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10 Best Solar Backpacks of 2019 (Review)

A backpack is a necessity for students. Books, laptops, and other electronics are some of the typical gadgets that you will be storing inside it.

However, when you go out for a long outdoor hike, you may not be able to charge your devices for a long period of time.

If you do not want to worry about this, the answer is to use the best solar backpacks of 2019. The solar panel of these products will already be integrated into the backpack and will be designed to resist water, scratches, and other damages that could occur in the outdoors. Let’s check some of the available options that you have to choose from.

The Best Solar Backpacks

1. ECEEN Hiking Solar Backpack

side facing eceen hiking solar backpack

The ECEEN Hiking solar powered backpack is a beautiful and useful product to get your cell phone charged on the go.

This model comes with many pockets and compartments for packing lots of things like notebooks, maps, smartphones, umbrellas, and water bottles.

Moreover, by using a 7-watt solar panel, the backpack turns into the perfect charging source for your electronic devices through a single 5V USB port. You will be able to charge MP3 players, smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, GPS and more!

One of the best things about the ECEEN hiking solar backpack charger is that the solar panel is made with high-efficiency solar cells from SunPower (the best PV module brand in the market) that reach up to 22% of electricity conversion. Moreover, the ECEEN solar backpack is also ultra-lightweight and durable, making it suitable for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Resistant nylon and poly materials
  • Removable solar charger with voltage stability controller

Key Specifications:

Solar cells efficiency: 22%
7-watt solar panel
5V USB port

2. Sunnybag Explorer Solar Backpack

side facing sunnybag explorer solar backpack

The Sunnybag Explorer solar backpacks are one of the best options available to charge multiple devices such as mobile phones, iPads, smartwatches, power banks and cameras that feature integrated USB ports.

Using one of the strongest and most efficient solar cells in the market (from SunPower) the solar panels are able to convert the Sun’s energy into electricity when exposed to direct sunlight with over 22.4% efficiency and 6 watts of available power.

Many pockets are available inside, making it easy to organize all your stuff. It has also been manufactured with an ultra-light and durable material that is water-resistant and insulated. In other words, it’s a waterproof solar backpack.

To give you a better idea of the estimated charging times for your electronic devices, you will be able to completely charge a smartwatch in 1.5 hours, a smartphone between 3-4 hours, a small drone in nearly 6 hours and a tablet in a maximum of 8 hours.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-light and durable material
  • LED status light
  • Pockets for water bottles and sunglasses

Key Specifications:

Solar cells efficiency 22.4%
3 – 4-hour charging for smartphones
Weight: 2.03 pounds

3. Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack

side facing voltaic systems solar backpack

The Voltaic Systems array rapid is an excellent choice among solar panel backpacks for the traveler, the camper, or the college person.

Three monocrystalline solar panels with a 3.5-watt output and a 19% efficiency rating (summarizing over 10 watts of solar power) are located in the exterior side of the backpack which will generate electricity for your gadgets when exposed to solar energy.

The Voltaic Systems array rapid solar power backpack also includes a remarkable 24,000mAh battery pack that is similar to solar power banks and that gets constantly charged using the PV cells.

This same battery backup resource is able to charge a phone over 7 times and an iPad over 4 times which will give you a reliable power storage source for long-term trips. Regarding charging speed times, you will need approximately 11.5 hours of Sun to completely charge the battery bank.

The Voltaic Systems solar power backpack includes a wall charger that can increase your charging speed. It also features side pockets for water bottles and electronics.

Key Features:

  • Wall charger included and dedicated padded 15” laptop sleeve
  • Solar USB charger for multiple small devices
  • 2-year warranty on the solar panel, 1-year warranty on the battery pack

Key Specifications:

19% efficiency solar panel
24,000mah battery
25L of storage

4. Waterproof Solar Laptop Backpack

side facing waterproof solar laptop backpack

The Fanspack Solar powered backpack is a beautiful black and green school-purpose backpack that works using a high efficiency solar panel with a 5.3 watts power output and a 24% transfer rate, which converts the Sun’s energy into electricity to charge multiple gear gadgets and electronics.

The solar panel will allow you an instantaneous power output with voltage stability to charge your devices. This backpack charger does not include a battery power bank, so in other words, you will not have power storage available for cloudy days or evening time.

Nevertheless, this solar panel backpack is perfect for charging your smartphone, iPad, speakers, or camera. The product contains multiple specific compartments to accommodate a 15-inch laptop, mobile phone, wallet, books, magazines, and clothes.

Moreover, it is comfortable and ergonomic by using its padded adjustable shoulder straps, which are designed to put the lowest possible pressure on your shouldersw during your day.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Useful as school, college, camping or hiking backpack
  • Breathable mesh on the back included

Key Specifications:

5.3-watt solar panel
24% efficiency
Weight:1.65 pounds

5. EnerPlex PREXECGY

side facing enerplex prexecgy

The EnerPlex Packr solar charging backpacks have the perfect balance between lightweight, storage and a portable power source.

To get started, the EnerPlex Packr integrated 3-watt solar panel has a flexible and compact design that adds minimal to zero extra weight and that, even in full-load condition inside the backpack, will create no damage to the panel.

Thanks to this solar panel, you will be able to charge smartphones, cameras and other small devices in less than 5 hours using a USB charging port. Moreover, the PV cells are water resistant and they are able to resist shocks and drops.

You will also enjoy padded shoulder straps, designed to maximize comfortability while you are on the go with portable solar panels. If you need more space inside the solar hiking backpack, you can use an expandable compartment option.

Thanks to its low price on Amazon and to its outstanding performance, this is a high quality hiking backpack that has received multiple positive solar backpack reviews.

Key Features:

  • Rugged and lightweight solar panels
  • Expandable compartments
  • Padded laptop backpack

Key Specifications:

3-watt solar panel
5 hours of charge
Weight: 2.9 pounds

6. ECEEN ECE-657

side facing eceen ece-657

The ECEEN solar powered backpack is an amazing choice for taking your USB charging devices on the go with a reliable and independent source of power.

Since it is suitable for multiple purposes such as trekking, camping, biking and perfect as a hiking backpack, the ECE-657 is a model that you must definitely consider for outdoor activities.

The product from ECEEN features a stylish and beautiful design with detachable solar panels that produce a 6.5-watt power output.

Integrating these top rated solar panels from Sunpower with the highest efficiencies in the market (reaching up to 22%) you are able to harvest solar energy, convert it to electricity and provide power to charge USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, or GPS units.

This laptop backpack has a 2,000mAh battery included which can also be replaced by other higher capacity batteries such as 5000mAh and 10,000mAh.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Polyester material
  • USB charging for the battery

Key Specifications:

2000mAh battery included
6.5W power output on solar panels
22% high efficiency conversion rate

7. Voltaic Systems OffGrid 10 Watt

side facing voltaic systems offgrid 10 Watt

The Voltaic Systems OffGrid solar panel backpack features a stylish design with a USB battery pack suitable for charging smartphones, DSLR cameras, and other USB devices as well.

The 12000mAh Li-polymer battery gets charged using an offgrid 10-watt rapid solar panel based in 22% high efficiency SunPower cells. These cells are able to charge most smartphones in less than 2 hours when exposed to direct sunlight. When the Li-polymer battery is fully charged, it will be able to provide up to 4 complete charges for a smartphone and a single charge for a 10’’ tablet.

Among some interesting facts that you need to know about the Voltaic Systems offgrid model is that unlike other solar backpacks, the product features short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, and over-temperature protections in its Voltaic V44 USB battery.

You will also enjoy 25L of storage with specific and dedicated pockets, padded laptop/tablet sleeves, and an expandable water bottle with a tri-pod carry strap.

Key Features:

  • 2-year warranty on panels, 1 –year for battery
  • Li-polymer battery
  • USB charging cable and micro USB cable included for battery and device charging

Key Specifications:

12,000mAh solar battery included
22% efficiency on cells
10-watt solar panel

8. PowerKeep Energizer Wanderer

side facing powerKeep energizer wanderer

The PowerKeep Energizer solar backpacks are designed to be the best companion in a camping or travel experience.

The Wanderer model is a hiking camping hydration backpack that works using a black removable solar panel with 3-watt power output and 5V/0.6 A outputs. Other types of camping solar panels may provide a higher output wattage but they will not be as portable and as easy-carrying as the solar cells integrated into the Energizer Wanderer.

Moreover, the most amazing feature of the Wanderer solar powered hydration backpack is that the product features a 10,000mAh battery which equals 37Wh of energy storage. The PK10K power bank is based in lithium polymer cell technology with a micro-USB 5V/2.0A output port and can get charged by USB cable (from AC power) in 6.7 hours @2A or via solar power in 10 hours.

Using the charging speed of the power bank, you will be able to charge a smartphone in less than 2.5 hours up to four times if it’s fully charged. A tablet can also get a single charge easily in 4 hours. You can consider it a good solar generator for camping purposes.

Multiple zippered compartments, side pockets, and sleeves make it perfect for hiking, hunting, travel, and hydration backpack.

Key Features:

  • Hydration pack ready
  • Solar panel is detachable
  • Power bank is equipped with short-circuit and over-charging protection

Key Specifications:

10000mAh battery
Backpack capacity: 30L
Solar power output: 3-watts

9. XTPower Hiking Backpack

side facing xtpower hiking backpack

The XTPower Hiking solar backpack stands to cover the most demanding and highest quality customers.

Using a detachable solar panel with a 7 wattage output (6V and 1.1A), you are capable of charging many electronic devices such as iPads, tablets, smartphones, speakers, and others by simply exposing the PV cells to sunlight conditions. Since the panel is detachable, you are able to take off the module and place it in a direct sunlight position while you are resting under the shadow.

PV cells of the XTPower hiking solar backpack are flexible and they are designed by SunPower with a 22% conversion rate. Moreover, they are manufactured with a scratch resistant surface and they are sewn into a PVC cover to ensure fastening to the backpack.

By purchasing the product by an affordable price on Amazon you will also have access to 1 USB to micro-USB charge cable. The solar powered backpack is based in nylon and water resistant material.

Since it is intended to be a hiking backpack, XTPower has manufactured it to be extremely durable, ultra-light and comfortable, thanks to its adjustable straps and breathable mesh.

Key Features:

  • Detachable solar panel
  • Nylon and water resistant material
  • Adjustable straps and breathable mesh included

Key Specifications:

Power output: 7W
Efficiency conversion rate: 22%
Weight: 1.8 lbs.

10. HAWEEL External Frame Backpack

side facing haweel external frame backpack

The HAWEEL External frame backpack is one of the most stylish and beautiful models available with a solar charger. The product is available in both black and blue colors for a very affordable price on Amazon.

The solar charger backpack uses a SunPower 7-watt solar module with a 22% rating for efficiency conversion. These solar cells are built into an anti-scratch and protective hardened coating which is sewn into a high-wear PVC fabric intended for weather-resistant outdoor durability.

This product is just perfect for all those who are looking forward to getting started in backpacking, trekking, fishing, biking, or mountaineering. The reason is its compact size. You will also be using adjustable chest straps, and a breathable mesh made to relieve stress or cool your back.

Moreover, the solar backpack charger is designed with a large main pocket which is good enough to carry laptops, iPads, books, camera, clothes, and more. The product also includes two side pockets suitable for water bottles or umbrellas.

Finally, if you like to hang out in the outdoors with your earphones on, you will be able to charge your smartphone while listening to music thanks to its charging and earphone ports.

Key Features:

  • Stylish design
  • USB Charging and earphone ports
  • Strong and durable handhold ring

Key Specifications:

7-watt solar module
22% efficiency
Weight: 1.8 pounds

How to Choose a Solar Powered Backpack – 3 Key Features to Look For

1. Solar Panel Specs

The wattage of the solar panel will tell you how long the PV module will take to charge your devices. A higher wattage solar cell (between 7-10 watts) should be enough to charge bigger electronic devices in a faster period of time.

The other factor is the efficiency of the cell. If you own an RV and you are considering going solar, you might be able to choose larger solar panels for RV’s with lower efficiencies.

However, for solar backpack purposes, you will need at least 18% efficiency.

2. Power Bank

The second factor that should be taken into account is the battery pack included inside the backpack.

The capacity of the power bank will be crucial to give you an idea of how many charges you will have for your electronic appliances. Also, you must look into the number of USB ports, charging possibilities (from solar and AC) and speed charging times as well based in the technology of the battery.

3. Compartments

Finally, the last factor that you should take into account is the number of compartments that you will have available for storage. The capacity of storage also gives you an idea of how big is the solar powered backpack.

Check to see if there is a laptop/tablet sleeve and side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas.

Why You Should Buy a Solar Panel Backpack for Your Next Hiking or Camping Trip

women wearing a voltaic systems solar backpack while overlooking the view from a hill

To have the best time in your hiking or camping experience, you must also think about gear and equipment.

Having your electronic gear completely charged will allow you to enjoy good music while you are in front of a fire in the wild, or share experiences with friends and family via smartphone. If you ever find yourself in emergency situations, having your electronic gear fully charged is crucial to ensure reliable communication with your contacts.

Therefore, having a solar panel backpack that combines high-quality gear and equipment storage with electricity production is a great resource for any hiking, camping, or school experience.

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