Goal Zero Venture 30 Review

Overall Rating 8.6
Portability 10
Compatibility 7
Durability 9
Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 7


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Our Verdict

The Goal Zero Venture 30 is specifically geared towards the outdoor enthusiast. Small enough to fit in your hand or inside your pocket, it’s about the size of a cell phone. Its portability is an upside for anyone that enjoys hiking and camping. It’s a great product for people who don’t have access to electricity, and this Goal Zero Venture 30 Review will show you just why we think that.

This is a durable power bank that is waterproof and shock-absorbent, so it can withstand accidental falls, rain, and wear and tear. It can also charge two devices at once. This power bank is probably for you if you spend a lot of time outdoors, if you’re in an area that is generous with sunlight, and if you only need to think about charging a phone or tablet.


This Goal Zero Venture works with cell phones and tablets. It will charge a smartphone 3-5 times, but it will only charge a tablet once (even if the power bank is running on a full charge). If you’re charging a small camera or a headlamp, you can also get about 5 charges on a full battery. One lithium ion battery is required (and included), so it doesn’t need a lot of upkeep financially as far as replacement batteries.

This unit is also compatible with standard USB charging ports (plus an extra micro USB), should you decide to charge it that way for quicker results.


If you’re looking for something to take on the trails without having to worry about how the weather will affect it, this is a great model. All sides offer protection because they’re lined with a tough rubber material, and it’s created with industrialized hard plastic. This protects the model from dings and scratches.

One of the main upsides to this unit is how rugged it is. It can withstand anything from dirt to snow, falls to rainstorms. If you’re camping and you accidentally leave it on the picnic table overnight, it’s going to be perfectly fine in the morning. It even works easily when wet – you can plug any of the aforementioned devices into it and there won’t be any short circuits.

goal zero venture 30 in water to demonstrate that it is waterproof

Ease of Use

This power bank is one of the easiest to use. There are 2 types of USB ports and 3 outlets, all covered in a tough rubber that will protect the circuitry. The unit itself is small enough to fit into your hand or your pocket, similar to the size of the older flip-phones.

One thing to note is that this particular model requires direct sunlight to charge. If you’re backpacking for the day and you clip it to your bag, you won’t get a full charge with it. You’d have to place it on a table or in an area that is directly exposed to sunlight. This makes it slightly inconvenient, but its durability and portability more than make up for it.


The size alone is an excellent feature to have in a portable power bank. It’s lightweight (only about 9 oz.) and barely noticeable. The built-in flashlight comes in handy both on the trail and when you need to know how much battery you have left (the flashlight acts as a battery indicator).

front facing goal zero venture 30


This product is designed for durability, but it also looks sleek and professional. The black body is encased with green rubber sides, adding a pop of color. A thin line of lights at top are where you’ll find your flashlight, and they also add to the quality of design.

What We Like

Our favorite thing about this product is the ease of use and its ability to be almost completely weatherproof. While it may be costlier than others in its class, not many solar power banks can boast about how well the device works under extreme weather conditions like this one does. We think this is the perfect companion for any outdoor enthusiast with no access to electricity.


  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweight
  • Rugged and well-protected


  • Must be exposed to direct sunlight for 9 hours in order to get a full charge
  • Cost

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