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Canadian Prepper is a YouTube personality and seller of emergency preparedness gear. His YouTube channel publishes informational videos to “help more people get prepared for emergency situations”. After eight years of publishing videos, the channel is nearing its one million subscriber milestone.

The idea of preparing for doomsday or societal collapse may seem ridiculous to some. However, recent years have seen many unpleasant things, including a horrifying pandemic and a war that threatens to change the course of the world. 

As such, the Canadian Prepper’s content is gaining more relevance and more viewers. Let’s take a look at what the channel has to offer.

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Canadian Prepper on YouTube

Canadian Prepper publishes videos on YouTube about “innovative gear reviews, discussions about the collapse of civilization as we know it, self-defense and all things preparedness from a Canadian perspective.”

Canadian Prepper in one of his YouTube videos

The videos can be put into several categories such as SHTF and prepping, climate change, gear reviews, self-defense, and fitness. Occasionally, the channel also publishes videos about solar power and power outages.

The channel has thousands of videos and over 800,000 followers. Interestingly, the channel’s follower count doubled in the past two years.

The videos have been viewed over a staggering 170 million times, with many videos having over one million views.

Canadian Prepper’s Website - Canadian Preparedness

The Canadian Prepper might be most popular on YouTube, but what seems to be his main business is the family-owned online store, Canadian Preparedness. In their own words, the website “seeks to bring top quality emergency preparedness products to campers, preppers, hikers, survivalists, first responders, and wilderness enthusiasts.”

The website has hundreds of prepping items covering saws, backpacks, bug-out rolls, first aid kits, flashlights, gasmasks, freeze-dried food, multitools, survival medicine handbook, water filters, and other survival tools.

The website is based in Canada, but, like the YouTube channel, it caters to customers in both Canada and U.S.

Canadian Prepper’s Top Videos

  1. Toilet Paper Tablets: With toilet paper being the most sought-after commodity in the lockdowns, it’s no surprise that a video explaining toilet paper tablets is the channel’s most popular, with more than six million views.
  2. 10 Survival Gear Items that Last Forever: Being a channel primarily about emergencies and survival, a video about the top survival gear takes the second spot on the most-viewed list, with 2.3 million views.
  3. The Best Tent for the Apocalypse: We’re speaking about the Canadian Prepper’s most popular videos, so one with the word “apocalypse” has to make it to the list! An apocalypse tent video takes the third spot here with 1.9 million views.

How Does the Canadian Prepper Make Money?

YouTube’s partner program allows influencers like the Canadian Prepper to earn revenue by hosting ads on their videos. The Canadian Prepper podcast also brings in some income in a similar fashion.

But as we discussed before, the primary income source of the Canadian Prepper seems to be the website and store.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Canadian Prepper

We looked over the web, and many people are curious about the Canadian Prepper. Here are some commonly asked questions and the answers we’ve dug out:

The Canadian Prepper is a man in his mid-to-late thirties named Nate Polson.

The Canadian Prepper lives in Martenswan, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The channel publishes videos multiple times a week, so the newest video changes every few days!

Final Thoughts

With increasing competition, the Canadian Preppers videos seem to take on more sensational headlines. However, some videos offer sound advice on what gear to choose for a real-world survival scenario.

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