Bluetti AC20 Review

December 17, 2021

Once we’re out there in the wild, either hiking or camping, we still want to be able to stay connected whether for convenience sake or in case of an emergency. 

The perfect piece of tech for the job would have to be the Bluetti AC20. We’re going to a lot of detail as to why it’s so good, so stick around.

Bluetti AC20 (Our Review)

General Overview

The regular power banks we see in the stores are usually capable of charging only one or two phones, they don’t last quite as long and need regular charging to maintain their peak power output.

When you need a power bank that’s both portable and capable of delivering a huge power output, the Bluetti AC20 is a great answer for the situation.

bluetti ac20 portable solar power generator review

The Bluetti AC20 delivers 200Wh of power via a 120W inverter which is ideal for charging anything from tablets, smartphones, and laptops. If you’re looking for something more substantial, have a look at the Bluetti EP500.

To put it into perspective, a smartphone can be recharged up to 15 times, a tablet can be recharged 5 times, MacBooks up to 4 times, and a USB fan can be provided with 40 hours of run time.

It’s also equipped with two speedy power delivery ports that can charge your phone in a fraction of the time. 

The USB-A port features the useful Quick Charge functionality, which means that any Quick Charge compatible smartphone will charge a lot quicker. 

The port can still charge your smartphone even if it’s not capable of utilizing the Quick Charge feature. The other USB-A port is the run-of-the-mill sort that has 5V/2.4A charging speed.

The USB-C port is pretty cool on the Bluetti AC20 because of its 40W maximum output. It’s compatible with laptops like the MacBook or Chromebook. Most of the usual power banks only have a 30W charging speed. The port is also able to adjust its wattage to 18W if you plug in your smartphone to that port. 

You can find the same ports on the Bluetti eb55, though it only weighs half.

The AC20 comes pre-installed with an MPPT, provided by the solar charging optimization module. The result is that you get a charging time that’s almost 40% faster when solar panels are connected to the AC20.


The power it delivers comes from the lithium battery, a material that is widely known for its stability. It’s continuously monitored by the advanced battery management system which prevents the battery from overcharging, short circulation, and over-lifting. 

The power capacities of the AC20 are influenced by how you use it. By using the USB-A ports to charge your tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to use a lot more power because it’s using less voltage, around 4V.

When you’re charging devices like a smartphone or laptop with 5,000mAh batteries or bigger the AC20 can charge them between six or eight times. 

Using the DC or AC ports is going to be a little different, though. 

The DC port uses less power but instead has a higher voltage. The power output, in this case, is 11.1V and the power capacity possibility is 18,000mAh. In this scenario, the AC20 will be used to charge larger devices.

With such an impressive capacity, you can even hook it up to the Bluetti home integration kit.

Much like the USB-C port, the AC outlet is almost just as useful. It can take three-pronged AC adapters and has an output of 100W at its maximum.

The power station is able to recharge by using the DC port. You can do this in three different ways, too.

First off, it comes with an AC adapter for plugging it into the wall socket. You should probably charge it a day or so before you plan on using it.

You could also use your car charger to get the job done. The AC20 is also kitted with a car charging adapter. The only catch is that the car would have to be running while you charge the power station.

can you use bluetti ac20


Lastly, when you’re out hiking or camping, you could also charge it by using a solar power system. This should, of course, be no problem at all during Summer or Spring, so it’s a good idea to invest in some decent but portable solar panels. 

The Bluetti AC20 strikes a balance between power output and portability, standing not-so-tall at only 8 inches with a body almost 8 inches wide and just under 3 inches thick. The power station also weighs just under 8 lbs. 

This makes it substantially smaller than the similarly powerful Bluetti eb200.

The AC20 also comes with a comfortable handle at the top which makes it easier to carry around. While the design and build of the power station make it great for traveling, it also means that it’s not the toughest piece of equipment out there.

Though, as you take care not to drop it or get it anywhere near water it’ll hold up just fine. 

This generator is ideal for bringing power on the move. If you want to power your home, however, you’ll need something with a bit more oomf, like the Bluetti 2400Wh solar generator.

What We Love

  • USB-A and USB-C ports
  • AC Outlets
  • More than 1,000 life cycles
  • LCD Display
  • Low heat, silent

Who It’s For

  • Ideal for hikers, campers, and outdoors people.
  • Ideal for charging small to medium-sized devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.)


The Bluetti AC20 is our best pick if we had to go camping somewhere far away from any sign of civilization, or for an awesome day’s hiking. 

It’s small, portable, and ready to provide you with the necessary power to charge your devices whether they are laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The Bluetti AC20 Power Station FAQs

How Do I Use The LCD Screen?

The screen shows the power station’s capacity with a picture of a battery with five segments, each accounting for 20% of the battery’s capacity.

Just to the right you’ll see the wattage amount when it’s charging, and the wattage output for the DC port and AC port.

Which Solar Panels Are Compatible?

Solar panels that are compatible with the Bluetti AC20 have to meet requirements like having an MC4 connector, a DC capacity of at least 14V to 40V, and have a wattage of 125W.

You could try this 200W solar panel. It can be easily mounted onto an RV or camper van, perfect for an extended trip.

What Are The Buttons For?

There are three buttons you get to use on the Bluetti AC20. One is for turning it on and off, while the other two switch on the AC and DC ports.

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