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Titan Solar Generator


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Choosing the right solar generator is an incredibly important decision. These powerful and versatile pieces of solar equipment can act as all-in-one solar power systems, especially if connected to an adequate number of solar panels.

While it is great to have options, choosing a solar generator can be somewhat overwhelming. The solar industry has responded to the high demand, and now just about every reputable solar brand offers its own solar generator.

To help you explore your options and choose the right solar generator for your needs, we are going to examine one of the most popular and highly sought-after units on the market today – the Titan Solar Generator. Once we have taken an in-depth look at this powerful and portable solar power system, we will offer our top picks for the best alternatives to help you explore your options. 

Our Review of the Titan Solar Generator

When Point Zero Energy released the Titan Solar Generator in 2019, it created quite a splash in the industry. With a high-capacity 2,000Wh internal solar battery and an efficient 3,000W power inverter, this powerful solar power generator seemed to offer the latest technology available for portable solar units.

While the internal components of the Titan Solar Generator have not been updated since its launch in 2019, they were so good at the time that the unit still holds up as one of the better options on the market today.

The Ongoing Supply Issues

However, despite its impressive specifications and overall build quality, the unit continues to face supply issues. Simply put, the brand has faced serious criticism over its inability to keep up with the demand for its popular solar generator.

These inventory issues have led to significant shipping deferrals and delivery delays. While you can see this incredible demand as a reflection of the quality and value of the Titan Solar Generator, it can be very frustrating, especially for those living off-grid who do not have the luxury of waiting several months for a new solar generator.

To decide whether or not the Titan is worth the headache and delivery delays, we are going to take a more in-depth look at what it has to offer.

Breakdown of the Titan Solar Generator’s Internal Components

The Power Inverter and Charge Controllers

One of the most impressive things about the Titan Solar Generator is its built-in 3,000W continuous pure sine wave inverter, which offers 6,000W of surge protection. This excellent feature means you can use the Titan to power more of your electronic appliances and devices simultaneously.

This highly efficient power inverter means the Titan can convert the DC power generated from the solar panels into more practical AC power. With an efficiency rating of nearly 92%, you will not have to worry about the power inverter drawing unnecessary power and draining the internal battery.

Titan Solar Generator

As for power regulation, the Titan features dual MPPT charge controllers capable of handling up to 2,000W of solar power. This power rating is respectable, and the MPPT controllers prevent unnecessary battery drain that can occur when power reverse flows to the solar panels after the sun goes down. However, while this sounds great, it is worth noting that other solar generators have now caught up to the point where 2,000W is fairly standard for the larger units.

Combined, the two MPPT charge controllers can handle up to 1,000W of solar input, which is fairly decent, but certainly not remarkable. It does, however, enable dual charging, meaning you can simultaneously charge the Titan with solar power and AC power by plugging it into a standard AC wall outlet and solar panels at the same time.

The Internal Battery, Solar Capabilities, and Output Ports

The Titan features a removable and expandable lithium-ion deep cycle solar battery. It has a total capacity of 2,000Wh, which was considered enormous when the unit was first announced. However, since that time, a 2,000Wh internal battery has become the norm for larger solar generators.

To put the battery capacity into perspective, if the battery has a full charge and has not degraded, you should be able to power a small refrigerator for about 35 hours, which is fairly respectable. However, those with greater load requirements may find the battery capacity is lacking.

In terms of output ports, the Titan offers everything you would need without delivering anything considered outstanding. Six USB ports, including two USB-C outputs, make it easy to charge your portable electronics, while six standard wall-style outlets allow you to plug in a variety of electronics. Four 12V output ports round out your options, which is helpful if you would like to trickle-charge your vehicle’s battery.

Our Overall Impression of the Titan Solar Generator

Titan Solar Generator

While we were blown away with the Titan when it was released in 2019, other brands have now had a chance to catch up. The Titan Solar Generator is certainly a versatile and powerful unit, but it is difficult to justify the high price tag and supply chain issues when there are equally capable units available.

The power inverter is still fairly impressive; however, at 2,000Wh, the internal deep cycle battery is nothing to get excited about. While you could argue that the Titan’s battery is expandable, it is difficult to justify spending the extra money to increase the battery capacity when other solar generators have much larger batteries for a similar price.

The number and variety of output ports are fairly standard for a larger unit, and the solar input rating is nothing to write home about.

Again, if we were reviewing the Titan two years ago, we would have been far more impressed. The truth is, other solar generator manufacturers that have more reliable delivery schedules have caught up, and the Titan no longer stands out the way it once did. With that said, you should remember that the Titan is still a capable solar generator, so there is nothing wrong with it, but you should anticipate delays.



While the Titan Solar Generator certainly has a lot going for it, the industry standard has now caught up, and the unit is starting to show its age. It rightfully blew the competition away in 2019, but two years is a long time in the solar industry.

Simply put, the Titan is still a great solar generator, but the price is a little bit high for a 2019 unit, and the ongoing inventory issues are difficult to ignore.

If you are comfortable with delivery delays, we recommend this Complete Titan Solar Generator Kit, which includes the Titan Solar Generator, five 100W solar panels, and all of the wires and cables you need, making this a true plug-and-play solar kit.

For those who would like to explore some alternatives, here are our top recommendations for solar generators that we feel can rival and even beat the Titan.

The Best Alternatives to the Titan Solar Generator

While the Titan still performs well and should be considered a reliable and capable unit, we believe the following solar generators and kits offer superior value and, in some cases, better performance:

While nobody will deny that it comes equipped with a slightly less efficient and powerful power inverter, the Bluetti AC200P features a 2,000Wh internal solar battery, the same battery capacity you get with the Titan. Not only is the battery capacity similar, but the Hex Kit also comes packaged with six 100W solar panels and all of the necessary cables and connectors to wire everything together.

While you might be wondering why we would recommend a solar generator with a less powerful power inverter over the Titan, we chose to do so for one reason – price. With six 100W monocrystalline solar panels, the AC200P Hex Kit is priced at under $2,700, which is less than the price of the Titan on its own.

In most cases, you can also adapt your power usage to work around the smaller power inverter. For example, if you were using the AC200P to run a mini-refrigerator but wanted to use an electric coffee maker, you could just unplug the fridge for a few minutes, make a pot of coffee, then plug the fridge back in. Given that the two units have the same battery capacity, it is fairly easy to overcome the power inverter issues, especially given one unit is significantly less expensive and does not suffer supply chain issues.

The truth is, the AC200P is one of the most popular solar generators on the market today, and there are plenty of reasons for this. With its 700W of solar input potential and six efficient solar panels, it is a great all-in-one solar package that can have you harnessing solar power right away. It is worth mentioning that the AC200P offers 4,800W worth of surge protection, which is quite impressive for a smaller unit.

Like the Titan, you can also charge the AC200P with solar and AC power simultaneously. It even has a 12V charging port, so you have the option to top the battery up as you drive to your destination, which is a major plus for campers and RV enthusiasts. We like the AC200P’s over-paneling ability, which means you can connect it to more than 700W worth of solar panels to ensure fast and efficient charging, which is useful on cloudy days or situations where your access to peak sun hours is limited.

What puts the AC200P over the edge is that Bluetti has announced its plans to release affordable battery expansion packs. These expansion packs will feature their own power inverter, which means you will be able to expand your current AC200P and increase its abilities beyond what the Titan is capable of.

Overall, the AC200P offers far better value than the Titan. With the expansion packs on the horizon and the ongoing delivery issues from Point Zero Energy, we firmly believe the AC200P Hex Kit is the better option.

Where to Buy

Check Out the Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Hex Kit

The AC200P Hex Kit offers better value over the Titan, but the Hysolis MPS Quad Kit delivers superior performance.

With an enormous 4,500Wh lithium-ion battery, the Hysolis MPS offers more than double the battery capacity of the Titan. Not only that, the battery is expandable and backed by the same 3,000W pure sine power inverter you would find in the Titan. It has surge protection of 6,000W, so it can handle all of the peaks and valleys expected of a larger unit.

The Quad Kit includes four 200W monocrystalline solar panels that offer outstanding efficiency, even in low-light conditions. With the 200W power rating of the four solar panels and the Hysolis MPS’s high input rating, you will be able to charge its massive internal battery from even the most remote locations.

It also offers a similar number and variety of output ports as the Titan, including multiple AC wall-style outlets, USB ports, and 12V ports, so you will not encounter any compatibility issues.

Given that the Hysolis MPS Quad Kit is priced under $4,500 and the much smaller Titan Solar Panel Kit costs $4,100, you certainly get a lot more for your money by paying a little bit extra for the Hysolis solar generator.

Where to Buy

Check Out the Hysolis MPS 4,500Wh Solar Generator Quad Kit

The Lion Safari ME GOLD Kit finds the middle ground between the AC200P and the Hysolis MPS. With a 2,970Wh lithium-ion battery and a 2,000W pure sine power inverter, it is a capable solar power generator offered at a more than reasonable price.

The Safari ME stands out because its LiFeP04 internal battery offers over 3,500 life cycles, blowing away the Titan. In simple terms, the Safari ME’s battery will last much longer, and its charge retention is much better than what you find with the Titan’s smaller 2,000Wh battery. It also features the same output ports as the Titan and only weighs in at 19 lbs.

The GOLD Kit also comes packaged with four 100W 24V suitcase-style folding solar panels, which are ideal for campers, RV enthusiasts, and anyone looking for solar panels that are easy to transport and position. The Safari ME only weighs 19 lbs and features a rugged exterior, making it the perfect unit for those that value portability.

With a total price of under $4,000, the Safari ME GOLD Kit certainly offers better value than the Titan Solar Panel Kit. However, it is the fact that Lion Energy is known for having a reliable supply chain that makes the difference.

Where to Buy

Check Out the Lion Safari ME 3,000Wh GOLD Kit

Final Words

While the Titan Solar Generator certainly has its selling points, remember that it is a 2019 unit. The supply chain issues can also be incredibly frustrating for consumers. For those looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, we highly recommend the AC200P Hex Kit. Those who prefer a generator with similar specifications to the Titan might prefer the Hysolis MPS Quad Kit or the Lion Safari ME GOLD Kit.

While the Titan Solar Generator is still living off the well-deserved hype it created in 2019, remember that the industry is constantly evolving. Consumers now have more options than ever before! By choosing one of the alternatives discussed above, you can start using solar power for your electricity needs right away and not have to worry about frustrating and lengthy delays.

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