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How in the hell you wash it is beyond us…

Australian researchers are working on developing shirts that will generate electricity whenever the wearer moves. These shirts would directly power mobile telephones, portable music players and other small electrical appliances. Before you go thinking science fiction, know that $4.4 million was recently awarded by the Australian Defense Department and researchers expect the tech to be available in about five years. So there.

The technology is made possible by piezo electrical materials. According to the article, “Whenever you bend or deform piezo electrical material it creates an electrical charge. If a shirt could be woven from the fabric, the constant vibration would produce electricity as you move.”

The power would be fed into flexible batteries (also woven into the shirt). Researchers imagine the cell phone of the future residing in the collar of a jacket — with flexible circuit boards and speakers galore. Gives new meaning to “ring around the collar”. Ha hah, ugh.

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