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Utter the word “homestead,” and it creates a longing, almost transporting you to a cozy house surrounded by farmland, woods, and perhaps a pond. Deep South Homestead is a YouTube channel about homesteading life. It’s run by Danny and Wanda King, for whom the longing for a quiet lifestyle was powerful enough to go and live on a homestead

Driven by their love for peace and raising their own food, the couple escaped the rat race and now live a sustainable lifestyle. They grow their own organic food and are fully prepared to live off-grid, with solar panels, a solar generator, and other devices. 

Deep South Homestead is one of the most popular YouTube channels about living on a farm and has a staggering 246,000 subscribers. Let’s learn a bit more about their unique life.

What Exactly is Deep South Homestead?

In their own words, at Deep South Homestead, Danny and Wanda “show you how to live a simple life by providing knowledge about all aspects of homesteading”. 

The couple educates off-grid enthusiasts through YouTube videos, podcasts, booklets, and products designed for off-grid living. They cover gardening, canning, smoking meat, animal care, repairs, DIY projects, gluten-free cooking, frugal tips, herbs, and woodworking.

The couple with their home

Danny and Wanda share an incredible amount of homesteading knowledge through their experience. Starting from scratch, they built their own house on the farmland, followed by an off-grid cabin, an outdoor canning kitchen, and greenhouses that produce food all year-round. 

The couple uses old-fashioned row cropping, permaculture, hugelkulture, raised beds, containers, vertical planters, and simple foraging from the surroundings.

In addition to videos and podcasts, the couple offers unbiased product reviews for off-grid products such as solar generators, batteries, and panels. They also review books about sustainability, off-grid living, and homesteading in general.

Danny reviewing a solar generator

Where is Deep South Homestead Located?

As the name suggests, Deep South Homestead is located in South Mississippi, somewhere in the woods near the southern coast of the U.S. The place does not have an exact address, perhaps since it is a bit remote. However, the couple has a postal address. They use a post box located in Wiggins, Mississippi.

Deep South Homestead on YouTube

Danny and Wanda started the Deep South Homestead YouTube channel in 2015. Since then, the channel has attracted an admirable 246,000 subscribers and a striking 40 million views! In general, the channel depicts the life of a middle-aged couple living on a working homestead while providing a ton of helpful information to aspiring homesteaders.

Most of the videos speak about growing food at different times of the year. Besides that, Danny and Wanda also hold a live chat every Saturday night to answer questions of the channel‘s viewers. 

The couple occasionally shares videos on carpentry, septic tank installation and maintenance, and energy independence through solar power. Once in a while, you also get a light-hearted video about their farm animals or favorite recipe.

A few years ago, Danny also hosted “Porch Time“, a series of videos exploring life’s spiritual side in general. The concept comes from the idea that many a good conversation can be had on a quiet porch surrounded by nature.

Over time, Deep South Homestead has garnered thousands of followers on social media, including Instagram and Facebook.

Deep South Homestead on Other Platforms

Although the channel is the most popular on YouTube, Deep South Homestead has a decently successful podcast on Apple Podcasts, Deezer, and iHeart. The podcasts act as a good source of passive income, coming through several podcast affiliates relevant to the couple’s work.

Aside from that, the couple also sells merchandise, books, and homesteading products on Etsy and other online outlets such as

For example, you can buy Danny’s book trio about growing sweet potatoes, carrots, and English peas at around USD 38 or the growers solution high tunnel kits for growing your produce.

Danny’s books on Etsy

Final Words

Living on a homestead feels dreamy – it offers an incredible level of freedom and quiet from the rush of a city. That said, it also demands sacrificing the conveniences of urban life, like a last-minute drive to the supermarket.

Deep South Homestead aims to make this shift easier by providing information on various topics. The channel combines new ideas and a unique lifestyle with the old ways that make life peaceful and livable.

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