube:

  1. Save $500/day when you DIY your own batteries: David’s top video was published about a year ago and is still trending. It has a total of 2.2 million views.
  2. Installing my mini-split heat pump, DIY: Heat pump installation services can cost a ton, which is why David’s second video on installing it yourself has earned 1.4 million views.
  3. Adding heat exchangers to garage solar heater: In this video, Poz improves his garage solar heater’s performance by adding heat exchangers. 

Aside from the above three, many other videos of David Poz have hundreds of thousands of views. These include testing and review videos about solar inverters, LiFePO4 batteries, and MPPT controllers. 

Final Thoughts

David Poz’s videos are an excellent resource for a beginner aiming for DIY energy efficiency upgrades. The videos are simple, conversational, and easy to follow. David’s build of his own house is entertaining, informative, and inspiring.

We recommend the channel to anyone looking to improve their home’s insulation or energy efficiency.

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