Review of the Bluetti EB200 2,048Wh Portable Power Station – Is it Worth the Price?


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Bluetti designed the EB200 to be a user-friendly device for anyone that requires a reliable and portable source of power. As a solar generator, it offers off-grid capabilities, as well as standard AC charging options. This means it is not only portable and powerful, it is incredibly versatile.

To help you decide whether or not the Bluetti EB200 is worth the price, we are going to offer our honest review. We will also explain what the EB200 can do, which will help you determine whether or not it is a practical portable power station for your particular needs. To help you become a more informed consumer, we will also offer a detailed brand profile for Bluetti!

Who is the Bluetti Brand?

Bluetti was founded in 2019 by two friends from California. The pair sought to create minimalist portable power stations that would be powerful, user-friendly, and affordable. Shortly after its formation, Bluetti launched the EB150, which was incredibly innovative and quickly became known for its impressive build quality and outstanding value.

In the summer of 2000, Bluetti ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for what would go on to become the brand’s flagship solar generator – the AC200. Since then, Bluetti has released a series of different solar generators. While each was designed to fulfill a different set of needs, the brand always remains committed to prioritizing innovation and outstanding customer service over profit.

Bluetti’s commitment to enriching the lives of their customers with high-quality products that can help them achieve energy independence continues to this day. While the brand certainly has an impressive reputation, it is still worth reviewing the EB200 to make sure that it lives up to the brand’s high standards.

To provide you with a thorough and accurate review of the Bluetti EB200 and its performance capabilities, we have evaluated the unit across several important categories.

Design and Portability:

One of the first things we noticed with the EB200 is its compact design and convenient features, like built-in carrying handles and a rugged outer case. Bluetti certainly designed the EB200 for portability.

Another thing we really liked about the Bluetti EB200 is the fact that the front of the unit features a crystal-clear, touch-enabled LCD display. The touch screen allows you to navigate the menu, so you can quickly view input and output data in both Watts and Volts.

The intuitive touch screen menu also allows you to toggle between different settings, including Eco Mode, which allows you to conserve power during emergencies and off-grid situations.

Watch the Bluetti EB200 Solar Generator Review

Battery Capacity, Life Cycles, and Shelf Life:

In terms of battery performance, the EB200’s robust 2,048Wh LiFePO4 deep cycle battery is capable of storing a significant amount of power. Not only is the battery capacity quite large for such a compact unit, it has an impressive lifecycle rating of +/- 3,500 cycles. In other words, you can fully charge and discharge the EB200 numerous times before the total battery capacity drops to 80%.

For perspective, a similarly powerful lithium-ion battery would lose about 20% of its capacity after just 500 cycles! This is a major plus for the EB200. Not only will the battery last longer than what you would typically expect from a 2,048Wh internal battery, it does not require any sort of active maintenance to reach that lifespan.

Given the EB200 contains a reliable 2.048Wh deep cycle battery and a 2,000W power inverter, it could be used to power electronic devices and appliances in the following ways:

Large Refrigerator20 to 30 hours
Coffee Maker50+ cycles
Standard Laptop40+ battery recharges
CPAP Machine35+ hours
32″ LCD Television40+ hours
10W LED Flood Light200+ hours
Standard Smartphone (iPhone 12)90+ recharges

We were also impressed with the shelf life of the EB200’s internal battery. With a low discharge rate of about 3% per month, you could reasonably expect the battery to hold a charge for as long as a year! Again, this is really impressive when compared to other solar generators in the EB200’s class. In fact, similarly priced power stations tend to lose their charge in as little as 4 months.

For those that are interested in emergency preparedness, having a power station that can be relied upon to hold a charge for many months at a time is incredibly important. With the EB200, you could fully charge the battery, then leave it in storage until a blackout or emergency situation occurred where you would need a backup battery bank.

Charging the EB200:

Another area where the EB200 shines is its fairly impressive recharge rates. As mentioned, the EB200 can be charged using solar power by connecting it to one or more solar panels. Its built-in MPPT charge controller supports a high voltage range and a total solar input of 700W.

This means the internal battery could potentially charge in just about 3 hours using solar panels. However, it is important to remember that those solar panels would need to be operating under ideal conditions and they would have to have a combined power rating of at least 700W to achieve this kind of charge rate from pure solar energy. Realistically, charging with solar panels would take much longer, but it is nice to know that you have the flexibility to charge the battery with free and renewable power while you are off-grid!

For added flexibility, the EB200 can also charge using AC power, which means it can be plugged into any standard wall outlet. Using the main power adapter, you could fully charge the battery in roughly 5 hours.

One of the most unique features of the EB200 is the fact that it supports dual charging. This means you can charge using solar and AC power simultaneously for a much faster charge rate! If you need to charge the EB200 quickly, this feature is priceless!

Output Ports:

The EB200 also features 15 output ports! This ensures the EB200 is a true all-in-one power station. The versatile range of output ports means you can quickly and easily plug your electronic devices and appliances directly into the EB200.

Given Bluetti’s commitment to innovation, it is no surprise that the EB200 even includes a 100W USB-C style port, as well as two Qi wireless charging pads. This means you can charge the latest smartphones and portable devices without having to use an adaptor.

The EB200 features the following output ports:

  • 4 x USB-A 5V/3A Ports
  • 1 x 100W USB-C PD Port
  • 2 x 15W Qi Wireless Charging Pads
  • 2 x DC 12V/3A
  • 1 x DC 12V/10A Car-Style Port
  • 1 x DC 12V/25A
  • 4 x AC Wall-Style Plugs

The number and variety of output ports is really impressive, especially given that we usually only see this many in the larger and more expensive units. The USB-C port and Qi wireless charging pads are also real highlights!

Our Overall Impression of the Bluetti EB200 Portable Power Station

After taking an in-depth look at what the EB200 has to offer, it has become fairly obvious why this is such a popular power station.

The rugged design and smart-touch LCD display screen ensure the EB200 is incredibly easy to use, while a wide range of built-in output and input ports ensure it is a true all-in-one power station.

The built-in LiFePO4 battery is one of the most impressive things about this unit. The shelf life, life cycle rating, and overall capacity are all really impressive. The integrated Bluetti Battery Management System (BMS) also provides automatic short circuit protection, voltage control, and internal temperature monitoring, so the battery is incredibly safe and stable.

The fact that Bluetti backs the EB200 with a 2-year warranty also gives us confidence that this unit was really made to last. Whether you are in need of a reliable source of emergency power for your home, or you simply want a portable unit that you can take on off-grid adventures, the EB200 is a great choice. Its rugged design and solar capabilities also make sure it is a practical option for campers, RV enthusiasts, and boaters.

Bluetti EB200 Pros

Bluetti EB200 Cons

As you can see, the EB200’s pros certainly outweigh the few cons we were able to come up with. Overall, it is an outstanding unit that certainly justifies its modest price.

As mentioned, it is extremely versatile, so it can work just as well as an emergency backup power bank as it can as a mobile power station. We cannot recommend it enough!

Now that we have reviewed the EB200, we can take a look at some solar kits that package the unit with solar panels and other accessories. The following solar kits offer value and convenience:

The Quad Kit packages the EB200 with four 100W highly efficient suitcase-style solar panels. It also comes with a carrying case and all of the solar cables and connectors you would need to power your new EB200 with solar energy.

This is an ideal option for anyone that spends time off-grid, or is just looking for a way to charge their EB200 without increasing the cost of their monthly electricity bills. It offers outstanding value and really is a great place to start for anyone that is interested in getting into solar.

Where to Buy

Check Out the EB200 2,000W Quad Kit

The EB200 Emergency Kit offers six 100W rigid solar panels, so you can charge your EB200 quickly and efficiently. As the name suggests, it is the ideal choice for anyone that is interested in emergency preparedness. As with the Quad Kit, you get all of the cables and connectors required to turn your EB200 into a fully independent, off-grid charging station.

In the event of blackouts, natural disasters, or any other event that would limit your access to grid power, the EB200 Emergency Kit could step in and be your lifeline to uninterrupted power.

Where to Buy

Check Out the EB200 2,000W Emergency Kit

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