Bluetti AC100 Review

December 17, 2021

When it comes to portable power generators, nothing comes close to the Bluetti AC100. Being able to use power both on and off the grid means that you can use it for anything from charging cell phones to running mini air conditioners. 

In today’s age, pretty much everything we do relies on electricity. Whether that’s charging your phone and laptop and computer, or perhaps keeping electricity flowing through your mini-fridge in your RV, you need power. 

However, this can be both financially draining and difficult at times if you struggle with power shortages.

If you’re someone who constantly needs an extra bit of power or just likes to know that you can charge something in a crisis, you need to check out this Bluetti AC100 solar generator as it will change your life for the better.  

Why Do I Need a Portable Power Station?

Campers / Trailer-Owners

For many of us, going on camping trips in our RVs or trailers is a common and frequent experience, for some, even weekly camping trips are scheduled and planned. 

But for many of those who go on these adventures, we may end up in a place that has no power and electricity, leaving us completely abandoned. 

For others, living in a trailer or RV means we often run into situations where there is no power or electricity, leaving our fridges switching off and us completely in the dark. 

This is why the Bluetti AC100 comes in handy wherever you are.

All you have to do is put it out in direct sunlight for 60 minutes and you’re good to go, ready with a 600w charging capacity. In comparison, the Bluetti eb240 has to be in the sun for over 6 hours to be fully charged, so you’re really getting good value with the Bluetti AC100. 

If we look at the Bluetti eb55, it simply doesn’t charge in the sun without added solar panels, so once again the Bluetti AC100 is really the best generator on the market at the moment. 

This capability means that you can charge your mini-fridge, a mini-air conditioner, lights, or any small devices.

why to buy buletti ac100

If you’ve got solar panels on the roof of your RV, you can even charge those up with this solar generator. 

This just makes your life so much easier as you never have to worry about your trailer and all of your belongings running out of battery, as well as being able to charge your devices.


For home use, this solar generator is a perfect addition to making your life easier and less stressful. 

One of the things that we love about the generator is that you can use it to charge most small appliances, meaning that it’s perfect for charging phones and laptops. 

This means that if you’re in a power shortage, want to be more environmentally friendly by using a renewable energy source or simply want to save some cash on your electricity bill in the long term, this generator is perfect for you. 

We also love that you can charge multiple devices on this generator at once as it has the power capacity and multiple outlets to charge more than one device. 

For example, if you live in an area that’s prone to power shortages, this solar generator will be a lifesaver for you. All you have to do is put it outside in the sun for 60 minutes and you’ll be ready to charge. 

This is also great for a student house as you can charge multiple devices like your phones and laptops in order to save money on electric bills. 

External Features + What It Can Charge

So we’ve hyped this generator up, but what can it actually do?

Well, for starters it has all of these ports:

  • 4 USB outlets for charging devices
  • 2 AC outlets for powering up smaller appliances like a mini-fridge
  • 1 USB-C outlet for charging most laptops
  • 1 car cigarette lighter and,
  • 1 LED light

With all of these outlets, you can charge a variety of different devices and appliances all at once. In comparison to something like the Bluetti ac20, which only has 5 different ports, and the Bluetti eb150 which has 8, this solar generator easily comes out ahead. 

But how much charge does it actually have? Here are some stats about all the different appliances it can power up for and how long it can charge it for:

where can you buy buletti ac100
  • Lights: 100+ hours
  • Laptop: Over 13 re-chargers
  • Mini air conditioner: 2 hours
  • Mini fridge: +- 15 hours

For a solar generator, you are getting incredible value for money as it gives you hours of charging power in exchange for only 60 minutes in the sun. 

A feature that is worth mentioning is that like most Maxoak products, this solar generator was made to be completely quiet with no fan that can be quite loud. This benefits you as you can use it at night and not worry about it causing too much loudness.

What It Looks Like

So we’ve discussed all the ports, but this solar generator has way more to offer.

Weighing in at 34.4lbs and having the dimensions of 15.3 x 7.2 x 12.5 inches, this rugged and resistant generator comes with an extra layer of rubber that protects it if you need to place it on uneven or rocky surfaces to charge. 

On the front side of this solar generator, it shows the screen display that has the battery usage on it, as well as some of the outlets. 

On the back of the generator are some air vents that help regulate the temperature of the generator when it’s being used at full capacity, and we’ve got some more outlets as well. There’s also an LED light that doubles as a torch if you’re in need of some light. 

The top of the generator has a handle, so even though it’s quite heavy, you can easily transport it by picking it up and moving it from point a to point b.

What We Love

  • One of our favorite aspects of this generator is all the different outlets it has on it, ensuring that whatever you need to charge, there will be an outlet for it. 
  • We also love that it only needs to be in the sun for 60 minutes to charge fully, as this makes it easier for you to just place it somewhere and come back in an hour to a fully charged generator.
  • It’s such a small and compact generator that it can easily be stored somewhere small 
  • We really like how this generator has air vents instead of a fan to regulate its temperature as it means less noise disturbance for us.


Overall, the Bluetti AC100 solar generator is a perfect investment piece for whoever is looking for one. 

Different people want a solar generator for different reasons, but no matter what your reason is, the Bluetti AC100 will fit whatever you have.

Solar Generator FAQs

So now that you’ve gone through all the info, maybe you have a few questions that you would like answered. Here are the 3 top asked questions about solar generators, and the answers all apply to the Bluetti AC100.

Are Solar Generators Worth It?

There are numerous reasons to purchase a solar generator, but we’ll list them here again as a refresher:

  • Saving money on electric bills
  • Being more eco-friendly by using renewable solar energy instead of non-renewable energy sources
  • Needing power for your off-grid trailer
  • Wanting to charge devices and/or small appliances on holiday with no electricity

What Can a Solar Generator Do?

The brilliance about solar generators like the Bluetti AC100 is that with only 60 minutes of charging in the sun, they can provide hours of charge for small devices like phones and laptops, to small appliances like mini-fridges or mini air conditioners. 

This multi-purpose aspect of them makes them perfect for almost anybody who uses electricity as they provide years of power all by using the sun. 

Comparing the Bluetti AC100 to the Bluetti eb70, even though the eb70 can power charge smaller appliances like mini-fridges, it has only got 1 AC outlet compared to the 2 that the AC100 has.

How Long Does a Solar Generator Last?

Most solar generators last between 25 and 30 years. 

The Bluetti AC100 comes with lifetime support so if you ever run into issues we will sort it out for you. 

The lifetime of the Bluetti AC100 is a major benefit for you as all you have to do is pay a lump sum to purchase the generator, then for over 25 years, you can save a lot of money by reducing your electricity bill by using your solar generator.

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