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If you are in the market for a solar generator that has significant power storage capabilities, it only makes sense that your search would lead you to the Point Zero Energy Titan and the EcoFlow Delta PRO.

Both of these solar generators feature massive deep-cycle batteries, powerful inverters, efficient charge controllers, and a variety of input and output ports, but which unit is the superior choice?

How Can We Help?

To help you determine which solar generator you should choose, we are going to review and compare the Titan and the Delta PRO. We will also go over pros and cons for either solar generator and provide our overall decision on which unit is the superior option.

Titan Solar Generator

Point Zero Energy released the Titan Solar Generator in 2019. At the time, it was considered to be one of the solar industry’s most powerful and impressive solar generators. The high-capacity 2,000Wh internal battery and a powerful 3,000W pure sine wave inverter meant that this unit delivered some of the most advanced components ever seen in a portable solar generator.

What Does the Titan Solar Generator Offer?

Not only does the Titan contain a powerful 3,000W (6,000W Surge) inverter and a reasonably large 2,000Wh internal battery, it also features dual MMPT charge controllers, which together can handle up to 2,000W of solar power. The fact that there are two charge controllers also means the Titan can support dual charging, so you can even purchase a second charger and decrease the amount of time it takes to charge the 2,000Wh battery with AC power.

The dual MPPT charge controllers also ensure the Titan has an input efficiency rating of 92%. This is important, as it means more of the power your solar panels are able to generate will actually end up being stored in the Titan’s battery.

In terms of output ports, the Titan offers all of the basics that most users need, however, it does not deliver anything too spectacular. Six USB ports, including two USB-C outputs, ensure that you can easily use the Titan to charge your portable electronics. The Titan also features six standard wall-style AC outlets, so you can easily supply power to your electronic appliances. You also get four 12V car-style DC outlets, which give you the option to trickle charge your vehicle’s battery, as well as run any appliances you have that require DC power.

Potential Downsides of Choosing the Titan Solar Generator:

Despite the fact that the Titan has not been updated since its initial launch, the internal components were so advanced for 2019 that the unit still stands up as a fairly capable solar generator. With that being said, the Titan is not without its faults.

Titan Solar Generator

Despite its relatively impressive specifications and there still being a reasonable amount of demand for the Titan, Point Zero Energy has continued to struggle with supply shortages. Simply put, many people that order a Titan have to wait a significant amount of time for it to arrive. These ongoing supply issues have led to significant shipping delays, which has really soured the Titan’s overall reputation.

On top of that, the Titan is beginning to show its age in certain regards. For example, the 2,000Wh battery is no longer as exciting as it once was. While you do have the option to increase the storage capacity by purchasing an expansion battery, there are now plenty of solar generators that contain much larger internal batteries, such as the EcoFlow Delta PRO, which features a 3,600Wh battery right out of the box!

The Titan is also fairly bulky by modern standards. The design is really basic, which can be appealing to users that value simplicity, but we believe the exterior design and lack of convenience features means the Titan is becoming somewhat dated.

The EcoFlow Delta PRO Solar Generator

The Delta PRO was released in late 2021 and it was designed to be a major upgrade over the brand’s incredibly popular Delta 1800 Solar Generator. The Delta PRO is now seen as one of the most powerful and versatile solar generators on the market today.

It features an enormous 3,600Wh internal battery, which can be expanded up to a mind-blowing 25kWh! This means that the Delta PRO can compete with whole-home solar backup systems, like the Tesla Powerwall 2! When you consider the fact that the Delta PRO’s robust and expandable internal battery is only one of the exciting features it offers, it begins to make sense why it was considered to be one of the most highly anticipated solar generators in the industry’s history.

What Does the EcoFlow Delta PRO Offer?

As mentioned, the Delta PRO offers a 3,600Wh battery, which is nearly double the storage capacity you get with the Titan; however, there are plenty of other features that are worthy of note.

The Delta PRO also contains a powerful 3,600W pure sine wave inverter. Users also have the option to link two Delta PROs to double the output power to a truly impressive 7,200W/240V. This is enough to power just about anything you could throw at it. In fact, prior to the PRO’s release, this kind of power was previously unheard of in a solar generator.

By connecting two Delta PROs, you would have the option to run the most demanding electronic appliances, like a clothing dyer, dishwasher, convection oven, well pump, and more!

Charging the Delta PRO’s massive internal battery is also incredibly easy and fast. Thanks to EcoFlow’s MultiCharge feature, which allows you to charge with solar and AC power simultaneously, the Delta PRO can reach an input power rating of 6,500W, which is the fastest charging rate of any solar generator in the world!

The Delta PRO is also compatible with EcoFlow’s Smart Panel Ecosystem, which means you can fully integrate the unit into your home’s power system. When the power fails, your Delta PRO will automatically kick in and supply your home with power when you need it the most.

It also features 12 output ports, including USB-C fast-charging ports and a 30A Anderson RV port. On top of that, the PRO features a touch-screen display and it is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can easily connect it to EcoFlow’s user-friendly smart app.

Potential Downsides of Choosing the EcoFlow Delta PRO:

Fortunately, the Delta PRO addresses many of the issues we had with the Titan. For starters, its battery has almost double the storage capacity and can be increased to an industry-leading 25kWh by connecting it to EcoFlow’s Smart Batteries.

EcoFlow also seems to have fewer supply-chain issues, so buyers are able to receive their order in a reasonable amount of time. The Delta PRO also features a variety of convenience features, like Wi-Fi connectivity, an LCD touch screen, chaining capabilities, more output ports, and a far sleeker exterior.

One area where the Titan has the Delta PRO beat is the overall weight. Where the Titan weighs roughly 50lbs, the Delta PRO is closer to 100lbs. However, it does feature rugged wheels and a retractable suitcase-style carrying handle, so it is less cumbersome than you would expect.

The truth is, we struggle to come up with any significant weaknesses for the Delta PRO. With that being said, it is important to remember that the Delta PRO came out nearly four years after the Titan, so it makes sense that it would be a far more advanced solar generator.

Pros & Cons for the Titan & the EcoFlow Delta PRO


Titan Solar Generator

EcoFlow Delta PRO


Titan Solar Generator

EcoFlow Delta PRO

Our Overall Decision – Titan or EcoFlow Delta PRO?

While both of these solar generators are very capable units, when you compare the two, there is no doubt which is the clear winner.

When you also take the price into consideration, there really is no reason why we wouldn’t recommend the EcoFlow Delta PRO over the Titan. The Delta PRO is only slightly more expensive than the Titan and it offers so much more.

We really hope Point Zero Energy releases an updated version of the Titan in the future, but until they do, their flagship solar generator is beginning to fall behind. On the other hand, EcoFlow is really setting the pace with the Delta PRO. The ability to expand the total battery capacity to 25kWh is unlike anything we have ever seen before from a solar generator.

Convenient and advanced features, such as home integration, X-Stream charging technology, and the ability to connect two units to achieve a 7,200W/240V output rate, all really put the Delta PRO in a league of its own.

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