Off-Grid with Jake and Nicolle: Who Are They and Are They Legit?


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Search for videos for homesteading in the wilderness, and you’ll surely come across Jake and Nicolle’s YouTube channel. Off-Grid w/ Jake & Nicolle depicts the off-grid adventure of a young couple living in the Canadian wilderness.

The couple shares several interesting things from their journey, from building yurts and showers to handling pregnancy far away from civilization. Let’s dive a little deeper into Jake and Nicole’s world.

Jake and Nicolle’s YouTube Channel

The couple’s vlog offers informational videos about their experiences living in a temperate rainforest homestead. While they started the channel in October 2017, their off-grid journey began in 2019. 

Over a short time, the couple has built their own carport, yurt, two log cabins, brick and cob wood-fired pizza oven, wok stove, custom salmon smokehouse, hot tub, log shower, wood shed, and outhouse.

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Jake and Nicolle

Initially, the channel began as a fun look at the couple’s life. It had videos about travel, cooking, etc. In 2019, the couple started living off-grid in a van, followed by life on a full-fledged homestead.

As of August 2022, the channel had an impressive 1.53 million subscribers and nearly 382 million views.

Where are Jake and Nicolle Located?

Being off the grid, Jack and Nicolle do not have or share an exact postal address. For convenience, they use a post box in Port Hardy, which suggests that their location is somewhere near the Northeast region of the picturesque Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Jake and Nicolle’s Website

Besides the YouTube channel, the couple also has a website named Komorebi. Originally a Japanese word, Komorebi means the dappled sunlight appearing through the leaves and branches of a tree – a fitting name!

The website has some information about Jake and Nicolle’s adventure but works mainly as an e-commerce site selling merchandise. You can purchase hoodies, T-shirts, and similar stuff from the site.

Jake and Nicolle’s Top YouTube Videos

  1. Hot Water Shower from Forest Log and Trees: With 26 million views, the couple’s video about building a shower room from wooden logs is the most popular video on the site.
  2. 6 Months Pregnant in Off-Grid Cabin: Pregnancy is a significant concern when couples think of off-grid wilderness living. Therefore, Nicolle’s video about pregnancy ranks second in the highest viewed list, with 20 million views.
  3. 3 Years Alone and Off Grid in the Canadian WIlderness: Jake and Nicolle compiled all the essential bits of their videos into a single, nearly five-hour-long video, which also happens to be the channel’s third most viewed.

Other than the above three, several other videos by the couple have gained millions of views. These include videos about bushcraft, yurt living, DIY stuff, and their adorable puppies, Puma and Kai.

How Do Jake and Nicolle Make Money?

If you have a good number of viewers, YouTube can be an excellent place to make money by sharing videos. Jake and Nicolle’s video blog have a striking 382+ million views, meaning they earn a considerable portion of their income through YouTube.

Aside from that, the couple also generates revenue by selling merchandise on their website. Viewers can also support the couple through Patreon or PayPal.

Jake and Nicolle on Other Platforms

The couple might have a strong following on YouTube, but that’s not all. Jake and Nicolle are pretty active on social media platforms. Their Instagram page “komorebioffgrid” has over 35,000 followers curious about an off-grid life

Nicolle’s page (nicolleoffgrid) is even more popular, with close to 94,000 followers. Jake Mace was active on Twitter as “jakeoffgrid,” but the account no longer exists.


Individuals and couples who have a longing for the peace and quiet of woods will find Jake and Nicolle’s channel inspiring. While living off-grid can be adventurous and fun, it comes with its own challenges. 

As such, if you want to take the step, Jake and Nicolle’s channel can be beneficial to map out your journey to building an off-grid homestead and living there.

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