Bluetti 2400Wh Solar Generator Review

December 17, 2021

Filling up on fuel to power up a gas generator can be expensive. Luckily, Bluetti has given us a generator that harnesses the sun’s natural energy and allows you to power your devices when in need.

In this review, we will cover what makes the Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator the only generator that you need in your life. We will discuss everything from the design of the generator to how practical it is in various situations.

If you have any unanswered questions, be sure to visit our FAQ at the end of the review.

Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator 2400Wh (Our Review)

Before we dive into why you need a Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator, we must understand what makes solar generators so special and how beneficial they can be in a variety of situations.

Why You Should Use Solar generators

Everyone has been accustomed to using gas generators, but when you run out of gas then you will find yourself back at square one without having any power. Solar-powered equipment is becoming the new trend in supplying power by harnessing the sun’s natural energy.

Solar generators provide off-grid energy consistently for long periods. You don’t need to worry about filling up on gas because if the sun is shining, your generator will supply you with all the power that you need.

These generators are useful in many situations. Whether you need a backup generator in case of an emergency, or just require a power source for camping out in the wild, the sun will be able to keep your appliances charged and powered up through a solar generator.

Since this is an all-natural energy source, it provides a greener solution that’s as effective as using propane or gas-powered generators.

Fuel generators are contaminating, noisy, and gas isn’t as easily obtainable compared to making use of the sun’s energy through solar panels.  Solar generators are eco-friendly and most are completely silent.

bluetti 2400wh solar generator price

If you’re in an emergency situation such as a hurricane or an earthquake, accessing a fuel source won’t be easy and this renders your gas generator useless. Solar generators make use of solar power but also use lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries to obtain a readily available energy source.

Fuel can also be quite expensive since you always need to refill canisters. This makes solar generators more affordable in the long run as you won’t need to stop at a gas station to get fuel for the generator. All you need is the sun to be shining.

Both solar and gas generators convert raw energy into a usable source of energy. However, solar generators use the sun’s power instead of using fuel making it much more convenient. Solar energy is also reliable and is readily available.

Bluetti EB240 Review

A Little bit about Bluetti

Bluetti has been providing the market with the best, top-quality solar generators and DIY solar panel kits since the Summer of 2019. They are based in California and have been growing throughout the country. 

Their first two products were the Bluetti EB150 and the Bluetti EB240.

Since their start in 2019, their goal has been to ensure that you have power whenever you need it and wherever you go. They want us to go on adventures but want to make sure that we have the energy to do so.

They continue to innovatively make use of renewable energy with new products and concepts to provide the nation with a clean, reliable source of power. 

They are committed to delivering the best off-the-grid power solution to your doorstep.

About the product

The Maxoak Bluetti EB240 is a solar generator that resembles a suitcase. This makes it easy to pick up and take wherever you go. This EB240 can be described as a power bank, a solar generator, or even an AC transformer.

The EB240 comes packed with 2,400Wh worth of energy, which is one of the biggest battery packs available on the market. This is more wattage than the previously released Bluetti EB200.

If Wh (Watt-hours) isn’t making much sense, it’s not too difficult to grasp. To put it simply, this measurement is the amount of power consumed by a device that’s one watt per one hour.

The solar aspect of this generator means you can plug a solar panel into this generator to keep it powered as if it were plugged in and charging. 

This not only keeps the generator powered using the sun’s natural energy, but it also keeps any devices plugged into the generator charged and ready to use if the sun is shining. You can hook this bad boy up to a solar panel supporting a maximum wattage of 500W.


bluetti 2400wh solar generator

The design of the generator is a sleek two-toned white with a powder-coated blue, all surrounded in a steel case. 

Weighing in at 48 pounds, this isn’t as light as the Bluetti AC100, but it’s light enough to pick up and carry with confidence.

Another neat design choice is the OLED display on the front of the generator that displays the exact wattage power for the input and output for both AC and DC. It also shows how much juice the generator has left with a graphic 5-stage battery segment display, similar to what’s found on the Bluetti EB55.

Alongside this screen are 3 face buttons. One is used to power on or off the device, one button to toggle the DC output, and another button to toggle the AC output.

When it comes to the Bluetti EB240, this portable power station has everything you could need or want from a solar generator. It delivers a total continuous power output of 1,000W, reaching a peak of 1,200W thanks to its powerful inverter. 

This makes it powerful enough to keep your charge, from the small appliances such as cellphones to the more power-hungry devices such as heaters fans.

To put this into perspective, if you were to charge your cell phone using this generator, you would be able to fully charge it around 250 times.

Using an appliance that’s more demanding like a deep freezer, you can get between 4 days and a week of usage. These periods can be extended if you make use of solar energy meaning they can be powered indefinitely.


It features two sine-wave AC outlets that make use of sine wave inversion technology. This is a method to provide clean and reliable AC power to small electronic devices in an efficient manner without frying them or rendering them useless.

Also featured on the port side of the generator are four USB ports all powering up to 3A maximum. Another neat inclusion is a 45W USB Type C port that will be beneficial to smartphone users or digital cameras. The variety of ports available makes connectivity issues disappear as there’s plenty of space to power different devices.

The generator features pass-through charging, meaning you can charge the generator itself and still make use of it. Charging the generator itself takes about 5 hours with a 500W AC charger or using a solar panel with the same wattage.

In terms of protection, the Bluetti EB240 has it all. It features overload, overcurrent, and overheating protection. Located on the rear of the EB240 is a smart cooling fan that kicks in when needed to ensure that the generator doesn’t overheat.

In terms of noise, both the fan and the generator itself are extremely quiet. You won’t need to worry about the fan making noise if it turns whilst you sleep and you also don’t need to worry about the generator buzzing when it’s charging up your various devices.

bluetti 2400wh solar generator kit

What We Love About The Bluetti EB240 Power Station

Having a digital display to see how much battery usage is available to you is a welcome addition. This allows you to plan how you use the remaining power and gives you an indication of whether the generator needs to be charged.

The handle located at the top of the generator allows you to easily take this device with you on road trips or camping adventures.

It features a 12V regulated output at 12.1V. This means that no matter how much battery usage is left on the generator, it will always output 12.1V which is perfect if you are using it to run a refrigerator or any other similarly power-hungry appliances.

We love the addition of a built-in, self-operating fan that prevents the generator from overheating as using too many appliances simultaneously will lead to the generator heating up. Luckily the smart fan will automatically turn on to ensure nothing is damaged.

For what it’s worth, you are getting a good bang for your buck as these generators can last upwards of 10 years, meaning that it would be quite a long time to replace them again.

Who is it for?

The Bluetti EB24 was designed for those who are regular RV users and for those that seek outdoor adventures but want to ensure their appliances remain powered.

Having this portable power station at a campsite is amazing and allows you to power your appliances throughout an entire weekend, making your camping trip a better experience should you use different devices.

However, Bluetti also ensures us that this product can be used as a backup generator for your home in case of an emergency or power outages.

Hurricanes and storms can lead to power outages, and you would want to ensure that your family is safe. You can use the EB240 to power your appliances and keep your lights on.


The Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator is an all-around reliable source of natural energy. Whether you are using this on long trips across the country or as a backup generator in your home, the 2400Wh is more than enough to keep your appliances charged and ready to use.

It’s priced at around $1500 and is well worth it in the long run compared to purchasing a gas generator as you won’t need to worry about constantly filling up on fuel.

This is perfect if you are a camper, a regular RV user, or just someone who wants to live off-grid.

Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator 2400Wh FAQs

What’s included in the box?

The Bluetti EB240 comes with all the necessary hardware to get your generator up and running in no time.

Included in the box you will receive the Bluetti EB240 Solar Generator itself, a small instruction booklet that guides you through the process of setting everything up, a power brick that allows you to charge up the lithium-ion battery inside the generator, and finally the MC4 solar connector cable which is used to connect the generator up to a solar panel.

What are my options for charging the Bluetti EB240?

There are two ways that you can charge your EB240 generator. 

The first is using an AC wall outlet up to 160W, and the second is using a solar panel.

If you can harness the 500W maximum capability that the Bluetti EB240 can handle, charging the generator via a solar panel is more efficient than using an AC wall outlet. The AC method of charging will take around 12 hours to fully charge whilst going the solar panel route will take roughly 5 hours.

Can you charge multiple devices simultaneously using the Bluetti EB240?

Since there are a variety of ports located on the front of the generator, Bluetti encourages you to have multiple devices plugged in. If the total power draw doesn’t exceed the generator’s maximum power output, you can make use of the various ports.

Should you require additional ports, you can use an extension cord or adapter to increase the number of devices you can have plugged in. Again, this should only be done if you are certain that the power load won’t exceed the maximum output that can be seen on the OLED screen.

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