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Self-contained toilets have made significant strides forward since they were first introduced in the 1970s. Where they were once bulky, heavy, and, unfortunately, smelly waste management systems, there are now some outstanding options on the market that can allow you to experience the same comforts of home, even when you are completely off-grid.

If you travel by RV or camper van and you need a reliable and portable waste management solution, a compact, a self-contained toilet can be the perfect solution. The same can be said for those who own off-grid dwellings that do not have access to a plumbing network, or a septic system.

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Today, we are going to take an in-depth look at one of the most popular self-contained toilet brands – Dry-Flush. More specifically, we are going to see if their incredibly popular Laveo by Dry-Flush Portable Waterless Dry Toilet actually lives up to its impressive reputation.

Not only will we take a deep dive into the Dry-Flush brand’s history and current reputation, but we will also explore how their products, particularly the Leveo Dry Flush Toilet, actually hold up to real-world situations.

Dry-Flush Brand History and Reputation


Brand History

The Dry-Flush brand was founded by two engineers and veterans. In 2009, the two founders, Bob Raczynski and Rodney Livingston began working on a prototype for a revolutionary portable toilet. The inspiration came from Rodney Livingston’s travels to regions that did not have access to modern bathroom facilities, or even sanitary water. The two engineers decided that they could improve upon existing self-contained toilet designs and, after two years of research, the result was the Laveo toilet, which they patented in 2012.

It was this patent that led the two to found the Dry-Flush brand, which has since gone on to sell tens of thousands of its Leveo Dry-Flush toilets. The immediate reaction to their newly invented, self-contained toilet resulted in a strong relationship with Home Depot, which took their company from a local brand to one that was sold across the United States and beyond.

The impressive craftsmanship, unique design, and affordable price ensured that the Laveo Dry-Flush Waterless Toilet would go on to become an incredibly popular option for RV enthusiasts, boaters, and a wide variety of off-grid homeowners.


In 2022, Dry-Flush celebrated its 10th anniversary. They continue to operate out of New Haven, Connecticut, which has continued to be a defining characteristic of the brand. Given that the two founders of Dry-Flush were patriotic American veterans, it was of vital importance to both of them that all Dry-Flush products, including the popular Laveo toilets, are made domestically in the United States.

Today, the Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet is known to be one of the most reliable self-contained toilets on the market. They are incredibly popular amongst tiny house owners, as they are far more compact than other self-contained toilet options, like composting toilets. They also continue to be one of the most favored options for RV enthusiasts, boaters, and van lifers, as the ability to operate completely waterless helps keep weight down and ensures that they are incredibly easy to use and easy to install.

The brand’s sustained growth is a testament to its impressive reputation amongst those that live and vacation in off-grid locations. While there have been some slight modifications to the original 2012 design, the Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet continues to be one of the most unique and effective waterless toilets on the market today.

Not only is the design incredibly popular, but it is also the fact that the brand continues to manufacture all of its products in Connecticut, the USA that ensures the quality has remained consistent for over 10 years. All of their waterless toilets are also backed by a 1-year warranty, which is a clear demonstration of the faith the Dry-Flush brand has in their products.

Another feature of the Dry-Flush brand is its outstanding customer service. While the Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet is sold through a vast chain of trusted retailers, customers can always contact the Dry-Flush brand directly with questions and concerns, regardless of where they actually purchased their self-contained Dry-Flush toilet.

The Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Review

Now that you know a little bit more about the Dry-Flush brand and their reputation within the industry, we can take a closer look at their flagship product – the Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet.

What is the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet?

The Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet is marketed as one of the most effective and practical portable waterless toilets. This is because it is a truly self-contained, portable toilet that does not need to be connected to any sort of plumbing or septic system. It even uses a battery system, so there is no need to hook it up to a separate power supply, which is another reason why it is so popular amongst those that spend significant amounts of time off-grid.

Unlike most self-contained toilets, the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is completely chemical-free. Like composting toilets, there is no need to add harsh chemicals to mask unpleasant smells and help break waste down, instead, the Laveo uses a unique system of self-sealing bags.

These self-sealing bags enclose waste after the Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet is “flushed”.  Not only does this seal off the waste and prevent unpleasant and unsanitary messes, it effectively prevents odors from entering the living space where the toilet is installed. This is the key to the Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet’s success, as it means it can be installed just about anywhere. All you need is a level indoor or outdoor surface. There is nothing that needs to be plugged in, vented, or even mounted.

In fact, the truly self-contained nature of the Laveo Dry-Flush Toilet means that it is so portable that it is even a practical solution for tent campers!

Does the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet Really Eliminate All Odors?

During our review process, we have to admit that we were a little bit skeptical about Dry-Flush’s claims that the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is completely odorless. As it turns out, it actually does feature an incredibly effective odor management system.

The key is the unique cartridge system, which completely confines waste and prevents unpleasant odors from seeping out. Once you “flush”, the waste is completely sealed and isolated from the surrounding air, so you will not see or smell anything. After they have been sealed by pressing the “flush” button, the odor will be completely contained for at least three weeks. After this point, you should remove the cartridges and replace them with a fresh pack.

The cartridges that are used to seal the waste are also easy to dispose of, which means the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is incredibly easy to maintain.

How Do You Dispose of the Dry Flush Cartridges and How to Know When You Need to?

Knowing when to replace the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet’s cartridge is actually fairly straightforward. Each cartridge allows for 15 consecutive “flushes” before it will need to be replaced. Once you are down to your second last “flush”, you will notice a bright red line will appear on the silver segment of the cartridge. This is easily visible, so it will be fairly obvious when you need to get ready to switch out the cartridge for a new one.

To get rid of a used cartridge, you simply dispose of it anywhere that you would dispose of a diaper. The unique Laveo Dry Flush Cartridges are designed in a discreet way and they will remain completely sealed, so there is no need to conceal them in a plastic garbage bag.

In other words, you can dispose of the used cartridges the same way you would get rid of any type of garbage, as they are accepted by landfills. Getting rid of them is much easier and far less off-putting than draining a RV waste holding tank.

Is it Difficult to Clean and Maintain the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet?

Another thing that impressed us about the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is how easy it is to maintain. As mentioned above, disposing of used cartridges is incredibly easy. You simply have to lift the toilet seat and unlatch the trim piece. From there, you will see a black waste collection bag that contains all of the wrapped waste. You just eject that bag and dispose of it.

Loading in a new cartridge is just as easy, as they are designed to snap into place in seconds. When you removed a used cartridge, there is still no detectable odor, as the individual bags will maintain their perfect seal.

In terms of cleaning the exterior of the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet, you can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. You can generally use any commercial bathroom cleaning product, just like you would use to clean and sanitize a traditional flushing toilet. Aside from cleaning the exterior, you do not need to clean any of the internals, as anything the waste would touch is disposed of when you empty the cartridge.

How Does the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet’s Battery System Work?

One of the keys to the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is its built-in battery system. The battery comes fully charged and will last for at least 300 flushes before it needs to be recharged. With regular use, this means you should be able to get a few months out of the battery before you will need to recharge it.

When it comes to charging the battery, you have the option to plug it into a regular AC wall plug, or you can even solar charge it thanks to the included solar adapter. For those living completely off-grid, the ability to solar charge the internal battery is a major benefit, as it gives you the option to run it off of a basic solar power system. In fact, the battery is so small that just a few folding solar panels would probably do the trick.

The recessed hidden battery is used to power the flushing mechanism, which seals the waste bags, so you can no longer smell them. It is this 12V electronic system that really sets the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet apart.

What Can You Use the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet For?

Given the fact that the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is designed for simplicity and portability, there are countless ways you can use it. The entire self-contained toilet only weighs 29 lbs and measures 16”W x 20”D x 18” H.

These measurements mean that it is a practical solution for even the smallest and most enclosed spaces, like camper vans, boats, tiny houses, and even transport trucks. Since it operates without a plumbing or septic connection, it also works for any permanent, off-grid dwelling. In fact, some people will install a Laveo Dry Flush Toilet in their emergency shelter, as its compact and odorless design means that it works well in even the most cramped quarters.

Essentially, anywhere that you would like to install a toilet, the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet can fit the bill.

Pros and Cons for the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet


  • Compact design means it is portable and practical for small spaces
  • Completely odorless thanks to proprietary technology that captures odors and seals off waste
  • Simple maintenance requirements
  • Incredibly easy to charge the internal battery with either DC or AC power
  • The very simple installation process (you simply set it down on a flat surface)
  • No chemicals, water, or other decomposition agents are required, so it will not freeze
  • Reliable design, which is down to the fact that there is only really one moving part
  • Made in the USA
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • Affordable price


  • Need to purchase refill cartridges, but they are affordable and easy to install. Just make sure you buy a large supply if you plan on using the toilet on a daily basis

As you can see, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. As long as you purchase an adequate supply of cartridges, the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is an outstanding option for a wide range of applications.

What is Our Overall Impression of the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet?

While we were a little bit skeptical at first, we must admit that we find ourselves thoroughly impressed by what this little, self-contained toilet has to offer. The fact that it is entirely odorless is one of the main selling features, but it is the compact size and its ability to operate without a plumbing, septic, or even electrical hookup that makes it the ultimate off-grid waste management system.

Not only is it odorless, chemical-free, and extremely low-maintenance, it is surprisingly comfortable to use. This is because the seat is positioned at standard toilet height, so it feels just like you are sitting on a regular toilet when it is being used.

Whether you are looking for a practical unit to bring with you on the road in your RV or camper van, or you are looking for a more fixed option for your shed, tiny house, cabin, or another off-grid dwelling, the Laveo Dry Flush Toilet is a smart investment that offers comfort, convenience, and reliability. The fact it can be installed on any flat surface and does not even have to be bolted down means that installation is also a breeze.

Overall, we are incredibly impressed by Dry-Flush and can plainly see why the Laveo is one of the most popular self-contained toilets on the market today.

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