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Built on 25 years of experience in the electric transportation industry, Blink® provides the most advanced electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) for residential and commercial use.

In the last few years, over 12,000 Blink Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers have been installed across the country in homes and commercial locations in support of The EV Project. Over 8,000 smart residential Level 2 EVSE, more than 3,000 smart Level 2 commercial charging stations, and over 160 charge ports for DC Fast Chargers have been placed nationwide.

Known for its modern style, Blink Pedestal charging stations are well-suited for any commercial or public location. The sleek design and product features are perfect for spaces such as: retail locations, restaurants, hotels, public parking areas, schools, apartments, office buildings, or airports. The Blink Pedestal charger is classified as a Level 2 (240 volt AC input) charging station.

EV drivers can own a Blink charger at home as well as join a growing community of EV drivers as a member of the Blink Network. Members charge up at public locations for as low as $1 per hour. Memberships are free with no annual fee or prepayment required.

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