Who Is Silver Cymbal, and Are They Legit?


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If you are into DIY home improvement, especially lawn care, you’ve undoubtedly come across Silver Cymbal

Meant for “helping you take care of your home inside and out,” Silver Cymbal is a YouTube channel that shares information about landscaping, weed control, air conditioning, solar generators, plumbing, etc.

Let’s learn a bit more about the channel.

Silver Cymbal on YouTube

The Silver Cymbal YouTube channel started in June 2012. Since then, it has amassed around 674k followers. It also has an impressive 237 million total views.

The channel’s description reads, “Do it more – do it yourself,” which is what the channel helps thousands of homeowners with. It shares a new video every few days.

The videos are tips, tricks, and procedures for plumbing, heating, generators, landscaping, and gardening.

Silver Cymbal’s video showing how to level a lawn

On the channel, you will find videos about fixing an ugly lawn, taking care of crabgrass and brown grass, changing valves, cleaning vents, etc. It also shares reviews of related products, including bestsellers and lesser-known ones. Product reviews include lawn mowers, gas and solar generators, solar lights, DIY bathtubs, and a lot more. 

Silver Cymbal Website

Silver Cymbal’s official website is silvercymbal.com and is basically a blog. It contains posts under six neatly listed sections:

  • Fix your lawn
  • Get rid of weeds
  • Edge beds
  • Generators
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Plumbing

Every article is complete with images of the work, making it easier to understand. However, we find their YouTube videos to be the easiest to follow. 

Silver Cymbal on Instagram

Silver Cymbal can also be followed on Instagram, although they are not very active there. The page has close to 200 posts and about 4,300 followers. 

The posts on Instagram are a mix of short videos of tending to the lawn or a garden bed and images showing lawn care, solar, and air conditioning components.

Who Exactly Is Silver Cymbal?

All we know about Silver Cymbal is that it is a channel operated by a gentleman named Chris that has nothing to do with a drum set. It is evident from the videos and blog that Chris is well-versed in what he does, and the hundreds of thousands of followers are proof.

While the exact location of the channel is unclear, it can be seen from the Instagram photo locations that Chris lives in the vicinity of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

How Does Silver Cymbal Make Money?

If you have a decent number of followers and valuable information to share, YouTube can be a great place to earn money. Silver Cymbal probably participates in YouTube’s partner program, wherein it can make a small commission from the ads that YouTube runs on its videos.

Silver Cymbal also has an Amazon recommendations page, where it is an affiliate partner. If you purchase a product recommended by Silver Cymbal through the link it provides, they will receive a small commission from the sale.

Silver Cymbal Top Videos

 Here’s a list of Silver Cymbal’s top three videos:

  1. Never Solder Pipe Again: Silver Cymbal’s top video is a plumbing tips video that discusses easier alternatives to soldering pipes for joining them. The video has nearly 15 million views.
  2. How to Make Windshield Wipers Like New in 30 Seconds: Old, screeching windshield wipers that don’t wipe away all the water on your windshield can be seriously annoying. The second most viewed video on the channel gives us a DIY hack about making old wipers like new instantly and has 12 million views.
  3. How to Solder Wires Together: The third most popular video on the Silver Cymbal channel is a general, informational video on how to solder wires like a pro. The video has already been viewed 11 million times.

Final Words

The condition of your lawn can make or break your home’s curb appeal, and if you’re a homeowner, it also helps to learn basic air conditioning and plumbing tweaks. 

The Silver Cymbal channel, however ambiguous the name, is an excellent resource for practical tips on creating the perfect lawn and tackling basic heating, AC, and plumbing needs.

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