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According to Google, usage of the word “wanderlust” has more than doubled in the past four decades. Obviously, not only the word’s usage has shot up. It is also an emotion that is increasingly prominent among people nowadays.

As a result, hundreds of people will give up their comfortable homes to live in an RV and travel full-time. One such couple is Ray and Anne, who wander the North American landscape while living full-time in their RV. They share their story through YouTube videos on their “Love Your RV” channel. 

Let’s learn a bit more about their story.

Who Is Love Your RV?

In 2011, Ray Burr and Anne McKinnell, residents of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, decided to sell their house and go on a year-long RV trip around North America. They loved living in a mobile vehicle so much that over a decade later, they are still living and loving the RV life.

Ray and Anne with their trailer

The couple has a 30-foot Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. Now in their 50’s, they have logged over 80,000 miles and enjoyed hundreds of amazing locations. They spend their summers on Vancouver Island and head southwest to California or other warmer places in the winters.

Ray’s wife Anne is also a photographer and writer, with her own channel with over 4,000 subscribers and a website with over 50,000 followers.

Love Your RV on YouTube

Ray and Anne started their YouTube channel in 2012 when they had just started RVing full-time. As of mid-2022, their channel has about 90,000 followers and 24 million video views.

The couple shares RVing tips and tricks, how-tos, mods and upgrades, product reviews, and cool places to RV. On the channel, you can find videos about solar panels and generators, RV camera systems, Starlink wifi, and other gadgets, as well as general tips about RV maintenance and RV travel.

The couple often chooses the option of boondocking, meaning they don’t pay to stay at an RV park. They can set up their RV anywhere and use energy from their solar panels and batteries, saving them a lot of money. 

Love Your RV Website

The website is an extension of the YouTube channel. It has more information about the couple, their journey, and several other vital resources.

You can find blog posts detailing their travels and photography, product reviews, boondocking tips, mods, etc., on the site. The website also offers free tips eBook for aspiring RVers.

Love Your RV also has Amazon pages where you can purchase products recommended by the couple.

Love Your RV on Other Platforms

You can also find LYRV on other social platforms. They are pretty active on Pinterest, with about 50,000 followers, and on Facebook and Instagram, which have a few thousand followers.

Love Your RV Top Videos

  1. 10 Must-Have RV Gadgets: From tire chocks and waste valves to vent covers and surge protectors, Ray shares many essential gadgets in Love Your RV’s most-viewed video.
  2. 5 Stupid Things I Have Done to Damage My RV: The channel’s second most-viewed video is almost a decade old and features some of Ray’s serious RVing mistakes.
  3. 7 Bonehead RVing Mistakes Made: Speaking of RVing mistakes, the third most popular video on LYRV is also about the same.

Besides the above three, many other Love Your RV solar power videos are pretty popular. 

How Does Love Your RV Make Money?

Besides participating in YouTube’s partner program to earn revenue from ads, LYRV also makes some money through its website and the Amazon affiliate program.

Ray also resurrects his mobile electronics repair business during their summer stay on Vancouver Island.

Final Thoughts

Ray and Anne speak of friends who died from a sudden, unexpected ailment. And then they talk about how important it is to explore this world while we can.

An RV life is delightful and adventurous but isn’t always easy. Every person who starts RVing makes several mistakes, and watching Ray’s channel will help you know those mistakes beforehand and avoid them.

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