Goal Zero Nomad 10 Review

Overall Rating 9
Compatibility 9
Durability 7
Portability 10
Ease of Use 9
Value for Money 7


Written by qualified solar engineer Aniket. Last updated:

Our Verdict

Goal Zero’s portable solar panels are rugged, efficient and thoughtfully designed, and the Nomad 10 is no exception. A lightweight, foldable design offers sufficient compactness, while the 10-watt rating is capable of charging nearly all mobile devices efficiently. The panel’s integrated USB port and dock make charging power banks easier.

The device is convenient to setup with its mounting kickstand. Its clip loops also help attach it to a backpack or a tent. For a 10-watt panel, this is a notably small device. When folded, it can fit in a hand or a backpack, almost like a small booklet. Overall, though, with so many small portable chargers to choose from, is this panel worth buying? Let us find out in this Goal Zero Nomad 10 Review.


The Nomad 10 is a small but mighty portable panel. Rated at 10 watts, it can charge phones, power banks, headlamps, and smartwatches. Lighthouse lanterns and other small USB devices aren’t an issue either. Depending on the device, it may take a few hours to fully charge.


Being a foldable panel, the Nomad 10 is pretty durable in terms of storing or transporting it, as the solar cells fold inward. It does not have an aluminum frame like traditional panels, but with the tough plastic and nylon/TPU lamination, the panel should be able to withstand some shocks. The panel lacks a water resistance rating, but setting it up in the rain would not be helpful anyway.

side facing goal zero nomad 10 portable charger

Ease Of Use

Unlike a traditional solar panel, the Nomad 10 sports an integrated USB port, making connecting and disconnecting it a piece of cake. Its mounting kickstand clicks at several angles and makes setting up the panel effortless. You can also strap the panel to your backpack or tent using the clip loops on the corners.


Among the most interesting features of the panel are its high efficiency monocrystalline cells and a lightweight design. The ready-to-connect USB port and a charging dock make charging power banks a breeze, while the mounting kickstand and clip loops help set up the panel within seconds.


If this portable panel is to be described in one word, the word “sleek” might do justice. Its slim profile and minimal use of colors make it look elegant. Unlike the Goal Zero Nomad 5 version, the Nomad 10 adopts a foldable design to make itself more compact.


The Nomad family of solar panels is surprisingly compact, all the way up to the Goal Zero Nomad 100 model. The longest side of the Nomad 10 is just over a foot and it weighs just over a pound. The thin, foldable design allows you to throw it into any backpack without even noticing its presence.

side facing goal zero nomad 10 portable charger

What We Like

At the given price tag, the Nomad 10 would not stand a chance against conventional panels if it did not add some noteworthy features, but the panel does well with these handy features and its thoughtful design. Our favorite part about the Nomad 10 is its foldability and ease of setup, similar to the Goal Zero Nomad 20. We also liked how easy it feels to carry, with its surprisingly low weight and volume.


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable and compact
  • Mounting kickstand
  • Easy to carry


  • Slightly expensive
  • No water-resistance rating

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