Goal Zero Sherpa 40 Review

Overall Rating 8
Portability 9
Compatibility 9
Durability 8
Ease of Use 9
Value for Money 8


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Our Verdict

The mobile power bank market is full of reputed brands offering umpteen choices of products, making it difficult to offer anything new or unique in this segment. But Goal Zero manages to deliver a sleek and reliable product that stands out. The Sherpa 40 is a 12,000 mAh power bank that comes with three different charging cables that can charge almost any device.

Besides regular wall charging, the device can be topped up using solar panels, making it even more ‘portable’. With the Sherpa 40, Goal Zero chooses to go with a slimmer, flatter profile, making the power bank wider but nevertheless unique. Let us explore the product further in this Goal Zero Sherpa 40 review.


In terms of compatibility, the Sherpa 40 leaves no room for complaints. On the input side, it can be charged with a wall charging unit or solar panels. On the output side, the device comes with two USB ports and three different cables – a micro-USB, a lightning cable and a USB C cable.


Durability might not exactly be the Sherpa’s forte, but it does a decent job with the seamless aluminum casing. The cables are concealed nicely under the edges and do not fall off easily. Goal Zero does not mention the words shock-proof or waterproof anywhere in the description, but the device can withstand minor falls and some water splashes, although it would be best to prevent either of those.

front facing goal zero sherpa 40

Ease Of Use

The Sherpa 40 is a relatively simple device compared to the company’s other, larger products that sport plenty of ports. With easily recognizable ports and cables, you can usually plug-in devices within two seconds. A small LED strip with four lights indicates the level of charge, making it easier to gauge the battery level.


While the feature list of this device does not offer anything that we haven’t seen on other devices, it does manage to offer the right set of features expected from a reliable power bank. Among the most useful features are its compatibility with solar panels and its fast-charging ability.


Unlike the Goal Zero Sherpa 100 or the Sherpa 50 version, the Sherpa 40 uses a much flatter design that increases the device’s length and width. The result may have polarizing opinions, but this design may be useful if you regularly throw your device into a backpack. The color scheme is minimal, with mostly a single color all over with subtle branding near the edge.


At less than half an inch wide and a 12,000 mAh capacity that can charge 3-4 smartphones, the power bank is sufficiently portable. Its large profile may not make it easy to carry in hand for longer durations, but it can fit easily in pretty much every backpack.

side facing goal zero sherpa 40

What We Like

The Sherpa 40 is sleek, practical, and one of the most reliable solar power banks we have seen. It comes with good build quality and an elegant design. We particularly liked its ability to be charged using solar panels, making it portable in the real sense.


  • Solar panel compatible
  • Fast charging ability
  • Three different cables
  • Durable casing


  • May be large for some
  • No water resistance

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