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The EcoFlow Delta PRO was launched in late 2020. Following its release, it quickly became a fan favorite and it has gone on to become one of the fastest selling solar generators in the solar industry’s history.

While the EcoFlow Delta PRO offers some incredible features and also has some of the best storage and output specifications we have ever seen, many users are unsure how to get the most out of this versatile solar generator. That is why we have decided to offer this straightforward how-to guide, which will explain everything you need to know about using the EcoFlow Delta PRO Solar Generator.

Not only will we explain basic instructions for using the Delta PRO, but we will also suggest some of the best ways you can use this mobile power station.

How to Use the EcoFlow Delta PRO

To help you get started, we are going to go over some basic instructions you can follow when you first receive your EcoFlow Delta PRO. Once we have gone over the basics, we can get into some more complicated and unique ways that you can use your Delta PRO.

We will even suggest potential upgrades that you can purchase to turn your Delta PRO into a whole-home battery ecosystem!

Out of the Box:

Right out of the box, there is very little that users will need to do in order to get the Delta PRO up and running. In most cases, the 3,600Wh internal battery will come pre-charged to about 60% capacity. As is often the case with lithium-ion batteries, you will want to fully discharge the battery before you plug it in and re-charge it.

To do so, simply plug your electronic devices and appliances directly into the appropriate, front-facing output ports. Use this as an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the various ports, as well as the unit’s built-in LCD display screen.

You will notice that the LCD screen will automatically display output power information as soon as you plug a device into one of the output ports. It should also give you a reading of the remaining power in the form of a percentage.

Charging the Delta PRO:

Once you have fully discharged the Delta PRO’s internal battery by plugging in your electronic appliances and devices, it is time to charge the battery. Fortunately, you can charge the battery in a variety of ways, as the Delta PRO supports solar, AC, and DC charging.

Depending on which power source you are using to charge your Delta PRO, you simply plug the appropriate cable into the correct input port, which will be listed directly on the Delta PRO itself, as well as outlined in the instruction manual that will come with your unit.

For example, if you are charging your Delta PRO with AC power, you simply plug the AC adaptor into the input port located on the back of the Delta PRO. From there, simply plug the other end into any standard wall outlet. Immediately after doing so, the LCD screen will display input information, including the charge rate and the estimated time until the internal battery is fully charged.

The Delta PRO even features an Infinity Port, which means you can charge its internal battery through an EV charging station! This is incredibly helpful if you plan on taking it with you on road trips, or if you are planning to use it as a power source in your RV. The addition of a built-in Anderson Port also really helps to make the Delta PRO the ultimate RV and camper van battery bank!

If you have purchased the EcoFlow Delta PRO Smart Extra Batteries, you also charge them through the main Delta PRO unit. Simply couple the expansion battery with your Delta PRO and then connect the main unit to your chosen power source. This will charge the Delta PRO’s internal battery, as well as any connected expansion battery. All of the batteries are charged together, so you will not have to worry about plugging them into a power source separately!

Another one of the unique and useful features the Delta PRO offers is pass-through charging, which means you can pull power from the Delta PRO at the same time that it is being charged. This is really helpful if you plan on using your Delta PRO as a true solar generator by connecting it to one or more solar panels. You could be using your Delta PRO indoors to charge your electronics while charging its battery at the same time with solar panels that are located outdoors. To do so, all you would need is a solar cable that was long enough for your Delta PRO to reach the solar panels!

Using the Delta PRO:

Once you have got past the initial setup and you have figured out how to charge the unit’s internal battery, which is incredibly straightforward, you can begin using it in any way that you would like.

One of Delta PRO’s greatest strengths is its versatility. It can function as a mobile solar power station, or you can connect it directly into your home’s circuitry by pairing one or two Delta PROs with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel.

As mentioned previously, the Delta PRO features a wide array of output ports, so you should be able to connect your electronic devices and appliances directly to the front interface. This is just as simple as it sounds.

If, for example, you were looking to charge an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you would simply take the charging cable and plug it into the appropriate USB output port. EcoFlow even equipped the Delta PRO with the latest USB-C 100W fast-charging outputs, so you will not even have to use the wall adapter when you are charging your portable electronics, as you can plug the charging cable directly into the Delta PRO!

If you purchased the Delta PRO primarily for its ability to supply power to demanding electronic appliances, like fridges, televisions, coffee machines, and more, you will simply plug your appliance directly into one of the four AC (20A) output sockets, which are also located on the front face of the Delta PRO.

For more demanding appliances, the Delta PRO even features a front-facing AC (30A) output socket, so, again, you can simply plug the appliance directly into the Delta PRO.

Put simply, there is no need to connect your Delta PRO to adaptors or a power bar, as it features a wide array of built-in output ports.

What are Some Practical Ways to Use the EcoFlow Delta PRO?

EcoFlow designed the Delta PRO to be one of the most user-friendly solar generators ever made, so you should not have any problems learning how to use it.

If you follow the outline we described above, you should not encounter any problems. However, if you do run into any issues, the instruction manual is actually incredibly detailed and comes packed with useful information, as well as detailed troubleshooting instructions.

Given that it is one of the most versatile solar generators ever made, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss some of the practical ways you can get the most out of your unit. So, what are some of the best ways that you can use your brand new EcoFlow Delta PRO?

Off-Grid Living and Outdoor Adventures:

Thanks to the Delta PRO’s 3,600Wh expandable battery, it can function as the ideal source of off-grid power. When paired with solar panels, you can generate and store your own electricity, which you can use at your own convenience.

For those that own a remote, off-grid cabin, the Delta PRO’s robust, 3,600W pure sine wave inverter ensures that it can produce enough power to keep fairly demanding appliances, such as a chest freezer or a microwave, running for significant stretches of time.

If you are just looking to power portable electronic devices, the Delta PRO’s 3,600Wh storage capacity offers enough stored power that you could even set up your own off-grid office.

Smartphones, laptops, desk lamps, and other small-scale electronics can pull power from a fully-charged Delta PRO for over a week before the battery will be fully drained. Those that enjoy camping from a pop-up camper van, or even just a tent, will really appreciate the ability to bring a reliable source of electricity wherever their next adventure takes them.

Emergency Battery Backup Power for at Home:

Given that the Delta PRO was primarily designed to be a whole-home battery backup system, it can certainly function as a large-scale battery bank for emergency situations and lengthy power outages.

When fully charged, you can run a wide range of electronics from the Delta PRO for days at a time. If you have solar panels, you can continue to solar charge and draw power from the Delta PRO until the grid power is restored.

While one Delta PRO is often capable of meeting a typical family’s power requirements for a day or two, you can easily upgrade the unit by purchasing additional expansion batteries, as each 3,600Wh Smart Extra Battery will double the Delta PRO’s storage capacity.

Those that require serious output power can also purchase a second Delta PRO and the EcoFlow Double Voltage Hub, which allows you to easily connect two Delta PROs together for a total output power rating of 240V / 7,200W! This is more than enough to keep even the most demanding appliances running, including washing machines, convection ovens, full-sized refrigerators, and more! It is even enough power to keep a 240V well pump running, which can be a real-life-saver if the power is out for multiple days at a time!

Supplying Power to a Backyard Workshop:

Another popular use of the Delta PRO is turning it into a portable power hub for a backyard or basement workshop. Thanks to the unit’s robust power inverter, you can easily run lights, speakers, and even power tools directly from it. With its high-capacity internal battery, it can certainly handle an afternoon in the garage, shed, or backyard workshop!

This is another reason why it is so popular with food truck owners and those that do outdoor trade shows. While everyone else is reliant on noisy, expensive, and messy gasoline-powered generators, you can draw clean electricity from a silent power source that does not produce fumes or burn fuel.

Whole-Home Solar Integration:

Thanks to the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, you can even plug one or more Delta PROs directly into 10 of your home’s circuits. In other words, you can begin meeting some of your home’s power needs with solar power!

This is also incredibly helpful for emergency situations, as the Smart Home Panel will begin drawing power from your Delta PROs and any connected Smart Extra Batteries the second the power goes down. In fact, it has less than a 20-millisecond switchover time, so the switch literally is instantaneous. In many cases, you won’t even realize the power went out.

The Smart Home Panel, as well as the individual Delta PROs, are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can control and monitor your entire Delta PRO ecosystem through your preferred smartphone or tablet!

When you consider the fact that you can potentially increase the storage capacity to 25,000Wh, or 25kWh, you start to realize how capable the Delta PRO ecosystem can truly be.

For comparison, the popular and expensive Tesla Powerwall 2 home backup battery system can only store 14,000Wh of power, so a fully expanded Delta PRO almost doubles what you can achieve with the Tesla.

Final Words

When EcoFlow announced the Delta PRO, we were certainly excited, but we were also somewhat doubtful, as it seemed to promise too much. Fortunately, EcoFlow did not disappoint and the Delta PRO has lived up to and even exceeded all expectations.

The Delta PRO is the most powerful and exciting solar generator we have ever seen and the compatible accessories, like the Smart Extra Batteries, Double Voltage Hub, and the Smart Home Panel, really take things to the next level.

Not only is the Delta PRO incredibly easy to use, but it is also highly versatile, so you can use it in just about any way you can think of.

With the Delta PRO, EcoFlow really has achieved its primary aim of reinventing the way people access portable power.

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