The Ultimate Bluetti B230 Review

January 13, 2022

Bluetti has long been one of our favorite solar system manufacturers. They’ve recently launched a set of new expansion batteries for the reliable AC200 Max solar generators

This new series is called the Bluetti B230, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on them. Here is our ultimate review of the new Bluetti B230 expansion batteries. 

We’ll determine whether they are any good, what you can do with them, and if they are worth your money. Let’s get started!

Bluetti B230 (Our Review)


The Bluetti B230 is an expansion battery pack for the impressive Bluetti AC200 Max solar power systems. It has the same sleek, futuristic aesthetics as the AC200 Max base unit. 

In fact, the Bluetti B230 has the same footprint as the AC200 Max, so you can easily stack the battery pack on top of the base unit. 

By stacking them on top of each other, you’ll manage to conserve space and build a pretty impressive-looking setup.

Bluetti designed these battery packs to be robust, modular, and provide maximum wattage for thousands of charge cycles. 

In fact, Bluetti states that you can comfortably recharge this battery pack for at least 3,500 charge cycles before its capacity drops down to 80%. 

Those are pretty impressive numbers. So, it’s no surprise that these powerful battery packs are helpful for various purposes. 

We find that the Bluetti B230 battery packs can provide power to an entire house and a large number of electronic devices. 

They are also modular enough to take on the road in your camper or RV. Unfortunately, they’re not as portable as the Bluetti AC200P, so they may require some effort to take on a camping trip. 

The B230 battery packs weigh around 62lbs. This weight makes it slightly uncomfortable to lug around. By comparison, the Bluetti EB55 weighs only 17lbs.

It may be best to use the B230 in a permanent installation or buy a custom trolley to move these battery packs around in.

Yet, suppose you don’t mind the more significant, heavy battery packs like this one. In that case, you’ll find that they provide excellent capacity and fantastic performance.

bluetti b230 our review

Battery Capacity, Safety, and Overall Performance

Unlike the Bluetti EB240, which uses Lithium-Ion batteries, the new Bluetti B230 uses Lithium-Iron Oxide (LiFePO4) cells. These types of battery cells are a pretty new technology and we haven’t seen them in many battery packs

The good news is that these cells are longer lasting than regular Lithium and even Lithium-Ion cells. 

Not only will they last longer than standard batteries, but they are also safer. You’ll find that LiFePO4 cells are less likely to overheat and catch fire. 

LiFePO4 cells are also much more efficient than regular Lithium-Ion cells. 

All of this makes the Bluetti B230 an efficient, reliable battery pack that’s incredibly safe to use, no matter where you plan to install your backup power supply.

We were also impressed to learn that the B230 provides pure sine wave power. Pure sine wave power is the same power that the base unit, the powerful AC200 Max, provides.

This type of power is safe for even the most sensitive electronics. So, you know that your solar power system won’t end up damaging your expensive electronic devices. 

Today, plenty of solar systems provide modified sine wave power. This modified power is known for causing damage to sensitive machinery, such as CPAP machines. 

Luckily, this isn’t an issue with the reliable B230 battery bank.


As for capacity, we find that the B230 has an impressive capacity of 2,048 Watt-hours, nearly three times as much as the Bluetti EB70. This capacity is more than enough to recharge an iPhone at least 175 times.

Recharging the B230 is also pretty effortless when you use the AC200 Max. This base unit has an impressive recharge speed of around 1,400W when connected to AC input. 

If you plan to recharge your batteries with solar power, you can expect to achieve a recharge speed of around 900W. 

All of this works out at around 8 hours of recharge time when connected to AC input, or approximately 12 hours if you plan to recharge the battery pack with solar panels.

If you’re looking for something a bit faster, the Bluetti EB500 Pro can fully charge its battery in half that time.

This recharge time is pretty standard and should make keeping your batteries topped up effortless.

use of bluetti b230.png

Compatibility and Usage

It’s important to remember that unlike more advanced generator kits like the Bluetti AC100, the B230 is a battery pack only. So, ultimately its compatibility with your electronic devices will depend entirely on the base station that you plan on using it with.

The good news is that the B230 battery pack is perfectly compatible with the AC200 Max base unit. 

When you combine the reliability of the B230 with the exceptional performance of the AC200 Max, you unleash a powerful and versatile backup power supply system.

We find that the AC200 Max base station has enough power ports to plug in most of your devices. There are 4x standard three-prong AC plugs, 4x USB-A ports, and a single USB-C port.

These ports and plugs are more than enough to keep the essentials going, even during long periods of power outages. 

Since the B230 is modular, you can easily combine more battery packs to increase the total capacity. One base station is enough to run several battery banks at once.

So, suppose you’re concerned about being without power for long periods, or you’re planning on going off-grid. In that case, the B230 offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your system.

Our Verdict

The Bluetti B230 is an excellent power bank. Its modularity means you can quickly build up a backup power system that’s powerful enough to cover all of your needs. 

It’s essential to remember that the B230 is only compatible with the AC200 Max base unit. As long as you build your solar power system around that base unit, you’ll have an excellent eco-friendly power source that’s perfect for going off-grid.


  • Beautiful and stylish design.
  • Durable and safe.
  • Modular.
  • Next-generation battery technology.


  • Somewhat weighty, weighing around 62lbs.

Bluetti B230 FAQs

What can I do with the Bluetti B230?

The Bluetti B230 is a powerful and capable battery pack. This battery pack will provide you with enough power to charge laptops, cellphones, cameras, fans, lights, and so much more.

How many charge cycles can I get out of the Bluetti B230?

The Bluetti B230 has a lifetime of around 3500 charge cycles. Once it’s reached this amount of charges, its capacity will be reduced to 80%. This capacity makes it one of the best batteries on the market.

Is the Bluetti B230 a safe battery to use?

The Bluetti B230 comes with the latest LiFePO4 battery cells. Not only are these cells more efficient than typical Lithium-Ion cells, but they are also much safer to use.

Is the Bluetti B230 battery pack compatible with my AC300?

The Bluetti B230 battery pack isn’t compatible with the AC300. However, the Bluetti B300 is perfectly consistent with the AC300 base unit.

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