Bluetti EB240 Review

January 15, 2022

Today we’re looking at another popular power station. The Bluetti EB240 is portable and popular with RV-owners and outdoor adventure enthusiasts alike.

Yet, is it as good as what we saw in the Bluetti EB200 review? Can it continue Bluetti’s pristine legacy? 

Today, we’ll be putting the Bluetti EB240 through its paces and find out what makes this power station tick.

Bluetti EB240 (Our Review)

If you’ve read our Bluetti B230 review or our Bluetti EP500 Pro review, you know that we’re pretty fond of Bluetti products.

With Bluetti, it’s easy to build your first off-grid solar system. The Bluetti EB240 follows this prestigious tradition.

While it may not be capable of running all your appliances, or even an entire house, it packs a punch. The EB240 comes with enough power to provide electricity to all the essentials, especially when camping or in an emergency.

Battery Capacity And Performance

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A key factor to the EB240’s success is its impressive battery capacity. This tiny power station comes with a whopping 2,500Wh.

This impressive capacity is more than enough to recharge your laptop 34 times fully. You could also power a 70W fridge for 34 hours.

In an emergency, the Bluetti EB240 can power a CPAP machine for around 12 days before you’ll have to recharge it. 

Of course, if you plan on using the Bluetti to power all of those devices at once, it’ll run out of juice faster, so it’s best to use it wisely.

Luckily, recharging this portable power station is pretty effortless. If you decide to charge it via an AC outlet, you can expect to have it fully charged within 15 hours. 

For a carefree experience, Bluetti recommends that you charge the batteries every 6 months. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you always have topped up batteries in case of an emergency.

On the other hand, if you’re using the EB240 in your RV, you may want to use solar panels to recharge the batteries.

In that case, a 300-watt solar panel will have it fully recharged in about 8 to 9 hours. If you want to decrease that time, a 500-watt solar panel could cut it down to only 5 hours.

However, these times vary greatly depending on the amount of sunshine available when you’re on the road.

In addition to these fantastic charging options, the EB240 comes with enough protection to ensure that you don’t accidentally damage the batteries.

For instance, we find that a handy built-in battery management system protects you from overcharging the batteries. 

This same system will also protect the batteries from being over-discharged and prevent any nasty short-circuiting.

These features make the EB240 a great, robust power station that seems perfect for the road and other outdoor adventures.

Battery Lifetime

It’s not just an impressive battery capacity that we find on the Bluetti EB240. The batteries on this power station boast a 2,500 cycle lifetime.

Simply put, this means you can recharge the batteries at least 2,500 times before that impressive capacity starts to degrade to around 80%.

With this lifetime, you’ll end up saving loads of money down the line, as you don’t need to replace the batteries often to get the most out of your EB240 power station.

Not only do you end up saving, but this lifetime also makes the EB240 pretty much maintenance-free. 

As long as you keep it charged up every 6 months, you’ll have reliable backup emergency power when you need it most.


review bluetti eb240

The EB240 has plenty of power outputs, making it compatible with various devices and appliances. 

We find that the EB240 boasts one 110V AC outlet, four 3A USB-A, and one 45W USB-C PC port. 

These ports are more than enough to connect various devices, from laptops to smartphones, security cameras, and even a fridge.

This compatibility also makes the EB240 an excellent choice for outdoor photographers. Using one of these ports and a fully charged EB240, you can recharge a drone at least 27 times.

Overall Design

The EB240 is a small but capable power station. In fact, it measures only 6.5 inches wide by 14.4 inches high. It has a depth of only 19.4 inches. 

These dimensions make it one of the smallest power stations available. So, the Bluetti EB240 won’t take up much of your space, making it great for RV-owners.

Not only is the EB240 small, but it doesn’t weigh as much as you’d think. This power station clocks in at a mere 48 pounds. In terms of power station weight, this makes it a lightweight entry.

We find an ergonomic plastic handle at the top of the EV240, making it easy to move this power station around.

Unfortunately, the Bluetti EB240 comes in only one color scheme. Its exterior comes in a cream and blue color scheme. Yet, it pays to keep in mind that looks are subjective.

Another key feature that makes it perfect for the outdoors is the durable injected polymer exterior. Injected polymers tend to be more rugged than standard plastics. This polymer exterior also cuts down on the weight. 

The Bluetti EB240 also comes with rubberized feet. These feet will ensure that your power station doesn’t slip or slide around on the floor.

Extra Features

With the EB240, you won’t just be getting a rugged portable power station. It comes with some handy extra features that make it an excellent power station for both novice and expert.

For instance, a vivid LCD on the side makes it easy to view critical data. You can quickly see critical metrics like battery percentage, the DC and AC power outputs, and AC input.

It may not be as advanced as what we saw in our Bluetti Home Integration Kit review, yet it gets the job done and will keep you informed and in control all the time.

Another fantastic feature is the solar support. 

You don’t have to use solar panels with the EB240. Charging it through the AC port is more than enough to ensure that you can enjoy reliable backup power.

However, solar is always a fantastic option for a more eco-friendly and cost-saving alternative. 

Solar charging is especially significant if you’re constantly on the road where finding reliable power is an issue.

The EB240 accepts various solar panels. Its input is capped at a reasonable 500W. With this capacity, you can install a variety of solar panels.

All you have to do is connect your solar panels to the DC input, and the system will automatically start recharging. 

Its innovative MPPT technology will automatically optimize the system for the most efficient charging method. 

So, you can plug the solar panels in and never have to worry about keeping your batteries topped up again.

Our Final Verdict

Suppose you’re an outdoor enthusiast, an adventurer, or simply looking to add some reliable power to your RV. In that case, the Bluetti EB240 is the perfect choice for you.

This lightweight, portable power station comes with enough outlets to keep your devices and appliances powered. It also boasts an impressive capacity that’ll keep up throughout all manner of emergencies. 

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What we liked:

  • Portable,
  • Rugged exterior,
  • Various outlets,
  • Quick and easy recharging,
  • Impressive battery capacity.

It’s Perfect For:

  • RV’s and campers,
  • Remote monitoring stations,
  • Cabins,
  • As an emergency backup power supply,
  • Outdoor and wildlife photographers.
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Bluetti EB240 (FAQs)

How many solar panels can I connect to the Bluetti EB240?

The Bluetti EB240 has a maximum solar input of 500W. So, typically 2x 120W solar panels are enough. For faster recharging speeds, you may add 2x 200W solar panels.

Can the Bluetti EB240 power a space heater?

As long as the space heater is below 1000W, the Bluetti EB240 will power it. Any space heater with a rating above 1000W won’t work.

Will the Bluettie EB240 automatically switch off when it's fully charged?

The Bluetti EB240 won’t switch off when fully charged. 

However, it comes with built-in protection that’ll prevent it from being overcharged. If you leave it plugged into an AC outlet or solar panels, it’ll start to recharge as soon as the battery drops.

Can I use the Bluetti EB240 while it's charging?

It’s perfectly safe to use the Bluetti EB240, even while it’s charging. So, you don’t have to wait to enjoy reliable power, no matter where you are.

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