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Bluetti AC300


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If you list the top few developments of the year in the solar generator market, Bluetti’s game-changing AC300 solar generator and B300 battery expansion pack will be somewhere near the top. The latest offering in the AC series is not only different from other solar power stations, but it is also unique among Bluetti’s own set of generators.

The AC300 comes without a built-in battery and relies on the B300s for energy storage but promises extraordinary numbers for power output and input. With incredible scalability of up to 24,600 Wh and 6,000 W, this modular combo pushes the limits. Let us dive deeper into this Bluetti AC300+B300 Expansion Battery Review.

Key Specs

1. AC300

BatteryNo battery inside
  • Rated AC power: 110 V, 3,000 W Continuous (6,000 W Surge)
  • DC output: 5 V DC / 3 A USB Plug, 12 V DC / 3/10/25 A output ports
  • AC/wall charging: 3000 W at 120 V; 6000 W at 240 V
  • Solar: Max 2400 Watts, 12-150 V 
  • Car Charger: 12 V /24 V DC
Size520 mm (20.5 in) x 343 mm (13.5 in) x 300 mm (11.8 in)
Weight44 lb/ 20 kg 

2. B300

Battery3,072 Wh, Lithium-ion (LFP), 3,500+ lifecycles
  • DC output: 18W USB-A Plug, 100W USB-C Plug
  • 12V/10A cigarette lighter
  • AC/wall charging: 500 W
  • Solar input: 200 W 
Size520 mm (20.5 in) x 358 mm (14.1 in) x 325 mm (12.8 in)
Weight74 lb/ 34 kg 

Key Features

1. Extreme Expandability and Flexibility

The AC300 does not sit in the segment of solar generators designed with expandability as just an option. It goes above and beyond that. It is designed with expandability to be its forte, its most powerful selling point.

To begin with, the AC300 dares to be just a power management system without a battery in it, needing you to buy the B300 battery unit separately. Despite that, it amazes with how much you can expand the capacity. 

A single B300 comes with a 3,072 Wh capacity, and you can connect up to four such units to the AC300 to achieve an admirable 12,288 Wh. But it does not stop there. Bluetti has also launched a Fusion Box Pro, a device that combines two sets of AC300+4xB300, taking the battery capacity to a humongous 24,576 Wh and the power output to 6,000 W. These numbers should be easily sufficient to power even larger households.

Bluetti AC300

AC300 + B300 Maximum Expansion

The B300s not only serve as great expansion devices, but you can also use them as standalone basic power generators on their own. They have two USB ports, a 12V cigarette lighter port, and a power button, providing segment-first flexibility.

2. Great Input and Output Rating

The word “powerful” is an apt description of the AC300 + B300 combination. It has a continuous AC power output of 3,000W, with a surge capacity of 6,000W. With its tremendous expandability, the largest setup churns out 6,000W of power continuously, a figure hardly any portable solar generator reaches.

The numbers are impressive on the input side, too. An adjustable AC input of 3,000W or 6,000W allows you to charge the device in just an hour (or half for 6,000W), which is a big leap even from the previous AC series models, which support up to 500W AC input.

The solar input rating is equally stunning. At 2,400W, you can charge the device in about 1.5 hours. Combining AC and DC inputs allow a staggering 5,400W into the system continuously (needs 2 B300s for combined charging), which is a remarkable feat.

3. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) Battery

Like Bluetti’s other offerings, the B300 also comes with a modern lithium-iron-phosphate battery. LFP batteries are the next big step in lithium battery technology, and Bluetti is one of the few brands to adopt it early – beating even more popular brands like Tesla and Goal Zero.

Bluetti AC300

LFP Battery in the Bluetti B300

The biggest advantage offered by LFP batteries over traditional Li-NMC (Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt) batteries is their durability. For instance, Bluetti’s batteries promise over 3,500 lifecycles. In comparison, a typical NMC battery, such as that of a Goal Zero model, would offer only 500 lifecycles.

These batteries don’t just last a long time. They also have much higher thermal resistance, meaning an LFP battery catching fire is very unlikely. This tolerance also allows LFP batteries to have higher current ratings.

4. Split Phase Bonding

A major difference between the smaller AC series models and the AC300 is its split-phase bonding feature. Technically, this means the voltage can be doubled (splitting of the phase) for greater power transfer.

While the regular input or output voltage is 120V, split-phase bonding allows it to be 240V. The power rating subsequently doubles from 3,000W to 6,000W. On the output end, this means you can run heavier loads on the same device, and on the input side, it means you can charge the unit by almost twice the speed.

5. Practical design

Bluetti’s generators have got more than just good looks, and the AC300 is no exception. The makers have designed it thoughtfully to include many practical features. For instance, the AC300 comes with a 30A RV port. You can now run any appliances in your RV by simply plugging one cable into the RV port. The B300 has enough juice to power pretty much everything in your RV for a few hours.

Speaking of practicality in design, the AC300 + B300 also supports hot-swapping, meaning if the battery level in a B300 is too low, you don’t need to turn off the entire unit to charge the battery, just unplug it plug in a new one in a hot-swap and your generator’s operations continue seamlessly. 

6. Advanced Functionality

Unlike a decade ago, a good solar generator today is a lot more than just a good battery and inverter. Most manufacturers are trying to make using their power station as simple and intuitive as possible, and Bluetti does not disappoint on this front.

The AC300, like the other models in the AC series, comes with an exceptional display screen. The screen is a high-quality, responsive LCD touch-screen with excellent visibility and superior functionality. It shows a large variety of information such as input and output parameters and more, and also allows regulating voltages and currents. 

Bluetti AC300

Bluetti AC300 Display Screen

But you don’t have to walk up to the solar generator to look at the screen each time, Bluetti now offers a mobile app with the device. The app comes with an interface that is slightly similar to the LCD screen on the unit, and you can also use it to turn off the device remotely.

Bluetti AC300

Bluetti Mobile App

Design and Construction

Bluetti continues its streak of aesthetically pleasing designs with the AC300, mainly by sticking to the metallic grey and textured black combination with the cool blue branding. The AC300 resembles the other AC series generators but looks slightly boxy, suggesting a more powerful look.

Despite being mostly built out of ABS plastic, the AC300 and B300 manage to exude ruggedness through the design. Usage-wise, the AC300 is very similar to the AC200s. The front sports all the ports, the display screen, and the power button.

Bluetti AC300

Bluetti AC300 Output Ports

Bluetti AC300

Bluetti B300 Output Ports

On the top are two wireless charging pads, and on the side of the unit are battery connection ports as well as input ports – for solar DC input and AC wall input.

Bluetti AC300

Bluetti AC300 Input Ports


Bluetti’s most powerful generator + battery combo to date – the AC300 + B300 – is more than just a larger version of their existing products. It is a uniquely powerful device. Let us list down the reasons why buying the AC300 + B300 makes sense:

5-digit battery storage capacity in Wh was unheard of when it came to portable solar generators, but Bluetti shattered the norm with the extreme expandability of the AC300 with the B300s. The modular design and a maximum of 24,600 Wh mean you never have to worry about running out of energy storage. 

The power output is equally impressive at a maximum of 6,000W and should run heavy appliances for quite a long time.

The LFP battery inside the device is not only energy-dense, but it is also less susceptible to fires or explosions and lasts significantly longer.

A 30 A RV port allows for convenient powering of RV appliances, plus the hot-swapping feature lets you do quick and easy battery changes when the unit is in operation. Coupled with a superb LCD touch screen and an intuitive mobile app, the AC300 and B300 provide guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to functionality. 

One would expect the B300 battery expansion pack to be secondary to the AC300 in importance, but it impresses as much as the AC300 itself – its independent input and output capabilities turn it into a basic solar generator itself, adding tremendous flexibility to the combination.


There aren’t many things that should deter you from buying the AC300 and B300, but these machines do come with some flaws.

The AC300, however well-built, does not include a battery, unlike the previous AC models. So, you MUST buy the B300 with it. You can use the AC200 Max or AC200P, on the other hand, as full-fledged generators without necessarily having to buy the B230 or the B300.

At 44 lb, the AC300 is not particularly heavy for its power output, but as mentioned before, you will need a combination of the AC300 and B300 to have any energy storage in it. With the B300’s 74 lb, the total weight comes to a grueling 118 lb. 

Without a wheeled cart, moving the AC300 + B300 combo is a big hassle and questions the “portable” tag of the devices.

Final Words: Should You Buy the Bluetti AC300 + B300

There is no such thing as the ultimate solar generator that suits every single user, but Bluetti’s AC300 + B300 comes as close to claiming that title as possible. Its outstanding expandability and high power rating make it suitable for everything from off-grid adventures to powering large homes.

The unit boasts one of the highest solar input ratings at 2,400W and one of the highest total input ratings of 5,400W, allowing it to charge it in an impressively short time. Its split-phase bonding is another unique selling point, thanks to which you can double the input or output voltage for double the charging speed or power output.

A state-of-the-art LFP battery promises exceptionally long life and safe operation, while a well-designed display screen and mobile app make using it super-convenient.

The devices do have their flaws, such as the battery-less AC300 and its unimpressive mass. But if a couple of minor drawbacks are not a big turn-off, the AC300 and B300 are certainly an excellent combination to own.

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