Renogy 50-Watt 12-Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel Review

Overall Rating 8
Portability 9
Compatibility 8
Durability 7
Ease of Use 8
Value for Money 6


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Our Verdict

Renogy’s 50W solar panel is a 12V compatible module that can produce up to 200Wh on a sunny day. Its size is perfect to carry or mount effortlessly. You can use this panel to power small batteries, and you can mount it in tiny spaces beside your tent or on your RV. It comes with a tempered glass and rust-free, lightweight aluminum frame. The wires have MC4 connectors as their default, which make setting up an easy task.

The high-efficiency mono-crystalline cells make the panel more compact. There is also a polycrystalline solar panel version of the same capacity. The panel could have been priced lower, but overall, the module is well-built and performs without a flaw, as we have outlined in this Renogy 50-watt 12-volt solar panel review.


50 watts may sound insignificant to power appliances like fridges and TVs, but as long as small and basic power requirements are in question, it does not fail. It can power small to medium sized batteries such as a 150Wh battery, DC lights, and fans. For greater power, multiple panels can be connected in series or parallel depending on the voltage requirement. Chaining up to 3 panels can produce over 500Wh in a day, which is a sizeable amount. The panels are perfectly compatible with Renogy’s line of battery stations and can even be bought as a package.

image showing the renogy 50 watt 12 volt monocrystalline solar panel products details


The Renogy 50W 12V panel comes with the cell matrix sandwiched between tempered glass and TPT back sheet. This makes the unit strong enough to sustain wind or snow loads and even small shocks. The frame is built from non-corrosive aluminum that reduces the weight as well as chances of rust. The module construction is water-proof and can stand even the heaviest of rains because the junction box comes with an IP65 rating.

Ease Of Use

This panel has neatly attached positive and negative wires with press-fitting MC4 connectors as standard. These connectors are simple to connect, and there is no need of wire cutters or strippers. This even improves water resistance and reduces power losses. The MC4 connectors can be connected in a matter of seconds to a charge controller or to other panels for chaining.


Among the important features of this 50W solar panel are its monocrystalline cells. These are more efficient than the polycrystalline cells and reduce the size and weight of the panel for same power rating. The aluminum frame and toughened glass are regular but essential features. There is a bypass diode which can bypass shaded cells to maintain voltage. In simpler words – partial shadow does not affect the power generation. Since most of Renogy’s products are touted as portable, the panel should have had a mounting stand, preferably integrated in the frame.


Renogy has decided to stick to getting the basics perfectly instead of working on the looks of this panel. The laser-cut black cells are neatly placed together, and a grey frame and white back-sheet gives it the look of a typical solar panel. It does, however, have an excellent fit and finish. There are no misplaced or torn sealant portions and the portions of the frame are accurately fitted.

front facing renogy 50 watt 12 volt monocrystalline solar panel

What We Like

With technological offerings, it is often more important to get the basic features perfectly right than to invent new ones. Renogy does the same here by having a toughened glass, Al frame, and the bypass diode. Guaranteed power generation for 25 years makes the panel a reliable product. If you are looking for handy and light panel that can power small to medium gadgets, the Renogy 30-watt 12-volt panel is a perfect choice.


  • Compact and light
  • EL tested cells without hotspots


  • High cost
  • No mounting equipment

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