Bluetti EB150 Review

January 13, 2022

You shouldn’t have to pay for power when it’s given to us by the sun every day. The Bluetti EB150 is the perfect solar-powered generator that proves this point.

Energy can be harnessed from an everyday natural source so that you can keep your appliances charged and ready to use. By using solar panels and solar-powered generators, you will have all the equipment necessary to use that energy.

In this review, we will cover what makes the EB150 perfect for you and help you conclude on whether to purchase it.

Bluetti EB150 Review

Who Are Bluetti?

Bluetti is a California-based company that has been supplying the market with the best solar-powered generators, panels, and kits since 2019. It’s more than just a brand, it’s a way of living.

Bluetti has provided ways to harness the natural energy coming from the sun to power up our homes and appliances. This is through using solar panels and solar-powered generators.

Their goal is to deliver the best off-grid power solution to your doorstep by providing the market with various products that make use of the sun’s energy.

With their wide range of products, from their bluetti eb150 to their bluetti home integration kit, they have the resources you need to live completely off-grid.

Opting for a gas-powered generator over Bluetti’ssolar-powered generators will leave you with two problems. 

The first is running out of gas and finding yourself back at square one without any power. The second is the effects using a gas generator has on the environment.

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Why Go Solar?

Since solar generators rely on the sun’s natural energy, your power will be dependant on how long the sun shines. Furthermore, since this is an all-natural energy source, it provides a green solution that is just as effective as using gas-powered generators.

This makes for a good substitute for gas-powered generators.

Solar generators are also silent, which is quite the opposite of your standard fuel generators. The latter is contamination and gas as a source of energy isn’t nearly as obtainable as energy from the sun.

It’s also important to note that fuel as a resource is expensive due to always needing to get refills. 

Purchasing yourself a solar-powered generator from bluetti will only have one initial cost that covers the generator itself. No need to worry about paying for fuel since it will be harnessing natural, everyday energy.

Bluetti has seen critical success with products such as their flagship solar generator, the bluetti eb240, which packs a punch with 2400 watt-hours worth of energy.

Watt-hours is the measurement that indicates the amount of power that a device consumes within one hour.

Whether you’re in an emergency such as an earthquake or hurricane, or just wanting to enjoy a camping trip and be equipped with charged devices, Bluetti has a solar-powered generator for you.

Bluetti Eb150

This is a 1500Wh solar-powered generator that can power your devices using the lithium-ion cells found within the generator itself.

It’s described as a large, portable power bank but at the end of the day, this is a solar generator that packs a punch.


It comes in two color variations. The first is a powder-coated blue with a white steel casing, and the second is a clean matte black with the same steel white casing. 

The design of the generator itself resembles that of a large briefcase due to the bolted handle on top of it.

It isn’t the smallest solar-powered generator with it measuring around 15 inches by 15 inches and weighing in at 38 lbs.

However, this isn’t a generator that you will carry around and is instead suitable for staying stationary and providing power.

Should you wish to pick this bad boy up, you will be happy to know that there is a built-in handle that makes picking the generator up much easier.

The handle also has rubber surroundings making it easy on the hands when picking it up.

It also includes rubber feet at the bottom of the generator to avoid it sliding on certain surfaces like wooden or tiled flooring.

Ports and Quirks

When looking at the front of the Bluetti eb150, you will be greeted with a friendly OLED interface along with several ports.

The OLED screen displays a battery icon that indicates how much battery life is left on the generator, as well as the wattage during the charging process, and the AC and DC output amounts.

This OLED is also found on various solar-powered generators from Bluetti, such as the Bluetti AC100. It’s a welcome visual enhancement that adds to the aesthetic. 

It also helps you plan how you want to use your remaining power and whether it needs to be charged.

There are 3 toggle buttons with corresponding LED lights to determine whether they’re on or off. These buttons include a general power button that powers on the generator, along with a DC and AC toggle that can be switched on to prioritize either AC or DC output.


In terms of ports, there are 4 separate high amperage USB ports for various devices, each of which power up to 3A. There’s also a DC and AC port used for charging.

A neat feature is that the DC port will always regulate 12V, regardless of how much the generator is charged.

Another port inclusion would be the USB Type C port which is also found on the bluetti ac20. This is a welcome feature that gives this generator more flexibility in terms of what it can power.

On the front side of the Bluetti Eb150, you will find two 1000W pure sine wave inverter ports. This will allow you to charge two devices at once using AC power.

Sine wave inversion technology allows the eb150 to provide reliable AC power to electronic devices and not run the risk of frying them.

There’s also a built-in fan that kicks in as soon as you charge a device using the generator. This prevents the generator from overheating and burning up, allowing for a longer lifespan overall. 

Not to mention this fan is completely silent so don’t worry about noise being a problem.

Speaking of keeping it cool, this solar-powered generator has a built-in low-temperature protection material as well as high-temperature protection material for lithium batteries.

It also includes both overload and overcurrent protection, adding to the longevity and sturdiness it needs.

Charging the Bluetti Eb150

There are two ways that this solar generator can be charged. The first is plugging it directly into a wall using AC power, whilst the second is using solar power.

Charging the generator through a wall outlet will take around 10 hours. However, charging it with the solar option will allow you to use a solar panel up to 500W and will take around 3 hours to fully charge the generator.

This solar-powered generator is extremely quiet when charging or in use, which is a huge benefit over using gas-powered generators.

What Can I Power Using the Bluetti Eb150?

In terms of what you can power with the Bluetti Eb150, anything that you find to be an essential appliance can be powered. This includes a home refrigerator for 24 hours should there be any power outages, to the smaller devices like laptops and cell phones.

The Bluetti Eb150 also allows for an extension cord or adapter that will increase the number of USB ports. 

This will allow you to charge more devices simultaneously as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum output.

It’s important to note the wattage of whatever appliance you choose to power. For example, if you have a 1800Wh microwave and plan on keeping it powered for hours using the Bluetti Eb150, that won’t work. 

It exceeds the wattage of the generator and would cause it to overheat.

If you wish for more power and want to charge more power-hungry devices, then the bluetti 2400wh solar generator will be more beneficial. 

However, if you just want to power up some smaller appliances and not exceed the watt-hour amount, the Bluetti Eb150 will be perfect.

What’s In the box?

Included in the Bluetti eb150 packaging, you will find a 3A AC wall charger that has a built-in LED that changes color according to the charge rate.

There’s an MC4 adapter cable that you can use to plug into a solar array, panel, or kit to allow for solar charging.

For those who may feel a bit overwhelmed when setting up their brand-new solar generator, Bluetti has you covered.

There’s a very detailed user manual that includes FAQs and step-by-step instructions to get you started

Who Is It For?

The Bluetti Eb150 is simply for anyone looking to change their way of life by switching to solar power.

Whether you are an avid RV user, enjoy camping trips in the wild, or just need a power source at home that’s good for the environment, the bluetti EB150 is perfect for you.

It can be taken anywhere and can be used under any condition. It also serves as a good method for wanting to live a completely off-grid life.


The Bluetti Eb240 Solar Generator is the best and greenest solution for all your power needs.

With its quick charge time and long lifespan, this generator can travel with you across the country and keep you powered if the sun is shining.

The Bluetti Eb150 will cost you around $1000 and includes free shipping, along with lifetime after-sale support. 

This is a good bang for your buck and having lifetime support will ensure that you stay powered for years to come.

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