Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Review

Overall Rating 9
Compatibility 10
Durability 7
Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 10


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Our Verdict

The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus is an extraordinary tool with an extraordinarily low price. With this charging bank, you can not only charge powerful devices — you can also charge (4) AA batteries. It’s unique, efficient, compact, and, best of all, solar-compatible. With something like this, you can power up pretty much any device you need. If you’re an adventurous explorer, this power bank was made for you. Our Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Review can help you decide whether or not this is the right fit for you.


This Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus is extremely compatible with most devices. This doesn’t just charge your phone. It charges your tablets, POV cameras, headlamps, flashlights, and any other device you need on-the-go (aside from laptops). It’s perfect for the traveler because it’s solar-friendly, which means it can easily be plugged into a solar panel and clipped onto a backpack. All that is needed is a USB cable, which is included. Keep in mind that because this model also charges AA batteries, it mainly gives your devices a boost. It doesn’t fully charge them. With a charging time of 3-6 hours via solar, you will be able to recharge it again before your device dies. If you’re looking for something that will fully recharge your smartphones or tablets, you can take a look at our list of portable solar power banks.

front facing goal zero guide 10 plus


With this power bank, you need to be careful. The clear plastic protecting the batteries is strong, but it isn’t bulletproof. It can’t be dropped into the water, and it isn’t immune to large falls or extreme damage. Care needs to be taken. As long as you make sure it’s clipped safely to your backpack or packed neatly inside your gear, it won’t be a problem.

Ease Of Use

If you’ve ever used a battery charger before, this will be very easy to use. The batteries are loaded into the front, the USB input is located at the bottom, and it can be plugged into any solar panel or electric outlet without any trouble.

side facing goal zero guide 10 plus showing the batteries inside


This is an especially great model if you need batteries recharged for things like cameras or flashlights. With the swing of a small plastic door, you can easily insert the batteries and have them charged within a few hours. If you’re a travelling photographer who needs batteries for his/her camera, this is a good fit for you. It’s also a unique feature that we don’t see in many power banks. Not only can you charge the batteries, you can also charge your devices from it as well. The built-in flashlight is also a hefty bonus, especially if you’re using it at night.


This model is small in size but big in power. It is black and silver with a clear, industrialized plastic door for the batteries. The silver is metallic and the black is matte, which makes it look modern. At four inches long, it’s also quite small, making it portable and convenient. It’s in the shape of a small rectangle, and the signature Goal Zero neon green logo graces its front.

What We Like

This is a wonderfully inexpensive alternative to regular phone or battery chargers. We love the fact that it charges both batteries and devices, because we know that some devices still use AA batteries and are not compatible with USB charging. It’s fantastic for polaroid cameras and adventurous photographers. It’s also great for those that need their tablets to journal in while traveling.


  • Charges batteries and devices
  • Short charging time
  • Protective plastic door for batteries
  • Built-in flashlight


  • Not weatherproof or waterproof

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