Real Reviews: The EcoFlow Delta PRO – What are People Saying About This Popular Solar Generator?


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The EcoFlow Delta PRO was first announced in August of 2021. Not only did it promise to be the highest capacity solar generator in the EcoFlow lineup, but its impressive specifications also made the Delta PRO one of the most versatile and powerful solar generators ever released by any manufacturer.

Since its release, EcoFlow has gone on to sell tens of thousands of Delta PROs, so it has had one of the most impressive launches of any solar generator in the entire industry’s history. While its extraordinary specifications and unprecedented sales record speak for themselves, we wanted to take a deep dive into this unique solar generator to see what real users have to say about it.

If you are considering purchasing an EcoFlow Delta PRO, but you would like to know how it actually performs in the real world, you have come to the right place!

Why is the EcoFlow Delta Pro So Popular?

Unlike the EcoFlow solar generators that preceded it, the Delta PRO is marketed as a revolutionary, whole-home backup system. Where smaller units are designed to act as a source of portable power, or as a temporary backup power supply for brief power failures, the Delta PRO’s massive and expandable battery, as well as its powerful inverter and coupling capabilities, ensure that it is both powerful and versatile enough to be a practical source of reliable electricity for much more demanding applications.

Whether you are looking for a source of power for your entire RV, or you are looking to meet a significant amount of your home’s electricity needs with solar power, the Delta PRO is versatile and powerful enough to meet these requirements.

EcoFlow Delta PRO Highlights:

Before we get into some of the customer reviews for the Delta PRO, it makes sense to take a quick look at some of its most impressive features:

  • Storage Capabilities – The incredible battery capacity is one of Delta PRO’s main features. Even without an expansion battery pack, the Delta PRO’s LiFeP04 lithium-ion battery has a rated capacity of 3,600Wh or 3.6kWh!

The massive internal battery also offers an outstanding 12-month shelf life, which means you can leave a fully charged Delta PRO untouched for an entire year and you will still be able to pull electricity from it when required. This is incredibly useful if you plan on using it as a source of emergency power!

  • Expandability – EcoFlow has designed the Delta PRO so it can be connected to multiple 3,600Wh battery expansion units. At an affordable price, you can increase the unit’s overall storage capacity to a mind-boggling 25,000Wh, or 25kWh! This is the territory where you start to exceed what you can do with a Tesla Powerwall. This is also why EcoFlow markets the Delta PRO as a whole-home backup system.
  • Remarkable Output Capabilities – Where the Delta PRO really shines is its massive AC output, which is mostly down to its highly capable and incredibly efficient power inverter. EcoFlow has a reputation for equipping all of their solar power generators with high-performance power inverters, but even we were blown away when we discovered they had outfitted the Delta PRO with a 3,600W 30amp 12V pure sine power inverter.

Given that a single Delta PRO offers an AC output of up to 3,600W, which can be increased up to 4,500W thanks to EcoFlow’s unique X-Boost technology, there really is nothing else like it on the market.

  • The Double Voltage Hub – The Delta PRO is also compatible with the new EcoFlow Double Voltage Hub, which allows you to connect two Delta PROs together to achieve an output power rating of 7,200W / 240V. This level of output power is unheard of from a solar generator and it is enough to meet the power requirements of even the most demanding electronic appliances, like washing machines, air conditioners, and even 240V well pumps.

The Double Voltage Hub is really easy to use, as the smart cable connects to both units, then simply funnels into a 240V plug, which can be connected directly to your home’s electrical system in the same way that you would integrate a gasoline generator, or large-scale, grid-tied solar inverter.

If you are using solar panels, this means you can directly run your home off of solar power. For those looking to save some money on their monthly utility bills, you can use the solar energy stored in your Delta PROs to avoid drawing grid power during peak hours.

While the features listed above are some of the highlights, the Delta PRO offers users even more. Wi-Fi connectivity and smart app compatibility mean that you can monitor and control the Delta PRO remotely.

A versatile range of output ports, including two USB-C 100W Fast-Charging Ports, means that you can easily plug your electronic devices and appliances directly into the Delta PRO. The addition of a 30-amp RV Anderson hookup is another innovative feature, as it makes it much easier to use the Delta PRO to supply power directly to your entire RV or camper van.

You can also charge the Delta PRO’s battery through an EV charging station, as EcoFlow added an industry-first EV Infinity Charging Port. This is a really helpful feature for those that plan on taking the Delta PRO on road trips.

So, what are People Saying About the EcoFlow Delta PRO?

Given that the Delta PRO has been on the market for roughly half a year, we thought it would be a good idea to see what recent buyers have had to say about it. While it certainly blew consumers away when it was first announced, you can never tell how well a piece of solar equipment is going to perform until you have had the opportunity to test it out firsthand.

The following are just some of the countless positive Delta PRO reviews that we have found through various online retail stores, off-grid message boards, and gear review websites.

EcoFlow Delta PRO Customer Reviews:

This Blew My Mind!“The Delta Pro’s battery is a BEAST and surprised me with its design. This is coming from someone who has reviewed over a dozen battery brands, including Goal Zero, Jackery, BigBlue, Rockpals, Aimtom, and the like. This EcoFlow battery bank surprised me and they have now skyrocketed to become one of the top brands I have tested and used.”
Cameron Waite - Feb 24, 2022 - ★★★★★
This is the Future!“I have watched this closely from the original Kickstarter concept to its retail execution. I now own three of these units and three extra batteries. They're pretty close to being the perfect power station. Here are just some of the highlights:The inverter is absolutely top notch. This thing can handle heavy loads from your home, RV or van and meets them without breaking a sweat. The unit is rated for 3600W continuous, but I've found that I can exceed that by a fair bit for a few minutes before it shuts down.You can also pair two of them with their double voltage hub accessory and connect it to your home transfer switch. You can run split phase 240V loads like well pumps, electric dryers, or even smaller central air conditioners (with a soft start kit). The best part is that you can keep this inside away from the rain, snow, high winds or potential theft. You can even charge this up, often for free, at a level 2 EV charge station.
Ria Jairam – Feb 15, 2022 - ★★★★★
The LFP Battery is Awesome!“Love this thing! It’s amazing! It can power my entire office for almost 9 hours! I am waiting for some of the accessories and such to become available, but you can completely discharge and recharge this thing, every day, for almost 10 years and it will only lose about 20% capacity… this is a lifetime battery! That’s ten years of cycling it every single day!I plan on having this for many years! It is also surprisingly easy to move thanks to the handle and wheels!”
Paul Wroth – Jan 2, 2022 - ★★★★★
Smart and Powerful. A Great Source of Backup Power!“It looks like a huge and bulky thing, but EcoFlow gives it wheels and handles to make it a flexible and portable power station. We weighed out the cost and ease of using the Delta Pro versus other solar stations and this made much more sense for us.I was able to plug just about everything into it without problems. From 100% charge, it lasted for one full day with about 25% left. This is with a family of 7 using it! It handled all of the appliances in the house and had them running normally.We also liked that the Delta Pro is expandable, so it can connect to extra batteries and the smart generator. I'm considering buying other EcoFlow products in the future. It has everything we need for full home backup during long power outages. It is definitely the greatest power station ever! It’s expensive, but definitely seems to be worth the money so far.”
Mark Roberts – Feb 14, 2022 - ★★★★★
BEST Plug and Play Solar Setup Out There!“I purchased the Delta Pro, the Delta Pro Extra Battery, the Smart (gas) Generator, and the Smart Home Panel for complete emergency backup power for my home.Simply AMAZING product! Just the best on the market at the time of purchase. Really can't say anything negative about the Delta Pro or any of the accessories. Together, they have super-fast recharging, they can power everything except for my hot water heater and A/C unit. BUT, if I had purchased two Delta Pro's, it would have produced 240V and powered those too.Super easy to use and works great! Can’t say enough about it!”
Richard Huzar – Jan 24, 2022 - ★★★★★
Only Had it for About Two Weeks, but LOVING it So Far!“Everything about it seems to be very well designed and manufactured.It was easy to move around (due to wheels and a collapsible pull handle). It was also easy to install in my RV (just a few things to the plugin). It is heavy (but not too heavy for me to lift by myself and I am an old lady).Best of all, everything actually worked right away. I was even able to download and install the app and get that going fairly easily.Preliminary tests indicate that when used with the extra battery and 2 x Trina Solar 325-Watt Mono Solar Panels, I can go for about 4-5 days off-grid and run all of my lights, computers, fans, fridge, water pump, and even occasionally my microwave. You’ve gotta love that!This will save me camping fees and give me the freedom to go to remote places and stay there longer. Now my most limiting resource is just water!Also, while it will successfully run both my heater and my A/C (even at the same time which I did accidentally during tests), it will only do that for a few hours before depleting the battery. But that is okay, as I am happy to visit places where the temps are in the 20s to 80s.Really happy with it so far!”
Sandra W. – Feb 4, 2022 - ★★★★★

Common Themes from Delta PRO Customer Reviews

We read hundreds of real customer reviews to find out what people were actually saying about the EcoFlow Delta PRO. While there are plenty of professionally written reviews and articles about the Delta PRO, we were more concerned with how it performed for real people in the real world.

Impressive Storage Capacity:

Throughout our research, we kept coming across the same general themes. For starters, most users were blown away by the Delta PRO’s storage capacity. RV enthusiasts found that the Delta PRO’s enormous battery gave them more freedom than ever, as they could use it to supply power to their electronics while they explored off-grid locations. We also came across quite a few reviewers that had purchased the EcoFlow Extra Batteries alongside their Delta PRO, so they were able to use it as a high-capacity battery bank.

Portability and Versatility:

Another point of praise that we kept coming across was just how versatile the Delta PRO is. Many reviewers explained that they bought it for one specific purpose, but later found out that they could use it for others.

Many people simply bought a Delta PRO to function as a source of emergency power but discovered a wide range of daily uses for it, such as using it as a portable power hub for their workshop, or as a source of mobile power for family camping trips.

We also noticed a large number of reviewers expressed relief that the Delta PRO is actually more portable than it appears. While they did stress its considerable weight, many felt that the suitcase-style handle and built-in wheels really helped with portability.

Remarkable Output Power:

Just about every customer review we came across mentioned how surprised they were at the level of output power the Delta PRO can achieve. Users plugged in everything from hair straighteners and speakers to refrigerators and air conditioning units. No matter what they plugged in, most people found the Delta PRO could handle it.

There were also quite a few off-grid users that chose to purchase two Delta PROs and the EcoFlow Double Voltage Hub. These reviewers said they were able to use the Delta PRO to keep largescale appliances running without any issues. Quite a few even said they could not tell a difference between pulling power from their Delta PRO ecosystem and pulling power from the grid!

So, What Was the Overall Impression of the Delta PRO?

The truth is, we could hardly find anyone that had anything negative to say about the Delta PRO. While some did mention it is fairly expensive, all of these reviewers seemed to agree that the Delta PRO more than justifies its price tag.

When we reviewed the Delta PRO ourselves, we were very impressed by what it had to offer. It was unlike any solar generator we had ever seen, and some of the features promised to be incredibly beneficial to users.

After reading through real reviews from real people that have had the opportunity to use the Delta PRO in real-life settings, it seems fairly clear that the EcoFlow Delta PRO actually lives up to all of its early promises!

If you are interested in the Delta PRO, we encourage you to browse the EcoFlow Delta PRO Collection. Here you will find the Delta PRO as a standalone unit, as well as a variety of Delta PRO Solar Kits, which pair the unit with solar panels, expansion batteries, and more!

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