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YouTube is full of weird and wonderful stuff, and weird and wonderful often combine into something remarkable, such as Hobotech. Hobotech is a YouTube channel that reviews a wide variety of off-grid solar products – solar generators, panels, batteries, inverters, fridges, etc.

The channel is hosted by the quirky Professor Hobo, a middle-aged tech-nerd sporting a lab coat, a long goatee, and a ponytail. He does this with a unique style and tone, sometimes acting as a “crazy genius” scientist. 

The videos often have 90’s sci-fi music and pop culture references, such as an exciting dialogue with “Marty” when speaking about the future (any Back to the Future Fans?).

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What Is Hobotech About?

The Hobotech channel was started about four years ago. Initially, the channel did not focus on solar, and Professor Hobo, a.k.a. Tom, covered stuff like e-bikes, porch lights, window repairs, and PC installs. Over time, the Professor started sharing videos about solar panel installation on an RV, especially since his foray into the van life.

The turning point came when a representative from the solar generators brand Jackery saw his video and approached him for a product review. Since then, the channel has reviewed dozens of solar power stations, including Bluetti, Ecoflow, BougeRV, etc.

The Professor testing and reviewing the Ecoflow Delta Pro solar generator

Hobotech on YouTube

Today, Hobotech’s YouTube channel mainly reviews solar generators with modern features like LFP batteries, modular designs, etc. The professor even does in-depth, technical reviews where he tests the functionality and even the limits of the products.

In less than half a decade, the channel has gained an impressive 150,000 subscribers and over 16 million video views. Viewers and commenters also include Will Prowse, a popular DIY-solar influencer with over half a million subscribers.

The channel’s viewers can often avail discounts when buying through Hobotech’s Amazon links.

Hobotech’s Top Videos

Although all of Hobotech’s videos garner thousands of views, its viewers particularly love the reviews of Ecoflow, Jackery, and Bluetti’s products. Here are some of their top videos:

  1. EcoFlow Wave Portable Battery Powered AC review: Although it’s not a power station, EcoFlow’s AC generated a bit of a buzz, which is evident in Professor Hobo’s video, too. This video reviews the portable AC by Bluetti and seems to have gotten a lot of people interested in the product.
  2. Jackery 2000 Pro 2200 W UPS Solar Generator review: With a preview image with “Best Jackery ever” written on it, it would be a surprise if this was not one of the most viewed videos on the channel. Jackery’s massive 2160 Wh battery and Professor’s witty commentary on the same have gained the video nearly 132,000 views and counting.
  3. Bluetti EB3A UPS LiFePO4 600 W Solar Generator review: Bluetti’s 600 W micro inverter with a 268 Wh battery capacity also takes a spot among the viewer’s favorite videos. For such a thoughtfully designed product, the video’s popularity makes sense. 

How Does Hobotech Make Money?

  1. The Hobotech channel is likely registered in YouTube’s partner program and earns revenue through ads since so many viewers flock to the channel. More importantly, the maker(s) also participate in affiliate programs on Amazon and other retailing platforms.

    So, when you purchase a product through an affiliate link the influencer provides, they receive a certain commission. It’s not much, but it stacks up to a pretty impressive amount every year when hundreds of people buy products this way.

Final Thoughts

As experts in the DIY-solar field ourselves, we have found Hobotech’s videos to be on-point, covering the essential aspects of solar products. The channel is unbiased, highly informative, and of course, fun.

Hundreds of the channel’s viewers have been able to buy the perfect solar product for their needs, thanks to Professor Hobo. We, too, believe that it is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to buy or simply learn more about DIY off-grid solar products.

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