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EcoFlow Delta PRO


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When it comes to solar power generators and portable power banks, EcoFlow is one of the most highly respected and innovative brands in the entire industry.

We are incredibly excited to look at its upcoming line of solar generators and accessories. As you may know, we have previously reviewed the popular EcoFlow Delta 1800. We found it offered the perfect balance of power, efficiency, portability, and affordability,  which explains why it remains one of our top picks and one of the best-selling units on the market.

Today, we will be looking at what promises to be a real game-changer for the entire industry – the EcoFlow Delta PRO. From there, we will also explore some of the interesting accessories that EcoFlow plans to launch alongside the Delta PRO.

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The Launch of the EcoFlow Delta PRO

In August of 2021, EcoFlow announced they would be launching two new solar power generators. The first, which we are looking at today, is the massive Delta PRO. The second is the EcoFlow Delta Max, which acts as the Delta PRO’s little brother.

While the Delta PRO is the larger of the two, we need to be clear that these are both incredibly powerful generators that pack unprecedented specifications for storage capacity, charge capabilities, and versatility.

Given the ongoing popularity of the EcoFlow Delta 1800, it is no surprise that the announcement of two new generators with ground-breaking specifications has been met with serious excitement from both industry professionals and consumers. EcoFlow announced their upcoming product launch through Kickstarter, and they were backed by over $10,000,000 in just 12 days!

What is the EcoFlow Delta PRO?

The Delta PRO is a revolutionary home battery system. It provides a significant amount of backup power from a highly portable solar power generator.

The PRO’s smaller counterpart, the EcoFlow Delta Max, primarily acts as a temporary backup power supply for emergencies, but the Delta PRO is much larger and versatile.

Essentially, it contains an enormous and expandable deep-cycle battery that can power anything from an entire RV to a simple desk lamp. To understand why the Delta PRO is so revolutionary, we will need to take a close look at its specifications, as well as some of the new features EcoFlow has outfitted it with.

The EcoFlow Delta PRO’s Battery and Storage Capabilities

Battery Capacity:

The incredible battery capacity is one of the Delta PRO’s main features. Even without an expansion battery pack, the Delta PRO’s LiFeP04 lithium-ion battery has a rated capacity of 3,600Wh or 3.6kWh!

To help you understand just how impressive those battery specifications are, 3,600Wh is the equivalent of wiring three BattleBorn 100Ah 12V Deep Cycle Batteries together!

Given that these are some of the most popular batteries for residential solar power systems, packing that much power into a highly portable unit that also contains a built-in charge controller, power inverter, and a variety of output ports is a truly incredible feat.

Life Cycle Rating:

The massive internal battery is rated at 3,500 cycles to 80% and over 6,500 cycles to 50%. In other words, you can fully charge and discharge the Delta PRO nearly 4,000 times before you notice any significant degradation issues.

For perspective, the Delta PRO’s predecessor, the Delta 1800, has a life cycle rating of 800, which is pretty respectable. If you are unaware, life cycle rating is an estimate of the total number of times you can fully charge and drain a battery before its storage capacity begins to diminish. With an industry-best life cycle rating of 3,500 cycles, the Delta Pro’s internal battery is made to last!

This performance is partially down to EcoFlow’s battery management system, which automatically analyzes and regulates the voltage, current, and internal temperature in real-time to protect the battery and ensure optimal performance.

Shelf Life:

As if the storage capacity and life cycle rating were not impressive enough, the battery also has a shelf life of over 12 months. Given that all batteries naturally lose their charge over time, knowing that you can leave a fully charged Delta PRO in storage for a full year and still be able to count on a full charge is very reassuring.

If you plan on using the unit as a source of emergency power, lengthy shelf life is a feature you will learn to appreciate.

The EcoFlow Delta PRO’s Output Capabilities

The Internal Power Inverter:

Another area where the Delta PRO shines is its massive AC output, mostly because of its highly capable and incredibly efficient power inverter.

EcoFlow has a reputation for equipping all of their solar power generators with high-performance power inverters, but it blew us away when we discovered they had outfitted the Delta PRO with a 3,600W 30amp 12V pure sine power inverter.

Given that a single Delta PRO offers an AC output of up to 3,600W, which is a figure that you can increase up to 4,500W thanks to EcoFlow’s unique X-Boost technology, there is nothing else like it on the market.

The combination of an incredibly high storage capacity and an industry-leading power inverter means that this unit is a real stand out from anything we have ever seen before.

EcoFlow’s X-Boost Technology:

X-Boost allows you to run large, more demanding electrical appliances than you could with a traditional generator because it drops the voltage and allows more amps to flow from the unit.

This process can get fairly complicated, but the real takeaway is this. The highly efficient power inverter and unique X-Boost technology combine to give the unit the ability to power and charge more electronics at one time, including extremely demanding appliances, like air conditioning units, vacuums, refrigerators, space heaters, and more.

The power inverter is so impressive that you can even use the Delta PRO to run power tools that require enormously large start-up loads, including everything from a corded power drill, to an arc welding machine.

Output Ports:

EcoFlow Delta PRO

While the Delta 1800 offered a versatile range of output ports, the Delta PRO takes things even further. In terms of output options, the Delta PRO features the following:

EcoFlow Delta PRO Outlets:

2 x

USB-A Fast-Charge Output Ports

2 x

USB-A Standard Output Ports

2 x

USB-C 100W Output Ports

4 xWall-Style 20A AC Output Sockets
1 x

30A Anderson AC RV Port

1 x

Car-Style 12V Charging Port

While we expect the plug-in wall-style sockets and USB-A ports, the 100W USB-C ports are a welcome feature. They allow you to quickly charge the latest portable electronics, including newer Apple Macbooks, iPads, and iPhones, as well as the latest Android smartphones and PC laptops.

However, it is the addition of a 30-amp RV Anderson hookup on the front surface of the unit that is the real head-turner. This simple socket means you can use the Delta PRO to power your entire RV or camper van. In other words, it gives you the freedom to take your mobile home to off-grid locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. If you pair the unit with solar panels, you will no longer have to limit your adventures to campgrounds that offer shore power hookups.

Charging the EcoFlow Delta PRO

EcoFlow Delta PRO

Wall Charging:

Another area where the Delta PRO shines is how quickly you can charge it. In just 2.7 hours, you can completely charge a fully drained unit with AC power! For perspective, power generators that have less than a quarter of the storage capacity of the Delta PRO can take nearly 10 hours to charge.

As a bonus, the simple power cord does not have a bulky power brick like you would find on a standard laptop charging cable, thanks to the fact that it is built into the unit itself.

Solar Charging:

EcoFlow also bumped the solar input up to 1,200W, which means it can charge using solar power much faster than any other generator on the market. While it comes packaged with MC4 solar cables, so you can quickly and easily connect it to your existing solar panels, it is worth noting that EcoFlow is also launching a set of 400W solar panels alongside the Delta PRO.

These highly efficient monocrystalline silicon solar panels will be lightweight and foldable, so they are perfect for anyone that values portability. Using just three of these panels, you could potentially charge a fully drained Delta PRO in as little as four hours. Again, there are currently no solar power generators that come even close to this.

EV Charging:

One interesting feature is the ability to charge the unit using an EV charging station. This truly unique feature allows you to use the EV charging port to take advantage of EV charging stations popping up around the country.

Once again, this feature is an industry first! Many EV charging stations are free to use as many state governments are doing what they can to promote electric vehicles, making this a convenient charging option for anyone in the market for a portable power bank.

Other Highlights

Double Voltage Hub:

Before this release, no solar generator company has ever been able to deliver a functional 240V adaptor. This unique feature allows you to connect two Delta PRO units for a combined 7,200W, 240V output, which is enough to power even the most demanding electronic appliances, like an electric heater, air conditioner, and more.

Essentially, this unique feature would allow you to use the Delta Pro just like a gasoline-powered generator. In other words, you can use an emissions-free solar generator to power a residential heating system, a well pump, and more.

The Double Voltage Hub is really easy to use, as the smart cable connects to both units, then funnels into a 240V plug-in, which can be connected directly to your home’s electrical system in the same way that you would integrate a gasoline generator.

If you are using solar panels, this means you can directly run your home off of solar power. For those looking to save some money on their monthly utility bills, you can use the solar energy stored in your Delta PROs to avoid drawing grid power during peak hours.

Using the adapter, you could even run a full-sized washing machine and clothing dryer! While there are few situations where you would need to do laundry during an emergency, it gives you an idea of how powerful and capable the Delta PRO is.

Unlike a gasoline generator, you can also run the unit inside your house, which is useful during storms and other situations where you will want to go outside as little as possible.

Expandable Storage:

As mentioned previously, EcoFlow has designed the Delta PRO so you can connect it to multiple 3,600Wh battery expansion units.

At an affordable price, you can increase the overall storage capacity to a mind-boggling 25kWh! This territory is where you start to exceed what you can do with a Tesla Powerwall.

When you pair a Delta PRO with several EcoFlow smart battery expansion units and an EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, you can begin to take your entire home off-grid!

Wi-Fi and Smart App Connectivity:

EcoFlow Delta PRO

The Delta PRO is Wi-Fi enabled, which means it is compatible with EcoFlow’s user-friendly mobile app. You can monitor everything from charge output and input information to the brightness of the LCD screen from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The app even allows you to adjust how much power you want to flow through the unit, which is helpful when charging the Delta PRO through a wall outlet, as it helps you avoid tripping breakers by putting too much stress on your home circuit. If you are dealing with a dated electrical panel, like you might find in an older home or cabin, you do not have to worry about the Delta PRO straining your electrical system.

Our Overall Impression of the EcoFlow Delta PRO

EcoFlow Delta PRO

It is difficult to explain just how big of a game-changer the Delta PRO is going to be. Simply put, this solar generator can do things that no other unit can even come close to.

The incredible storage capacity, efficient charge controller, versatile output ports, lightning-fast charging capabilities, and powerful power inverter mean that the Delta PRO will shake up the entire portable power industry.

The convenience factor is also completely off the charts. It even has built-in wheels and two sturdy, padded handles, so, despite its weight, which is nearly 100lbs, this unit is still fairly mobile.

To make transportation even easier, EcoFlow equipped it with a discreet, pop-out handle on the underside of the unit. This collapsible handle allows you to lift and drag the unit behind you like a standing suitcase.

Then you have three options for monitoring and controlling the unit: the smart app, a wired remote, pushbuttons, or the built-in LCD screen.

We barely even touched on one of the best features – its outstanding 93% efficiency rating, meaning you can use more of the power stored within the massive battery.

In a few words, it holds more energy, supplies more power, charges faster, and has more versatile charging options than anything else on the market. EcoFlow took things to the next level with this unit, and we strongly feel that it will turn the entire industry on its head.

The New EcoFlow Accessories and Smart Generator

Now that we have reviewed the Delta Max, we can take a quick look at some of the accessories EcoFlow announced alongside it.

The Delta PRO Smart Expansion Batteries:

EcoFlow Delta PRO

The new battery expansion packs look similar to the Delta PRO but do not feature the output ports. Each battery has a capacity of 3,600Wh and a clear LCD screen. They weigh approximately 84lbs, so they also feature built-in wheels and a carrying handle.

The Smart Home Panel:

For those interested in emergency preparedness, the upcoming Smart Home Panel connects your generator and expansion batteries to your home’s electrical panel. The Smart Home Panel communicates with any Delta Max or PRO that you have connected to it, so when the power fails, your solar generators will feed power directly into your home’s electrical system.

It can connect with up to ten home circuits and has less than a 20-millisecond switchover time. The Smart Home Panel is Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with the new EcoFlow smart app.

EcoFlow Delta PRO

The EcoFlow Solar Tracker:

EcoFlow Delta PRO

This device helps improve solar panel performance and efficiency. A series of sensors detect the sun’s movement and automatically reposition your solar panel until it has the optimal orientation for sunlight absorption.

Not only does the Solar Tracker move the direction of your panel, but it also alters its angle. It can accommodate any solar panel, including rigid panels and flexible varieties. The entire unit is water and weatherproof, so you can leave it outside in all conditions.

You can manually control and positioned it by hand or with the smart app, but the sensor almost always works best because it uses multiple light sensors rather than a single sensor, so it is incredibly sensitive and accurate.

EcoFlow believes you should get an average of about 30% more efficiency from your solar panels, but this seems low, especially if you are using your solar panels in a shady location.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator:

EcoFlow Delta PRO

While we have come to associate EcoFlow with renewable energy storage, they also announced the release of a Smart Gasoline-Powered Generator, which is compatible with the Delta Max and Delta PRO.

Essentially, the new Smart Generator acts as an emergency power supply that will automatically start when your solar generator’s battery is critically low. Assuming you could not charge your Delta with AC or solar power, the Smart Generator’s engine would fire up just long enough for a full charge.

Once you have fully charged the batteries, the generator will immediately shut down, so you do not burn unnecessary fuel. It is also incredibly efficient, especially compared to a traditional gasoline-burning generator. EcoFlow claims their Smart Generator is at least 25% more fuel-efficient than a standard generator.

You can also control the Smart Generator with the EcoFlow app, or you can manually start it. It is incredibly easy to use and offers a useful and practical power solution for anyone who lives off-grid or wants a reliable source of emergency power.

Final Words

With the success of the EcoFlow Delta 1800, we were excited to see what EcoFlow would release next. Luckily, we were not disappointed!

Both the Delta Max and PRO are incredibly powerful and exciting solar generators, and the collection of accessories they are launching alongside them are interesting. Unique and practical items like the Solar Tracker and Smart Generator are incredibly innovative.

With these announcements, it is safe to say that EcoFlow will continue fulfilling its aim of reinventing the way people access portable power. For more information, take a look at

EcoFlow’s Kickstarter Announcement.

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Check Out the EcoFlow DELTA [PRO] 10,800wH [Quad Kit]

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