stacked up solar panels with an energy efficiency chart on top

Understanding Solar Panel Efficiency

Understanding the Fundamentals of Solar Panel Efficiency In simple terms, solar panel efficiency can be described as the conversion rate from sunlight to electric power. If solar panels from many brands are exposed to the same sunshine, the ones with the highest efficiency will produce the most kilowatt-hours per day. Typical solar panel efficiency ranges …

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two engineers checking solar panels

How are Solar Panels Rated?

How Are Solar Panels Rated? New solar panel models come out every year and add themselves to an extensive market with hundreds of modules and technologies. However, when you go out to purchase solar panels, you might get overwhelmed with so many brands, models, and technologies. Establishing a rating system is essential for the industry …

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efficiency bar rating by the side of a house with solar panels

20 Most Efficient Solar Panels of 2019

The 20 Most Efficient Solar Panels of 2019 Information Updated on 08/12/2019 Solar panel efficiency is one of the most important parameters when you are considering to install a PV system. This factor is not only a reference of quality between a premium solar panel and an average module, but it is also a parameter …

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