City Prepping: How Legit Is the Channel?


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“Equipping city dwellers to survive in times of crisis,” reads the text on the City Prepping’s YouTube channel page. With the multitude of channels about surviving in the wilderness, there had to be a channel about survival and preparedness in urban environments.

The City Prepping channel describes its “chief aim” as “helping provide survival basics for everyday people that are practical and easy to implement to be prepared should calamity strike.“ Let’s learn a bit more about what the channel has to offer.

City Prepping on YouTube

The City Prepping YouTube channel shares videos about prepping, such as SHTF scenarios, food storage, emergency preparedness for potential threats, and related survival skills

The channel was started in July 2015 and has amassed over 800,000 subscribers and nearly 12 million video views.

Interestingly, the City Prepping channel seems to have taken a lot of inspiration and elements from the Canadian Prepper channel. The CP logo looks oddly similar, while the video thumbnails have a very similar design, along with the large, bold, often sensational-sounding headlines.

Where the channel differs is its target audience – the urban populace. According to the channel, over 80% of Americans live in an urban or suburban environment. Many lack the basics to ensure they have the necessary food, water, medical skills, and security during a catastrophe.

City Prepping on Other Platforms

While most popular on YouTube, City Prepping also has an Instagram account with over 14,000 followers and a Facebook account with about 11,000 followers.

City Prepping Website

Aside from the YouTube channel, City Prepping also has a website that sells many preparedness materials such as bug out bags, rocket stoves, survival kits, water storage kits, etc. The website sells anything that can make you self-sufficient when a disaster strikes.

The website also has a blog section that discusses several aspects of emergency preparedness.

City Prepping Course - The Prepper’s Roadmap

City Prepping also offers a step-by-step course on how to be prepared for an urban emergency. It includes 18+ hours of video tutorials and costs $297. The course aims to achieve three things for the participant on completion: peace of mind, protection, and survival.

The course includes the following five steps:

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Your 3-Day Survival Kit
  3. Your 3-Week Survival Supply
  4. Your 3-Month Survival Guide
  5. Conclusion: Creating Your Very Own SHTF Gameplan

Who Is City Prepper?

The founder of City Prepping is named Kris, who lives in California. According to the website, Kris spent his childhood in the outdoors learning practical skills in Boy Scouts, earned a degree in Microbiology from UT Austin, and has spent time with non-profits and NGOs working in nations such as Afghanistan and impoverished areas of Mexico. He currently works in the tech industry.

City Prepping AKA Kris in a video about food storage

Kris claims to have spent many hours studying and preparing his own household, living in southern California under the threat of “the big one,” AKA earthquakes.

City Prepping Top Videos

  1. The 3 Rules to Become a Gray Man: The channel’s most viewed video has over 5.1 million views and was published in 2016. With a new Ryan Gosling movie coming out with a similar name, the video may enjoy even higher views in the coming days. 
  2. Cargo Ship Dilemma: The second most popular video on the channel spoke about the impact of the cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal and has 2.4 million views.
  3. 10 Items to Buy Before a Great Depression: The third most-viewed video on City Prepping sums up the channel’s overall tone and is viewed more than 2.2 million times.

Besides the above, City Prepping solar generator videos also enjoy significant viewership.

Final Thoughts

Life in cities has always offered an incredible level of convenience, comfort, and security. But history has taught us that even the most powerful and stable civilizations can collapse. 

Recent political and environmental events have proved that it is good to prepare for a crisis, even in cities. From that perspective, the City Prepping channel offers good information.

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