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Hysolis Solar Generator


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Overall Rating 9
Portability 8
Compatibility 9
Durability 8
Ease of Use 8
Value for Money 9

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The line between full-fledged home solar systems and portable solar power stations blurs more and more with each passing year, as portable solar generators continue to become more powerful and more practical. A classic example of this is the Hysolis MPS 4500 Wh/3000 W Solar Generator.

The MPS is not just a machine with enormous energy capacity and output – it is also a fabulously designed piece of equipment. It comes with a range of impressive features such as a low-frequency inverter, up to 1500W solar input, and pass-through AC power. Sure, it has its share of limitations, like the absence of an LFP battery or the not-so-impressive 120 lb weight, but if those aren’t big concerns for you, this might be the only solar device you’ve ever needed.

Let’s take a more detailed look at it in this Hysolis MPS 4500 Solar Generator review.

Hysolis Design and Construction

Take a quick look at the MPS 3K and it seems to resemble a small gas generator, but look carefully, and you will notice that it is a high-tech device that is neatly designed and put together.

Hysolis goes with a minimal design for this product, with a simple, boxy design with plain grey and black colors. The build quality, however, of everything from the metal to the plastic components is excellent. 

One end of the device comes with four 15 A AC output ports, which should be enough for most users. It has several circuit breakers for battery, solar, ac input, and ac output, which give a little more control and safety in the user’s hands.

There’s also a 12V car charger DC input port and two USB ports to connect your mobile devices, Bluetooth speakers, lamps or similar, small electronics. Hysolis has also provided a terminal block for AC input and output for connecting a panel or charging from the grid.

Hysolis solar generator MPS
Hysolis generator output ports

On the other end of the unit sits a large orange port, which you can use for battery extension if you need to join multiple MPS units together for higher energy or power capacity. Below the port are a fan vent, an Anderson connector for solar input, and a 12V DC output similar to the cigarette lighter in your car.

On the top surface of the device sits a small LCD screen that displays several bits of information such as power received from solar, battery capacity, power output to load, etc. It also comes with four LED indicators for PV, Line, Inverter, and Fault, respectively. 

The screen is by no means as advanced as, say, your smartphone, but it does not need to be, and the limited functionality it has is sufficient for its purpose.

The enclosure of the MPS has spaces you can use as handles, but it is painfully difficult for one person to lift it, given its 120 lb weight. A pair of wheels or an optional wheeled cart would have been an excellent addition.

Hysolis solar generator

Hysolis Pros

Let’s summarize all the great reasons for buying the Hysolis MPS 3K. Besides its massive, 4500 Wh energy storage capacity and impressive solar power input rating of 1500 W, the generator offers excellent functionality with many conveniently placed ports.

It also comes with durable housing and neatly assembled components, so you don’t have to worry about shocks and vibrations. Inside sits a low-frequency inverter that provides better surge protection and peak power performance, churning out power in a pure sinewave waveform – something suitable even for sensitive electronics such as medical devices.

The device has a 2-year warranty (3 years for the battery), which is at par with other leading manufacturers. Hysolis might be a relatively new company, but it has been said that they offer solid customer service, and are pretty ambitious in maintaining the product as well as service quality.

Hysolis Cons

There aren’t many reasons to discourage you from buying the Hysolis MPS 3K solar generator, but let’s look at a few things.

Of the few areas where the MPS does not score full marks is its weight. The low-frequency inverter adds not just to safety and reliability but also the total pounds of the generator. At 120 lb, this is one of the heaviest solar power stations, especially under the sub-5000Wh category. For comparison, the Goal Zero Yeti 6000X is 106 lb, despite having a 33% larger battery.

Another drawback is that when many manufacturers have started opting for lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries, which are safer and better, Hysolis still sticks to the lithium-nickel-cobalt-manganese battery (Li-NMC). Furthermore, although you can extend the battery capacity, you cannot connect separate LFP (or lead-acid) batteries to the kit through the battery extension connector.

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Final Words: Should You Buy the Hysolis MPS 3K?

There is no such thing as the ultimate solar generator that suits every single person on this planet. Each user’s “perfect solar generator” is different and depends on a long list of factors such as storage capacity requirement, frequency of use, type of application (RV, home, off-grid living/adventures), ease of operation, etc. 

Fortunately, the Hysolis ticks a lot of boxes and is suitable for a wide variety of users. It boasts a large capacity, a better inverter and enough flexibility to be used for both RVs and homes. It also comes with a superb price tag that falls on the lower end of the spectrum when you compare the $/kWh for several power stations.

It is also an excellent alternative if you have been waiting for something like the Titan solar generator. It might be one of the more popular power stations out there, but Titan has had some notably serious supply shortages in recent times. The MPS 3K promises to be equally good and delivers many similar advantages while sitting in the same price bracket.

It is also worth looking at if you have thought about Goal Zero products but are hesitant because of the comparatively higher pricing.

Overall, the Hysolis MPS 3K solar power station gets far more things right than it gets wrong, and if you aren’t too concerned about its weight or the lack of an LFP battery, it is one of the best choices you can make as far as solar generators are concerned.

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