Guildbrook Farm - Who Are They, and Are They Any Good?


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Guildbrook Farm is a YouTube channel about homesteading and off-grid living. Many channels discuss these topics, but Guildbrook Farm’s instructional videos are clear, practical, and often fun to watch.

Let us learn more about the channel and the people who run it.

Who Is Guildbrook Farm?

The Guildbrook Farm channel was started by Jaime and Jeremy, an American couple who live with their two girls, Marina and Ilaria. In their own words, the channel is about a “modern mountain homestead in pursuit of developing a more self-sustainable way of life.” 

Jaime and Jeremy’s journey feels inspiring, from planting, growing, canning, and preserving their own food to managing their forests and land resources. It demonstrates preparedness, DIY projects, strategies, and ideas that you can practice to help increase your self-sufficiency and balance with the land.

Jaime and Jeremy from Guildbrook Farm

The couple transitioned to this lifestyle after a job loss and surviving the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015. They wanted to opt out of the rat race and live a more grounded, debt-free lifestyle.

Jaime and Jeremy spent the first couple of years learning skills such as canning, preserving, raising livestock, and off-grid cooking while living in their suburban home. In 2017, they finally sold everything and moved off-grid to a 1960s 600 sq. ft. trailer in the most rural part of Appalachia. In the next couple of years, they built their modern homestead.

Guildbrook Farm YouTube Channel

Guildbrook Farm’s YouTube channel started in 2016 and has come a long way. It now has over 335,000 subscribers. The channel’s videos also have a total of about 33 million views.

The channel has videos about food storage, chicken coop building and cleaning, building an ICF (insulating concrete forms) home, food preservation, pressure canning, etc. The couple also discusses solar power, other renewable energy systems, and other aspects of self-reliance.

While most videos on the channel are about living a sustainable lifestyle and prepping, the couple also hosts a series of videos called the dirt. The dirt features discussions on topics that are a bit more specific and personal to the family.

Where Is Guildbrook Farm Located?

While the exact location of Guildbrook Farm is unknown, Jaime and Jeremy tell us that it is in the forests of the Appalachia mountains in North Carolina.

The family’s postal address is a PO box in Hiddenite, NC.

Guildbrook Farm Website

Jaime and Jeremy also run a blog on their homesteading website, The site has informational content in six different categories:

  • Eat
  • Stuff
  • Critters
  • Make stuff
  • Hacks and tips
  • Inside scoop

It also has a section where you can buy merch with cool designs the couple created themselves.

Guildbrook Farm on Instagram

You can join the 16,000 people in following Guildbrook Farm on Instagram. The couple is also available on Twitter with about 500 followers.

Guildbrook Farm Top Videos

Here are Guildbrook Farm’s three most popular videos:

  1. Chicken Starter Guide: The couple’s video for beginners trying to raise backyard chickens is the most viewed, with almost 2.5 million views. 
  2. Canning 101: The second most-viewed video on the channel instructs beginners on canning basics and has about 1.5 million views.
  3. How to Start a Prepper Food Pantry: Prepping is becoming increasingly popular, and it requires more than just an organic garden to be well prepared. The third most popular video is about a prepper food pantry and has around 1.3 million views.


The world is changing faster than ever, and more and more people are turning to lives celebrating sustainability and solitude. However, off-grid living brings its own challenges, and having someone with homesteading experience helps.

Jaime and Jeremy’s Guildbrook Farm YouTube channel is a perfect resource for beginners wanting to learn the basics of living on a farm and managing their own food and energy.

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