Lithium Solar YouTube Channel - What Is It and Is It Legit?


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YouTube is overflowing with channels about solar power and lithium batteries. And yet, there’s one channel that has steadily grown to be a favorite of hundreds of thousands of viewers. 

Despite its generic name, the Lithium Solar YouTube channel continues to find more and more fans who praise the hard work and clean and clear instructions in the videos. 

The channel was created in 2012 but started publishing videos in 2017. In just five years, it has garnered about 140,000 subscribers. The channel’s videos have over 12.5 million views.

Let’s dive into some more details.

What Is the Lithium Solar YouTube Channel About?

The Lithium Solar channel is a simple, minimal, and straightforward platform for sharing valuable information related to building, buying, or fixing lithium ion batteries for solar power, just as the name suggests.

The channel’s founder is a man in his mid-to-late thirties who does not disclose his name. Unlike simple review videos on many other YouTube channels, the Lithium Solar videos are geared more toward the DIY approach. 

Lithium Solar’s host in one of the videos

The channel’s host can often be seen building LiFePO4 batteries from scratch. He also connects and monitors batteries, MPPT chargers, or inverters to solar panels.

Occasionally, the channel also shares videos about cryptocurrency farming rigs or hybrid water heaters, but the crux of most videos is always off-grid solar and solar batteries.

Lithium Solar YouTube Channel Viewer Opinions

A foolproof way to know if a channel is worth watching is to see what its viewers think of it. We found a goldmine of rave reviews among the channel’s viewers. 

The viewers’ comments show that the channel is not just another place where someone is toying with battery packs and solar power systems. The channel’s step-by-step videos have helped many viewers. Here’s what some of them think:

  1. “That was great! Super Interesting” – A comment by none other than the massively popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything, putting the Lithium Solar channel in the big leagues.
  2. “Your videos are to the point, void of unnecessary time-wasting talk, and just packed with useful information – ALL crunched into a short, concise, easy-to-understand video! Thank you – Please keep it up!!!”
  3. “I am very thankful you are so thorough in your procedures. I wish more people on the tubes did it like you!”

Lithium Solar Top Videos

Nearly all of Lithium Solar’s videos have a lot of views, but here is a list of the three most popular:

  1. Building a 3.5 kWh Solar Generator for $650: For context, Bluetti or Goal Zero’s 3 kWh solar generator costs a whopping $3,000 to $4,000. It’s no wonder the channel’s video explaining how to build one for just $650 is so popular. The host even tested hundreds of cells to build an elaborate battery bank for the same. This DIY solar power generator video has over 5.8 million views so far.
  2. Building a 3000 W Portable Solar Power Station: Similar to the first video, the second one focuses on building a DIY solar energy station. It won’t match the build quality or warranty of something like an EcoFlow or a Renogy, but it is worth a try for the low price. The full video is over 17 minutes long but is worth every minute and has over half a million views.
  3. Building a 5.0kWh DIY Portable Power Cart Hand Truck, Start to Finish: The channel’s third most viewed video combines energy storage tech with carpentry. It uses 12V 100Ah batteries on a wooden, wheeled cart.

How Does Lithium Solar Make Money?

The YouTube channel makes money by allowing the platform to post ads on the videos. The channel’s owner is also an affiliate partner with Amazon, meaning if viewers purchase a recommended product from Amzn, he receives a small commission from it.


The Lithium Solar channel on YouTube is not only legit but a fantastic resource for those looking to enter the world of batteries. 

The channel has excellent battery review videos and even DIY-building ones. It has detailed information on other supporting aspects of batteries, such as converters or solar charge controllers.

The channel may not be as widely popular as Will Prowse, but it certainly has the potential to be equally famous!

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