Bluetti AC200P Review: Is It The Best Solar Generator? (2021)

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator


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Overall Rating 9
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If there were ever a beauty contest for portable solar power stations, the Bluetti AC200P would undoubtedly steal the show. But is it just beauty this solar generator offers? Of course not! The AC200P Solar Generator comes with a 2,000 Wh LFP battery with 2,000 W inverter output and 700 W solar input while promising plenty of handy features in a well-built unit.

But in a market that becomes more competitive every year, does the Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator stand out from the crowd? Is this the best solar generator in its price range? Let us find out in this in-depth Bluetti AC200P review.

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Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator Design and Construction

If there is one area of the Bluetti AC200P where no other solar generator comes close, it’s its design. The device looks straight out of a star wars spaceship. Its metallic grey edges and black body with a texture resembling carbon fiber makes it look futuristic. The cool blue branding and port labels give it an even more modern feel.

The recesses on both sides act as handles. The output ports are grouped and placed in the front, while the wireless charging pads are on the top. The ports come with soft plastic caps, which prevent dust or dirt from accumulating in the ports. Two input ports are on the side of the unit.

The product is well-designed, even from a functionality perspective. It has a whopping 17 outlet ports:

Bluetti AC200P Outlets:

6 xAC110V AC outlet (pure sine-wave)
1 xDC12V/25A
1 xDC12V/10A
2 x

DC 12V/3A

4 x


1 x

PD 60W USB-C Faster Charge (5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A,15V/3A, 20V/3A)

2 x

Wireless Charging (Single Output Max 15W)

Bluetti AC200P Solar Generator

One of the main highlights of the Bluetti AC200P is its 25A DC output port. The only downside here is that the Aviation plug to XT60 cable needs to be purchased separately from Bluetti.

Speaking of cables, the AC200P comes with an AC wall charger that resembles older laptop chargers, an XT90 to aviation plug input cable, a car charger to XT90, and most importantly, solar charging cables (MC4 to XT90). 

The specially designed cables make solar connections simple. All you need to do is place the panels facing the sun, connect the MC4 connectors, and the XT90 side to the Bluetti AC200P and it starts pumping juice into the battery.

Bluetti and Solar panel

Simultaneous AC and DC charging slashes the time required, but that is not the only option for faster charging. You can also use both the DC and AC ports to charge via your regular wall output; you just need an additional adapter and transfer plugs, which you must order separately.

Bluetti and Solar panel

The only question that now remains this – with its well-thought design and features, what can the Bluetti AC200P power? 

Thanks to a diverse set of AC and DC ports, a sizable battery, and its noteworthy 2,000 W output, here’s a list of appliances (and the respective durations) which the AC200P can power:

What Can The Bluetti AC200P Actually Power:

Refrigerator (800w) 2.1Hrs+
CPAP (60w)28+ Hrs
Laptop (60w)28+ Hrs
Fan (12w)140+ Hrs
Smartphone180+ Hrs
Led lantern light (10w)170+ Hrs
LCD TV (100w) 17+ Hrs

Bluetti manages to hit a sweet spot in terms of battery capacity and power output, but if someone is looking for a longer-lasting battery, the company has just announced expansion packs and even new generator models which can take your total storage capacity to an astonishing 24,576 Wh, which should be more than sufficient for anyone who plans on going fully off-grid for long periods of times, and maybe even permanently.

Bluetti AC200P Pros

Make a list of the best solar generators in the market, and you cannot leave out the Bluetti AC200P. A top-notch LFP battery, superb power output, and a compelling design make this device a highly preferred choice, to the extent that some experts are even calling it “the number one solar generator right now!”

The usability is worth mentioning, with over a dozen different output ports and a variety of input options, some of which you can even use simultaneously.

The AC200P’s construction is not just aesthetically pleasing but also rugged. Overall, the manufacturer hasn’t left much room for complaints with the device.

Bluetti AC200P Cons

The Bluetti AC200P is one of the few solar power stations that can boast almost no serious drawbacks.

But among the less impacting limitations would be its weight. At 55 lb, it is not among the easiest to carry, despite being labeled as a “portable” generator. The handles on both sides have soft grips and feel comfortable but don’t compensate much for the weight. Bluetti’s store has no wheeled cart yet, and now that they are launching even larger models, it might be a good time to offer one.

The Top 3 Bluetti AC200P Solar Kits

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Where to Buy

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Where to Buy

Check Out the Bluetti AC200P Nomad Kit

Final Words

The solar generator market is ripe today with plenty of options, and it is natural to feel lost in choosing the right solar generator for yourself. The Bluetti AC200P makes things easier at such times by offering winning features and aesthetics at a reasonable price tag.

A truly plug-and-play unit with high power output, the AC200P is suitable for someone looking for a safe, reliable battery that will last long. It is also an excellent alternative to more expensive options such as those offered by Goal Zero.

When you consider a solar generator’s specifications, mainly its battery capacity, there can never be a single perfect product for everyone. For anyone requiring anywhere around 2000Wh of storage capacity, the AC200P is a great choice, but if you need less storage, something like the EcoFlow Delta is a better option. Similarly, if 2000Wh does not sound enough, you can move a step up and look at the impressive Hysolis MPS 4500.

Ultimately, it is important to calculate your requirements and choose, but if a 2000 Wh battery with 2000 W power output and killing looks is what you are looking for, you cannot go wrong with the Bluetti AC200P!

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