Goal Zero Flip 10 Review

Overall Rating 9
Compatibility 10
Durability 5
Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 10


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Our Verdict

The Goal Zero Flip 10 recharger is a great way to charge your phone on-the-go. Its tiny size and modern design are great features, but best of all – it’s solar-compatible. With only 3 hours needed to charge via solar or USB, it’s easy to grab on your way out the door in case your phone needs a boost later. With its extremely low price, it’s also a great starter charger for those who are new to solar. We hope this Goal Zero Flip 10 Review will help you see just how useful this power bank is.


This model is specifically designed for phones, but you can also use it for headlamps, cameras, and even tablets. Keep in mind that even with smartphones, this recharger is meant to boost and not fully charge. With a smartphone, you can expect to get a 60-100% boost from a full charge of the Flip 10. It also has the ability to boost your tablet by about 25%. This unit is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S8 or with any laptops. Other than that, it will work with anything that requires a USB cable, and the cable is included.

a goal zero flip 10 charging a mobile phone


As far as durability is concerned, this recharger doesn’t really tick any boxes. The main point of this model is to have something to stick in your purse or pocket that will help you charge a device in a bind. It doesn’t have any protection as far as rubberized sides or ports, but it’s extremely inexpensive and will work great for its intended use.

Ease Of Use

This Goal Zero Flip 10 is one of the easiest rechargers on the market. It plugs into the wall (or your solar panel), charges in 2.5 hours, and can then be taken with you to charge a device at a later time. It’s handheld and extremely portable, which makes it even easier to utilize whenever you need it. You can even plug it into your phone and stick both into your pocket or purse – that’s how small it is. If you’re interested in a larger model, or in a model that will fully charge your phone (not just give it a large boost), you can check out our article on other handheld power banks.


This unit comes in a variety of colors to suit your personality, making it a stylish solar option. At about ¾ the size of your average smartphone, it’s one of the most portable power banks on the market. On top of that, it can give give virtually any device a boost, including cameras and tablets. If you need to take it with you on a day trip where you’ll be outdoors, don’t forget to bring your solar panel so you have an electricity-free charging method.


This is rectangular and small – about the size of a battery. It’s stylish with its multiple color options, and its USB port is located right at the top. When compared to other solar power banks, this one is unique because its goal is to match your personal style.

side facing goal zero flip 10

What We Like

Our favorite thing about the Goal Zero Flip 10 is its portability and ease of use. It’s great for beginners, and it’s great for everyday use. If you forgot to charge your phone for work the night before, just grab this model off the side and take it with you. It’s a perfect, tiny charging bank.


  • Multiple color options
  • 2USB cable included
  • Portable
  • Fast-charging


  • No side or internal protection from drops/falls

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