Carlos is a trained solar engineer deeply involved in the solar industry with a background in the design of photovoltaic systems for the residential and commercial sector. He is a promoter of sustainable technologies and solutions with a passion for renewable energy.

men installing solar panels on a roof

Where to Install Solar Panels?

Where to Install Solar Panels Solar panels will be installed either on the roof or in the ground. When selecting the location to install solar panels, several things must be taken into account. We will address some technical considerations and details that you should pay attention to before choosing where to install your solar panels. …

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sun shining through window glass

Will Solar Panels Work Through Glass?

Will Solar Panels Work Through Glass? Solar panels will continue to work even when sunlight passes through glass, but their efficiency and power outputs are nowhere close to their nominal values. Therefore, they will work but their performance will be reduced. The reason stands behind a basic physics law called the Fresnel Law. Those who …

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small solar panel outside of a home

Will Solar Panels get Smaller?

Will Solar Panels Get Smaller? Solar panels will have higher output capacities and smaller dimensions according to the recent trends in 96-cell technologies. By involving new manufacturing and design technologies, manufacturers such as Panasonic have been able to reduce or maintain solar panel dimensions while increasing power output. This trend will be very valuable in …

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solar panels out in the shade

Will Solar Panels Work in the Shade?

Will Solar Panels Work in the Shade? Solar panels will still work producing electricity even when they are partially shaded. If they are completely blocked by an object, however, then the solar panel will stop producing electricity. Sometimes, even if the shade does not completely block the solar panel, it can make electricity production stop. …

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man showing you how to clean solar panels

How to Clean Solar Panels

How to Clean Solar Panels Using a soft brush with distilled water and dish soap is sufficient to clean your solar panels. However, there are different ways to clean them and various tips that should be used during the process. In this article you will learn some valuable tips that will make the cleaning process …

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