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Admit it. At some point, you have thought of how nice it would be to take a break from civilization and live in the woods in a simple log cabin. Young Swedish YouTuber Erik Grankvist took this feeling more seriously and built a log cabin in the Swedish woods.

Many people, particularly YouTubers, have ventured into the quiet woods and built homesteads like the Deep South Homestead or Jake and Nicolle. But Erik Grankvist is unique in that he built his cabin in the ancestral method, using no automatic tools or vehicles. Moreover, Erik was just 18 years old when he started work on his cabin.

Let’s get to know Erik Grankvist and his channel a little better.

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Erik Grankvist YouTube Channel

Erik joined YouTube on September 22, 2012, but has been sharing videos about building an off-grid log cabin since 2019, when he graduated from high school

He was 18 years old when he set out with just a backpack full of simple tools to build the cabin full time, without any previous experience. He had started studying what he calls “the old arts” from his grandfather and mentor, Åke Nilsson. 

Erik building his log cabin

Erik shares videos about several aspects of a log cabin build, such as wood peeling, log splitting, birch bark roofing, etc. 

Over the years, he has shared almost 50 videos of building and surviving in the Swedish wilderness. The videos have a total of about 103 million views. His channel has gained significant popularity in the past couple of years, reaching over 870,000 subscribers.

Erik Grankvist on Other Social Media

Erik is also available on Instagram and has an admirable 36,000+ followers. He also has a Facebook page with close to a thousand followers.

Erik Grankvist Merchandise

Erik Grankvist has a cool logo that says “The Great Outdoors” and sells merchandise with it, including hoodies, coffee mugs, and masks, mainly in white and black. 

You can find his merchandise on https://shop.spreadshirt.com/erik-grankvist. He is also an ambassador for the outdoor clothing brand RevolutionRace. 

Where Is Erik Grankvist Located?

Erik hasn’t shared his exact location, but he mentions his log cabin in the “forests of Sweden.” Erik lives in the log cabin with his dog, Barr.

Erik Grankvist Top Videos

All the videos in Erik’s one-man traditional log cabin series are pretty popular, but the following are the highest-viewed:

  1. One Year Alone in Forest of Sweden: Building Log Cabin Like Our Forefathers: A compilation of all the main clips from his year building the log cabin, this video ranks at the top with a staggering 34.5 million views.
  2. Two Years Alone: Building Log Cabin Like Our Forefathers: Erik’s second year’s log cabin video takes second place in his most viewed videos.
  3. I Spent 200 Days Prepping Secret Underground Food Storage: The third most popular video on Erik Grankvist’s channel is about preparing an underground chamber for food storage.


A young lad building a complex log cabin in the wilderness is not just fascinating; it’s also useful for those who are looking to repeat the experience for themselves.

Erik’s videos are well-made, and although we would have liked him to talk some more about the process, we love the simple, minimal process videos. For those who want to build an off-grid cabin of their own, this channel is a great resource to watch and learn from.

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