Goal Zero Nomad 5 Review

Overall Rating 9
Compatibility 9
Durability 7
Portability 10
Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 7


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Our Verdict

The Nomad 5 is another thoughtfully designed product from Goal Zero, the company that makes innovative portable gadgets. It is a solar panel, and yet feels like a lot more than just that. With its 5-watt rating, this panel is mostly suitable for smartphones and tablets.

The panel feels rugged and comes with handy design features, such as a built-in charging dock to snap on a power bank, and a kickstand for mounting the panel at the desired angle. The panel can even be strapped to your backpack or your bike rack. Weighing less than 13 oz, it is hardly noticeable. This entry-level solar panel is great for hikers and campers. Let us check out the product in some more detail in this Goal Zero Nomad 5 Review.


The Nomad 5 is ultimately a solar panel and is compatible with everything that 5V solar panels are compatible with. Its 5V USB port can be treated like a 5V charging adapter when in sunlight. Nearly all smartphones and all solar powered portable chargers can be charged with it.


The frameless design on the Nomad 5 is an interesting choice and shows the makers’ confidence in its strength. Instead of a frame, it uses a thicker glass on the front. It also does not come with a fabric enclosure, as the 20-watts version of this solar charger does. The rear of the panel has plenty of plastic on it and can take mild shocks.

front facing goal zero nomad 5 portable charger

Ease Of Use

Two things set the Nomad 5 totally apart from traditional solar panels in terms of user convenience – the mounting kickstand, and the integrated USB port. The kickstand allows users to set up the panel at the perfect angle within seconds, and the USB port allows easy charging of power banks or phones.


In this price range, this is possibly among the most advanced solar products available on the market. Its monocrystalline cells make for a compact size and light weight. The mounting kickstand and built-in power bank dock mean there will be less struggling with wires when setting up charging.


Even with the limited scope for design innovation that solar panels have, Goal Zero does a good job with the Nomad 5. The frameless design, with holes on all corners, allows for strapping the panel to backpacks or tents. Its kickstand, too, makes mounting it on most surfaces a breeze. The company’s minimal design language repeats itself here with a black body and lime-green branding on the top and bottom edges.


The Nomad 5 is smaller than both the Goal Zero Nomad 7 and the Nomad 10 model. It weighs less than a travel mug, meaning carrying it into the wilderness is nothing to worry about. Most of the panel is made from lightweight materials. Setting up the panel for charging is also straightforward, thanks to the simple kickstand.

side facing goal zero nomad 5 portable charger

What We Like

We like the thoughtful design on the Nomad 5 and its capable solar cells, but our favorite thing about this product is its ease of use. There are a ton of options in the 5W panel category, but this is a wonderful product for those who want reliability and convenience.


  • Lightweight
  • Integrated USB port
  • Built-in power bank dock
  • Mounting kickstand


  • Slightly expensive
  • Frameless design may reduce durability

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