Renogy 200-Watt Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Suitcase Review

Overall Rating 8
Portability 8
Compatibility 9
Durability 9
Ease of Use 8
Value for Money 6


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Our Verdict

200 watts for a portable power generation unit is a very respectable size, especially when it comes with features such as mounting kickstands and reinforced corners. Renogy’s 200W Eclipse suitcase is a strongly built, highly efficient and an aesthetically attractive unit.

If you rarely go on off-grid adventures, this product may not be a good because it costs around $2.5 per watt. But if frequent camping and boondocking are in question, this panel serves perfectly well. An in-built charge controller makes it handy and safe. The glass, back-sheet, frame, and other components are of the best quality, especially the amazingly efficient monocrystalline cells. We will explore more about it in this Renogy 200W Eclipse Solar Suitcase Review. If you are looking for something a little simpler, we have also covered some other portable panels in this list of products.


Whether it is gel, lithium, sealed, or flooded batteries in question, this unit is compatible with all of them. Rated at 17.7V of optimum operating voltage, it can supply power to all 12V units. The charge controller is rated for a maximum of 20A, and does a good job of overcharge protection. MC4 connectors on the wires can be easily connected and the same is true for the alligator clips.


At every stage of the 200W Eclipse suitcase’s design, durability seems to be given sufficient importance. The frame is aluminum and fitted nicely on the laminated panel. It comes with protected corners and a fastened charge controller on the rear. The rear side of the frame also houses the adjustable kickstands for effortless mounting. For the product’s weight, they seem to have just enough strength. All parts are waterproof, wherein the junction box, connectors, and charge controller also come with an IP rating. On the front, the glass is low-iron tempered, making it tough and clear at the same time.

Easy Of Use

Thanks to good quality hinges, the panels can be quickly unfolded to set-up. The kickstands are long and easily accessible. The charge controller has an easy to read display and two soft touch buttons for basic parameter selection such as current or voltage display. The panel weighs at less than 35 pounds and does not feel particularly heavy for the amount of power it can churn out. This makes it easy to fold-unfold or carry in one hand.

image showing how a person can carry the Renogy 200 Watt Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Suitcase


Very few panels of this capacity come with a list of features as long as this 200W Eclipse suitcase. Most 200W panels are meant to be more or less permanently mounted, but this panel remains true to its portability tag. The kickstands make it easy to set up anywhere without any tools. Integrated charge controller makes the unit safe, and this is due to its overcharge protection and negative grounding. Anti-reflective glass and anodized aluminum frame are regular yet important features.


The grid-less cells, frame, charge controller, and the kickstands all come in black, giving a modern look to the panels. The back-sheet remains standard white, while the junction boxes and connectors also come with ordinary shapes and colors. It is not much about the colors and shapes that makes this panel attractive, but instead the unique arrangement of everything that makes it a notably portable panel.

side facing Renogy 200 Watt Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Suitcase

What We Like

It is a challenge even to conceive a 200W panel that is portable with a ton of features, but Renogy attempts and succeeds at it. Being from the Eclipse series, the panels are noticeably smaller, even when unfolded. The build quality is worth mentioning, and so is the compatibility. Despite all the features, it is simple to use, transport, install, and pack. In conclusion, for people who want the best of everything in portable panels, the Renogy 200W Eclipse solar suitcase is a wonderful choice.


  • Highest efficiency mono-Si cells
  • Compact, foldable design
  • Integrated charge controller for optimum power and safety
  • Corner protected, durable frame
  • Mounting kickstand for quick and easy mounting


  • Higher cost

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