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7 Best Solar Showers in [current_year] (Review)

Enjoying a nice outdoor experience involves open nature, wild, sand, mountains, beaches and more. However, you will not always be able to find a nice place to take a shower in the wild, especially in the forests and mountains.

Nobody likes to take a shower with cold water, and if that’s your case, then the best solar showers in [current_year] will be the perfect item for you. These devices heat the water using solar energy, they are lightweight, easy to use and carry, and most importantly, they can be used everywhere.


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The Best Solar Showers


1. Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Solar Shower

front facing advanced elements 5 gallon solar shower

Key Features:

  • 4-layer construction
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Reflective mirror included

Key Specifications:

  • 5-gallon capacity
  • The temperature rises to 190°F
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds (0.6 kg)

Where To Buy

The Advanced Elements 5 Gallon summer shower is the perfect companion for adventurous people. This bag has been designed with a durable 4-ply construction that includes a reflector panel, insulator panel, solar panel, the water reservoir, and a clear window.

Simply adding water inside the product and leaving it between 2 and 3 hours of direct sunlight will make the bag achieve a temperature between 100°F and 190°F. The Advanced Elements summer shower also features a water temperature gauge that will show you the temperature of the water.

There are also Velcro straps included in the design that can hold washcloths, soaps, razors, shampoos, and products that you may want to use when you take a shower. The showerhead of the product allows you to efficiently use water and an extra-large filling valve with a convenient twist-off cap.

2. Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower

front facing coleman 5-gallon solar shower

Key Features:

  • Strong handle included
  • Handy on/off valve connected to the showerhead.
  • Time expected for temperature rise: 3 hours

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum temperature: 120°F
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces (.2 kg)
  • Gallon capacity: 5

Where To Buy

The Coleman 5-Gallon solar shower is also a valuable asset on your camping trips. This water reservoir holds up to 5 gallons of water, which is enough to take a shower in the wild.

Camping solar showers like the Coleman product are designed with a heat-locking material that heats the water using solar energy and allows you to take a nice warm shower.

This solar heated camp shower is easy to fill, easy to carry, and easy to use for any outdoor situation. Its strong handle can be reliably used for hanging and carrying. It also integrates a handy on/off valve that is connected to the showerhead and allows you to regulate the water pressure.

This solar shower is expected to increase water temperature up to 120°F after multiple hours of sun exposure. The expected time needed to increase the water temperature to these values is 3 hours.


3. RuiMeer Shower Bag 5 gallons/20L Solar Shower

side facing ruiMeer shower bag 5 gallons/20l Solar Shower

Key Features:

  • 4 layers of durable PVC material.
  • Temperature indicator
  • Strong handle support

Key Specifications:

  • Temperature increase up to 113°F.
  • Weight: 1 pound (.5 kg)
  • Water capacity: 20 lts. / 5-gallons.

Where To Buy

The RuiMeer Shower Bag 5 gallons/20L has been designed as a very useful source of water for hot shower purposes in the wild.

Solar powered showers like these can be used when you go camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing or just when you go to the beach. This product also holds an upgraded shower head which offers an easy switch. The switch features low to high water flow pressure, which is quite useful when you want to regulate the use of water.

The RuiMeer summer shower has also been manufactured with a smart PVC material that can absorb solar energy efficiently and heat the water contained inside up to 113°F by simply placing the water bag in contact with direct sunlight for nearly 3 hours. There is a temperature indicator included in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees that will show you how hot the water is.

These solar heated shower bags also hold a portable mesh bag located in the front where you can place soap and shampoo, along with other types of shower accessories. Moreover, when completely loaded, you can also reinforce the handle with a hard, plastic tube that will ensure the handle will not get damaged over time with excessive weight.

4. ELECTRFIRE Camp Shower

side facing electrfire camp shower

Key Features:

  • See-through backside.
  • Temperature indicator.
  • Manufactured with PVC non-toxic materials.

Key Specifications:

  • The temperature rises to 94°F.
  • Time to rise temperature: 3 hours.
  • Shower capacity: 5 gallons

Where To Buy

This upgraded camp shower has been designed with an easy-to-open/close switch connected to the showerhead with low to high water flow pressure that enhances the shower experience in the wild.

The ELECTRFIRE Camp Shower has a 5-gallon capacity that, when filled, will allow you to take a quick shower anywhere in the outdoors. Among other interesting features, the Electrifire product has been equipped with a temperature gauge and a see-through backside that will allow you to check for water level availability and temperature.

Regarding temperature levels, the Electrifire camping shower bag can heat the water to 94°F or 45°C in only 3 hours. The product has been manufactured with PVC non-toxic and eco-friendly materials that allow it to absorb the heat from the sun while being a non-contaminating source of heat.

Finally, as it can be seen in other solar powered outdoor showers, the Electrifire product also includes a front storage pocket that can be used for holding soaps, shampoos, toothbrushes, and other related shower products.

5. Lemcool Camp shower Bag

side facing lemcool camp shower bag

Key Features:

  • Durable PVC material
  • Leak-proof texture
  • easy-to-open/ close switch with low to high water flow

Key Specifications:

  • 5-gallon capacity
  • Maximum temperature: 122°F
  • Weight: 0.9 pounds (.2kgs)

Where To Buy

The Lemcool Camp shower Bag is a remarkable product in its own right. It holds up to 5 gallons (20 liters) of water and it uses solar energy as its heat source.

This shower bag has been designed using durable, environment-friendly material. Its intricate make also showcases the multiple layers that come with the shower bag. This not only enhances its overall look but also makes the shower bag leak proof. With proper handling, the Lemcool Camp Shower Bag can be used for a long period of time.

The shower bag has a maximum temperature of up to 122 Fahrenheit degrees. It is easy to take advantage of its low to high water flow as well as its temperature indicator to determine the right quantity and heat for the water.

To make the most out of this shower bag, expose it to 3 to 6 hours of sunlight.

Adding on to the convenience that it brings, the Lemcool Camp Shower Bag also has multiple front pockets that hold soap, shampoo and all other shower accessories.

6. iDeep Camping Solar Shower Bag

front facing ideep camping solar shower bag

Key Features:

  • Deluxe multiple layers.
  • Long flexible hose and shower head.
  • Pocket mesh.

Key Specifications:

  • Temperature raises to 113°F.
  • Exposition to sunlight needed: 3 hours.
  • Weight: 1.14 lbs. (.6 kg)

Where To Buy

The iDeep Camping Solar Shower Bag is the last remarkable product off of our list. It is designed to store up to 5 gallons of water and it’s intended to use solar energy as the heat source.

The iDeep outdoor solar shower kit comes in two colors, green and blue. While using it, it can increase its size up to 18.5 inches wide and 19.6 inches height, while when not holding water, can reduce its size to 3.9 inches wide and 11.8 inches height.

The bag also holds a smart heat absorbing design that allows it to raise temperature values to 113°F (45°C) by simply exposing the bag to 3-4 hours of sunlight.

The bag also includes a storage pocket that is intended for soap, shampoo, and other shower accessories. Moreover, this advanced shower head also includes an easy ON/OFF switch with low to high water pressure.

The solar shower can also be strengthened with plastic tubes for a better holding position and is made of a durable PVC material that is not toxic and that is still eco-friendly.

7. ELECTRFIRE Hose and Shower Bag

front facing frebw hose and shower bag

Key Features:

  • Designed with reinforced plastic tube material.
  • Temperature indicator.
  • Hard tube for a strong hold.

Key Specifications:

  • 5-gallon capacity.
  • Maximum temperature: 113°F.
  • Maximum time exposure: 3 hours.

Where To Buy

Solar camp shower bags like the ELECTRFIRE Hose and Shower Bag are the perfect solution for the camper that does not want to miss a single shower in the wild while camping, fishing, kayaking, or staying at the beach. For avid campers, be sure to invest in a solar generator to charge any electronics that you may need to use during your stay.

The heat absorbing design of this portable shower bag has been made using environmentally friendly and leak-proof materials that are quite safe for human health. The product can reach water temperature values up to 113°F when exposed it to 3 hours of sunlight. Moreover, the bag can carry up to 5 gallons of water for taking showers outdoors this will let you enjoy a refreshing shower in many places.

The upgraded shower head has an easy on/off switch that features low to high water pressure and that is easy to twist.

Among other things, you will also enjoy a temperature indicator that is attached to the bag in °C/°F units that will allow you to quickly view the temperature of the water.

How to Choose a Solar Powered Shower – 3 Key Features to Look For

Temperature Capability

The first thing that must be taken into consideration when choosing a solar camp shower is related to the temperature capacity of the product. Most products will be able to reach water temperature values up to 113°F, but some of them might be able to reach higher temperature values up to 200°F. This must also be related to the amount of time that is required to achieve similar values. Keep in mind that as the water gets hotter, you must be more careful handling the bag.

Storage Capacity

In this matter, solar showers are quite similar to solar powered backpacks. The capacity is measured in liters or gallons and this represents the maximum amount of water that can be stored for heating. The typical storage capacity for these products is 5 gallons or 20 liters. This water capacity is enough as to last between 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 minutes in a typical shower. As you can imagine, you cannot take long showers when using a portable solar shower. Use low pressure in the shower head to diminish the number of liters that are consumed per minute.

Additional Features

Other key features that you can consider in your selection are related to particular characteristics of each solar shower. For instance, one of these features is the availability of a see-through backside that allows you to check the water level every time. This is a very important feature as it will allow you to see when you have to speed up the showering process.

Another useful feature would be related to the integration of additional support for hanging the solar shower bag, this becomes quite useful when the product is filled with water and becomes heavier. A strong handle will be very important to make it durable for any outdoor situation.

Finally, a temperature gauge makes the ultimate addition that should be considered. Having a temperature indicator gives you control over time and moment to take a hot shower.

How Do Solar Heated Outdoor Showers Work?

a solar shower hanging from the tree

Unlike solar panels for camping trips, portable solar showers work by absorbing the heat component of the solar radiation to transfer it inside the solar shower bag, that when filled with water, heats the liquid to higher temperatures.

There is no complex process involved in heating the water; it is quite simple actually. All that needs to be done is adding water through the filling valve and placing the solar camping shower towards the sun with the see-through backside upwards. The exposure to the sun’s heat will increase water temperature which will be contained inside the water bag. the bag has a heat absorbing design technology with no energy loss and no contamination to the environment.

Leaving the portable solar shower in contact with direct sunlight for 2 or 3 hours will warm up the water to temperature values located between 113°F and 200°F. It is highly advisable to place the portable shower bag on a surface that absorbs heat such as metal or rocks.

What Do You need to Know About Installing a Solar Shower Bag?

If you are having a camping trip and you are a fanatic that likes to use appliances powered by a portable solar panel, then knowing how to install a solar shower bag might be a nice tip for you. The procedure for installing a solar shower is easy to follow.

Whenever you are ready to take the shower, check how hot the water is through the temperature indicator. If the temperature is warm or hot enough, grab the solar heated camp shower and hang it on a tree branch or on any other hook that can withstand 5 gallons of water.

This may sound easier said than done, so a good tip is to use a rope and tie it to the sturdy handle, then pass it over a tree branch that is located above your physical height. Pull from it and secure the rope to the tree. This will allow you to set multiple heights for several people.

After that, simply activate the shower head and adjust the water pressure level to the desired value.

How to Clean and Maintain the Shower While Camping

the solar shower with water on the tree

Solar kits used for powering RV appliances are one of the most valuable gadgets that can be used in camping situations. Keeping them maintained is deeply important to guarantee their performance.

The same thing happens with solar camping showers, but these devices are much easier to maintain and clean than solar panels.

All you need to do is to rinse the solar shower dry bag with a tablespoon of baking soda and use warm water to clean it. You can use this to clean both in the internal and external space of the bag.


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