Kyles Cabin YouTube Channel: Is It Legit?


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YouTube may be full of channels about off-grid living, but Kyles Cabin is unique for several reasons. 

First, the channel takes us on a cabin-building journey in the beautiful but uncompromising Alaskan wilderness. Second, the channel’s founder and host is a 24-year-old man who grew up in a city. 

Let’s take a look at what the channel has to offer and whether it is any good.

Kyles Cabin on YouTube

Kyle joined YouTube way back in 2010, but his off-grid adventure began about three years ago (2019), and that is when the channel officially started. In a relatively short period, the channel gained 117,000 subscribers, while its videos have been viewed over 18 million times.

Kyle in front of the log cabin he built

The videos mainly chronicle Kyle’s off-grid cabin living adventures with his girlfriend Cierra and their dog, Skeeter. Some videos show the building of an off-grid log cabin, while others explain how to restore a wood oven or which solar generator to use.

Where Is Kyles Cabin Located?

Kyle’s first cabin in the wild was in Alaska. However, he returned to his hometown in Northern Minnesota and bought a 10-acre wooded property with Cierra, where they have built their current off-grid homestead. Remember not to confuse it with Kyles Landing cabins in Arizona.

Kyle and Cierra have spent just about $10,000 on the cabin and enjoy a self-sufficient, simple way of living in their tiny house

They get their own water (rainwater/melt snow) and create their own heat (wood stove). The couple also bakes all their food from scratch and generates its own power with solar. They power their entire cabin with an EcoFlow Delta Max.

Who Is Kyle from Kyles Cabin?

Kyle Helmberger is a resident of Minnesota. When he was 12 years old, he was deeply inspired by a documentary about legendary outdoorsman Dick Proenneke. Entering adulthood, he followed Dick’s footsteps and built his simple log cabin in Alaska

He later moved to Minnesota and lives with his girlfriend Cierra Justine on the 10-acre property they bought together. Cierra herself loves the off-grid life and has a website – Her YouTube channel also has about 7,000 subscribers.

Recently, Kyle and Cierra also built a tiny camper home on an old snowmobile trailer.

Kyles Cabin on Social Media

Besides YouTube, Kyles Cabin is also active on Instagram, having about 4,000 followers. Cierra also has an Instagram account with over 6,000 followers, although it does not cover a lot of off-grid stuff.

Kyles Cabin’s Top Videos

  1. Arriving at the Cabin in a Blizzard: A significant fear that deters people from living off the grid is the lack of protection from the elements. Perhaps that is why Kyle’s video about arriving at the cabin in extreme weather is his most popular, with 1.5 million views.
  2. 24 Year Old Builds Mortgage Free Off Grid Log Cabin in the Wilderness: A video title that highlights several unique things, such as being a young age and living mortgage free in the wild, is sure to interest a lot of viewers. In this case, about 1.3 million.
  3. -34F At My Remote Off Grid Log Cabin In The Wilderness: The third most-viewed video on Kyles Cabin is also about braving the harsh weather. The full video is just over 10 minutes long and has about 1.3 million views.

Final Words

Many of us crave an experience of remote and simple living that goes beyond just tent camping. Kyle and Cierra have actually given in to this craving, building a beautiful, minimal cabin in Minnesota.

The channel’s videos are informative and even inspiring. They are helpful for anyone wanting to pursue a similar goal and entertaining the rest of us.

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